Bluehost vs HostGator: Comparison of Two Shared Hosting Services

Are you the one searching for the most comprehensive comparison between the two most reliable hosting i.e. Bluehost and HostGator, then I will highly recommend you to stick with us as we are going to discuss a lot about them.

It’s 2021 and finding the true and most reliable web hosting has become tough, though it’s not rocket science at all you need to know a few things that are essential for you to know about, and that’s what we’re going to discuss furthermore in this detailed post. And if you just begin your career in digital marketing and don’t know a single term about the hosting services and Management then it becomes tough.

When it comes to me I been into blogging for a decade and have used a lot more hosting services from different providers, and discovered a lot more factors that are essentially a big factor that you cannot ignore at any instance.

You’ll get to know about the features and the pricing details of both Bluehost and HostGator so that you’ll be able to decide which ones suit your choice accordingly. Also I will be talking about the pros and cons of both the hosting providers out there so that you will get clear about both the hostings. So without any hassle let’s get deep into it.

Bluehost Vs Hostgator Comparison Between The Two Shared Hosting Services

I’ll get to both of them one by one which will significantly give you a choice amongst so that to decide which ones suit your priority, accordingly you can select amongst, so let’s hop into it. 

  • 99.99℅ of uptime best, your job is done.
  • 24/7 customer support so you can get in touch with their executives via live chat, phone call, and email.
  • Free SSL certification will improve the security of your site.
  • Affordable pricing.
$3.95/monLearn More
  • 99.9% of uptime is a great thing that improves the overall performance of your website.
  • 45 days of money-back guarantee gives you a great opportunity.
  • The bandwidth is super higher, even with their entry-level plans.
  • Their plans are quite affordable compared to the Dreamhost.
  • The customer support is insane.
$2.75/monLearn More

All You Need To Know About The Bluehost Hosting (Brief Review) 

Bluehost is doing incredibly well for the last couple of decades, and here we brought a detailed review of it. The following are the features of the Bluehost that you need to know about.

  • Free domain:- this is one of the mind-blowing features I like about the Bluehost just because you get a free domain service along with the purchase of hosting which is a great thing. This will not only save your few bucks but also save your time to migrate.
  • Money-back guarantee is available:- the money-back guarantee provided by the Bluehost is insanely varied. Let’s see if you buy their hosting for about two years and after one year if you don’t like the services provided by the Bluehost hosting then you can always take the money-back 1-year refund any time as you want. Surely will get a 100% refund of the remaining 1 year and that’s what I like about the Bluehost the most.
  • The customer care support is insane:- This is one of the most important features which you cannot ignore at any instance. Bluehost provides 24/7 customer care support so that you can get connected with their customer executive wire phone Or live chat that depending upon yourself. This is one of the main reasons why I personally like the Bluehost amongst.
  • The installation process is super simple and fast:- Bluehost is considered to be one of the best and most reliable hosting providers out there and here comes the ‘quick installation’ feature offered by the Bluehost which you can use to install your website more frequently. The one-click installation service works insanely, so even if you are traveling you can manage your account in a proper manner.
  • The servers of the Bluehost are truly fast:- when it comes to the server and the performance most of the hosting providers out there does the dumb job over here, and this isn’t the expectations. As you know that Bluehost is one of the most reliable platforms for their it offers you a maximum of time along with the maximum load time too which makes it super-duper valuable and worth per penny.

All you need to know about the pricing of the Bluehost

You get wide varieties of hosting plans like VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting amongst which you can choose that suits your choices. But in this detailed comparison of Bluehost and HostGator, we are going to include the shared hosting plan so that you will get an idea about each plan served by them.

Basically, the Bluehost’s shared hosting offers you the 3 plans, so that you can choose amongst them.

  • Basic hosting Plan- The basic plan offered by the Bluehost costs you around 2.95/ month which can be paid actually to depending upon your choice. This is a kind of most affordable plan available out there. Here you get access to 1 website and storage of the 100 GB. The bandwidth you get is unlimited so you’ll get a great performance over your website. But one of the major drawbacks is that you won’t get SSL certification here.
  • Plus hosting plan- The Plus hosting plan is a highly recommended and most reliable hosting plan out there which is available at just $5.45/ month which can also be paid actually which will allow you to save a few amounts of bucks. With this plan, you can post unlimited websites depending upon your choices and you get unlimited storage over here. The bandwidth is unlimited which will improve overall performance on your website. But the thing is you might not get the SSL certification with the plan.
  • Business Pro hosting plan- and here comes the beast of all the business Pro posting plan is available at $13.95/ month where you get access to all of the required features along with the SSL certification which is a great thing. In case you are the owner of multiple websites then this is the most used plan that will serve to all of your websites.
  • My positive thoughts about the Bluehost hosting- When there are various different things that I like about the Bluehost but I have categorized them accordingly, so the following are the details about my positive thoughts.
  • Reliability of hosting- one of the well-known brands in the hosting industry which is serving their hosting plans from approximately two decades. Along with that let me take you the Bluehost has more than 2 million domain registration globally. Which is way more compared to the other hosting providers out there.
  • All you get is unlimited- now this is what I mean, with each and every plan you subscribe to the Bluehost you get unlimited services over there, along with that you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, etc. Which means a lot.
  • The brand value- let me tell you that the Bluehost is considered to be the well-known brand which means if you are using their services you are using the most expensive and highly served hosting provider’s services which will give you a great experience throughout the website.

My negative thoughts about the Bluehost hosting

Again let me tell you that Bluehost is not approximately the one who served the best in class services, there are few of the factors of their which termed to be the negative one just because the Bluehost is not the only best hosting platform available out there.

So here is the list of them.

1. You don’t get an option of the monthly plan

love this might be the major drawback for the beginners out there who doesn’t have the much but it to host their website with the annual subscription. As Bluehost serves the best class hosting services but let me tell you that didn’t offer you a monthly subscription plan, so you might have to get their 12 months or 24 months plans depending upon your choice.

2. The upselling is more

along with the hosting services the Bluehost also servers some of the more features like migration, Sitelock, SSL certification, etc. But the Bluehost charges you extra money for that which is a major drawback which makes you think before purchasing their plans. And if you want the regular backup to be included in the plan then you have to pay $2/ month which is not a great thing.

3. The site migration is not free

there are a lot more hosting service providers out there like WP engine and hosting which used to provide the free service of site migration whereas the Bluehost takes extra charges for doing so. This is the major drawback which I don’t like about the Bluehost.

Bluehost approximately charges you $149.99 to migrate your website from the other hosting. But the thing is your website will get transferred in a more safe manner along with your content and the email list which we have included in your recent hosting providers.

Now let’s jump into the HostGator which is essentially a competitor of the Bluehost, so let’s see whether it fulfills you need or not.

All you need to know about HostGator hosting (brief review)

HostGator hosting plans review: [Which Plan to Use?]

The other best in class and most reliable hosting the provider is on our list i.e. HostGator, it is serving a lot more features which I’m going to mention furthermore. So let’s begin with features that are provided by the HostGator hosting which will give you an idea about it:-

  • Customer care support:- customer care support is something which you cannot ignore For instance just because there is a need to setup your profile or for the technical support you can always get in touch. Truly speaking that HostGator has done a brilliant job as they serve you 24/7 customer support service which is a great thing.
  • Money-back guarantee is insanely varied:- the money-back guarantee is something which is more helpful when you want your money back and doesn’t found any interest in the specific hosting provider. Here HostGator provides you 45 days of money-back guarantee which you can avail accordingly. Within the span of 45 days you will get 100% refund.
  • You get a WordPress integration support along with the hosting:- Unlike Bluehost the HostGator serves you and integration service which is usually the best way to enhance your website if you want to use the HostGator. And good things first let me tell you that the Hostgator won’t charge you a single penny for that.
  • The Traffic e-mails are unlimited:- most of the time it happens that the traffic of your website tremendously increases and in such case HostGator doesn’t charge you a single penny which is good. Most of the time due to high traffic your website will get low in terms of loading time in such a case HostGator will automatically ask you to upgrade your plan, so if you want a high-performance website then I will highly recommend you to go with their premium plans.
  • The uptime is of 99.9%:- if you are running a WordPress website then uptime is something which you cannot ignore. So if you want a great time to be included in the package HostGator is something which is very useful that serves you 99.9% of the uptime with all of their plans available.

All you need to know about the pricing of the Hostgator hosting –

I’ve listed out the plans provided by the Hostgator, depending upon the shared hosting plans so that you can check them out according to your requirements, so following are the details of the shared hosting plans:-

1. Hatching Hosting Plan

hatching hosting plan costs you around $2.75/ month where you can host a single website. This is the best for the content provided by Hostgator for the beginners.

2. Baby hosting plan

if you are just a bloggers or a business owner then you might be hosting multiple websites, baby hosting plans allows you to host multiple websites just with a single account. It costs you around $3.98/ month.

3. Business Hosting Plan

along with the private SSL certification, the business hosting plans consist of all of the high-end features which are necessary for the big business owners out there to host their multiples. The business hosting plan provided by the HostGator costume around $5.98/ month so makes sure to check it out if you want an awesome deal.

My positive thoughts about the HostGator hosting

Well, there are various different things I like about the host better but I have categorized them in between so that it will be easier for you to know more about the HostGator hosting:-

1. The pricing

HostGator provides you a cheap hosting plan which is the main thing by most people used to go their website with it. There are more than 1 million domains which are subscribed to the HostGator, this is an imaginary number which states that it’s kind of trust amongst all.

2. The management is much easier

the HostGator provides you an insanely managed control panel from where you can access all of your controls related to the hosting and the website that you own. If you’re just a beginner you’ll be blessed by its drag and drop method which works finely.

3. The Upfront hosting charges are more

You get every single thing along with the hosting plan you choose, which also consists of SSL certification which means you don’t have to pay separately like the Bluehost which makes the true sense of going with the HostGator. If you are searching for the low-cost hosting then I will highly recommend you to go with the HostGator which is a good choice.

My negative thoughts about HostGator hosting

Well from on perspective the HostGator hosting is not that good there are few negative points that I’m gonna convey you, so following are some of the negative factors about the HostGator that you need to know about:-

1. Customer care support isn’t responsive

Though the HostGator claims of providing 24 by 7 customer support that isn’t that responsive which might make you think before you purchase their plans. In case you require to support the waiting time is much more. Also, they don’t provide you the support of live chat so make sure to check it accordingly.

2. The regular backup isn’t available

Here in the HostGator hosting you don’t get an option of regular backup so this is the major drawback that makes you think of. In case if you want a regular backup service so as to maintain your content then you have to specifically subscribe to that service for an extra charge.

3. The loading time is a bit slow

most of the time it happens that after some time the site becomes slow at certain instances because of the maintenance which is required. This is one of the major drawbacks which make you think.

So these were some of the major aspects of the HostGator that you need to know about. Now it’s up to you that which hosting services would you choose. 

Final Verdict

In this detailed post, we have compared the Bluehost along with the HostGator which might give you an idea that which is the best hosting provider of there according to you. So if you are planning to host your website amongst the above make the decisions significantly, just because there are some of the major difference which might make you think. Although both provide you true value, so make sure to visit their official website so as to know more about them. 

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