WPX Hosting vs Bluehost: Which is Perfect Match for Your Hosting Needs?

Are you confused a lot amongst wpx hosting and Bluehost hosting?

Well, you might be just because both of them has similarities in terms of pricing and features. If you’re quite doubtful to decide the best out of them you’re already landed upon the right place. Here I will be sharing the complete review that will clarify your doubt by the end of this post.

I will be completing both wpx hosting and the Bluehost hosting just to let you know more about them, and I am damn sure that by the end of this post, you will be able to decide which one suits your requirements. For some reasons, wpx hosting is the best, but in some, Bluehost performs best. 

It is not mean that if one hosting is right for you will be useful all across the globe; hence you need to specify your need and opt the hosting provider subsequently. 

So, for now, without any further ADO, let’s get straight to the comparison; I will briefly introduce you with both of them so you will get to know about the hosting providers. 

WPX Hosting Vs. Bluehost

Wpx hosting is considered to be one of the most reliable and useful for those who want to stay for a longer time with it.

Whereas the Bluehost is specifically known as the best hosting for the newbies as it’s also recommended by WordPress. 

Now let’s reach 1 by 1 to both of them deeply.

WPX hosting
  • Higher performance and loading time is provided. 
  • You can host multiple websites.
  • Support of CDN is provided to you.
  •  The free migration services are provided even with their entry-level plans.
  •  You will get access to free SSL certification that will improve the security of your website.
$20.83/monLearn More
  • 99.99℅ of uptime best, your job is done.
  • 24/7 customer support so you can get in touch with their executives via live chat, phone call, and email.
  • Free SSL certification will improve the security of your site.
  • Affordable pricing.
$2.98/monLearn More

What is WPX hosting?

If you want that extra fast experience and easy to access dashboard then I would highly recommend you to opt the wpx hosting as the primary source for your website. They have pretty minimal set up along with the advanced features like higher uptime and loading time and a customizable dashboard (cPanal), which gets your job done just within a while.

You can entirely rely upon it in the long term just because the pricing is quite affordable too. So you might face any issue. In case if you notice, you can get it sorted by getting in touch with their customer support executive. So make sure to give it a try. 

What Features Does WPX Hosting Provide?

The following are some of the key features provided by the wpx hosting:-

1. Multiple websites can be hosted

As the wpx offers you a complete package to host multiple websites even with their intermediate plans. So if you own multiple websites, you can directly jump onto it and get an escape of different hosting. You don’t have to pay an extra penny for acquiring these features; all you need to do is link your domain name with the hosting and that it. 

In case if you one of the online stores or an e-commerce store, this would probably be more helpful for maximizing your brand value. 

2. Uptime of 99.99%

Undoubtedly the wpx hosting has never compromised with their uptime and loading time; hence they have pretty stable performance compared to the other competitors out there. Dev to serve 99.9% of UP time, which means in very few situations, the website will not load. So you don’t have to worry about the downtime issue.

3. Security

As they used to serve free SSL certification even with their entry-level plans to security drastically increases, which means the chances of getting your website hacked get lower, and no room remains for any kind of cyber attack on your website. 

4. Regular backup

If you are afraid of losing your content most of the time, then all of your worries get over here as the WPX hosting serves the regular backup features, so in case if you lose your content, you can directly take a backup of it just within a while. So your flow will never vets down. 

5. Less upselling

Unlike Bluehost, they don’t do that much of upselling while checking out your hosting plan. So, according to your requirement, you can opt for the plan. Subsequently, it allows you to pay for the features that you need to add with your hosting plan. 

6. Customer support is awesome

In case if you face any of the issues while setting up your website or hosting, you can directly get in touch with their executive a time you need as they serve the 24/7 customer support. So you can get in touch with them via live chat or email. 

What’s In The Dashboard Of WPX Hosting?

Once you create the account on wpx hosting, you will directly get in touch with the client; here, you can handle all of the entities related to your hosting. There are several terminologies that can handle tight from the dashboard of WPX Hosting.

Following are some of the entities which you get in the dashboard of WPX hosting:-

  • Plan details can be viewed over here, and you can also add the add-on to it.
  • You can manage the security of the website. Also, the SSL certification management can be done over here.
  • You’ll be able to add as many email accounts.
  • Restore the backup and the other details accordingly from the dashboard itself.
  • WD CDN can be managed. 

How Much Does WPX Hosting Costs?

Undoubtedly the WPX hosting used to serve as many features, and the plans are subsequently divided into various categories. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual blogger or a business owner; their plans are suitable for all of the needs. 

So here are the three plans provided by the WPX Hosting:-

  1. The business plan is available at $20.83/ month, where you can host up to 5 websites, and you get around 10 GB of storage. 
  2. The professional plan is available at $41.58/ month, where you can host up to 15 websites and the storage you get is of 20 GB.
  3. The elite plan is available at $83.25/ month, where you can host up to 20 websites and the storage you get is of 40 GB. 

Following are the features which are provided to each uses with the above plans:-

  • 24/7 customer care support gets your job done if you suffer through an issue.
  • Unlimited email integrations.
  • A backup option is available.
  • DDoS protection is available.
  • You can migrate the website to WPX hosting.
  • Thirty days of the money-back guarantee.
  • Single click WordPress installation.
  • 99.95% of uptime which remains stable.
  • Great loading time.
  • SSL certification for the security purpose. 

Pros Of WPX Hosting

  • Loading time is quite insane compared to the other competitors.
  • Higher uptime guarantee of 99.95%.
  • 24/7 customer is available so you can get in touch with their executive via, email or live chat
  • You can migrate your website for free.
  • You can add multiple emails.

Cons Of WPX Hosting

  • Wpx hosting doesn’t offer you a free domain, whereas most of the Other competitors are offering so for free, which might bother you.
  • Well, customer support is insane, but you don’t get access to phone call support.

Bluehost Review

Bluehost Review: The Most Solid Analysis of 2020 (Competitors Inside)

What is Bluehost hosting?

Bluehost is considered to be one of the most convenient hosting solutions for the bloggers and the other budding entrepreneurs, so if you want to stick with the hosting provider for a longer time, then you should blindly opt for the web hosting services provided by the Bluehost. 

WordPress itself is used to promote it and recommends you to host your website with the Bluehost just because it’s features are truly insane. So even if you’re a beginner, rather than going with any other hosting providers, you can surely opt for the specific plan from the Bluehost. 

Everything you get is top-notch, so no room remains for the complaint. Later onwards, you can even join their cloud hosting once you start gaining more traffic. Now let’s jump directly to the feature provided by Bluehost.

What features does Bluehost hosting provides?

I have short-listed a few of the features which are being served by Bluehost hosting, so here’s the complete list:-

  • WordPress installation is free

You get access to WordPress when you purchase any of the plans provided by the bluehost, which is a good thing. WordPress gets installed automatically in your hosting, so you don’t have to specifically install it by your self. Moreover, when the update is needed, they automatically update it more often, so you don’t have to worry much about it. 

So even if you are afraid of using WordPress, you can get the escape of it so often. It minimizes your efforts and let you focus upon your work.

  • Microsoft 365 support 

The bold Microsoft 364 support is available, so you’ll be able to get access to the emails so often. They used to update it from time to time so that you won’t have any difficulty while getting used to it. In case if you’re running an online business, it’s kind of a useful entity that you cannot ignore at any instance. 

  • A free domain name is provided

In the wpx hosting, you were not getting the freedom anywhere as in Bluehost, you get a free domain name, which is a good thing if you are a budding blogger or a newbie. You don’t have to specifically purchase the domain name by spending a certain amount. It makes it the complete package. 

  • You will get WordPress update automatically

After getting WordPress installed on your hosting, you will get an automatic update from the Bluehost as Bluehost has bonded with the workplace, so you don’t have to worry much about the future updates which are being centralized. In case if you’re just a newbie, it’s a too supportive term.

  • Your configuration will remain secure

Once you’ve created the account on Bluehost, you will be able to change the password for security purposes, which makes it more scalable. You can customize the password accordingly and manually enter it to make it even more secure. 

  • Staging environment of Bluehost

The Staging environment of Bluehost is provided to you, which means you will be able to provide the changes to your visitors. Due to this term, your visitor will always remain updated with your website. It is very useful for building a relationship with the visitors. 

So this was some of the vital features which are being provided by the Bluehost.

What’s in the dashboard of Bluehost hosting?

Once you’ve created the account on Bluehost, you get access to the dashboard provided by Bluehost which is super minimal and easy-to-understand even if you are a newbie. Unlike other hosting providers, they used to serve the cPanal from where you can operate all of the essential entities which will make your website you are more powerful and high performing.

Just within a second, you can add up any of the essential plugins, themes, custom widgets, etc. That’ll make your website even more scalable. 

Following are some of the entities which you will observe in the cPanal of the Bluehost hosting:-

  • The dashboard of Bluehost hosting includes the WordPress services where you can enter into your WordPress account for managing all of the stuff that you need. 
  • From the marketplace, you can’t have a purchase of any of the essential services that make your website even more secure and increase the advancement of it.
  • You will be able to manage all of your emails right from the dashboard itself, even the newsletter too.

How Much Does Bluehost Hosting Costs?

Which Bluehost Plan to Choose in 2020: [Revealed with Proofs]

Unlike most of the Other hosting providers in the Bluehost used to serve as many features that are genuinely beneficial for every Businessman and entrepreneur was wants to run a successful business online. Also increased if you are just a casual blogger, it is much helpful for you to Grab the plan provided by the Bluehost. 

There are various categories that have been divided into VPS, dedicated, and cloud, so accordingly you can select. Each has the significant plans divided according to the features which are being served to you. 

Specifically, we are going to talk about the WordPress hosting so following are the plans amongst which you can opt that suits your requirement:-

  1. The basic plan is available at just $2.95/ month, which is more convenient for the beginners out there. Following are the features which you get along with the plan purchases:- 
  • The free SSL certification will improve the overall security of your website.
  • The storage type is of SSD, which makes your website even faster and more convenient. And the storage you get is of 50 GB.
  • You will get domain registration for one year.
  • You can host a single website with the basic plan. 
  1. The plus plan is available at $5.95/ month, which is basically for the intermediate level bloggers. The following are the features that you get with the Plus plan:-
  • The free SSL certification is provided.
  • You get access to unlimited SSD storage, which improves the quality of hosting.
  •  free domain registration for a year.
  •  For 30 days, you will get access to Microsoft Office 365.
  •  You can host unlimited websites with the Plus plan.
  1.  The choice plan begins from $5.95/ month, which is considered to be one of the most advanced plans provided by the Bluehost. While having your purchase, you will have to specifically select the feature that you need, and individually pay for it. 

Along with the chosen plan, the CodeGuard protection is provided, which will make your site even more secure. 

 following are some of the features that you get with all of the three plants which are being mentioned above:-

  •  You get a daily backup option so that you won’t lose your data.
  •  You can even monitor your website and analyze the growth.
  •  You can restore the information or the settings, which gives you the flexibility to have control over it. 

Pros of Bluehost hosting

1. SSL certification for free

SSL certification plays an important role; hence to make your website even more secure, they used to serve the free SSL  certification even with their entry-level plans that I will keep your website away from the hackers and the cyber attacks.

2. Domain name registration for one year

for each of the newbie, this is one of the convenient prose that you should make a note of.  Here you will get free registration of a domain, which will help you to save a few amounts of buyers

3. 24/7 customer support

 24/7 customer support is available, which means even if you face any of the technical issues or installation queries, you can get it sorted just within a while. 

4. money-back guarantee

 Thirty days of money-back guarantee using an opportunity to acquire the plan, in case if you don’t like the features provided by Bluehost, you can take the refund of the amount accordingly. But read terms and conditions before you a well for it.

The domain registration fee will be deducted. 

5. Recommended by the WordPress

WordPress itself used to recommend the Bluehost, just because it’s one of the best hosting providers available on the internet that you can use to host your website. 

6. Unlimited storage

You get access to unlimited storage options, which is a great thing in case if you’re having trouble sharing the content. This will even improve the overall performance of the website. 

Cons of Bluehost hosting

The following are some of the significant Bluehost cons hosting:-

1. Limitations for hosting your website

The basic plan has certain limitations, which means you’ll be able to host a single website with it, which might bother you ag specific instances. 

2. No option for the monthly plan

You’ll have to purchase their hosting plans depending on a yearly basis or more than that. So even if you’re planning to hands-on monthly, it might bother you in certain instances. 

3. Free Site Migration Not Available

There’s no option fir the free site migration, which is to be added. In case if you want to switch the hosting, you’ll have to pay some extra penny to acquire it. 

4. No automatic backup option

There’s no option for the automatic backup, so you’ll have to avail for it manually, which will get updated in the future for sure. 

5. Renewal price is relatively higher

Compared to the other competitors out there, the Bluehost has a higher renewal price that you cannot ignore at any instance if you are planning to purchase their plans in the long term. Most of the time, you have to pay even double.

6. Lots of upselling

While making the purchase, the Bluehost used to do lots of up-selling which might bother you in certain instances. You have to specifically select the features that you need. 

Which Wins Amongst WPX Hosting And Bluehost Hosting?

When I can’t say that any of the above two hostings are the winner, just because both as pros and cons accordingly, so if you are planning to go with them, you have to choose according to the requirement. Although both have their prominent name in the industry, the plans are pretty different depending upon the features. 

In my opinion, Bluehost is more convenient for those who are a newbie just because it has a user-friendly interface. In contrast, wpx hosting is more suitable for those who want to stick with the hosting for a longer time as they have higher performance. 

Now it’s up to you that which hosting provider you would choose. 

Final Verdict

This complete review I had done based upon my personal experiences, so in your case, it might be different. But I must say that both of the above hostings used to serve more convenient features that make your website even more powerful in each aspect. 

I have included all of the essential aspects of both the hosting that you need to know if you are a bit confused about amounts to both. Bluehost is recommended by WordPress, so it has a big name in the industry and is considered to be one of the best hosting providers amongst all.

Whereas the wpx hosting has pretty cheaper rates, which might grab your attention. I must say that even if you are a newbie, you can host your website with any of the above hosting providers but make sure to of the plan according to the requirement. 

I hope this post might have given you a great idea about the Bluehost and wpx hosting. So definitely check them out by visiting their official website.

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