Bluehost vs. JustHost: What’s the Best Shared Hosting for WordPress?

Bluehost vs. JustHost? That’s a tricky question to answer. If you’re here, you are probably considering starting a brand new site, or better still, switching web hosts.

You have probably narrowed your options to Bluehost and Jushost, and, for this, you deserve our congratulations. Since the web hosting business is so aggressive, it can be hard to narrow down options, so that you deserve some accolades for narrowing it down to both.

It is where people come in. Our in-depth and impartial investigation Of both internet hosts is sure to help you decide, and failing this, we will make it for you. You see, there has to be a winner. And employing the qualities of the internet hosts will help you determine the very best web server for you.


Bluehost Vs. JustHost contrast: which is better?

  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Host unlimited sites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free domain with all plans (including basic plan)
  • Free CDN with all plans
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  • FREE Domain Name Registration
  • Best Apps on the Web
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Email Address
  • cPanel Control Panel


$3.95/ monLearn More

JustHost and Bluehost are sister companies with comparable Services, pricing arrangements, and attributes — but they disagree on a few crucial points.

We love that JustHost offers an anytime money-back guarantee, while Bluehost clients can receive a refund within 30 days. Bluehost, nevertheless, has a reputation for reliability, speed, and service, which can not be overcome.

Launched in 1996 and hosting around two million sites around The planet, Bluehost is among the most excellent web hosts around.

They’ve got something for everyone; whether you are hosting a Company page or a site, odds are you would not be overly disappointed, if at all, about the solutions which they provide.

For someone just starting, there may be no much better Web host which Bluehost, as they’re even formally suggested from the official WordPress group and provide one-click installments on each of their plans.

With superb friendly and helpful support along with a dash that Is quite simple to use.

JustHost was also based in 2008 by Chris Philips but had been Obtained by EIG in 2012. If you are conversant with web hosting, you would understand that EIG possesses around half of all web hosting companies.

JustHost is a Fairly decent web host and an excellent Bluehost option, although not widespread. They provide free domains, unlimited email accounts, and cPanel management systems and haven’t done poorly for themselves.

JustHost also provides a Fantastic interface for advanced users And amateurs alike. Their functionality can be adequate.

Through this detailed BlueHost Vs JustHost you’ll surely get to know about their offerings. So make sure to stick with the post till end in order to get most out of it.


Bluehost includes a less-than-stellar record for customer care, but most of the actual complaints become lost in the ocean of favorable testimonials from affiliates. It is sometimes an issue. Before you commit to some server, you need to understand precisely what type of service you are likely to get when you’ve got an urgent matter.

JustHost and Bluehost provide 24/7 service through live chat And telephone, while JustHost also provides you the choice to get in touch with email. To accurately compare the two, I analyzed the live chat option for the two services.


To begin on a positive note, both JustHost and Bluehost provide SSD storage for all programs, in addition to an integrated version of Cloudflare CDN, which protects caching for your site and cuts down on loading rates.

Cloudflare generates a cached version of Your Site and Stores it on servers across the Earth to deliver it quicker for users in various regions. It constitutes marginally for the simple fact that JustHost includes one data center in Utah.

On the other hand, Bluehost  Even when Bluehost has multiple data centers, it is irrelevant as you can’t decide where to host your site.

JustHost is 1 step forward. Even though it can not give you A choice to select between multiple servers, it is more transparent about its infrastructure.

Regrettably, this does little to change the reality that Neither JustHost nor Bluehost offers any uptime guarantee.


Whatever the Sort of site you’ve got — but notably with E-commerce shops — you will want to have an SSL certificate to secure your clients’ data and help your website rank better in Google searches. The two JustHost and Bluehost include a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt that will make sure your site is padlock protected.

Apart from this, neither sponsor maintains your Site Secure on the entry shared hosting programs.

With Bluehost, you receive Domain Privacy and Security on the Option Plus and Pro plans. Even though this can help reduce spam, it cannot safeguard your site against malware. For suitable malware detection and elimination, you need to buy the SiteLock Vital add-on, which will essentially double the essential plan cost.

JustHost additionally offers SiteLock Vital as an add-on to Secure your site, although the add-on will probably cost you less than it will from Bluehost for your Choice Plus and Pro programs.

Additionally, suppose You Choose JustHost’s Pro package. In that case, you also Receive a Comodo PositiveSSL certification, which offers the same level of encryption because the free SSL on Bluehost’s identical plan but includes a guarantee and access to Comodo’s client service.

Bluehost: Many reliable shared hosting for WordPress

WordPress Hosting

Bluehost has long been a favorite of bloggers in the shared and WordPress hosting areas. The business adheres to new criteria for hardware, and its customer service is superb. 

Bluehost’s shared host choices will adapt to the vast majority of clients’ hosting needs for an internet presence. When you outgrow the visitors’ allowances of shared hosting, Bluehost excels at the VPS and dedicated hosting markets.

Why is Bluehost packs most attractive is your Organization’s Standing for usability and affordability, which both internet novices and pros can enjoy. 

Additional incentives, including free domain names, advertising credits, and endless emails, create this supplier a bang-for-the-buck favored through the hosting community.

  • The FREE domain name and SSL certification
  • 1-click WordPress installs
  • Infinite traffic and in-house service 24/7
  • Generally $7.99/month, but our customers earn 63% off!
  • Industry-leading hardware and uptime

Safety Characteristics

Bluehost is really, really safety conscious. They’ve in-built Safety features like Sitelock and Domain Name privacy. Sitelock functions by scanning your site for malware and eliminating them when detected, and Domain Name privacy hides your data in the public WHOIS listing.

It helps to ensure your personal information is secure. They Have an anti-spam alternative called SpamExperts that simplifies your mails and tests for junks and spams. SSL certificates will also be free with fundamental strategies, and this is generally speaking a great sign.

While Bluehost does Offer copies, they are”complementary” and are not guaranteed at all. Bluehost advises clients to receive their documents done. Make what you will of that. Along with this, they also claim to have”customized inner tools” to prevent DDoS attacks.

Bluehost Extras

Right off the but we were interested when we discovered that Beneath Bluehost’s affiliate program if you refer somebody to Bluehost plus they get an account that you receive $65. The sweet deal that.

Bluehost supports the usage of PHP PEAR packages, Perl Modules, Cron tasks, and Apache handlers. Their safety infrastructure permits you to install SSH access for your accounts, block IP addresses and set up your premium SSL certificate if you so want.

Bluehost supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, and You can use either phpMyAdmin, Remote MySQL, or PHPMyAdmin to handle your databases. The Blue flash characteristic that we have discussed previously is also an important additional feature.

It’s always convenient to have committed WordPress experts on hand to update accounts and install and upgrade plugins. Bluehost’s partnership with Weebly, a net builder ideal for novices, is not something you see with regular web hosts, representing an additional for all of us.

Bluehost provides a comprehensive checklist of what you need to be Doing to safeguard your website if you get careless with handling scenarios on your ending. In this manner, they ensure that safety is not randomly compromised.

Bluehost includes a handled WordPress hosting alternative named WP pro. It’s primarily created for men and women who’d much instead concentrate on generating content than about managing a website. To finish this part, unlike JustHost, BlueHost supports reseller hosting.

Plans and pricing

Bluehost has shared hosting programs, and they’re; Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. They are recorded from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Let us look at precisely what the lowest-priced plan has in store for us.

The basic plan costs $3.95 a month (though you may need to cover $7.99 if you would like to renew your strategy) and contains the following attributes.

  • 1 site
  • 50GB of Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • complimentary SSL Certification
  • 1 domain name
  • 5 parked domains
  • 25 subdomains

The following plan is that the Plus program that costs $5.95 a month. (It generally costs $10.99– that is the price you may need to pay upon renewal). The program includes all the features of this basic plan in Addition to the following:

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • $200 Advertising offer
  • Spam experts.
  • At $5.95 A month, this strategy packs some actual power.

JustHost: Most affordable shared hosting

JustHost Involves Plenty of free extras, including its One-size-fits-all, shared hosting support, which makes them a sound, affordable choice to power your internet presence. The organization’s site is simple to use, just like its own consideration and website management applications.

The JustHost net administration panel, also the business standard CPanel, is made in precisely the same vein and makes website operation a breeze compared to other hosts using much more complex interfaces.

Both novices and seasoned users will love the Ample storage space, and unlimited bandwidth JustHost allocates to customers, together with the total data transfer and email accounts. The included domain is also a perk everyone needs and can appreciate.

JustHost becomes among the most affordable servers shared in Presence, especially if you register for a two- or – three-year plan.

For individuals new to the hosting area, this Term length could be daunting and hard to justify. Luckily, the business is just one of a few to supply a monthly term alternative, too. 

JustHost also offers a relatively standard 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer service, positioning the newest among business leaders.

  • The FREE domain name, email, and advertising tools
  • FREE website builders and immediate account setup
  • $200 in Facebook, Google, and Bing marketing credits
  • 24/7 live telephone, chat, and ticket service
  • Easy-to-use cPanel control panel

JustHost Security Characteristics

Much like Bluehost, JustHost supplies free SSL certificates with Even basic strategies. But, JustHost does not offer domain coverage so that your information can be obtained easily. JustHost also provides Sitelock to customers at no additional cost.

As explained previously, Sitelock is a third-party application That scans for malware and also eliminates them. It’s always beneficial to have something similar to that on your side. Nevertheless, this will set you back $1.99 a month.

Sitelock does all the inner security of Your Site, Which comprises Dashboard reports, safety maintenance, and daily 360° scan for drive-by downloads, defacement, database vulnerabilities, and the likes.

JustHost also supports or provides add-ons like Domain Privacy security, Codeguard, and Website backup expert. But, you’ll need to pay extra for one of these services. Much like Bluehost, JustHost offers weekly copies, but they are not guaranteed.

That means your articles could be or Might Not Be backed up depends upon the disposition of the numerous IT technicians who utilize JustHost. We do not think That’s a chance you should take, so you would be better off paying to the guaranteed backup attribute. That’s the Website backup specialist

JustHost Extras

JustHost also offers many additional features. JustHost has two Website contractors; Weebly and WordPress. If you don’t want to create use of those, you might also visit the Mojo market location, where you’d come across heaps of”one click-install” programs.

With every program you subscribe to, JustHost offers free Domain registration. But this only lasts for a year, and after the first year, you will incur the typical yearly fees. JustHost supports cPanel but hosts a cPanel port that’s been customized to be easier for amateurs to use.

So while you are getting a cPanel interface, then It’s Even Simpler to use. JustHost has Cloudflare support so that an individual you need to let it trigger CDN in your accounts.

JustHost’s safety infrastructure uses SiteLock Lite malware to secure all hosting accounts, providing a degree of safety to your site. If Sitelock lite is not sufficient for you, you have the choice to subscribe to this premium version for a greater degree of security.

Plans and pricing

JustHost includes four hosting plans. They’re the Basic, Plus, Choice-Plus, and Guru plans

The Simple strategy, Which’s the lowest-priced, costs $9.49– in case You are buying with no reduction and for three or more decades. It costs $11.99 monthly. But, many discount codes could drive the purchase price down to as low as $3.95. The basic plan includes the following attributes

  • One site
  • 50GB of Information
  • One free domain registration
  • Free SSL certification
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 25 Subdomains.

Irrespective of discounts, the Actual price of this plan, an Amazing $11.99 a month, is too high for its value available. Many web hosts are offering the same about at a far lower cost — and with increased infrastructure also!

The following plan is your Plus program. While you can get dismiss Codes that drive the purchase price of this strategy down to $6.95, the actual cost starts from $12.49 (and this is when you cover three years ahead ). The monthly fee is $16.99. The Plus program includes the following attributes

  • Ten sites
  • Endless space
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • One free domain registration
  • 50 Subdomains
  • Unlimited email accounts

The following plan is your Choice-plus program. Discounts could drive The cost down to $6.95; however, the price tag if you are paying for three years beforehand and with no reductions is about $16.99. The monthly fee is $18.99. The Program Includes

  • Endless sites
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Endless space
  • One free domain
  • One free domain registration
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free SSL certification
  • Domain Privacy
  • Automated copies


JustHost vs. Bluehost is, sadly, a contrast between Two hosts you are better off preventing altogether. Even though JustHost is slightly better, many of its attributes (and site copy) are equal to Bluehost’s equivalents, giving me a reason to feel that both solutions are equally fair.

Additionally, If you’re expecting that JustHost would provide better Customer service, consider again. My experience using the two suppliers’ live chat Indicates that the very same agents respond in the two scenarios, which means you’re very likely to get The specific same quality of service.

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