Kinsta Hosting Review: How Good Is Their Premium Managed Hosting for WordPress in 2021?

It’s 2021 and most of the hosting providers are heading off towards the managed WordPress hosting which is essentially discovered for the WordPress website.

Lots of hosting providers are out there who used to provide managed hosting for the WordPress website. SiteGround, WP Engine, and Kinsta are amongst them only which provides you true value for money. If you are a website owner or a blogger then just stick to this post we will be covering information about managed hosting which is essential for you to know about.

So in this complete post, I will be reviewing the Kinsta Managed WordPress hosting, essentially they claim of providing the best service but let’s see it worth per penny or not.

All You Need To Know About Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is considered to be one of the most premium and reliable WordPress hosting services. You might have been seen that every managed website is hosted at a specific server which is considered to be the hosting that fulfills your need. It includes various technical aspects like storage, uptime, loading time, speed of website security, etc. Which helps you to manage your website.

I have shortlisted some of the points which every website owner needs to know about managed WordPress hosting. Following are some of the basics of managed WordPress hosting at which it depends upon:-

1. About Performance

In managed WordPress hosting performers plays an important rule so as to decide whether the hosting is capable of providing the best technical support or not. It helps you to improve your website uptime, speed, data analysis, storage, etc.

The website which is hosted on a managed hosting performs much better compared to the entry-level WordPress hosting plans. 

2. Hosting Must Be Easy To Use

This is one of the major aspects on which managed hosting depends upon. You need to choose the right managed WordPress hosting which performance by but also provides the form factor which is easiness and user friendly. Kinsta is one of the leading and best in class managed WordPress hosting provider which is easy to access and consists of various inbuilt features in it, which we’ll be discussing furthermore.

Now I have also shortlisted some of the cons which shows managed WordPress hosting is slow and tedious, Following are amongst them:-

3. Pricing Of Hosting

no doubt managed WordPress hosting performs way better compared to the hosting but the pricing of the hosting plan is pretty expensive compared to the internal hosting plans available out there. So you need to invest too much in it.

4. Made Just For WordPress

The managed WordPress hostings are specifically made up for the WordPress so you need to look upon this point. You will be able to customize it using PHP code but eventually, not you will be able to customize it using PHP code which is not that easy compared to the VPS plan.

Most of the companies are providing the best in class Managed to host services which might blow off your mind and kinsta is one of them and that’s what we’re going to discuss here.

So without any further ADO let’s get started.

All You Need To Know About Kinsta

Облачный хостинг Kinsta. Обзор на русском / peopleofdesign

Kinsta is considered to be one of the best in class and most useful highly use WordPress hosting service provider out there, do it was established for providing the managed WordPress hosting at a great inexpensive price. It was discovered by the WordPress enthusiast who used to focus on the WordPress hosts and websites. Kinsta comes with the most advanced featured and Technical Support which makes it user-friendly and most responsive hosting providers.

Though the kinsta is one of the best and advanced hosting out there so no chance of falling down by the other managed WordPress hosting providers. The entire infrastructure of the managed WordPress hosting of kinsta is based upon Google Cloud Google Cloud server which makes it unique and most reliable compared to the others like VPS, Shared hosting and  dedicated web hosting. 

The most important and legit thing is that all of the hosting are managed by your own self so you don’t have to worry about the privacy which is maintained in certain instances. The resources are 100% private and cannot be shared with other hosting services.

Kinsta is one of the leading managed hosting provider which is powered by a Google cloud storage which allows you to improve your website loading time due to the use of Google premium tier global network. It is officially one of the best in class and a reliable platform out there. It’s fully managed WordPress hosting services.

Also one of the best things about it is that it provides you 24 by 7 customer support which means you can contact them anytime whenever you face technical issues.

Easiness Of Kinsta

The easiness of kinsta is seamless so you don’t have to worry about the usage. The dashboard looks pretty impressive which means you get full control over your WordPress website.

I am not saying these things just by my own as of I’ve tested few of the website which is hosting with Kinsta, which most of the bloggers out there miss. I will let you know the complete detail information about it including the price range.

The very first thing with is creating Kinsta account by visiting their official website and getting subscribe to their startup plan which cost me around $30 /month which is fair enough if you compare it with other hosting providers out there. 

At this price range, you will get the following features:-

  • Single WordPress installation services by Kinsta.
  • Storage of 10 GB which is sufficient for beginners.
  • Up to 20,000 monthly visits which are enough. 
  • You get free CDN & SSL support.

All the above things which you get are essentially more than enough if you want to create your own E-Commerce store, a freelancing website, informative blog, etc.

Once you had done with the sign-up procedure the next thing you need to do is link your website with the hosting which is provided by the Kinsta. The process is pretty simple as any of the beginners can handle it well. If you’re an advanced user then you’ll save much of your time installing the hosting.

While setting up your website you will have to fill the form where you will need to choose the data center according to your choice. You will get two options to select amongst the 20 data centers. If you are owning more than one website then each one of them can use the different data centers. Make sure to choose the closest data center which will improve your website loading time.

Kinsta also allows you to set the WooCommerce and Yoast SEO while creating the website. It will help you to save your time when creating a website and thinking about it with the managed WordPress hosting.

Once you’re done with the above process the next thing you need to do is adding the website by clicking on the ‘ADD’ button over there. The process is very simple as it takes less than 5 minutes to set up the website according to your pattern and workflow.

Letter on you can just visit the WordPress website and add the content in your site so that the user will get in touch with you via the website. With the help of customer control panel you will be able to monitor your website and the speed of it according to the bandwidth and performance, also you are allowed to set the setting according to your need and usage.

If you already own a website and wanted to host your website to Kinsta there is no problem it allows you to migrate your website to the Kinsta free of cost. That’s the thing why recommend the kinsta and also called it easy to use.

All You Need To Know About Performance And Speed

Performance and speed are the major factors upon which the managed WordPress hosting depends upon and so we’ll be discussing a lot about it. Response time is the major entity that signifies the hosting quality and their support. Its been observed that people don’t like to wait for the website loading and for so you need to use the proffered and high quality hosting to avoid hitting the back button by the visitors.

According to research the sites which load quickly engages more traffic and the chances of getting your website on the top gets increased. Kinsta is a kind of search engine friendly service provides which helps your website to load even faster.

Recently I checked my site by Google page speed insights that show me 92/ 100 desktop speed which is pretty awesome. The speed was tested without installing any caching plugin.

While analysis of my website I come to know that Kinsta uses a very advanced technology which makes it 2× faster. Also, Kinsta provides CDN to all of its users which is a great thing about it.

Is Kinsta Secure? 

Kinsta is especially known for the security reasons which you get along with the managed WordPress hosting, you’ll get impressed by the services provided by the Kinsta.

Kinsta not only provides you a technical agenda but also makes your website more secure and easy to access. No one can access your kinsta account, it is that secure which makes it hassle-free in terms of every aspect.

It doesn’t matter which plan you get subscribed to but the thing is Kinsta provides SSL certification with all of their plans including entry-level hosting services. Google provides HTTPS feedback, if you are website, is low secure and its effects ranking on the search engine.

Not only that it also provides you all kinds of user support which is essential for your website, it also provides you all kinds of user support which is essential for your website to stay secure all the time. It stops the attack from the other user and security update which makes your website top-notch in terms of security. This service includes tools such as DDoS deduction, expert live chat with the customer service for 24/7 support.

Though Kinsta provides you an uptime of about 99.9% which makes it super impressive in terms of quality and technical support provided by the managed WordPress hosting. One can get a good perspective which indirectly helps you to grow your website due to high-quality service.

The most important thing is backup which Kinsta provides you, as you will be able to create the backup file of your content anywhere anytime for all sites which are linked with your Kinsta account. Though the automatic backup option is available you can also select the manual option from where you can select the file specifically which you want to make a backup of.

Backup of the file is essential for each website because if you use the content at the certain instant you will be able to restore it whenever you want.

What Kinsta’s Control Panel Offers? 

Whereas most of the other website hosting providers used to provide the cPanal control which isn’t that impressive but Kinsta offers their users the dashboard system where you get Control over all the things that you need.

A similar choice is selected by the WP Engine too which is a good thing. As we’ll know that Kinsta provides postings of various types including managed WordPress hosting so the dashboard will look as similar to the WordPress which makes it super simple and easy to access.

You can manage all your need and important factors about the managed WordPress hosting on the dashboard, the use of the dashboard is way simple as any beginner can handle it well.

What Kinsta Offers To Web Developers? 

As a developer whenever there is a chance of examining the WordPress hosting or you can see any of the hosting plans, I used to have a look upon how friendly it is with the web developers. If the plans of the WordPress hosting provide a user-friendly and web developer-friendly plants then it is well suited.

Kinsta offers the SSH & FTP accounts to all of the managed WordPress hosting plans. This allows you to access all of the services we ship makes your website top-notch and also helps you to manage your website according to your need. Despite this, you will be able to install the software at your server.

So if you are a web developer then Kinsta is the perfect choice for you. 

Key features of Kinsta

Kinsta provides you all kinds of services including the performance and security patterns which are insanely managed. When it comes to feature which plays an essential role in every WordPress hosting, I would say Kinsta has that one as they provide many features even with their starter plans too. 

I have shortlisted some of the key features which Kinsta used to provide in there start a plan accordingly you can decide what will they offer in the pro plans.

  • You get a single premium migration along with free unlimited basic migrations. 
  • You get a money-back guarantee of 30 days. 
  • Available across 30 global locations.
  • Allows you to create the backup manually or automatically. 
  • You get 24/7 email chat option with their customer care.
  • You get Free SSL certification. 
  • Multisite support allows you to host more than one website.

Apart from this, there are various essential features that you can access by visiting their official website. 

What About Pricing? 

Most of the people might get confused here and overthink that the features offered by Kinsta are seamless and might cost much. But let me tell you their plans are inexpensive so you can get started with their entry-level managed WordPress hosting services which are available at just $30/ month where you get 10 GB of storage and 20k monthly visit which is efficient for starters.

Unlike others, Kinsta plants are presently dependent upon the storage and monthly visit full stop the more storage and monthly visit you want you to need to subscribe to the most expensive plans. Let’s say if you have just purchased an entry-level plan and wanted to upgrade the monthly visit by 1000 then you will have to pay $1 for it.

Kinsta comes with 10 different plans which consist of all the safety features and the performance is almost similar in all of the plans. The only thing differentiating them from the amount of WordPress hosting you host with a single account and monthly visit along with data storage.

Following are the most popular top 10 plans provided by Kinsta from here you can select according to the need:-

  • Starter plan is available at just $30 per month where you get 10 GB of storage and up to 20,000 monthly visits. You can host a single WordPress website with it.
  • Pro plan is available at $60 per month where you get 20 GB of storage and up to 40,000 monthly visits. You can host 2 WordPress websites.
  • Business 1 plan is available at $100 month where you get 30GB of storage and up to 100K monthly visits. You can host up to 5 WordPress websites.
  • Business 2 plan is available at $200/ month where you get 40GB storage and up to 200k monthly visits. You can host up to 10 WordPress websites.
  • Business 3 plan is available at $300 per month where you get up to 50 GB storage and up to 400K monthly visits. You can host up to 20 WordPress websites.
  • Business 4 plan is available at $400/ month where you get up to 60 GB storage and up to 600k monthly visits. You can host upto 40 WordPress websites.
  • Enterprise 1 plan is available at $600 per month where you get up to 100 GB storage and up to 1000k monthly visits. You can host up to 60 WordPress website.
  • Enterprise 2 plan is available at $900/ month where you get storage up to 150 GB and monthly visits are up to 1500K. You can host up to 80 WordPress websites.
  • Enterprise 3 plan is available at $1200/ month where you get storage up to 200 GB and monthly visits are up to 2000K. You can host up to 120 WordPress websites.
  • Enterprise 4 plan is available at $1500 per month where you get storage up to 250 GB and monthly visits up to 3000K. You can host up to 150 WordPress websites.

Insta accepts all types of debit cards that you can use to purchase any of the above plans which are considered to be managed WordPress hosting plans. 

Final Verdict

As I am quite familiar with the Kinsta WordPress hosting which is essentially a good and most reliable hosting provider out there which you. Their managed wordpress hosting is essential for a good and great choice to select if you are about to start your WordPress website. From the technical support to the customer care support all the things are Top Notch so you don’t have to worry much about the security and the support.

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