Hostinger Hosting Review – The Good and Bad for 2021

Hostinger was launched back in 2004 which is considered to be the most augmented hosting provider serving their services for over 29 million all across 178 countries which makes it more trusted amongst all the other competitors out there. 

The reason behind its popularity is its various hosting options that’ll help you to cope up with the services as per the need. The hosting patterns like cloud hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting is being served to you at affordable pricing. So even if you’re having quite less budget you’re free to acquire their services. 

Even though there might be few people running out of the way to know more about their offerings, so this post is all about that. Here I’ll be doing Hostinger review 2021 along with its features, benefits, and pro & cons that’ll let you every single thing about the Hostinger. So make sure to say along with me till the end in order to gain every single detail about Hostinger.

But before we take you deep into the features, let me introduce you to the Hostinger.

What Is Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the renowned hosting provider in the market that’s being running since a decade. The one who’s just getting started with their website creation journey it better to adopt their services so early as their user friendly UI will help to get familiar with their services so often. 

Apart from this the features like higher uptime speed and loading speed act like an bonus that’ll help you at an instance to maximize the strength of your website. The entry level pans of the Hostinger are quite cheaper that might help you to get started as a beginner so definitely check it out once. 

Features Of Hostinger

As the features are concerned the Hostinger used to offer varieties of features that’ll help you maximize your website authenticity, we’ve compiled the list of features that you need to know about. 

1. Free Domain

A domain is required to be used with your hosting. While you can purchase your domain from different companies, it’s much more convenient to have everything in one place. You can even get the domain free of charge. Hostinger’s Premium or Business web hosting plans offer this option.

So if you’re a first time website customizer its better to save your pennies by acquiring their free domain services. 

2. Free SSL Certification 

Many people believe that an SSL certificate is all they need. Hostinger knows that you need more security than just an SSL certificate to protect your website.

Hostinger offers every plan with Spam Assassin. It’s an automatic email spam filter that scans for spam and removes it.

All plans include:

  • SSL Certification 
  • Cloudflare Protection policy
  • Daily Backups and Weekly Data Backups
  • BitNinja Smart Security Protection to improve security 
  • SpamAssassin Protection for convenience  

Hostinger deserves our appreciation for taking security so seriously even though their shared hosting plans are extremely affordable, they still provide industry-leading security.

3. Customer Support Service 

Hostinger customer support is available 24/7 via web chat if you have any questions or encounter problems. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful and provided the links to answer our questions. Hostinger’s customer service team is superior to GoDaddy.

Although Hostinger does not offer phone support. It’s either web chat or death if you need to reach a person. Hostinger claims that web chat is quicker and more convenient than phone support for customers, so this may not be an issue for you. Hostinger also has a large knowledge base that can answer common and uncommon questions about web hosting. Hostinger also maintains a wiki that answers many common questions.

Hostinger’s plans include a 30-day money back guarantee. This is a standard for web hosting services. DreamHost’s 97-day money back guarantee gives you more time and space to explore the options.

4. Higher Uptime 

Because it is a sign of the website’s availability, uptime is very important. Websites with high uptime are considered reliable. Sites that have low uptime are unreliable and inaccessible. So its better to check the uptime of the hosting that you’re about to choose for your website convenience and settlement. We’ve came to the analyzation that there are tons of hosting provider promising of serving an adorable uptime but very few of them puts their promise on the top. 

Hostinger is a reliable web host service in our testing. Hostinger’s test site was not down for 14 days. Hostinger guarantees 99.9% server availability, so you can trust Hostinger to keep your website up and running.  Even if you face any of the downtime issues it can be get sorted by getting in touch with their executives that’ll sort out the technical glitches to maintain your website performance. 

5.  User Friendly Control Panel 

Hostinger uses the hPanel control panel that they have developed in-house for their shared hosting platform. It works in the same way as cPanel but has a more modern design and usability tweaks. This makes it superior to cPanel. We’ve also compared their cPanel with the other competitors and found this to be more relevant in each aspect. 

The entire layout of the hPanel dashboard makes access to important system functions easy, such as setting up email accounts, changing your password, and switching PHP versions. Even if you’re a beginner it’ll be so easy for you t take control over it from the scratch and that’s what makes it more convenient and user-friendly. 

6. Nearby Data Centers 

Hostinger’s vision calls for as many offices around the world as possible. Hostinger’s data centers are no different.

Hostinger currently has seven data centers located in the US, Asia and Europe. You can host your website at any of these locations. Each of the data center servers is connected to 1,000 Mbps connections which guarantee maximum performance and stability. This means you will get the best speed possible for your website.

Multiple websites are a great way to keep your website running fast. This is partly due to the fact that it reduces latency for users who try to access data on your website from a location nearer their physical location.

How Much Does Hostinger Costs? 

As the pricing is concerned the Hostinger used to offer varieties of pricing options amongst which you can opt the one that fits in your need. 

1. Shared Hosting 

Shared hosting could be the best choice for you if you’re just getting started with your first website. Although its the only affordable hosting service through that serves you some of the advances features at an affordable pricing, so here are they:-

  • Single shared hosting is available at just $1.39/ month. 
  • Premium shared hosting is available at just $2.59/ month. 
  • Business shared hosting is available at just $3.99/ month. 

2. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting could be the best choice for you that’ll maintain your website reliability by serving some of the great features. It’s best for those who’re willing to setup their online business or having high traffic. 

  • Cloud startup plan costs you $9.99/ month. 
  • Cloud professional plan is available at just $18.99/ month.
  • Cloud enterprise plan costs you $69.99/ month. 

3. WordPress Hosting


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 WordPress hosting is the best choice for those who’s supposed to setup their website based upon the WordPress itself. It not only offers you value for money servings but also available at affordable pricing. 

  • Single WordPress plan is available at just $1.99/ month. 
  • WordPress starter plan costs you $2.99/ month. 
  • Business WordPress plan costs you $5.99/ month. 
  • WordPress Pro plan costs you $11.59/ month. 

4. VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting serves you separate serves that’ll help you maintain the website traffic in an augmented manner, following are the plans:- 

  • VPS hosting begins from just $3.95/ month and goes upto $38.99/ month .

So these were the pricing of the Hostinger that you’ll be asked to pay. Apart from these there are couple of other plans as well that you can look upon by visiting their official website. 

Pros & Cons Of Hostinger 

Before you adopt any of the services of hostinger its better to look upon their pros and const that’ll let you know more about their offerings. So, here are they:- 


  • The excellent higher speed that’ll let your website gets load just within a while without consuming much amount of time. 
  • Very easy to setup, even if you’re just a beginner you can set it up so far. 
  • 24/7 customer care support that’ll help you to get rid out of the glitches. 
  • User friendly UI lets you access their features. 
  • They offers you 30 days of money-back guarantee that you can avail if you don’t like their features. 
  • 99.9% of uptime limit that does not affect your website performance. 


  • The support system of the hostinger is quite limited that might not help you much. 
  • Refund policy can be improved in the future.

Should You Go With Hostinger? is a great web host.

Both for beginners and experienced “webmasters”.

No matter what hosting plan you choose, there are many great features available at great prices.

Their shared web hosting plan is what I recommend.Premium packageThis offers the greatest value. The cloud hosting package offers almost all the benefits at a lower price. Be aware of their sneaky pricing!

If you are looking to set up web hosting, consider if you require 5x the speed estimation. If you answered yes, then the cloud hosting plan is for you.

This is a complete list.Review of Hostinger I’ve repeatedly mentioned the ease-of-use, simplicity of interface, low price, and convenience. This makes it a great choice for website owners, whether they are new or experienced.

Final Verdict 

Choosing the right hosting provider in the present scenario is one of the breathtaking activity especially if you are just a beginner. Hostinger is one of the augmented hosting providers in the market that is being running since a decade and serving some of the best services that will take your blog in journey to the next level. 

Through this post I have done the Hostinger review 2021 that light have guided you in more certain manner sot hat you’ll be able to decide which one fits in your budget so definitely check it out.

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