InMotion Hosting Black Friday Deal 2020: Cyber Monday

If you’re a blogger, digital marketer, affiliate marketer then black first is a great time that allows you to save much amount of penny on digital products like tools, services, hosting etc. From shared hosting to dedicated everything offers you a great deal. 

Through this post I’ll be showcasing a quick note on how you can avail for the InMotion hosting at affordable pricing by saving much amount of penny. Most of the top companies has already put themselves into the race and InMotion is one of them which provides you a high amount of discount that you should definitely grab. 

If that sounds great, make sure to stick with the post till end as I’ll be covering all of the important aspects of the InMotion hosting during the Black Friday sale 2020

But before getting deep into it, it’s way essential to know more about InMotion Hosting. 

What is InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting is considered to be one of the most authentic and reliable hosting providers of all time which is being widely used all across the globe. It was founded back in 2001 and since then it is serving the best possible service to its users, which is the key factor why they got succeed in the industry so often. 

By serving the consistent updates to their hosting plans they have proved that InMotion hosting is crucially a great hosting provider that one can acquire to maintain their website authenticity. 

From beginner level to the role they have all kind of hosting plans included so accordingly you can choose that fits your need, I’ve been a huge fan of InMotion just because earlier I have acquired their services to host few of my websites and truly amazed by the services they used to offer. 

To even if you are just a beginner it will be convenient for you to acquire their services from scratch that’ll surely help you to skyrocket your website. 

InMotion Hosting Black Friday 2020 Deals

As we all know that Black Friday is the time when most of the digital products companies to offer as many discounts, so InMotion hosting is the one that offers you a great opportunity to grab their services at a very affordable price. 

To let you know I have got this today the offers which are being served to you according to the category, so it’ll be easier for you to acquire their services. So let’s get deep into it:- 

Web Hosting Plans  Discount During Black Friday Sale 2020
Shared web hosting 56%
Business shared web hosting 25%
Power shared hosting plans  20%
InMotion pro shared hosting plans  12%
WordPress hosting plans  39%
VPS Hosting  52%
Dedicated hosting server 33%
Business hosting  Credit of $320

As shown in the about it it’s been observed that the maximum discount is of 56% which is way more compared to the other hosting providers out there who usually serves you the similar top notch services. For more offers you can always purchase the plan for more than 24 months which will be way convenient for you. 

Get Inmotion Black Friday Offer

Activation Process of InMotion Hosting Black Friday Sale 2020

Let me tell you that the InMotion hosting does not takes much time of yours to activate, it’s super simple. All you need to do is follow the steps subsequently to activate the whole hosting services during the black Friday sal 2020. 

To let you know I have shortlisted the steps:-

  • Make sure to click here, that’ll take you to the home page of InMotion hosting. There is no requirement of any kind of coupon codes, as it gets it applied automatically (offer up 56% off on each plan you opt). 
  • Then you will have to select the specific plan that you need according to the requirement. I highly recommend you to opt pro plan that allows you to host 100 websites that provides you 6× faster speed which is way efficient. 
  • On the next page you can select the payment method you where you can we check the details of hosting that you’ve selected. Along with that if you require any of the addons, you can see that too like regular backup, migration etc. So it’ll be easier for you to maintain sustainability. 
  • Now make sure to select the domain name if you don’t have. Along with that if you already have a domain name you are to integrate manually so that InMotion hosting will redirect it. 

 If you are just new user you don’t have to.  pay any extra many for acquiring the domain name which is way efficient. So do check it out. 

  • By creating an account on InMotion hosting you will have to enter the billing address as well that should be prominent. You’re allowed to pay via credit/ debit cards, also you get an option of paying via PayPal too. So select it as per the choice. 
  • What are the confirmation process you will receive short call or an SMS so make sure to check it out. And that’s it, this simple process takes less than 10 minutes if you do it in right manner. 
  • The mail will be sent to you where all of the details will involve from the billing address to the hosting details. So make sure to check it out once. And that’s it. 

Why do you need to choose InMotion hosting?

The unique selling point of InMotion hosting is their features which are truly insane. So if you’re bit conscious about the term make sure to go through the complete features which are being served to you. 

I’ve shortlisted few of the awesome features that’s being served to you by the InMotion hosting, so here are they:- 

1. Get unlimited SSD storage 

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It’s been observed that is storage is 100X faster compared to the normal HDD storage which make sit the way deficient storage type. And apparently, even with the entry-level plan in the InMotion Hosting you get access to it. So even if you’re website carries a huge traffic load it’ll be convenient for you to handle it prominently. 

We’ve examined it personally and found it to be the best in class. 

2. Get access to a free domain name 

While purchasing a domain name with vital integration, it might charge you around $10/ year but by acquiring any of the plans of the InMotion hosting you get a free domain name accessibility where you’re free to choose any of the domain that’ll valid for an year. It’s a great deal for the new users who’s supposed to set up the new website. 

3. Awesome security service 

As we’ll know that WordPress is kind of CMS platform which is open-source for the users. So the chances of getting your website hacked is way more than need to be controlled. In case if you’re having a fear of so, nothing to worry much just because the InMotion hosting serves you the too notch security which means, no room remains for the summer or hacker to have control over the website. 

Along with that the complete malware protection service is also provided to you that’ll boost up your website without any issue. 

4. Top customer support service

Customer support services commercial aspect that you should not ignore at any Instance just because most of the time it happens that whenever you face the technical issue you will always need the help of Executive that will sort it out just within a while. 

Inmotion hosting us to serve 24/7 customer support which is truly beneficial especially for the users were supposed to set up their website in a more authentic manner. So if you’re the one who usually needs help it would probably the best feature that you should look upon. 

5. 90 days of money-back guarantee 

Unlike most of the hosting providers out there they’re not seeing you 30 or 45 days of the money-back guarantee, instead you get 90 days of money back guarantee so in case if you won’t kike the features of the InMotion hosting you’re free to take the complete refund just within a while. 

NOTE:- domain price will be deducted as it’ll remain with you for the valid days. 

6. Uptime guarantee of 99.9% 

An InMotion hosting is one of the oldest hosting provider of all time which is running since a decade and since then they’re serving the best possible performance to the users.

As they’ve already proved that they’re having the fastest server facility which makes it the most authentic hosting service provider that you can opt. 

The uptime speed is maintained at 99.9% which makes it the most worthy and valuable hosting provider of all time that you should use in order to host your website. We’ve examined it personally and found the information to be true. 

7. Free SSL certification 

Nowadays the SSL certification is one of the crucial entity that you should not ignore that instance, as it improved your website authenticity and take it on the top of the search engine. 

Along with that the SSL certification serves the complete malware protection which makes your site more secured in each aspects. 

8. Regular Backup 

Most of the time it happens that whenever your website data get lost, you will have to recollect it which takes so much time and efforts. Instead if you are being provided the free backup solution it’ll be way convenient for you to grab the data from there itself even if you loose it. 

InMotion hosting is one step forward as they serves you the regular free backup option which is way convenient for you. The backup depend upon monthly or weekly basis as per the need to can make the choice. 

9. Free migration feature 

Those who’s willing to switch in between the hosting provider it’ll be way ease for you as the InMotion hosting serves you the free migration service so even if you’re already the owner of existing domain you’re free to migrate that specific domain to the InMotion hosting which is way easier and won’t take more than a couple of minutes. 

Along with that you also get a free website builder that’ll help you to build a good-looking and authentic website. 

How much does InMotion Hosting costs?

Ad the plans are concerned of the InMotion hosting. We’ve shortlisted the plans which are being served to you and divided them into various categories so accordingly to you can opt amongst them. 

1. Shared Hosting 

The shared hosting is considered to be one of the most beginner-level hosting which mostly suits the new users who’s supposed to set up their all new website. As the pricing is concerned they’re much cheaper compared to the high end hosting services. 

So following are the pricing details:-

  • The launch plan is available at just $5.99/ month.
  • The power plan is available at $7.99/ month. 
  • The pro plan is available at $12.99/ month.

You’re going to save 43% off on the above plans which is a good thing. 

2. WordPress hosting 

The WordPress hosting services is specifically designed for WordPress users only who’s supposed to set up their own online business. Or even if you’re about to sell out the products or the services via the WordPress website. 

Following are the plans which is being served to you:- 

  • The WP-2000S plan is available at just $6.99/ month.
  • The WP-3000S plan is available at $10.99/ month. 

On the above plans you’ll be saving up to 26% off during the black Friday sale 2020. 

3. VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting is the Virtual Private Server hosting which is being usually used by most of professional bloggers. As it manages all of the stuff without any external efforts. Also the speed of website is being maintained at an higher level. 

Following at the plans of InMotion VPS hosting:- 

  • The VPS-1000HA-S plan is available at $29.99/ month. 
  • The VPS-2000HA-S plan is available at $49.99/ month.
  • The VPS-3000HA-S Plan ks available at $83.99/ month. 

With all of the above-mentioned plans you’ll save up to 33% off. 

4. Dedicated server hosting 

The dedicated server hosting is the most expensive hosting pattern which is being mostly used by the top bloggers who is willing to serve the best possible service to their users. Ad they offer the maximum performance along with the services. 

Following are the plans provided by Inmotion hosting:-

  • The advanced plan is available at $189.99/ month. 
  • The elite plan is available at $259.99/ month 

With all of the above-mentioned plans you’re going to save up to 17% off. 

Pros & Cons Of InMotion Hosting

Before you choose any of the plan of Inmotion hosting, it’s essential for you to know about pros and cons of Inmotion hosting that will give you an idea of whether it fulfills your requirement or not. So let’s get deep into it. 


  • Best SSD storage that’ll improve the performance of the website. 
  • Excellent customer support service of 24/7. 
  • There is no limitation for bandwidth which will maintain your website sustainability. 
  • The minimalist UI of the hosting serve you a great support.  
  • Affordable compared to the services they’re offering. 


  • Their dedicated server plan might feel pretty expensive to some users. 
  • They offers you more addons for which you’ll have to pay extra penny. 

Should I choose InMotion hosting during black Friday sale 2020?

If you are a blogger or Digital marketer it will be efficient for you to acquire the Inmotion hosting during the Black Friday sale 2020 just because they are offering much valuable plans at an affordable pricing that’ll surely help you to save put 56% off on each of the plans you opt. 

Especially if you are a new user it will be convenient for you to acquire their shared hosting plans. As they serves you a great features of make sure to check it out if you’re supposed to acquire their features for the betterment of your website performance. 

Get Inmotion Black Friday Offer

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Final Verdict

Undoubtedly the InMotion hosting is one of the most authentic Hosting which is being widely used all across the globe. So if you’re bit conscious about your website make sure to check it out once. 

During the black Friday 2020 sale they’re offering a huge amount of discount up to 56% off which makes the true sense to acquire their services for the website authenticity. It’s been noticed that the website goes higher by acurieimg their seduces due to higher uptime of 99.9% which is way efficient. 

Along with that the other services which are being served to you are also truly insane that might not let your website down at any instance which is a good thing. By following the steps which I’ve shared earlier in this post you can avail for the black Friday 2020 sale. So do check it out by visit the official website. 

NOTE:- There’s no need to enter the coupon code manually as it gets applied automatically. 

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