WPX Hosting Review: Super-Fast Managed WordPress Hosting That Won’t Break The Bank

As WordPress website owner the very first thing you require is a good hosting plan where you will save all of your content and the data.

Undoubtedly it costs you money and sometimes it is way more than you imagine. Let me convey to you, not every hosting is perfect in each term but you can identify your requirement, and based upon that selection of hosting becomes easier.

A fast website is essential for you to grow in an online medium, no matter which primary goal you have either it is blogging, providing info, affiliate marketing, E-commerce website, etc. In each turn speed matters, the most is the loading time of your website is slow none of the users will going to visit your website. Instead, if your website is fast and quick the chances of growing online become easier.

So make sure that your website speed is decent which will give an overall good experience to the visitors. According to research, it’s been noticed that if your website is fast enough then the chances of conversion and clicks become 30% more. Visitors will join your email list, purchase the product or services, stay for a longer time only is your website performs better.

So here comes the WPX Hosting which is kind of fastest and most reliable hosting provider of all time. In this post, we will be covering all detailed information about WPX Hosting, and also we’ll be comparing their plans all together so that you will get an idea. It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro blogger or just a beginner this review will guide you to choose the hosting plans altogether.

So without any further ADO let’s get started.

Importance Of Fast Website

Before just heading off to the WPX Hosting review it is necessary for you to know why you need the fast website. So let’s take a quick introduction to fast website benefits.

According to the survey, it’s been noticed that if your website take 3 seconds or more than that to load then 50% of the visitors will bounce to the other websites which will minimize your website growth. Despite this, 80% of visitors amongst them will never get back to your website and the remaining will tell the negative experience about your website to the others and surely it will affect your growth rate which you need to know about.

If you are the one who owns an E-Commerce Or an affiliate website then you need to know that the product or services will only get sell if you provide a good experience to the visitors. Imagine yourself considering as a visitor whenever you visit the website your expectation is much higher and that’s where the hosting plan helps.

There are plenty of studies done between the low speed of the website and the high speed. From the very beginning if you provide a good experience to the visitor so they will stick to your website for a longer time and chances of promotion get increased. It doesn’t matter whether you are an owner of a multi dollar company or just a beginner but you must provide a good experience to your visitors.

Why You Need Hosting? 

Hosting plays and a vital role in each website. While choosing it surely you need to invest some amount of money so as to get a reliable plan which will maximize your website growth in terms of each aspect.

It doesn’t matter which hosting plan you choose but make sure the hosting provider provides a good hosting plan or not. WPX Hosting is one of the trusted and reliable hosting service providers to be used to provide the best and high quality hosting services which makes your website even faster compared to the other.

Also, the plans are specifically or arranged accordingly, so it doesn’t matter whether you want to host your website from the very beginning or wanted to merge it.

So now let’s directly jump to WPX Hosting review which will give you an idea about hosting plans and the services offered by it. 

WPX Hosting Review

So until now, we have seen why you need a fast website and its importance along with that we have also seen the importance of right hosting. When one of the best ways to enhance the overall growth rate in online medium and website choosing reliable hosting having a high-performance rate along with speed. So if you are the one who has some sort of interest in knowing about WPX Hosting and its plans then this post will help you a lot.

We will begin without WPX Hosting review by having lookup on the features that you need to know about the hosting and the benefits you gain from it. Along with that we will also discuss about the pricing and the user review about WPX Hosting. 

Features Of WPX Hosting

If you are the one who has some sort of interest in the managed WordPress hosting then it’s necessary for you to know about the performance and the speed of hosting. The good managed WordPress hosting provides lots of features consisting of its performance rate and the loading time. And this is the reason why most of the people used to subscribe to the premium membership of WPX Hosting even if it is expensive.

1. Speed Test Of WPX Hosting

Avada is one of the best themes available out there which was tested to check the speed of the WPX Hosting. Avada was installed in one of the websites which were hosted to the entry-level hosting plan which provides the following speed test results that you need to know about, the results were got using Pingdom:- 

  • Loading time when hosting to budget shared hosting – 3.60 seconds. 
  • When hosted to WPX Hosting – 1.97 seconds which is much faster compared to others.

As you see if you are about to switch from the budget hosting plans to the WPX Hosting service then it brought a dramatic change in your website loading time. When we consider the conversion rate of the visitors it comes way more compared to the entry-level or other hosting services compared to the WPX Hosting which you need to know about. 

Despite this, you need to know that site speed is not everything so you need to figure out the other features about the WPX Hosting, so let’s hop into it. 

2. Wpx provides daily backup service

This is one of the essential features which is provided by the WPX Hosting as they a backup all of your content on a daily basis so there is no need to worry much about your content and the data. For increasing the protection your data is stored on separate servers for about 14 days which you can fetch from anywhere.

The great thing is WPX won’t take a single penny from you to get those back up data that measure true sense to go with the WPX Hosting plan.

3. WPX provides the migration service for free

If you already own the WordPress website then you might be suffering a lot for migrating it from this specific hosting plan to the other hosting plans, isn’t it!

At a certain instant, you will have to use the third party application or the tools for migrating it. But thanks to WPX Hosting which provides you the migration service for free. So you don’t have to subscribe to the other tools for plugins for migrating, the migration process gets completed within 24 hours which makes the true sense for going with the WPX Hosting.

Your website will directly move from any of the shared WordPress hosting to the WPX WordPress hosting. The email which you have submitted in your existing WordPress hosting is been shifted to all new WPX Hosting.

4. WPX provides email services

One of the biggest reasons I like WPX Hosting is that they are all plan includes the email. It allows you to receive and send the email which is associated with your domain name. It will help you a lot in where is different things like you can fetch it from any of the Gmail platforms like Outlook.

While setting up the email you can allow it to the email address associated with another address. You can also capture the emails from your phone too, which is a great advantage of it.

5. Management Dashboard Is Insane

It’s usage is pretty simple so that you can merge any of the website using the WPX Hosting. You can host it from anywhere so that the plus point of using WPX Hosting. The dashboard of WPX Hosting is much responsible compared to the other hosting providers.

Just by using the WPX Hosting dashboard, you can manage all of your necessary tasks like managing the email and website. Apart from this, you can also manage your disk space according to the need where you are content will be saved.

6. Get Access To FTP/ SFTP

Though your website is managed by WPX dashboard but live get access to all of the FTP and SFTP services which are essential for your website. This feature allows you to upload the theme using the FTP services more secure.

 You are also allowed to use FTP to download any of the content using it.

7. Customer Care Support

Most of the beginners might face certain difficulty while installing WPX Hosting and here comes the best 24/7 service which WPX Hosting provider offers. You can get in touch with their customer care via text or email too. Or you can submit your ticket to get connect with them via call.

Hopefully, they resolve all of your queries related to the hosting plan that you are purchased along with that they also provide the FAQ section where you can get a solution to the question which you are carrying in your mind. I think in terms of support system WPX Hosting rank the top.

Other Key Features Of WPX Hosting

Now let’s talk about some of the features provided by WPX Hosting which are insanely managed. I’ve shortlisted the best features that you need to know about, the following are amongst them:-

  • You will never get the list of disallowed plugins which will help you a lot.
  • You get the free SSL certification and DDoS protection service that makes your website long-lasting.
  • WPX Hosting plans provide the SSD storage which is the fastest solid-state drive storage that makes your website even faster. 
  • You get access to all the third-party applications and plugins which you can link with your website accordingly.

If you want to know more features about WPX Hosting you can always visit their official page where you will get to know about the features offered by WPX Hosting depending upon their plan.

The User Experience of WPX Hosting

Moving forward let’s talk about the User experience and the details that are essential for you to know about WPX Hosting. We will be covering how to host your website with the WPX Hosting before this heading off to the overall website management. Follow the process more frequently:-

1. Make sure to sign up with WPX Hosting

Signing up for the WordPress hosting it’s pretty simple firstly you have to look upon the plan which you have to purchase ( we will discuss the plan and is pricing in detail furthermore). Once you’re done with this process the task get easier, while choosing a plan I will highly recommend you to pay on annual places where you will save few amount of bucks rather than purchasing it on monthly basis. 

WPX Hosting makes the tasks much easier as you can link it with the existing domain or you can host it with the all domain which you get along with the hosting for free. Personally, I’d like to host the domain independently which will give you overall a good experience and your website will remain stable.

2. Get Access To Client Area

What’s the registration process date can you can directly jump onto the dashboard where you can do the payment of the hosting plan which you have purchased. You can configure the bidding details and the instructions over there only.

3. Installation of WPX Hosting to your wordpress website

If you are an existing WordPress user and wanted to host your WordPress website WPX Hosting plan then you can contact their services, they will help you to migrate your website to the WPX Hosting plan accordingly.

Despite all, if you are an all-new to website owner then you can easily install it on a different server of WPX Hosting. If you are a new user then WPX provides free support to you as the process is pretty simple than the existing one. You just need to click on the WP install button, then after installing the WordPress link. Also, enter some of the personal info like an email address.

And it done within a few seconds your website will get ready and ready to use. For finishing the process you will need to few details related to your website that includes website name, category, etc. Also, you’ll need to add the username and password of your WordPress account to install it subsequently.

The process of WPX Hosting installation is pretty simple as there is no hectic process Like The Other web hosting. Also while installation of the WPX Hosting there is no plugins or theme installed in your WordPress website so that the plus point of using it.

Within a few minutes of signing up your, all new WordPress website will get ready along with the WPX Hosting.

3. How to add the additional domains and sub-domains

Recently we have discussed it, WPX Hosting allows you to add multiple domain names along with their hosting plans ( even with their entry-level plans). So if you want to add some other websites also in your WPX Hosting you can post it easily just by visiting their dashboard section.

Pricing of WPX Hosting plan

Unlike other web-hosting providers, WPX Hosting makes the plan super easy to choose. You get only 3 choices amongst the hosting plan so that you can choose according to your requirement. The difference between all the three plans is the bandwidth, a number of domains hosted to the hosting, storage, etc.

I have shortlisted the plan details which are mentioned below:-

1. Business Plan

The business plan of WPX hosting offers you 10 GB of storage along with the 100GB of bandwidth. Also you can host upto 5 websites.

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Price:- $20.83/ month 

2. Professional Plan

Professional plan serves you 20GB of storage along with 200GB of bandwidth support. Also you’re free to host upto 15 domains with it.

Price:- $41.58/ month

3. Elite Plan

If you’re running a legit business then its better to adopt the services offered by Elite plan where you’ll get 40GB storage along with the unlimited bandwidth. Also you can host unlimited domains with it.

Price:- $83.25/ month

If you are just beginner then I will highly recommend you to go with the business plan which is sufficient for the entry-level bloggers for the website owners’ letter on you can switch to the next plan accordingly. 

WPX Hosting is undoubtedly a good work requesting available out there in the Marketplace which plays a lead role amongst all.

Final Verdict

So we have discussed every single thing about WPX Hosting and their services to which you can get subscribe to. If you are reading this article and wanted to host your own website then I will highly recommend you to get your website hosted with a WPX Hosting plan available at a very reasonable price if you purchase their annual subscription, it will help you to save the number of bucks.

It’s kind of inexpensive and affordable option available the way around you, so if you are interested you can always visit their official website.

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