WPEngine Review: One WordPress Engine You Should Never Drive

Are you in search of the best in class and easy to manage website hosting?

Then you are at right place here I am gonna review one of the best in class and kind of most affordable hosting named as WP engine hosting. It is basically a WordPress managed hosting which provides you use to use along with the huge bandwidth that makes your website even faster.

In this detailed review of WP engine hosting I will be conveying you detailed info regarding the hosting packages provided by the hosting along with how you will get access to it after getting signed up. Apart from this, you will also get to know about how much time it takes to load your website along with the uptime which is an important factor in managing the WordPress website.

You might have been bored by reading the list of hosting review along with there promotions, but here I am going to explain you detailed info about WP engine hosting, and why should you use it as your primary hosting service provider. This will help you to decide whether you should go with WP engine or not.

So without any further ADO let’s get dive into the WP engine hosting review in detail.

All you need to know about WP engine WordPress hosting

Well let me tell you that WP engine WordPress hosting is not only hosting available out there who used to provide the managed WordPress hosting, there are few more other hosting providers out there which do a similar job. But let me tell you that the WP engine is one of the most reliable and well-known brands and that’s the reason why more than 5% of internet users hands on to the WP engine each day.

Most of the hosting provider out there used to provide high performance managed WordPress hosting to the consumers out there but the charges are way more compared to the WP engine WordPress hosting and that’s the reason why most of the people choose the WP engine as a primary hosting service.

So let’s see what makes WP engine WordPress hosting different from the others. 

What makes you look up to WP Engine hosting? 

As we spoke earlier the WP engine used to provide the managed wordpress hosting which is specially made up for the wordpress websites, so if you are WordPress user then here is a great deal for you to go with WP Engine. WP engine is not only a budget-friendly hosting provider but also provides you high performance and smooth experience which is a great thing that you need to know.

Well, that sounds good, isn’t it! 

Now let’s dive into the features that WP engine offers.

1. The environment of a premium WordPress managed hosting

When it comes to the premium WordPress managed hosting let me tell you when you you take a look up on the plans offered by WP engine hosting you might get to know that they use to offer the shared hosting plans too, but the plans are specifically driven under the managed WordPress hosting which is a good thing about the WP Engine.

Most of the hosting service provider used to serve the shared hosting plans which are essentially good at something but let me tell you that they are pretty expensive when it comes to the pricing but here with the help of the WP engine, you get the best in class shared hosting service along with the budget-friendly cost that makes the true sense to get their subscription.

2. Tremendous choices in the themes you get

In 2018 the WP engine hosting acquire the StudioPress which is called to be one of the leading theme providers that used to serve the high quality and best themes to the consumers out there. If you’re a WordPress user you’ll find a wide verity of themes from which you can select that suits your choices.

You get access to the StudioPress Genesis frameworks that work incredibly well in a great manner. You can choose amongst the collection of 35 themes that are specifically made up of the WordPress websites. One of the biggest advantages for these themes is that WP engine hosting doesn’t charge you a single penny whereas if you buy it from any of the retail you might have to pay at least $129 to own the theme.

The team includes a wide variety of categories depending upon the blog types, café types, E-Commerce store, etc. Some of the themes are outdated but lot more themes are available which allows you to take over your website.

There are so many options available out there in the Marketplace and in a certain instances, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. WP engine you get a wide variety of choices to choose amongst the themes. This not only allows you to get connected to the right thing but also helps you to save a few bucks, undoubtedly you can use the WordPress theme for free using WP engine hosting.

3. You get the automatic update for WordPress software

WP engine provides great service by serving you the regular updates based upon their servers. It allows your website to remain up-to-date all the time due to the addition of the latest versions. Our team has done several types of research which states that your website growth mostly depends upon the updates provided by the services providers. 

I want you to make sure that the regular updates will strengthen your website as well but you need to try it first so as to get used to it. The WP engine hosting providers with the core software update which is essential for each hosting maintains the performance of your website. 

4. WP engine hosting provides you automated backup

Along with the regular updates WP engine hosting also provides a nightly update that makes your content save even if it lost somewhere. WP engine backup service consists of core files, themes plugins, etc. So that in case anything goes wrong you might not have to struggle a lot for as the content is being saved in the hosting itself. 

With the help of the user portal of WP Engine hosting you can manually backup the specific file that you want to. The manual process of backing up your files works pretty well, it’s just like installing the plugin according to your choice. All the backup files are been saved in the WP engine hosting portal, but you can also download them as a zip file so that you could save it in your device itself.

5. You will be able to create the transferable website for your clients

WP engine hosting allows you to transfer a specific website to make your client happy. If you have wasted your regular website with the WP engine hosting you get 3 options for a transferable website i.e. development, staging, and production which is a big thing you need to notice if you’re a freelancer or service providers.

However, these transfer websites which you have made are not accessible by the public which makes it more secure so that whenever you deliver it to your client, the specific person will be able to get full access.

The whole process can be called to be a migration process where you can easily manage your website details. It doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started with WordPress website or already on the website you can always use WP engine hosting to host it. Gives you a reliable experience while creating the website as it is super simple to use the WP Engine for hosting the website.

So these were some of the features provided by WP Engine managed WordPress hosting now let’s move on to the technical details.

What about the customer support of WP Engine hosting? 

As we have talked earlier about the WP Engine hosting features and the things they used to provide to their consumers.

It doesn’t matter which activity you perform like migrating the website, troubleshooting issues, optimizing the speed of sight, and much more. At each point, you get support if you want you just have to head off to their customer service which provides you 24/7 service.

The training courses are available on there on their website itself so that you could catch them whenever you want and that’s the plus point of WP engine hosting. They also has 24/7 live chat support which we have tasted a lot to get connected with one of their executives to sort out one of the technical issues which we were facing and let me tell you that within a minute it got sorted.

Where you might say that it’s not a big deal to offer good customer support but let me tell you that even with their startup land they used to provide similar support which is used to provide you with the high and plans.  This is the big reason which makes it a unique and most reliable platform to host the website.

The Uptime Is Damn Good

Uptime is the major aspect of all of the WordPress hosting providers which you cannot miss at any instance. If your website is not loading or took too much time to get load then none of the audience will reach out to you also the chances of getting your website not ranked on the are higher. We personally used to focus much on the Uptime that plays an Vital role and that’s what WP engine hosting providers help you.

WP engine has helped us a lot that they used to provide 99.99% of uptime which is essentially a big thing which most of the hosting providers ignore.

How Much WP Engine Hosting Costs? 

There is a wide variety of plants available out there from WP engine hosting whereas the three major plans that took place. Wrong with that you can also customize the plan as per your choices so that whichever features you need you can pay for it accordingly.

Following are the plans which used to be called as the predefined plans provided by the WP engine hosting:-

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Managed hosting is significantly made for the WordPress users who’s bit conscious about their website growth. It begins at just $25/ month and goes upto $241.67/ month.

Managed hosting plus is upgraded plan which serves you some of the advances services. The pricing begins at just $28.33/ month and goes upto 258.33/ month amongst which you can opt the one that fits in your need.

For the ecommerce store owners its better to go with the ecommerce hosting offered by WP Engine. The pricing begins at $30/ month and goes upto $291.67/ month.

Secure hosting is the most advanced plan of WP Engine which begins at just $44.17/ month and goes upto $291.67/ month.

As I’ve mentioned in this post that along with all the plans you get the support of SSL certification along with that you are allowed to use their 35+ Studiopress themes which increases the look of your website.

So these were some of the plans offered by WP engine hosting, along with that they also used to serve some of the customized plans so that you can choose the services according to your need. Also, the WP engine hosting a free service set off your website and the best thing is they won’t charge you a single penny for that.

Pros And Cons Of The WP Engine Hosting

WPEngine Review: One WordPress Engine You Should Never Drive

Love this might be the final part of this review so let’s sum up the pros and cons of the WP engine hosting that you need to know about. It will give you an idea that whether you should go with the hosting plans or not. So let’s get started:-


  • One of the most reliable and well-optimized hosting for the WordPress users out there.
  • For managing your website this is the most perfect hosting option out there. 
  • The performance is solid so you might get higher performance at any instance.
  • The support system of WP engine hosting is seamless as they offer you 24 by 7 live chat so that you could sort out any of the issue.


  • The WP engine hosting is pretty expensive so it might not fit in your budget if you are a beginner. 
  • Only offers you managed hosting with a shared server.

For Whom The WP Engine Hosting Is? 

It doesn’t matter whether you are just a blogger or a business creator you always need a successful website along with the best hosting plan on their which allows you to to all of your content. WP engine hosting is one of the best in class and reliable who is the provider of their that allows you to host your website using their plans.

It might not suit your budget but if you want to run your website on a big server then I will highly recommend you use their plans subsequently.

Final verdict

WP engine hosting is basically a managed WordPress hosting that runs on a shared server. You can host your WordPress website as it is specially designed for the WordPress website. So if you’re just getting started with it you’ll need the help of Jet customer care for setting up your website. So make sure to check them out by visiting the official website of WP Engine hosting.

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