I Bought A Domain Name Now What [Here’s Exactly What to do Next]

Are you the one who is a bit confused about what to do next after purchasing the domain name?

Well, I have noticed that most of the people usually suffer through this issue of not knowing what exactly the next process after purchasing a domain name. Anyway, it’s not rocket science that you could not learn the process.

If you want to be a blogger, you will always need to have a domain name so as to maintain the brand value and to showcase your brand. Even if you want to start from scratch there is no other option available.

There is a specific process and that’s what I am going to share with you in this complete blog post so that you will get to know what exactly you need to do just after having your purchase for the domain name. Precisely I am also going to conclude a few basics about purchasing the hosting and the other required service. 

From scratch I am going to tell you about the best hosting providers, and how will you acquire their services by hosting your website with them, also a few basic stuffs about customization and managing the website, it’s essential for you to know about it. Choosing the right theme for your WordPress blog is one of the most important aspects that you cannot ignore at any instance.

If that sounds great do you make the show to stick till the end in order to gain in-depth details about the kinds of stuff you’re looking for. But before that let me convey you a few essential aspects about the menu that you need to know in case you’re beginning from scratch. So without any further ADO let’s get started.

All you need to know about domain name

We’ve been into several research and came to know that domain name is basically an internet name that specifies your brand name and the website name. As it’s linked with the web servers so you can say that the owner of the website has full control over it. Throughout the internet, the domain name is specified just because of the domain name system (DNS).

Undoubtedly it is one of the important processes of selecting the proper domain name just because it will last video for a longer time. To maintain the sustainability of the domain name and choose the right option out there.

In other words, the domain name is specifically a website address, you might have been noticed that when you type the website address in the search bar on the worldwide Web address you’ll directly get land on the homepage of the website.

Here I’ve shortlisted few of the top domain names that truly serves you great value:-

  • Bloggeroundup.com
  • Cliqqo.com
  • Hostinglime.com

While choosing a domain name make sure that it states the website content and the functions which means a lot. If you want to build a successful audience throughout the website you need to choose the right in the domain name that specifically represents your brand.

The above-mentioned free domain names truly represent the website content, just by having a Look upon the domain name you will get to know what type of content you will get throughout the website. There are tons of platforms available out there which you can use in order to choose the right domain name.

You can choose the right domain name from the GoDaddy platform which is considered to be the best and leading platform out there that serves you a great domain name, so make sure to check it out and search for the domain name that you need. Now let’s move on to the discussion of today’s topic.

Once You Bought The Domain Name, here’s the step by step process for further task

How to Choose a Domain Name (8 Tips to Stand Out)

Why choosing the right domain name doesn’t take much time and but as I said earlier that I’ll be showing you the step by step process about what’s next after choosing a domain name. Well, it’s not a big deal to follow the steps as they’re pretty easier and straightforward, so even if you’re starting from scratch it’ll be easier for you to know. 

So let’s begin with the process.

1. You will always need a web hosting

Where you might have taken a lot an effort into finding the right domain name for your website but, as always you say that similar efforts you will Hindi to apply while selecting the web hosting services for your website.

If you are a beginner you might be wondering, what exactly web hosting is? 

In simple words the web hosting is basically and storage for your website where you can store images, videos, infographics, statistics, content, plugins, themes etc.

You can call it as the memory card for your website. Also, let me convey to you that there are tons of web hosting providers that are serving their service all across the globe, but selecting the proper plan with the proper web hosting is a vital part that you need to know about.

Although, I’ll highly recommend you not to go with the cheaper options available on that will decrease on the performance of your website instead you can choose the decent hosting providers like Bluehost, A2 Hosting, HostGator, Dreamhost, SiteGround, etc. I mostly used Bluehost just because it is the most reliable and trusted hosting provider, also it is pretty inexpensive compared to the other.

So opt the hosting according to your choice and invest a decent amount of money to make your website even faster and more convenient in terms of performance.

2. You will need to connect your domain name with hosting

Opting the hosting and the domain name is not the big deal unless and until you go through the process of connecting them all together. This is one of the vital reasons why most of the people of rid of choosing the hosting services as they think that connecting the domain name with hosting is big, but truly it’s not if you follow the right process. 

As I have seen that most of the new boys afraid of coding and hence they think that it’s rocket science, but it’s not. It won’t take even much effort of yours. I have shortlisted the step by step process that you can go through for connecting your domain name with the web hosting that you need. 

Well throughout the process I will be using Bluehost as an example but a similar process is applicable to other hosting services too, so make sure to follow the step by step process subsequently.

Following is the Process

1. Visit Bluehost’s Official Website 

WordPress Hosting

Visit the Bluehost‘s official website as you’ll land on the home page of the hosting. Then click on ‘Get started’ for beginning the process which is not that tough ag any instance.

2. Choose the plan subsequently

Large Hosting Plan - Ace Web Studio

If you are a newbie I will highly recommend you to go with the basic package where you can host a single website but if you want to host multiple websites you will need to purchase their intermediate on a high-end plan. So make sure to make sure of your choice. ( their plans are pretty inexpensive)

3. Selection of domain name for hosting

Setting up rDNS - Cloud.co.za - make your domain more trustworthy

Once you purchase the package that you need you will get an option of either using the new domain name or if the existing domain name is already there you can enter that for hosting your domain with the Bluehost.

Once you do that click on the next button over there which will take you to the next page of the process. I will highly recommend you to me your hosting account with the domain name itself so that for future complications.

4. Generation of web hosting services

An introduction to the different types of web hosting services | Hacker Noon

Once you get them with the above process there is no Rocket Science behind getting forward, you just need to proceed further and select the proper hosting name that you have already selected for the domain name. Pick the hosting plan that you need and fill up the personal information along with some of the address details too. Why should do that they will ask you for the payment as you can pay via PayPal, or Credit/debit cards. Make sure to opt for the payment option subsequently.

If you want to save a few amounts of bucks on payment, then make sure to opt longer plan on annual, or more basis depending upon your choices. Let’s say if you opt the Bluehost basic plan for around 3 years i.e. 36 months then you’ll have to pay just $2.95/ month which is acceptable. Whereas if you choose on a monthly basis then you will need to pay around $4.95/ month which is much more. So make sure to opt higher so that to save at least half of the amount that you’re paying on a monthly basis.

You can do the payment via Paypal or other card services according to your choice which will take less than a couple of minutes to get done with the process. But before we proceed further you will have to read the terms and conditions more often in order to know more details about the hosting which is required initially.

4. Enter the password

Assign Bluehost Domain Names - HostingDecisions.com

Creating the password for your hosting account is necessary in order to get in the safe zone. When there is an automatic password generator option available you can choose either that or enter the password manually and check the availability of it. While creating the password make sure that to save in the Notepad or either make it as easy subsequently.

For creating the password you can take the help of instructions given over there, so grab that and create an effective password that is required.

5. Sign in to the account

How to Change the WordPress Admin Email (2 Methods)

Once you proceed with the above process you will receive a confirmation email from the WordPress, there you will also notice that password and id will be available that you can use for the log in purpose. Once you enter the username and password you will enter into the Bluehost account that you have recently created for your profile. 

For the very first time after login, you will be landed on the cPanal of the Bluehost, you can either skip the process of suggestion or proceed with it. It’s totally up to you but I would recommend you to proceed which will take much time of yours.m for no reason. Politely skip the process to go furthermore.

6. Reroute the domain name with the hosting

How web hosting services – website hosting from ProHoster | Daniellas Bunglow

Rerouting your domain name with hosting is one of the essential processes that you cannot skip at any instance. Initially, we ask you to enter the DNS for your website. Make sure to enter them subsequently which is linked with the server name. It specifically showcases your cPanal.

7. Your cPanal Account will need the Domain name 

How Important is a Domain Name for the Business? | FastComet

Once you get done with the rerouting process, Congratulations just because it was pretty complicated just to enter a couple of DNS options. But similarly, you’ll also enter the domain name for the cPanal which is a kind of Essential process that you need to know.

In cPanal you’ll get to know that you’ll be able to enter the domain name more often to make it secure and to use their cPanal services for your website.

8. Installation of WordPress

How to Install WordPress Locally on Windows or Mac?

For creating the website or blog you will need a platform and that’s what you need to choose right from the cPanal itself, there might be terms of website creation platform available but I highly recommend you to go with the WordPress which gets the job done more often.

Click on ‘install WordPress’ and that’s it. The home page will take you to the mojo marketplace website.

9. Selection of domain name for installing the WordPress

The Ultimate Guide on How to Change WordPress Domain Address - weDevs

If you choose an intermediate plan on the high-end plan you can host multiple domain names with it, instead, they will ask you to select the specific document for which you have to host the website. Once you select that the process gets even faster and quicker.

Once you enter the domain name just click on the ‘Next’ button that’s it. It won’t take more than 20 seconds to reach on the next step.

10. Create your WordPress handles

WordPress: Change text labels on login & lost password pages

For creating the WordPress username and password they will ask you to enter the admin name and password so enter it manually according to your choice. It is super simple but makes sure the handles must be rememberable so that you will be able to sign in to the WordPress anytime you need it.

Once you proceed further you will receive the banner which will state that the process has been complete. This is a super simple way.

11. Sign in to your WordPress website

Login to WordPress Admin Panel (wp-admin) - YouTube

Once you go through the above process you will need to add some sort of custom widgets and tools to make your WordPress website run even faster and reliably. Well, it’s not a big deal for customizing your WordPress website, every website needs to be customized in a proper manner and for so you’ll have to reach on the dashboard of WordPress.

For accessing the tools that you need to install in your WordPress you just have to type the domain name by ending with the ‘/wp-admin’. 

Then you will be redirected to the WordPress account but make sure to fill up the username and password over there.

12. Remove unwanted plugins

How to Uninstall a WordPress Plugin (the Proper Way)

If you are not a coder WordPress is the best source where you can acquire as many plugins that get your job is done without doing the coding. You can install as many plugins as there are tons of the games available out there that will initially help you to maximize your website growth.

I have noticed that most of the plugins are available for free whereas some are paid once so make sure to select them subsequently as per your requirement. But initially, you will get some of the plugins already installed in your WordPress, but eliminating the unwanted plugins is an important process that will even maximize your website performance all the way across.

By deleting the unwanted plugins from the WordPress dashboard will permanently delete the specific plugin so make sure to shortlist the unwanted kinds of stuff and maximize your website performance. 

So these were some of the important steps that you can perform in order to set up your WordPress account and to host your domain name with the hosting.

13. Make sure to choose the WordPress theme

Which Type of WordPress Theme Should You Choose?

By selecting the theme you will get to know that there are tons of options available that you can use for selecting the themes but make sure to select the elegant theme that will essentially help you a lot to maintain your site in a proper manner. Well it’s super easy to set up an elegant theme and that’s what you need initially, the easiness factor is all you need.

Let me tell you the subscription of the elegant theme is way inexpensive. For just $89 you will be able to acquire all of the themes from the elegant themes that you need, you get wide varieties of theme options available which you can customize according to your need for the WordPress website.

Just by purchasing their membership for the one time, you get lifetime access to their themes and that’s the most important process that you need to perform while selecting the themes for your website.

14. Importance of elegant theme

Become A Creator On The Divi Marketplace | Elegant Themes Blog

 Elegant themes are considered to be one of the largest production houses that are usually used to produce a wide amount of things that are essentially required for your WordPress website. You will get to know that they used to serve a wide variety of themes that you can apply in order to maintain your website.

Most importantly they are serving their services from the last 8 years which means a lot, and undoubtedly their subscription is pretty inexpensive as anyone can afford it for a lifetime. So if you are a new buy make sure to have a look upon the elegant theme and apply it in your WordPress website to make it even more powerful and minimal in terms of looks.

Here I have listed some of the reasons behind opting the elegant theme:-

  • From a single account, you can access the themes for all of your domains which are installed in your WordPress account, there are you get a wide variety of themes amongst which you can opt that suits your choice.
  • In case if the customer is not satisfied with the themes provided by the elegant themes then can claim for the 100% refund which is a good thing. There are certain terms and conditions that make sure to read it.
  • You will get daily updates on the specific theme that you have applied and that’s one of the important things to make your website top-notch in terms of looks and the services.

15. How to build up a WordPress blog

Once you go through the above process and select the proper thing, the next up is having the consistency in uploading the content for your website which is one of the most important people that you cannot ignore at any instance if you are newbies.

People might complain of not getting success in blogging just because of not having consistency in uploading regular content and even patience plays a vital role. So if you are at the initial stage make sure to upload the high-quality content for your website to make it grow all the way across.

Also, there are a few pages that you need to add to communicate with your audience and to showcase your brand. Shortlisted a few of the pages that are essential for you to add in your new website, So here are they:-

  • Make sure to add the about us page which is essential that specifically States about your niche, also it showcases your brand value too. You can also refer to your competitors out there and create your own unique about us page.
  • Contact us page need to be added which means your audience will stay in touch with you via email or the contact that you need to serve on their page. Very first it is essential to add the email address additional you can also add the contact number if you can provide them the services accordingly.
  • The about two pages are compulsory but most of the people also used to add disclaimer and privacy policy pages which are optional so make sure to add them if you.

16. How to monetize your website

4 Rules to Remember When You Monetize Your Site

Monetization is one of the essential parts that you cannot ignore at any instance if you are a newbie just because in the end the monetization is the only thing that will motivate you to create the more quality content for your website. Well, there are tons of ways that you can use to monetize your website.

But the very first step you need to do is capturing the email with the help of newsletter and the email marketing tools available out there, accordingly, we can sell the products or the services if any.

Here are a couple of other ways that you can use for monetizing your website:-

  • AdSense is one of the mainstream that you can use in order to get approval and to place the ad on your website out of which you will be able to generate some sort of revenue out of it. AdSense you will get paid on the basis of pay per click if any of the visitors used to click on that specific and you will get paid a particular amount.
  • Affiliate marketing is one of the mainstream of income that you can use it in order to generate a decent amount just by suggesting the product or by promoting the services. In each and every niche you will get to know that there are tons of organizations are available that used to serve the affiliate marketing the program which you can join subsequently in order to promote their product or the services. By promoting you will get it paid if someone buys that product through your link. 75% of bloggers used to generate mainstream income to the affiliate, this will give you an idea of how powerful the monetization process is.

So these were some of the important factors is that you can go through after buying the domain name. Well in the end I must say it is not rocket science at on just follow the process and that’s it.

Final verdict

There are tons of platforms available from which you can purchase a domain name at a very cheap rate but, after that to maintain your website as you will always need to host it with the better hosting provider out there. That’s what I have included in this complete post. If you follow the step-by-step process I can make sure that you will be able to build the top-notch website that will serve more value to the audiences that’ll be generated by the time. Also if you want you can also grab the domain name which you get free with most of the hosting providers out there, if you are a newbie this is one of the best deals for you so make sure to check them out subsequently.

 So make sure to follow the process subsequently to build the most powerful blog.

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