Best 5 WordPress Hosting Providers in 2021

Looking to build up a high-performance website? 

Are you the one who’s suffering from confusion to select the best hosting?

You’re at the right place, in this detailed post I’ll be showcasing you the top 5 WordPress hosting providers to host your WordPress website. So make sure to stick with the post to grab the global info about the WordPress hostings.

Let me convey to you that there are tons of hosting providers out there with whom you can host your WordPress website, but choosing the right hosting planning is one of the most important aspects that you need to know about. The list which I am going to share this post provides you for true value for money so you don’t have to worry much about your website, every single thing from performers to the uptime is top-notch.

But before we get into the list let me can use a few more things related to the WordPress hosting that you need to know about.

All You Need To Know About WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is specifically made for WordPress so that to provide a great performance rate and the uptime that will take your website at the top of the search results. The time taken to host your website with one of the present hosting providers is negligible, just visit look like you can install WordPress hosting with your website.

As most of the hosting providers that provide you a service of free WordPress update so that it’ll automatically update your WordPress account as well. Basically, the WordPress hostings are divided into two main categories accordingly you can select i.e. Shared WordPress hosting & managed WordPress hosting.

So let’s begin one by one with them

Shared WordPress Hosting

 As I’ve conveyed that there are typically the two type of wordpress hosting and shared hosting is one of those. When it comes to the cheaper option, shared hosting is quite cheaper in price range compared to the managed WordPress hosting.

Basically, if you choose the shared WordPress hosting you are sharing the server with other websites which don’t impact on your website at all, even your website speed will remain stable and good. The only thing is you are not the only owner of the specific shared hosting.

It Also allows you to grabbed or shared hosting just by one-click installation which is super simple. Also, most of the hosting provider is also used to the cPanal which does your job finely without any issue. Also, there are few hosting providers out there who ask you to set up your wordpress website first and then host it.

Most of the shared hosting providers and there that’ll provide you and WordPress updates for free so that you can use the services. Eventually, you will also get the plugins and the themes update so that you don’t have to update it manually due to the automatic process.

You might get cheaper options available out there to host your website so select accordingly.

Managed wordpress hosting

Managed wordpress hosting is basically the upgradation of the shared wordpress hosting that allows you to get complete control over the server. You on the complete server of the hosting specifically for the website.

Here are some of the major pros of managed WordPress hosting:-

  • Managed WordPress hosting provides you great software support along with some of the high-performance speed which means your website will load even faster compared to the shared hosting.
  • Choose the managed WordPress hosting services you get great support over here, but I will highly recommend you to choose the provider subsequently.

So these were some of the major differences between the shared hosting and the managed hosting now it’s up to you which hosting would you choose according to the budget.

If you are a bit confused about the hosting providers that are serving the high quality and high-performance hostings, here are the top 5 best in class and most reliable hosting providers out there in 2021.

Best 5 WordPress Hosting providers In 2021

The following are the topmost hosting providers out there from which you can choose

1. WPX Hosting

In recent posts we are already talked much about wpx hosting that serves great hosting services to their consumers out there. If you’re in search of the most reliable and convenient hosting providers, I’ll undoubtedly recommend you to go with the WPX hosting that serves a high quality and high performance service that are truly Beneficial for your website.

If you are in search of the high speed and high uptime WordPress website hosting, probably you might consider WPX just because of the performance that you get to manage your overall website.

Some of the advanced features like custom CMS support, cpanal, customer support are the major USP of the WPS hosting that you need to know about if you’re planning to with it.

When it comes to the wpx hosting interface is pretty responsive compared to the other hosting providers out there and that is the main thing where most of the hosting providers hold a lot.

Key features

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The features are seamless but I have shortlisted some of the basic features that you need to know about, so make sure to check them out accordingly. 

Following are the key features of the WPX WordPress hosting:-

  • The user interface of wpx hosting is damn good and as a key point why most of the pro bloggers out there used to serve their website along with the wpx hosting.
  • You get free migration support over here so if the existing website is there you can migrate it for free with the help of wpx WordPress hosting.
  • The uptime you get is 99.9% that will make your website even high performance website. Along with that the loading time is specifically distributed in a proper manner.
  • You get 24 by 7 customer support so that eventually give the technical issues happen over there you can get it sorted by contacting any of the customer executive out there.
  • The free SSL certification is provided over there so that your website will always remain secure. 
  • With most of the plans, you will get free daily backup service which is a great thing so that you will never lose your content or data over there.

Pricing Details

Wpx hosting usually provides the three major plans which are specified accordingly, so here they are:-

  • A business plan is available at $20.83/ month where you get beginner features. 
  • The professional and is available at $41.58/ month.
  • Elite plan is available at $83.25/ month. 

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2. WP Engine

Another beast of hosting that provides you great management resources and hosting plans. WP engine is specifically designed for the WordPress website owners out there, the plans are subsequently divided into various categories according to you can select that suits your choices. Do the features of the WP engine are seamless but specifically, it mainly focuses on the uptime and the loading time which are the major aspects of each hosting provider put there.

As of now let me convey to you that if you go with WP engine wordpress hosting you don’t have to specifically install WordPress to host your site, WP engines do the job for you at no cost. The WP engines provide you the all way around the self-hosted website so that your visitors will get a proper user experience whenever they’ll visit your website.

Also, the WP engines allow you to acquire their free plugins services which work tremendously well in each feature out there. Although the WP engine doesn’t offer you any traditional hosting services so you might not be able to use the Linux over there to host your website.

Key features:-

  • If you are the owner of an eCommerce website then easier to get huge support over by the WP engine to promote your services and products.
  • The user interface of the WP engine is pretty minimal so you might not get confused while handling its dashboard.
  • Along with SSL certification, the WP engine also provides you 24/7 customer support service so that whenever you found an issue related to the hosting you can directly get in touch with their customer care.
  • The WP hosting is maintained at a 99.99% which makes your website load all the time. 
  • The plans are separated according to the user so you can select accordingly that suits your choice.

Pricing Details

The pricing Details of WP engine are as follows:-

  • The startup plan is available at just $25/ month. 
  • The growth plan is available at $95.83/ month. 
  • Scale plan is available at $241.67/ month.

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3. Kinsta

Another great hosting Platform comes in your way named as Kinsta, the services include various features that make your website even faster and quick in terms of loading. If you are the one for whom the speed matters the most then I will highly recommend you to go with Kinsta. The Kinsta serves you a great performance speed along with some of the key features like free SSL certification Which place your website is even more secure.

Moreover, the features are seamless but one of the major drawbacks is that you don’t get a free domain over here for that you will need to get there 24 or 48 months of subscription which means a lot. Though alongside the other main highlight of the kinsta is its reliability which is seamless. It’s the most trusted and highly used wordpress hosting provider out there by most of the pro bloggers. So no doubt customer support is fine compared to the other hostings. Whenever you face any difficulty while sitting on the hosting you can directly get in touch with their one of Executive so that to get your problem sort out.

Key features

  • Through Kinsta your website will get even faster and the loading time of your website will surely increase in certain instances.
  • The free SSL certification provides website security so that any of the visitors will get a secure surfing experience.
  • The plans are pretty affordable compared to the Bluehost so any of the beginners out there can purchase it without any issue.
  • The minimal user interface of the hosting attracts the user to use their services.
  • Through the server of Kinsta you can actually create the backup of your content you so that you would not use any of the data.
  • You get 24/7 live chat support over here.

Pricing Details

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Following are the details of the pricing:-

  • The starter plan is available at $30/ month. 
  • Pro plan is available at $60/ month.
  • The business plan is available at $100/ month. 

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4. DreamHost

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You might think that Dreamhost is not that popular compared to the Bluehost and GoDaddy, but despite on let me convey to you that it is one of the most favorite hosting service which is being used mostly by the web developers and the graphic designers out there so as to makes their website much impressive.

Dreamhost is the kind of wordpress hosting out there which is trusted by most of the problems was out there and WordPress itself promotes it subsequently just because of the service they are offering a seamless. So if you’re the one who wanted to host your website with the great and most reliable hosting Sevices out there, so I’ll highly recommend you to go with the Dreamhost that serves you a great feature that might blow up your mind.

The pricing is quite less compared to the other hosting providers out there and that’s the key point which means a lot to save a few amounts of bucks.

Key features

  • You get a free SSL certificate with each of the hosting plans out there.
  • Dreamhost price to the kind of cheapest plans available in the industry you might not bother that too much.
  • The bandwidth and the storage to get is unlimited so you don’t have to worry about the speed and performance you get with it.
  • 97 days of money-back guarantee is one of the key features that you need to know about so that you can return back your money at the moment when you consider the hosting plans are not serving much.

Pricing Details

Following are the pricing details of the Dreamhost hosting plans:- 

  • The shared hosting plan is available at $2.59/ month. 
  • A Shared unlimited plan is available at $4.95/ month. 

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5. Bluehost

WordPress Hosting

If you’re into blogging from quite some time before then it’s not possible that you haven’t heard about Bluehost that servers great hosting plans along with the insanely managed features which make the true sense of going with their plans. If you are the one who wants all the thing ‘OK’ with your website, you can always choose the hosting from Bluehost so that your website will always remain faster in terms of loading and uptime which are the major aspects of each hosting plan.

Unlike most of the hosting providers out there, Bluehost provides you a free domain registration so that if you are just a beginner and wanted to host your website with Bluehost along with a new website domain name you can always use the feature of the free domain. As the plan offered by Bluehost is pretty expensive compared to the other hosting provider found there but worth every penny just because of the insane features that makes the true sense of using it.

Along with that, you get 99.9% uptime which is a great thing that makes your website even faster in loading. You get various security options are available over there like SSL certification which makes your website even more secure so if you want to win the battle make sure to choose the plans offered by the Bluehost.

Key Features:-

  • Free SSL certification makes your website even secure.
  • You can migrate your own website with the Bluehost plans, and for that Bluehost doesn’t charge you a single penny.
  • The user interface of the bluehost is quite impressive as each Beginner out there can handle it in a proper manner.
  • 30 days of money when it is one of the most crucial parts of the Bluehost plans.

Pricing Details:-

  • The basic plan is available at $2.75/ month. 
  • Plus plan is available at $5.45/ month. 

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Final Verdict

So in this detailed post, some listed on the top 5 wordpress hosting providers that you can used in 2021 host your WordPress website. Although there are various hosting providers available out there the true thing is that choosing the right hosting plan along with the provider so as to maintain the performance of your website. There are various factors that you need to know while selecting a proper hosting plan like SSL certification which is a crucial part of each hosting. So make sure to have your choice and select the proper working plan accordingly from the above hosting providers so as to get more value for the purchases you’re about to do.

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