Rocket.Net Review 2021 | Should You Buy This Hosting?

A fantastic web hosting company also supplies adequate funds and scalability to ensure as your site needs more funds then you may scale it infinitely. You will find several controlled WordPress hosting providers that have been contracting websites with superior functionality and much more. 

It is among that best-Managed WordPress hosting from the marketplace these days. Additionally, asserts to be the quickest managed WordPress Hosting Ever. In the following guide, I’ll be reviewing WordPress hosting firm called Using, you can host your site on their cloud system using an incredible loading rate. 

We’ll explain why we’ve changed to All these Dedicated Managed WordPress hosting firms are specially designed to conduct a WordPress site and are extremely compatible with any kind of WordPress site. Each of the technical areas of your WordPress hosting such as upgrades, security, copy and other specialized matters will be handled by the hosting business and you won’t need to think about anything.

Managed WordPress Hosting is, as its name implies an optimized and preinstalled hosting agency where you have to do would be to cover the hosting and you’re all set. Managed WordPress hosting providers tend to be more expensive compared to unmanaged ones. 

This type of hosting is very popular but since then things aren’t properly optimized for WordPress, you might face problems like the slow pace, downtimes, and site-hacks. Hosting a website on WordPress is a fairly crucial matter because it defines the achievement and standing of your website on internet search engine optimization. 

Therefore, in case you pick a cheap or ineffective and poor hosting firm, it may cause you plenty of issues. is a super dependable & Premium Managed WordPress Hosting supplier that’s fairly fresh to the Hosting Area but has managed to conquer some of the best reputed Managed hosting firms concerning features, reliability, service, and other sections. 

And this guide is the ideal alternative for you. That is why picking a Dedicated Managed WordPress hosting is quite necessary if you’d like to acquire a compact WordPress hosting encounter. Selecting a trusted web hosting firm is the most significant part of producing a WordPress site.

What is

Rocket.Net Review 2021 | Should You Buy This Hosting?

The hosting provides a fairly blazing speed in addition to provide in-built protection. With its unbelievable rate, it localizes your site and locates the closest town when compared with visitors. 

Together with Rocket.Net hosting, you’ll discover infinite heights of liberty and scalability. I consented to his suggestion as I was getting to check out another excellent hosting company. And then afterward I can examine it on my website, which is FREE articles for my website. is a superior managed WordPress hosting firm that gives Premium Managed WordPress hosting solutions to its clients. Now that we’ve got a brief thought about what Rocket.Net Hosting is, I’ll be listing its amazing capabilities. is a relatively new business in the hosting marketplace but the folks behind have worked in a number of the largest hosting companies on the planet like Godaddy, cPanel, Stackpath, Hostgator, and much more. 

I requested him to provide me a 30 days FREE trial of so I completely test the hosting out functionality and for composing a thorough review. (just Rocket) is a brand new handled WordPress Hosting platform, created easily for sites of all sizes. 

It gives you an easy-to-use controller panel, blazing-fast rate, and built-in site security package. Its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use installation are outstanding. It’s the sole hosting service on earth that offers premium services such as CDN, WAF, Image Optimization, Font optimization, and much more for each site at no extra price. 

It is accompanied by an amazing and attractive interface and is simple to use even for individuals with zero experience of coping with a complicated hosting provider. Overall, it’s an astoundingly, easy, and simple interface to utilize that includes many fascinating and remarkable capabilities. 1 nice day, Aaron Phillips, who’s just one of the cofounders of all achieved to me through email and requested me to perform an overview of

Superfast speed

The sites which are hosted on rocket hosting are fairly sufficient for any kind of utilization. There’s not any demand for customization to receive your content optimized. It features the best rate with full-page caching. provides you immediate speed with plugins or innovative WordPress configurations. By using full page caching with specially configured source servers and functioning it via CloudFlare’s premium community, your WordPress will immediately go quicker.


Employing enables you to get the fastest rate, scalability, and reliability to your WordPress & it is all immediately accessible and on by default.’s origin servers are positioned in The Edge. The Edge Data Centers are situated inside 20 geographically varied net trades & only a few hundred feet from Cloudflare. This is vital since it means that rather than hosting sites via data centers located in Iowa or even Utah, attracts your content closer to consumers for quick international supply.


Safety is a significant quality that you want to look at when using a site host. provides many features that will raise the safety of your website, such as an always-on site firewall known as a site application firewall. It’s very critical to maintaining your site secure and protected from the malicious software and internet threats that are lurking around. Bearing this inattention, the technology staff onboard with Rocket.Net created their hosting together with the safety of an advanced degree.


We’ve been in a position to utilize — and so are impressed with their control panel and dash. Their stage is strong, strong, and user-friendly, and we could not agree more! provides Automatic WordPress Updates and Daily Updates, which makes it much easier to conduct your site. One other significant factor behind picking any hosting service should be their uptime speed. Rocket. Web boasts a 99.99% Uptime!

Other features include:

  1. Business Servers
  2. NGINX and PHP 7.4
  3. International Edge Network
  4. 24/7 service — through live chat, email, and telephone!

Panel Control

It’s among the most important and greatest characteristics of Rocket. Its management panel for WordPress is pretty simple to usage. Using its control panel, you can deploy the WordPress sites and manage plug-ins that have both topics in addition to backing up if you want them.

Provides A Robust Server Stack

Rocket.Net Hosting is constructed with all the NGINX servers which have the power to segregate the information fairly quickly in contrast with different servers around. Rocket is enabled by PHP Version 7.4 which makes the site work very, very quickly.

One of the Greatest Customer Support

Rocket.Net includes a group of committed professionals on board that are 24*7 prepared to support you with the issues you’re facing regarding hosting. They’re also prepared to provide help on mails, telephone calls, as well as chat. Their reply timing is exceptional on the ticket program and mails. Telephone calls and live chat is a wise option if you’re searching for immediate support. If you are likely to take advantage of a WordPress hosting website, you wish to have the ability to reach out to specialist staff whenever you have questions or issues. supplies its customers with round-the-clock customer services. And if you’re an Agency, provides VIP #Slack support. This is very good for teams, mass migrations, and ongoing specialist assistance in the team.

Center Of BackUp

It’s crucial to make a backup to be able to prevent unforeseen events. Even though it isn’t feasible to protect against this, you may just undo it with the assistance of restoring alternatives. Together with the Managed WordPress Environment of Rocket.Net, you receive choices of Automatic Backup in Addition to Manual Backup in your dashboard. All you have to do is click the “Create Backup” tab, along your whole website will get converted into a backup record of compressed zip file format.

Espresso at Only One Click

This attribute is unique for you to get with just top-notch premium-grade hosting providers. However, Rocket.Net provides you with this feature despite their fundamental plan at no additional price. You may just configure it in one click with no hassle. If you don’t have a notion about what precisely staging is, subsequently to place things in perspective for you, the staging environment is your dummy environment where it is possible to examine the functioning of plugins, themes, or some other type of changes that you want to create on the site. Occasionally a plugin upgrade might crack and harm your website. Thus it’s much better to check an upgrade in the staging environment before going live with this update.

Plugin Management

Together with the Rocket.Net hosting, then you may just add, upgrade, or perhaps delete a plugin directly in the control panel with no hassle.

Analytics of Your Traffic

It’s rather simple to examine all of your everyday visitors from the dash directly. You’re offered three choices viz the previous 24 hours, either 30 or even 60 days. This makes it an unbelievable tool to track the trends as most of us understand how important it’s to keep a track of our visitors.


In Regards to the Managed WordPress Hosting of all TTFB, the performance of this Rocket.Net is among the quickest on Earth. Additionally, it has an outstanding page rate performance to provide and also displays a loading rate of 2.15 seconds normally. You obtain an exceptionally fantastic implementation of a WordPress website. Overall, it’s excellent to have your WordPress website assembled on the WordPress hosting supplied by Rocket.Net.



Increase the performance on a single WordPress website. – $30/month

  1. 1 WordPress Install
  2. 250,000 Visits
  3. 10GB Storage
  4. Free SSL, CDN, & WAF


Expand horizons with multiple WordPress Websites. – $60/month

  1. 3 WordPress Installs
  2. 1,000,000 Visits
  3. 20GB Storage
  4. Free SSL, CDN, & WAF


Grow with more supports, traffic, and storage. $100/mo

  1. 10 WordPress Installs
  2. 2,500,000 Visits
  3. 40GB Storage
  4. Free SSL, CDN, & WAF


Handle several customers with abundant resources. – $200/month

  1. 25 WordPress Installs
  2. 5,000,000 Visits
  3. 50GB Storage
  4. Free SSL, CDN, & WAF

Other benefits of WP Rocket Hosting

There is an assortment of items that make it a rewarding decision to select from. A Few of the features I enjoyed the most are cited below:

Prices are adaptable

The pricing strategies are extremely flexible. It is possible to select your plan depending on your desire, and you will not feel left with these pricing strategies.

Uptime is quite large

The uptime of the hosting service is also very trustable and reliable. Normally, this hosting agency records an uptime of about 99.99%.

Dashboard UI

The UI of this dashboard is quite clean and intriguing and feels among the very best. Better than a number of the opponents also.

CDN Is Wonderful

The CDN supplied for this hosting service is a pleasant and large performing one.


  1. 99.99% Uptime
  2. Quick Speed
  3. In-Built Security Suite
  4. Free SSL, CDN, and WAF
  5. 24/7 Service (Live Chat, Email, and Phone )


  1. Its Cost seems high (Initially).
  2. Cheaper hosting is certainly a choice, however, the upsells, renewals, and other plugins you may want to begin to get costly and boost bloat. Even though is $30/month, the bundled CDN, WAF, Malware Protection, SSL, and constantly on a characteristic nevertheless makes it a massive value for one monthly price.
  3. No free trials.
  4. No Mail.
  5. It is not for control freaks. If you are the kind that needs the capability to tweak 500+ preferences for a correctly configured CDN & WAF, isn’t for you. Using it is always-on and continuously evolving rule WordPress and set unique settings, it is a managed option.

Conclusion also saves money, just like they did House of Thoughts by assisting them to migrate 40+ websites and radically reduced his yearly hosting, plugins, and CDN expenses. If you’re interested in hosting your WordPress website, this is a choice to think about. is the best Managed WordPress Hosting I have ever analyzed. 

If you would like everything to be handled by a hosting business then go to get a premium handled WordPress hosting such as Hosting is a superb option when it comes to deciding on a hosting to your WordPress site. However, it isn’t accessible when picking a hosting to get non-WordPress sites. If you’re trying to find the finest reliable fast, protected Managed WordPress Hosting afterward with no doubt proceed with Managed WordPress Hosting.

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