HostGator vs Hostinger: Which is Better? (2021)

Yes, you are right we are in a digital world and everything is just one click away. All you need to do is type it on google and you get the information. 

Do you also want to get searched liked that? So many people around the world will get to know about your business and it doesn’t even matter whether you are a start-up, running your business locally or a large company. 

Social presence has become important and we can all see the change. But how will you get the social presence? Off course, you need a website for that. After finally deciding you need a website that’s when web hosting companies come into the picture. 

What will these web hosting companies will do is that they will allocate a particular space on a web server for your website so that you don’t have to be concerned about things like the code, images, or anything that is required to make your website available for viewing online. Everything you have visited online is basically a website hosted on a server. To develop a website and create content online, you are going to need one of these web hosting companies.

So, here we are going to discuss two of the popular web hosting companies; HostGator vs Hostinger.

By now you must have realized that a website is an investment that will give you worldwide exposure. You will also find tons of reasons to have a website so going for a free plan will not give you the best results. And believe me when I say there are so many plans available which will fit in your budget. 

Whether it’s Hostinger or HostGator when someone types your URL the website should appear so they give existence and room to your website in their servers. And if you pay them well, they can also give you your private server too.

  • 99.9% of uptime is a great thing that improves the overall performance of your website.
  • 45 days of money-back guarantee gives you a great opportunity.
  • The bandwidth is super higher, even with their entry-level plans.
  • Their plans are quite affordable compared to the Dreamhost.
  • The customer support is insane.
$2.75/monLearn More
  • A competition in Fastest WordPress Hosting
  • A match in VPS Hosting
  • Best for Total solution
  • Best for Client support
$79/monLearn More

There are many factors that one should keep in mind while selecting a plan 

  1. Bandwidth: It means how much space do you need 
  2. Reliability: Do check reviews before taking up any plan 
  3. Compatibility: Compatibility between the different operating system 
  4. Security: Your data and Visitor’s data should be safe

Let’s see a brief about both 


So, what is HostGator? Why do you need it? What it is used for? These are the common questions that come into people’s minds all around the world. In this, you will get to know in-depth what HostGator hosting is and why you need HostGator if you haven’t purchased HostGator hosting yet. 

It started in the dorm room in October 2002 and now it has become is one of the top web hosting services. It is also considered as one of the trusted hosting companies and currently, it has millions of domains all around the world. 

HostGator is a web hosting company that provides website hosting services all over the globe and also provides blogs online and it is used by people who wants a website for purchasing domain names online to get their website or blog register.

Well as you know you need two things to get your website or blog live is domain name and web hosting and on Hostgator, you will get both.

For several years They have been known for their high-speed servers and support.


This company is known for providing low-cost plans and although this company is new compared to the top web hosting companies surely it has made a name for itself in the short spam only.

As compared to all the other web hosting companies out there only a few of them have come close to what Hostinger offers and in most cases, other basic plans can be up to twice as expensive as Hostinger now. 

At that price at which Hostinger offer it is great service and it not only just good in price but also fast at loading your website

When you choose a web hosting company there are other things to keep in mind too which is the security of your data as well as your user’s data so they can freely visit your website.

The main thing about Hostinger is that you will pay less of what other charge but in return you will not get anything less of what others give. They will not compromise with their performance and features. Everything you need to build your customized website with themes, graphics from scratch Hostinger will offer its wide range of resources and also performance-boosting tools.

WordPress-HostGator VS Hostinger

Well, if you haven’t heard about WordPress yet.

WordPress is a popular blogging and website building platform where all the leading bloggers and Fortune 500 companies use it for building their brand and to engage with a wider audience.

Here we compare both of them based on price and performance you can visit the HostGator website for the prices. They offer starter, standard, and business plan visit HostGator prices may vary based on the discount offered.

HostGator also offers freebies such as free WordPress migration with any plan purchased, several WordPress themes, auto-backup with just the single-click options, shared Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates this might make their WordPress plans pretty compelling to purchase but based on the reviews their optimization and support is not five stars after all.

Now if we see Hostinger plans on WordPress.

You will surely see the huge difference between the prices so yes Hostinger wins in the price category with so many different plans just specifically focused on WordPress.Based on performance also Hostinger performs well and becomes the strong choice for both newbies and experienced WordPress developers

Pros and cons HostGator


  • Their support staff is considered the best in the industry they are available around the clock and provides 24/7 phone and live chat support. This support also includes ticket-based email support in your dashboard you will find a support portal that will help you solve your query with their tutorial videos and articles.
  • You will get back up at no cost
  • You will probably never receive any downtime 
  • They use a Cpanel which is clear and functional
  • Every three years when the hosting contract is coming to an end, they offer a reduced fee to upgrade your server plan, which is more cost-effective than renewing at the regular rate for whatever plan you’re currently using.
  • Their offer includes temporary scaling options, which are fit best in dealing with occasional traffic when it reaches spikes and that too without updating to a more expensive plan.
  • They also offer to migrate your WordPress site.
  • In HostGator, each plan comes with a global CDN and a free SSL certificate.
  • Well, let’s come to the most important factor that is performance have you ever thought you paid the web hosting company and later realized that your website is slow then let me remind you users will not consider the money that you paid to all hosting company but surely your website speed will affect them and if your website is fast enough that even help you increase your SEO ranking. Based on the reviews and tests performed by various sites whether the site is new or at peak traffic HostGator performed well.

The average response time was 203 milliseconds. Which is considered to be a very good result for a shared hosting account.


  • The plans of HostGator are expensive as compared to Hostinger



  • Let’s talk about the support system of Hostinger Well you don’t have to submit the ticket and they reply fast and they will be patient enough to be with you until your problem is solved and also based on the reviews they are fun too they will communicate with you with gifs and emojis and if that was not enough their support team serves almost 20 countries from their 4 support centers people can also communicate in their native language and they are also planning to add more local language.
  • 99% uptime guarantee, yes you heard it right and they take their uptime guarantee very seriously and they also give a certain percentage of refund when your uptime is below 99%
  • Their advanced feature includes which will help you with faster loading their very own cache manager
  •   Well, all other web hosting companies use cPanel while hosting use hPanel, yes you read it right Hostinger’s custom dashboard which is easy to use, clean, very intuitive, easy navigation and looks better. Features are sorted by categories, and their icons and everything makes it simple to use on their dashboard. It looks like People who do not know cPanel can also use it easily.
  • Free domain: When you start your website, you need to buy a domain name from a domain registrar, so when you are just starting your business paying for a domain name can quite sound like an expensive deal. Hostinger is here for you by getting you a free domain name and this can make a great difference while deciding which web hosting company to pay. But is there is one thing that hosting will not cover that is WHOIS protection which is used for protecting the domain identify that you have to pay and buy your own?
  • The best part which sets aside hosting is their introductory prices which start at $0.99/month and that is what keeps them ahead of the competitors In terms of value surely Hostinger provides the best possible plans.


  • Daily backups: Unfortunately, Hostinger also has some cons which broke everybody’s heart and the best of all also has its limitations. We on our day-to -day basis rely on backups so much whether it can be a photo or any document. How can we not want the backup of our website? It doesn’t mean Hostinger doesn’t have a daily backup feature, it surely has but just not comes with premium shared hosting plan. But if you buy it at $0.95/month, it comes with business shared hosting plan which that cost. If you still want to go for free, they offer weekly backup for all their accounts.
  • No phone support available.

Prices and plans 

Hostinger HostGator
Single Shared: $0.99/mo

($2.99/mo at Renewal)

1 Website

10 GB SSD Storage

100 GB Bandwidth

10k Visits/mo

Hatchling Plan: $2.75/mo

($6.95/mo at Renewal)

1 Website

Unmetered Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth

Premium Shared: $1.99/mo

($4.99/mo at Renewal)


20 GB SSD Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

25k Visits/mo

Baby Plan: $3.50/mo

($9.95/mo at Renewal)

Unlimited Website

Unmetered Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth

Business Shared: $3.99/mo

($8.99/mo at Renewal)

100 Websites

100 GB SSD Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

100k Visits/mo

Business Plan: $5.25/mo

($14.95/mo at Renewal)

Unlimited Website

Unmetered Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth

VPS Hosting Comparison:

Hostinger HostGator

($8.16/mo at Renewal)

1 vCPU


20 GB Storage

1 TB Bandwidth

Snappy 2000: $19.95/mo

($79.95/mo at Renewal)


2 Cores CPU

120 GB Disk Space

Unmetered bandwidth


($16.36/mo at Renewal)

2 vCPU


40 GB Storage

2 TB Bandwidth

Snappy 4000: $39.95/mo

($119.95/mo at Renewal)


2 Cores CPU

165 GB Disk Space

Unmetered bandwidth


($24.56/mo at Renewal)

3 vCPU


60 GB Storage

3 TB Bandwidth

Snappy 8000: $49.95/mo

($149.95/mo at Renewal)


4 Cores CPU

240 GB Disk Space

Unmetered bandwidth


($32.76/mo at Renewal)

4 vCPU


80 GB Storage

4 TB Bandwidth


($49.16/mo at Renewal)

6 vCPU


120 GB Storage

6 TB Bandwidth


($65.99/mo at Renewal)

8 vCPU


160 GB Storage

8 TB Bandwidth

Cloud Hosting Comparison:

Hostinger HostGator
Cloud Startup: $9.99/mo

($18.99/mo at Renewal)

300 Websites

100 GB SSD Storage


2 CPU Cores

Hatchling Plan: $4.95/mo

($8.95/mo at Renewal)

1 Website

2 GB Memory

2 Core CPU

Unmetered Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth

Cloud Professional: $18.99/mo

($38.99/mo at Renewal)

300 Websites

140 GB SSD Storage


4 CPU Cores

Baby Plan: $6.57/mo

($11.95/mo at Renewal)

Unlimited Websites

4 GB Memory

4 Core CPU

Unmetered Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth

Cloud Global: $56.99/mo

($80.00/mo at Renewal)

300 Websites

200 GB SSD Storage


8 CPU Cores

Business Plan: $9.95/mo

($17.95/mo at Renewal)

Unlimited Websites

6 GB Memory

6 Core CPU

Unmetered Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth


Few other points to keep in mind

  • Those prices change depending on the period you buy the plan. So always keep in mind if you are sure of the hosting company then go for a long-term plan. And if you are just trying out their plan then you can choose the starter pack to get the idea of their service.
  • If the website is offering something at a less price, compare to the other website. That doesn’t mean the quality and performance will not be good here if you compare hosting is cheaper and is also better in the performance
  • When it comes to traffic and you are sure that your website will receive high traffic, don’t go for the shared hosting plans. Directly choose from cloud hosting plans
  • The speed of the website will also depend on where your website is hosting if your users are in some other location and your website in some other then make sure the web hosting company has a different geographical location available for you to decide the location so you can buy hosting there.


Basic Information:

Head office 

Hostinger: Europos 32-4, 46326,

Kaunas, Lithuania

HostGator: 5005 Mitchelldale Suite #100 Houston, Texas


Phone No.

Hostinger: No available

HostGator:(866) 964-2867


Server location or data centers

Hostinger: US, Asia, and Europe

HostGator: Provo, Utah & Houston, Texas 


Email Address:


HostGator: not available


Types of support

Hostinger: Live Support, Chat, Ticket

HostGator: Phone, Live Support, Chat, Ticket


Basic comparison:

Hostinger HostGator


Monthly Price: From $0.99 per month From $2.75 per month
Unlimited Data Transfer: Yes Yes
Unlimited Data Storage: Yes Yes
Unlimited Emails: Yes Yes
Host Multiple Domains: Yes (except Starter Plan) Yes
Hosting Controlpanel / Interface: cPanel cPanel
Server Uptime Guarantee: 99.9% uptime guarantee 99.90%
Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days 45 Days
Dedicated Hosting Available: No, only Shared, Cloud, and VPS hosting Yes

Concluding Thoughts

The conclusion of the comparison will depend upon your needs and what kind of website you want to build. Although, Hostinger is more cost-effective but their servers don’t work best at the place where you live you might want to consider HostGator as your web hosting company. And there will be several other things too in your mind. Don’t just see the price, it also becomes incredibly important to know what performance you are getting.

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