Liquid Web WordPress Hosting Review (2021)

Liquid Web is a leading hosting available. Their hosting providers are specially optimized for popular programs like WordPress, WooCommerce, superior company email, and much more. You are going to find a high-class 50% discount with your Liquid web plans as an IsItWP consumer. The liquid web provides professional and polished hosting.

It is a wise choice for anybody who is more interested in support quality than searching for the cheapest possible cost. Founded over 20 years back, US-based Liquid Web has become a $100 million web hosting business that manages 1.5 million websites for 45,000+ clients throughout its ten international data centers. The company offers strong managed hosting products targeted right at business and professional users. Meaning no free applications or basic shared hosting — Liquid Web is all about big functionality, highly configurable cloud hosting coupled with managed applications and dedicated server options. If you’re used to client hosting providers then prices can seem high. The fundamental Personal Managed WordPress plan costs $15.83 a month on the annual application, by way of instance, which supplies you 15GB SSD storage, 2TB bandwidth, and support for a single site. Together with the $65.83 a month Freelance program only provides 40GB storage, 3TB bandwidth, and support for four sites. Liquid Web is famed because of its exceptional host rate and stability. They also provide lots of the best service in the business enterprise. And given the caliber of the merchandise, they supply very fair prices. Liquid Internet is a hosting company that has five global data centers and today manages over 1 million sites. They supply VPS, Cloud, and dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting, however, is not contained within their solutions. Most small businesses favor shared hosting because it is cheap and performs well. But is there something to be said about VPS hosting, the most entry-level Liquid Web substitute? Might VPS hosting handle some issues that shared hosting isn’t able to pay for? Can it be worth the higher price? That’s just what we set out to locate for this particular comprehensive Liquid Web review. Before you set down your money for their alternatives, we need to be sure you understand what you’re getting into. 

No Shared Web Hosting

As stated, Liquid Web doesn’t provide shared hosting, which is usually used by people as well as the smallest of companies. In case you would like to revolutionize because of the hosting group then you’ve to look elsewhere. HostGator, the PCMag Editors’ Choice for shared hosting providers, is a superb place to get started. HostGator is your support to research for cheap hosting. HostGator supplies Linux- or Windows-based based shared hosting packages that offer little – and – medium-size small company room to grow (starting at $2.75 per month to get a 36-month app).

VPS Web Hosting

If you’d like a host with substantial power, minus the high dedicated-server price tag, then have a look at Liquid Web’s VPS servers. VPS hosting is a much greater kind of shared hosting, but that you cope with much stronger (and guaranteed) program tools. The entry-level VPS program (beginning at $35 a month for a 12-month program) includes 2GB of RAM, 40GB of compacted driveway storage, and 10TB of yearly data transfers, unlimited domain, and unlimited email. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Liquid Web’s high-end alternative (beginning at $115 a month) ups the ante by adding 16GB of RAM, 200GB of SSD storage, and also the choice to use either Linux- or Windows-based servers (the latter for $20 monthly ). You might even contact Liquid Web if you would like to spec out a stronger server.

Liquid Web’s RAM and storage stoves will be the finest we have seen because of their price. That is a large qualifier, nevertheless, given Liquid Web’s prices. Hostwinds is the Editors’ Choice for VPS support for those SMBs which are our principal audience, but when you are searching for enterprise-level hosting, Liquid Web is worth checking out. Additionally, unlike several other VPS services we have reviewed, Liquid Web just fees for the number of times you use the support each month, which is useful if you opted to cancel your accounts.

Dedicated Web Hosting

If you are trying to construct your site about the strongest possible base, however, you will want to check out Liquid Web’s dedicated host offerings. With dedicated hosting, your website taps a host’s complete system tools, rather than sharing them with different websites. This is only one of Liquid Web’s main offerings concerning hosting. Liquid Web’s dedicated servers come in many different configurations, which range from a server using one quad-core chip, two 240GB solid-state drives (using a 1TB backup drive), 5TB of yearly data transfers, along with 16GB of RAM (beginning at $169 each month) into a server using high-end, 32-core chips with 2 480GB solid-state drives (along with a 1TB SATA backup drive), 15TB of yearly data transfers, along with 128GB of RAM (beginning at $549 per month). Certainly, Liquid Web’s dedicated servers are aimed at companies that need sharp site functionality that have the money to invest in it.

Liquid Web’s well-rounded, managed-level dedicated server packs outclass AccuWebs’ excellent, SMB-friendly plans. Nevertheless, the cost and spec differences between the two are so big that AccuWeb stays the Editors’ Choice for dedicated web hosting for both personal use and SMBs. AccuWeb delivers a selection of Linux- based or Windows-based servers up to 512GB of RAM, 6TB of storage, as well as 20TB monthly information transfers. It is an apple cider scenario, and Liquid Web is really in its class.

WordPress Web Hosting

Liquid Web offers seven tiers of handled WordPress hosting via its Nexcess manufacturer, beginning at $19 a month for one domain name, 2TB of yearly data transports, along with a 15GB solid-state drive. Much like other handled WordPress hosts, Spyware Web has straightforward supports, automatic upgrades, and access to countless programs and WordPress plug-ins, courtesy of its Fantastico library. Liquid Web’s managed hosting environment is specially designed for installing WordPress and related plug-ins. You do not need to put in the CMS whatsoever, in regards to preinstalled. When you’re logged in to WordPress, then you can make articles, pages, and galleries as you want with another self-hosted WordPress website. We’re able to rapidly create a basic test page that got the work done. The WordPress setup’s back end includes several topics you may be relevant to your website to give it an appealing appearance or additional performance. It’s possible, naturally, to utilize a WordPress theme that has been bought elsewhere.


  • Delivers a wide Selection of high-profile programs
  • Industry-leading service
  • Among those few hosts to provide a 100% uptime guarantee
  • Robust committed, VPS, cloud, and reseller packages
  • Prorated VPS programs
  • Powerful, high-end machine specs
  • Terrific customer support
  • Outstanding uptime in analyzing


  • No shared hosting – only advanced programs
  • Knowledgebase may be better coordinated
  • Lacks shared hosting programs
  • Expensive, with a couple of refund choices

Liquid Web Speed Tests and Uptime Guarantee

Liquid Web is a controlled dedicated and VPS hosting firm, but do they live for their blazing fast guarantee and uptime warranty? In other words, promises to the evaluation, we created an evaluation WordPress website on Liquid Web hosting with the default Seventeen subject and clickable articles for theme creation, such as images.

Based on Pingdom’s site speed test, our evaluation site loaded in under a second when analyzed from San Jose, California. That is quicker than 91 percent of tested websites.

Aside from Pingdom, we additionally utilized a testing instrument called Load Effect to determine how Liquid Web manages traffic during a traffic spike. Load Effect sent some digital customers (VUs) to our website and slowly built around 100 visitors in a time to check the way the server manages it. From the graph, it is possible to discover a blue line (VUs busy ) which reveals the number of users delivered to our Liquid Web site along with also a green line (VU load period ) which reflects just how long it took to load a web page for an individual user. Liquid Web’s server load was performed regularly throughout the evaluation at peak traffic. A traffic spike does not affect server load. Impressive.

Automatic Plugin Updates

While many hosting providers just upgrade your WordPress center, Liquid Web automatically upgrades your plugins too to decrease the danger of newly-found vulnerability dangers. To prevent conflicts, plugins have been updated in a distinct environment first before upgrading your production website.

iThemes Sync Pro

IThemes Sync Pro lets you manage all of your websites from one site. They always monitor Google Analytics info and SEO standing and control exactly what customers view in wp-admin. You are also going to be upgraded about uptime/downtime,

Fully Managed Services

All of Liquid Web’s hosting options are wholly handled, meaning Liquid Web will help manage software upgrades and security patches. You will also have assistance whenever required.

Liquid Web Server Response Time

We wanted to observe how quickly Liquid Web servers could react to requests from other geographical locations. For this function, we ran another test and listed the host response time. Before we dive into the evaluation outcome, it is crucial to realize that the response time can vary depending on the content of your website. As an example, if your website contains too many pictures, it is going to require more time to load. In reality, graphics account for the majority of the downloadable bytes on a normal website. To find a precise server response time in our evaluation, we dismissed the information of our webpage completely using a testing instrument called Bitcatcha. Bitcatcha functions somewhat differently in Pingdom. Bitcatcha dismisses the content of your webpage and documents the webpage loading period from eight different worldwide areas: New York, LA, London, Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. The rate for every location is quantified three distinct times, and the results have been averaged. As you can see from the results, our Liquid Web evaluation website reacted within less than a moment. The reaction time was especially great in the USA. Very impressive indeed.


  • Liquid Web Cloud VPS Hosting deals
  • Cloud VPS Hosting 2GB – $19.99/month
  • Cloud VPS Hosting 4GB – $29.99/month
  • Cloud VPS Hosting 8GB – $39.99/month
  • Managed WordPress Personal 30 GB 5 TB – $19.33 / mo. (Annually)
  • Cloud VPS 40 GB 5 TB – $29 / yearly
  • Committed 2 x 240 GB 5 TB – $140 / yearly
  • Constructed WooCommerce 30GB 3 TB $19 / yearly

Control Panel Choice and Dashboard

The majority of the hosts we have reviewed provide a single control panel with their plans, Liquid Web, but contains three control panels to select from — Plesk, InterWorx, and cPanel. InterWorx is contained in their programs along with other management panels that can be bought at an extra cost. That means that you can select which is most acceptable for you. Liquid Web’s dashboard is very logical to utilize. You may manage your account configurations, copies, domains, billings, and other hosting-related services from that point. In general, their customized control panel is user-friendly and intuitive as soon as you spend a while with it.


Liquid Web is just one of the best-managed hosting firms. It supplies a high-profile hosting infrastructure optimized for popular programs, such as WordPress and WooCommerce. They guarantee high availability constantly by syncing your files between two servers while retaining the same copy of your job on each redundant server. In the event, they don’t satisfy their own 100% uptime guarantee they will give you 10x the quantity of time you’re down. In case you’re searching for a managed hosting solution that also provides 100% network and power uptime to your WordPress site or eCommerce store, then Liquid Web is right for you! Liquid hosting prices more than many, but you get more, also — strong features, strong and dependable servers, and superb service available 24/7. If electricity is more important than cost, the provider has to be on your own hosting shortlist.

  • No page view or visitors limitations
  • Total accessibility to both the database and the server
  • automated plugin upgrades
  • Staging website
  • Regular cost $29 / month however our customers cover $19.33 / month!

Get started with Liquid Web today!

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