Nexcess Hosting Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features

Are you looking for a hosting package that is high-quality and offers support and features that are difficult to find? Do you want a reliable web host solution?

It’s not fun to spend hours looking through plans and web hosting providers. It’s difficult to choose the right one among so many options. We have provided a detailed Nexcess Review 2021 that includes information about web hosting plans, pricing, and the benefits of Nexcess.

Nexcess provides the best managed WordPress hosting experience. It features excellent hosting features, including an integrated CDN, automatic updates, daily backups and many other great features.

There are many web hosting companies. Why should you consider Nexcess as your web host? What is their performance like? How about their uptime and speed? This detailed Nexcess review will help you find out.

So, Let’s learn more about Nexcess!

But before I take you to the features let me quickly introduce you to the Nexcess Hosting.

What Is Nexcess Hosting?

Nexcess has over 18 years of hosting experience. It was once its own company but is now a subsidiary of Liquid Web, which is its parent company. Nexcess specializes in traditional shared hosting with a simple but powerful infrastructure. This platform provides services that are not included in the Liquid Web.

Nexcess’s flagship offering is managed hosting for WordPress, Magento and WooCommerce. They also support Drupal and BigCommerce. Apart from there are few more aspects that makes it perfect hosting of all time i.e. higher uptime of around 99.99% without letting your website down at any instance. 

So if you’re the one who’s supposed to get high performing website it’s better to have a look upon the Nexcess hosting. I assure you that by the end of this detailed post on Nexcess hosting review you’ll be having subsequent amount of information that’ll help you scale your website reliability at an higher instance. 

What Are The Features Of Nexcess Hosting? 

There might me lot of features deriving Nexcess reliability but here I’ll be taking you through the detailed analytical features which I’ve analyzed throughout the months of experience. So let’s dive straight into it. 

1. Customer Support 

Nexcess provides 24/7 support for all its plans. Support can be obtained via email/ticket, live chat, or phone. There are dedicated numbers for Australia, the Americas, and the United Kingdom. Some channels are not available 24/7 so you may need to rely upon ticket support during non-office hours. We tried to start a live chat on Sunday at 8PM EST, but there was no operator available. This meant ticket support was our only option.

It’s not the best support experience. Although the support team is friendly and helpful, many users have complained about slow response times. If you need urgent assistance, it can also be frustrating not to have access to 24/7 live chat support.

The support is generally good for most users. However, those who value quick-response and white-glove support may want to consider providers such as Kinsta or Flywheel. All of these providers offer live chat support 24/7 and support is usually available within 10 minutes. They are more expensive than Nexcess so they don’t offer a free lunch.

2. 99.99% Uptime 

Uptime is one of the major part of hosting provider that you cannot miss out at any instance, although there are lots of hosting providers out there promising of serving you an authentic uptime but very few of them process in a good way. And that’s where your entire website gets effected due to this major issue. 

Although its not the same issue with the Nexcess hosting, as it serves you 99.99% of uptime that’ll help you maximize the strength of the website at an higher instance. So if you’re the one who’s having a website with a sustainable amount of traffic its better if you’d look upon this hosting. 

Also, in case accidentally if you face any of the issues regarding uptime you’re free to get in touch with their customer executives that’ll help you get rid out of the issues. 

3. Regular Backup 

It is not a problem, but there are many hosting that do not offer backups at any cost. You will have to pay an additional fee for this service that might be overwhelming for the few who’s having a tight budget or who are just a newbies and don’t want to invest much upon the add-on services. 

But I assure you that Nexcess is different. You get backups free of charge!

Nexcess keeps daily backups for 30 days. This is massive! This means that you won’t lose more than 24 hours worth of content and updates. This can be annoying, but you can recover with a few cups of coffee and some cheerful pop music playing in the background while you work. So even if you’re worried about your data here’s the solution for it that you can avail for.

 4. Performance and Speed 

Nexcess is a web hosting service that guarantees exceptional server performance and lightning-fast loading speeds, especially for Magento and WordPress websites.

Nexcess web hosting is faster than other providers.

It is faster than other web hosting services. It was possible to use PHP 7.0/7.1 and My SQL 5.7 as well as Apache 2.4 and RAID to store the data in the cloud storage. So if you’re the one who supposed to serve an awesome experience to the visitors make sure to look upon it as its more beneficial in terms of speed and performance that’ll get you job done. 

After analyzing the speed of the website based upon the Nexcess hosting we came too the conclusion that you get average speed of around 2 seconds which is worth just because its quite cheaper and no chance to delay in your website loading speed. 

5. Free Trial 

If you’re the one who just wanted to test the hosting for their website its better to look upon this major offering that’s being served to you by the Nexcess hosting. Even if you’re a beginner you can avail for it without any issues. The 14 days of free trial served by Nexcess hosting helps you to test their abilities. 

And in case if they’re meeting your requirements later on you can acquire their plan based upon your need which is a good thing. 

6. Securities 

It isn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a a professional blogger but security is one of the essential aspect of portion provided that you cannot ignore at any instance. There are too many hosting providers of their promising of serving you authentic services but very few of them have their promise on the top. 

But it’s not the same with the Nexcess hosting. Device you are free SSL certification along with the CDN support that will eventually help you to to maximize the security of your website so that hackers and spammers will stay away from you. 

So if you are bit conscious about your website make sure to activate their services as I can assure you that the Nexcess hosting will not let you down at any ways. 

How Much Does It Costs? 

As the pricing is concerned Nexcess hosting uses to offer varieties of plans based upon the requirements. So here’s the details of their pricing:- 

1. Fully Managed Magento Hosting 

If you are running a successful website and wanted to to Grab the hosting services that will take care of your traffic without affecting the website performance then fully managed Magento hosting could be the best option for you. 

  • The XS plan is available at just $49/ month. 
  • The A plan is available at just $99/ month. 
  • The M plan is available at just $179/ month. 

2. Managed WooCommerce Hosting 

For those who are willing to acquire the hosting for their e-commerce store management the Managed woocommerce hosting is the best choice that’ll surely get your job done.

  • Starter plan is available at just $9.50/ month. 
  • The creator plan is available at just $39.50/ month. 
  • The Merchant plan is available at just $74.50/ month. 

3. Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Fully managed wordpress hosting is pretty cheaper so even if you are a newbie it will be easier for you to acquire it at very low cost. 

  • Spark plan is available at just $9.50/ month. 
  • Maker plan is available at just $39.50/ month. 
  • Designer plan is available at just $54.50/ month. 
  • Builder plan is available at just $74.50/ month. 

4. Flexible Cloud Hosting 

As the name suggests the flexible cloud hosting server to separate server that you will take care of your website. 

  • The XS plan costs you $49/ month. 
  • The A plan costs you $99/ month. 
  • The M plan costs you $179/ month. 

Pros & Cons Of Nexcess Hosting 

Before you adopt the services of Nexcess hosting better to Look upon their pros and cons that will give you an idea regardless me about the hosting offerings. So that you can analyse it well that whether they are fulfilling your need or not. 


  • Get excellent page loading speed of 1.95 s which is pretty good compared to the competitors out there. 
  • Provides you superior Security Services along with the free CDN support that will not allow hackers or spammers to attack your website. 
  • Get 99.99% up time assurance which makes your website even more reliable. 
  • 14 days of free trial allows you to test the posting patterns. 


  • There is no any cheaper plan available like shared hosting. 
  • Lots of documentation work that might make you think twice. 

Should You Purchase Nexcess Hosting? 

Yes definitely you can purchase it for sure. Although there might be tons of competitors out there serving you the best possible service is compared to the Nexus hosting but I assure you that none of the hosting providers takes the guarantee of serving authentic performance along with the higher up tome. 

For those who are having a subsequent amount of budget without any limit it’s better to adopt the Nexcess hosting services that’ll not let you down at any instance. It’s an entirely beginner-friendly hosting provider so you won’t be facing any insists regarding their usage which is the plus point of Nexcess hosting. 

Final Verdict

Yes! Nexcess is a great host that is compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce. This hosting is much faster than traditional shared hosting.

They don’t compromise on-site speed or security. It is the perfect managed hosting solution for large businesses, blogs, and eCommerce websites. Nexcess will manage everything so you can focus on your website or business.

Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting makes it faster and more efficient. There are 10 base PHP Workers in the entry-level spark plan, and these can scale up to 20, and there are also additional PHP Workers available. This hosting is highly recommended.

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