GreenGeeks Hosting Review – Fast, Scalable and Eco Friendly!

Are you the one who is looking for the best in class hosting service provider, You might have heard about GreenGeeks!

But you might be confused whether it worth per penny or not due to lots of user reviews out there. Nothing to worry much here we came up with GreenGeeks hosting review 2021 to sort out your confusion amongst. So grab a cup of coffee and stick with the post till the end. I’m damn sure at the end you’ll be able to decide whether GreenGeeks suits your requirement or not. So without any further ado let’s get started.

All You Need To Know About GreenGeeks

As the name suggests GreenGeeks is on a big mission in order to provide the best in class and most reliable hosting plans globally to each website owners out there. If you are starting from scratch then this could be a great option to choose as they claim of 300% powered by renewable energy which is a good thing. Though GreenGeeks’ user base is quite smaller compared to the other companies out there i.e. 30K active users with 300K websites hosted, they provide the best and most reliable service to them.

Not only that they also provide a free domain name along with their hosting plan. Despite this, you can get subscribe to the unlimited domain name by paying a very small amount which makes the true sense.

GreenGeeks provides your website and renewable energy instead of soaking it which makes the true sense. if you are looking for the best and most reliable hosting plan their will highly recommend you to go for it. They provides you a great user support along with the sustainability which means a lot.

GreenGeeks is 100% carbon neutral hosting which means they resonate with small businesses too which is a good choice for the starters.

What GreenGeeks Offers You?

GreenGeeks Hosting

They are considered to be the environment-friendly WordPress hosting providers and amongst all so if you are the one who is conscious about nature and environment then you will get amazed by its lowest carbon footprints.

As it is environmentally friendly so it consists of 300% wind credits.

Key Features

GreenGeeks come with very unique entities that make the planet green and environmentally friendly which makes the process of using their hosting plans. But then also due to very few users are connected to GreenGeeks most of the starters and bloggers used to think of whether they should use it or not.

So I brought some of the basic features which you need to know and it will clarify whether you should use GreenGeeks services or not.

Following are the shortlisted features of the GreenGeeks that you need to know:-

  • You get unlimited SSD space
  • You can set up unlimited domain names just with a single account
  • You get an option of free domain registration
  • They don’t charge for building your own website
  • It comes up with free SSL certification
  • You get unlimited email accounts for free. 
  • CDN integration is available for free
  • The backup option is available which can be handled automatically or manually
  • You can connect to their customer support 24/7
  • It’s an e-commerce friendly.

GreenGeeks Control Panel

Like most of the Linux based hosting providers, GreenGeeks also provides you the most useful cPanel control panel from where you get access to all the active services.

So in control panel you can also add some of the third party blogging websites which will help you a lot to create the best possible websites. Along with that they also helps you to backup term.

You Can Migrate The Website For Free

If you are the one whose website is hosted to the other hosting service providers you need to know GreenGeeks provides you with the free migration service which will help you to switch from the other hosting providers to GreenGeeks.

The best thing about GreenGeeks is that the transformation process is handled by the technicians so you don’t have to worry about your content and the website as it is safely transferred from one another.

What About GreenGeeks Performance & Uptime? 

Most of the hosting service providers names of providing the 99.9% uptime which essentially fails sometime but here GreenGeeks truly provide you an uptime of about 99.9% which is a great thing.

But one of the major things is they would provide you the money-back guarantee if they won’t provide 99.9% of uptime whereas other hosting providers provide so.

All About GreenGeeks Servers

When it comes to performance GreenGeeks don’t let you down as their high-quality hosting plans come up with the best quality performance which might blow up your mind at a certain instance. They don’t make any compromise while providing the performer service.

All your website will run on Quad-Core processor and SSD which makes it faster in loading time and even Quicker while setting your website and for so they’re called to be one of the reliable and useful hosting platforms available out there.

Is GreenGeeks Secure Or Not? 

All of the major hosting providers used to focus on their security reasons and that’s the major aspect in the selection of the best hosting plans. GreenGeeks is one of the secure platforms which helps you in various aspects of security. It produces all of your data and content along with the facility provider.

Apart from this GreenGeeks also allows you to use there 24/7 customer care support where you can sort out any of the major issues and technical problems related to the hosting plans which you’ve purchased. Also, they provide your website DDoS protection to examine the Vulnerabilities.

They also provide the free Assassin tool which will directly kill the malware issues and the fraud emails, so that they won’t be able to come in contact with your website. Despite this, you can also make your data secure by adding some of the password protection service provided by the GreenGeeks, also they ensure that the software installed is up-to-date or not.

Backups:- you can automatically set the backup program on your hosting plan, moreover, it is available on the plants which you purchase on GreenGeeks. Also, you’ll be able to handle it manually too which makes it a great choice.

Customer Care Support

Good customer support is one of the key features which needs to be added in each and every hosting provider out there which makes them a premium in terms of services. GreenGeeks what’s your great customer support which makes it unique and most reliable hosting providers out there.

If you want instant gratification you can get connected with their customer care via email, phone call, live chat.

1. Phone Call Support 

you can get in touch with their customer support via phone call during the business hours i.e. between 9 am to 12 am from Monday to Friday. Rather than this, you can get corrected with them via live chat which is available 24/7.

2. Forum Support

 well there’s no forum support you get from GreenGeeks which might not bother you instead they provide you a question and answer service including the FAQs which makes the true sense of using it accordingly. If you’re just a beginner and wanted to get started with the GreenGeeks it would be more helpful for you.

It also includes the education Center where you can actually learn everything about web hosting and the tutorials, video sessions, teachings, etc. Along with a few of the helpful articles.

3. Support For Small Businesses

GreenGeeks also provides you ‘How To’ questioning service where you can put your look it will help you a lot to examine the true knowledge which you have put into. If you’re just a beginner then this is one of the advantages for you to get started with.

Apart from this, you can also examine the true requirements for the beginners out there. 

4. What About Money Back Guarantee? 

Yes, they provide a 100% money-back guarantee but they will not refund the Dome in cost which you are purchased, which is not a big desk as you get features that provide you true value. 

Plans Offered By GreenGeeks Hosting

So if you’re looking for one of the most reliable and budget friendly hosting plans then GreenGeeks fits your choice as they’re available at very inexpensive rates which might not bother you much. They provides Linux based hosting services which can be upgraded at certain instant if one wants to.

Following are the details of the plans upon their services depends, so let’s get deep into it.

1. Shared Hosting

GreenGeeks shared hosting is budget-friendly hosting provider out there. If you are the one who is looking for the best and most reliable shared posting that this could be a great choice for you. They provide unlimited bandwidth, storage, emails which makes the true sense. Along with the at you can also place the MySQL domain with that.

If you are an E-Commerce owner then here you get a lot of support from the companies along with that you can also install some of the basic applications in it which may help to grow your eCommerce business. Apart from this you also get SSH and Google app integration too.

2. VPS Hosting

If you are the one who wanted a root control over your website in VPS hosting is a great choice to make the true sense of using it for your website. Apart from the VPS hosting services if you have the full knowledge about the distribution of space and the bandwidth in this would be more helpful. GreenGeeks provides you virtual management services that help you to manage the website.

Advantage For Small Businesses

If you are just a beginner or small business owner and here are some of the advantages which you need to know which are provided by GreenGeeks:-

  • GreenGeeks is one of the leading platforms which provides you the migration service for free.
  • Your VPS servers are one of the most important sectors which can be provisioned in less than a minute.
  • All of your data and content are saved in SSD which is the fastest technology and most reliable.
  • The bandwidth you get is of 1 tier which makes it genuine. 
  • You get free night backup option which helps you to avoid losing of any content of the website.

Importance of loading time in small businesses

According to research it’s been observed that the loading time of the website depends upon the hosting plan which you have selected and so you need to select the plan subsequently. GreenGeeks VPS hosting is much available for small businesses. If you are a business owner or a small business marketing in this could be a great choice for you to improve your rating of the website.

3. VPN Plans

You can host your website by choosing the plans from the five-year plans where you get 25 GB of storage, 1 GB of RAM, and 1TB of bandwidth which is more than sufficient for running the best possible site. And the top-end VPN plan costs you to four times more than the basic plan where you get 125 GB disk space, 8 GB RAM, and 3 TB bandwidth which performs well good even if you’re a pro website owner.

4. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is one of the kinds of hosting which is essential for Website if you are running an e-commerce website. You can choose the plans amongst the dedicated hosting plans available out there where you get up to 10TB monthly data transfer along with the 5 IP address.

When it comes to storage it provides you 2 to 16 GB of RAM along with 500 GB to 2 TB storage.

5. WordPress Optimized Hosting

Despite all hosting plans WordPress optimize hosting is one of the best in class hosting which comes by the GreenGeeks which is kind of all in one hosting provider allows you to make your website more user friendly. It is the budget-friendly hosting which can be used subsequently.

Some Of Basic Features You Get With Hosting Plans

Until now we have seen all kinds of services and the patterns of plants which you can purchase by visiting the GreenGeeks official website, now let’s move on to some of the basic features which cannot be ignored:-

1. Bonus You Get From GreenGeeks

No doubt GreenGeeks is known for its conservative source of energy and it is user-friendly as well. If you are in fresh user then I would highly recommend you to go for the hosting plans provided by GreenGeeks.

If you are a small business owner then here you get a great opportunity to make your website more popular and user-friendly.

2. You get a free domain along with hosting plan

Unlike all the other hosting providers you get a free domain name for a 1-year letter on you can continue with the same domain by renewing it according to your need. Though most of you might not think much of it they affect a a lot if you won’t choose the correct domain name. So make sure to take advantage of the free domain name provided by GreenGeeks.

3. You get hassle-free site migration service

GreenGeeks is one of the leading WordPress hosting platforms which provides you the free migration service which means if you are owning the domain name then you can easily migrate it with the greengeeks hosting services. For migration process greengeeks won’t charge you a single penny as its one of the best service which I personally like the most.

4. You can use their website builder service for free

If you are an all-new blogger for a website over then you might face certain difficulty while creating a website during this process GreenGeeks free website builder will help you a lot to process your website and to make it look simple and professional. Also, it will recommend the SEO tools which you can use to rank your website on the top of the search engine. It’s one of the best and must-have features of all time.

So these were some of the features of GreenGeeks want to the pros and cons of GreenGeeks.

Pros And Cons Of GreenGeeks

So you want to get the GreenGeeks hosting plan? Well, don’t rush on have a look upon some of the pros and cons which I’ve shortlisted as below:-


  • You get all kinds of posting including VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting. 
  • 30 days of a money-back guarantee is one of the great things which you get along with the hosting. 
  • Their help center provides various communication sources like email, live chat, phone calls, etc. 
  • You get a 99.9% uptime which is a great thing. 
  • Daily nightly data backups services.
  • You get a free domain name along with the site builder and migration service.


  • If you are a Windows user then it might be a drawback for you as GreenGeeks hosting plans only works with Linux users.
  • Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting are quite expensive compared to the other hosting plans out there.
  • The pricing of the hosting plans is quite expensive so you need to purchase the hosting for a minimum of 3 years to get an inexpensive prices.
  • If you take the advantage of 30 days money-back guarantee then the domain name which you have got for free, their charges get deducted.

Pricing Of GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks offers you varieties of plans amongst which you can opt the one that fits in your need, so here are the details:-

  • Web hosting pricing begins at just $2.49/ month.
  • WordPress hosting pricing begins at $2.49/ month.
  • VPS hosting pricing begins at $39.95/ month.
  • Reseller hosting begins at just $19.95/ month.
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Final verdict

If you are looking for environment-friendly WordPress hosting then I will highly recommend you to go with the GreenGeeks which provides you true value for money services as they are most reliable and trusted brand so you don’t have to worry about your data as they are much secure compared to the other hosting providers out there.

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