1&1 IONOS Hosting Review 2021: Is it Right for You?

Featuring superb hosting bundles and website-creation Tools, 1&1 IONOS large-scale cloud hosting system stands over the competition.

Firms seeking feature-rich, moderately priced Hosting ought to have a peek at 1& 1 IONOS. The hosting company supplies a broad range of enticing bundles, such as shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS), WordPress, and dedicated hosting.

Nevertheless, the Organization’s cloud hosting programs, powerful Packages that appeal to small companies and enterprise-class clients, make 11 IONOS stick out from the package as an editor’s Choice selection in the class.

What’s IONOS Hosting?

1& 1 IONOS is a top supplier of cloud computing infrastructure, cloud solutions, and hosting using over eight million client contracts. 

The product portfolio features everything that firms need to be prosperous from the cloud, from domain names to classic sites and do-it-yourself options, from the internet advertising and marketing tools to high-tech servers and IaaS solutions. 

The portfolio is aimed at freelancers, small companies, and customers in addition to enterprise clients with complex IT requirements. With such a broad selection of hosting available, it comes as no surprise that 1&1 IONOS oversees 12 million domain names and holds 8 million client contracts globally.

We recommend this hosting provider for little white-collar Companies. Due to its all-time packs, comparatively inexpensive pricing, and a strong focus on safety and dependability. Nevertheless, 1& 1 IONOS online testimonials are a mixed bag. Many people sing its praises, but a stressing complain of lousy customer support, sneaky add-ons, and hard-to-cancel direct debits.

Launched in Germany way back in 1988, 1&1 IONOS is currently Europe’s biggest web hosting company, hosting over 12 million domain names in its information centers worldwide. 

The business has a vast selection of products covering just about every possible demand: regular shared hosting, site builder plans, easy and handled WordPress hosting, professional e-commerce hosting, plus some reasonably competent VPS, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers.

Powerful Uptime – 99.98percent

Among the most critical metrics which we quantify when it comes to hosting providers is uptime.

You are paying to get your site online. If uptime is missing and your website is frequently going down, your hosting service has neglected you in its most important place.

IONOS asserts to have a 99.9% uptime. Following their Customer support section, the sole reason that they do not claim 100% uptime is they cannot account for natural disasters.

Benefits of Use

Hosting may be a daunting thing to strategy, mainly if you are brand new to it. The fantastic news is, it does not have to be! A good hosting provider will create your life as simple as possible. So how do 1& 1 IONOS step up to make their clients feel at home?

Among the essential points to think about is the user interface. The control panel is where you manage your website and your accounts, and the port is the mode the control panel is laid out and the way you interact with this.

The control panel is where you can monitor analytics, set up marketing campaigns, or handle your email account. However, how easy is it to navigate? After all, the interface mustn’t be likely to provide you a migraine every time you open the control panel.

For example, most hosting providers, such as HostGator and Bluehost, utilize CPanel, a popular and dependable control panel. 1& 1 IONOS breaks this tendency using its customized installation.

It is all very well being distinct, but the Reality Is, 1& 1 IONOS can upgrade its control panel. It is pretty dated and perhaps not the very intuitive interface on the market. It may not be evident and require some getting used to.

Contemplating 1& 1 IONOS is planning for small business owners and everybody from novices to techies; it might do a whole lot longer to make its service more user-friendly. For first-timers or anxious starters, we do not recommend 1& 1 IONOS.

Customer Care

Fantastic customer service can make all of the difference. It is especially essential for hosting businesses. 1& 1 IONOS provides 24/7 phone service 365 days per year and an apparent knowledge base where you can find frequently asked questions how-to guides. 

There is a live chat option, but maybe not necessarily a broker accessible.  Some programs, such as dedicated and VPS hosting, also provide free email service. Fortunately, because the organization became 1& 1 IONOS, there is now an excess service attribute. At this point, you receive one-on-one assistance from your adviser at no cost.

Super Low Introductory Pricing

1and1 provides what is most likely the Best Price for first-year Clients on the internet hosting marketplace. While their basic shared hosting plan prices a slightly above-average $7.99 a month following the initial year, your initial year of hosting prices just $.99 a month.

Domain Comes Free Could Be plotted beneath One Account

1and1 yells in a free domain name with every web hosting package bought. In addition to this, 1and1 is among the most widely used domain registrars on the internet. In case you’ve ever bought domains from them earlier, it’s possible to easily host these sites without producing extra accounts or log in.

Unlimited Bandwidth, Websites, and Internet space

When considered together with the specific Growing prices, the guarantee of numerous boundless capabilities is exceptionally tempting. One use case where we would recommend 1and1 is if you had to host many different sites for a brief quantity of time on a strict budget. In theory, you can do so with 1and1 Hosting for under a buck per month.

The promise of limitless bandwidth is just as great as the infrastructure financing it. And we will have a lot more to say about 1and1’s functionality in the bandwidth regions and speed a bit afterward. For another unlimited plan using a comparable price point to 1and1’s regular pricing.

Free Domain Name and Email Account

Extras are always fantastic. We like to see hosting packages. Throw in some bonus features free of charge when you sign up for one of the paid options.

IONOS offers two of their most popular free features, Domain name registration and email address. A domain name is free for a year with Vital, company, and Expert Shared Hosting Packages.

When it comes to a branded email accounts (another requirement if you would like to get taken seriously from the people that you do business with), both the Linux and Windows packages include an email account on all levels.

1and1 Participates in Green Hosting Efforts

These attributes do not always have anything to do with your expertise with 1and1 hosting. Still, you may rest easy knowing that you are working with a business that appreciates its influence on the environment. Their information centers are installed using a renewable energy supply and clinic entirely paperless charging — a characteristic a lot of men and women enjoy.

Excellent Business Bonus Packages

Virtually every hosting company provides some Business-oriented bonus bundle. The packages made available by 1and1 hosting compete with the very best. Not only will you get free credits for Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo, but you will also receive an SSL certificate at no cost.

1and1 provides more than a hundred popular website tools, like Shopping carts, slideshows, and website builders, all of which require one click to set up and are included on your plan. That is one excellent advantage of getting in bed with a huge company — they have relations and can hand you plenty of freebies.

Improved User Interface

IONOS does not utilize the classical cPanel; instead, they’ve developed their customized backend. It might not be evident for people who are being used into the cPanel and require a while to become used to at the start, but overall, it is pretty simple to use.

From the dashboard, you can manage domain names, SSL certificates, Email addresses, assess your website’s statistics, etc. IONOS has also added a better search bar to find settings and change between goods quicker.

There have been many mixed feelings from other consumers About the IONOSs port, mainly when not intuitive than cPanel. Nonetheless, it would appear that IONOS has attempted to enhance the dash usability and allow it to be more logical to utilize.

Free SSL Security

Safety is another crucial facet of a hosting agency. Luckily, it’s a place where IONOS excels.

The service utilizes a GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate plus a Wildcard SSL certificate. It frees your site for innovative safety, which ought to help you breathe a sigh of relief after conducting business online.

An SSL certificate is required to have an HTTPS site. If Your URL begins with HTTP, Google will mark your website as unsecured. Furthermore, SSL certificates protect the information which is exchanged between the website. It helps your clients trust you; that’s the backbone of almost any business connection

The GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate is contained with all the Server, Developer Shared Hosting, and Developer eShop bundles. The Wildcard SSL Certificate comes standard with all Linux and Windows shared hosting programs.

Plans and pricing

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is among the most Well-known forms of web hosting, thanks in no small part to its low price. The site divides system tools with shared hosting and different websites installed on the same server. Shared hosting is not very strong, but it is inexpensive web hosting.

1& 1 IONOS Delivers a typical monthly hosting fee but reduces the cost if you are eager to register for multi-month or yearly packages. 1& 1IONOS allows you to select a one-month program with any bundle tier.

The entry-level Essential Package (beginning at $4 per month) contains a free domain name you may maintain as long as you use 1&1 IONOS. The program also provides 10GB of storage, ten email accounts, ten databases, and the capability to take care of approximately 50 traffic per minute on a single website.

The next tier is Business that offers the above-unlimited site, unlimited storage, unlimited storage, and 50 email accounts. This grade, which can be optimized for 200 visitors each second, begins at $200 a month. These are temporary rates.

After the initial year, vital jumps to $6 per month, While Business moves around $10 a month. The Expert program (beginning at $8 a month and leaping to $16 a month following a year) has precisely the same unlimited sites, unlimited storage, and infinite databases since the Business program, however using 100 email accounts, increased malware security, and also the capability to take care of near 500 visitors per second.


In case you’re looking to get WordPress hosting, some of those Shared programs will get you started, but 1& 1 IONOS also supplies competently handled WordPress packages. These get you more straightforward installation, Indices and advocated plugins, automatic upgrades, and enhanced service, and therefore are priced from $3 a month charged monthly.

Still not enough? 1& 1 IONOS WordPress Pro programs take the Technology to another level with low-level functionality optimizations (Varnish-based caching, CDN), smart automatic upgrades, a staging environment to check promotions without altering the live website, plus a whole lot more. Prices vary from $18 to $120 charged monthly.

The easily managed plans are excellent value and trample all over many competitions, at least about the principles.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In Regards to non-cloud hosting, then you won’t find anything more vigorous than dedicated hosting. This hosting kind lets your website leverage a host’s total power since it is on the server by itself. No system resource is discussing here. Acute, mission-essential site-runners should consider dedicated hosting as soon as they can manage it.

1& 1 IONOS includes four Linux-based (Windows as a concealed Alternative) dedicated hosting tiers: A8i, L-16, XL-32, and XL-64. The programs include traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) that change the cost a little.

By Way of Example, the SSD-based A8i program begins at $45 a month to get a 2.4GHz Intel Atom C2750 CPU, 8GB of RAM, 240GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transports. The HDD-based equal starts at $70 a month and contains a 1,000GB HDD.

The most expensive plan, 4XL-192 NVMe ($320 a month), has a 20-core Intel Xeon Gold 6210U CPU, 192GB of RAM, 1,000GB SSD, and also infinite monthly data transports. All 11 IONOS dedicated hosting programs include Sitelock malware security and the RailGun content delivery network (CDN) for quicker page loads.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is now becoming more and more common. It differs from hosting because it evolves resources across multiple servers, whereas conventional hosting attracts power from one server. 1& 1 IONOS has adopted this hosting whole-heartedly, offering numerous tiers of controlled and managed cloud hosting, which may be equipped with all the Linux or Windows operating systems.


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The programs begin at $0.0069 an hour (using a max $5 percent Month fee ) to get a single-core CPU, 512MB of RAM, 30GB of SSD storage, and unlimited yearly transports. It offers a max of $0.5 per hour to get a 24-core CPU, 48GB of RAM, 480GB of SSD storage, along unlimited monthly data transports. You will find managed and unmanaged possibilities, in addition to customizable programs.

In other words, 1& 1 IONOS cloud hosting packages are all exceptional. We initially deemed 1& 1 IONOS a co-editors Option for cloud hosting, and the costs on the low-end have dropped since then.

VPS Web Hosting

VPS hosting is a step up from shared hosting. It is a more robust hosting choice that sees your website leverage more host power. VPS hosting is not a pretty inexpensive hosting, but it is not too expensive, either. You are not as likely to detect lag because other websites which share the host get a significant hit.

1& 1 IONOS cloud-powered VPS offers (beginning at a Wallet-friendly $2 per month for 512MB of RAM, 10GB of SSD storage, and unlimited data transfers) give one of the vital tools for creating a site that could handle the rigors of the net better than conventional shared hosting. 

You can outfit the Steam – or Windows-based servers with up to 12GB of RAM and 240GB of storage, together with the organization’s top-tier, $35-per-month VPS XXL bundle.


1& 1 IONOS has excellent value strategies for first-time customers and Lots of more vital products for everybody else. The shared hosting management console is not a patch on cPanel; after our website was up and operating, we discovered it was quicker than many.

With its variety of programs and additional applications, such as email marketing, domain name registration, and site builder stage, 1&1 IONOS is ticking plenty of boxes.

We recommend this supplier for small companies and People, but not for complete beginners. It’s sound cloud hosting and dedicated hosting plans; however, anybody after shared or VPS hosting ought to look elsewhere.

1& 1 IONOS has sufficient features and strategies to scale a company and provides competitive prices that are fantastic for those beginning on a budget. However, it is unsuitable for beginners due to its complex interface.

It’s tough to say no to unlimited Sites and bandwidth for under a buck per month; however, 1and1 provide lots of different reasons to tell no more. You can find a Great Deal of bang for your dollar if You already own Lots of domains Together, but the frustrations associated with their pace, user expertise, and Customer support will persist.

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