WebHostingPad Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features

Are you currently likely to start a brand new site for your blog or Company? Then you’ll undoubtedly have to do a great deal of study on domain and a lot of other technical things associated with web development.

With several options to pick from, you Will Surely get Baffled over picking out the ideal Webhosting platform for your site. However, if you’re interested in finding a feature-packed hosting program for a reasonable price, WebHostingPad is the perfect option.

Founded by many easing industrialists in 2005, WebHostingPad intends, a United States-based firm is a Web hosting company that convenes unmatched Web hosting service and participation in values that everyone can figure out how to afford.

Proceed through the following review to learn more about all the programs and features supplied by this WebHostingPad.

What’s WebHostingPad?

WebHostingPad was set in 2005 and markets to funding Webmasters, for example, beginning ups or small company owners, searching for an ultra-cheap hosting provider. WebHostingPad is among the least expensive web hosts available on the marketplace.

The Business has hosted more than 200,000 domain names. That number keeps growing due to Internet Hosting Pad’s dedication to utilizing only the best brand name gear and implementing the business best practices.

The Business is highly known for its user-friendly and affordable shared hosting plans, which also come with various unique capabilities. For example, WebHostingPad has around six distinct VPS programs that are pretty cheap considering the bucket of features they provide. 

Aside from web hosting, the organization also provides additional ancillary services like free domain name registration and email hosting.

WebHostingPad offers web hosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS Hosting providers. It’s the most affordable hosting provider in contrast to other web hosting providers.

Together with shared hosting, Webhostingpad also offers virtual reality. Private server hosting alternatives. They’re made for beginners, professionals, and e-commerce customers seeking an utterly dedicated service at economical rates. 

Webhostingpad supplies there cheap VPS hosting plans to select from and also to match into the budget available.

One of Webhostingpad’s attributes is Price Lock Guarantee. It States they are vowed to never increase the hosting prices at renewal and keep them the same. Additionally, to shield clients’ sites, the supplier provides a free Security Package intended for routine scans for malware, virus, and spam.

Most hosts use their taglines to rave about their products or stand as the finest, so this slogan stands outside. Any server which makes its clients’ lives easier is well worth contemplating. However, is WebHostingPad hassle-free? Or is that just a hollow promise?

At a glance, the Website is very well laid out, with apparent Calls-to-action, big text, rather than too much exposition. However, once you click on a page, you find a pleasant, easy-to-understand interface with just the core elements recorded — bulky attribute lists tucked out of the way.

Like a Codeless site builder and free site migration, the supplied features are kind to novices. But embracing this “hassle-free” question demands diving into much more profound.

Characteristics of WebHostingPad

1. Website Builder

It’s another exclusive feature supplied by WebHostingPad that distinguishes it from other web hosting service suppliers. It’s done cooperation with Weebly that lets you construct a website with no additional price. 

If you would like to elect for a choice aside from Weebly afterward, RVsitebuilder can also be there for their rescue.

2. 24/7 Dedicated Service

WebHostingPad provides varied Sorts of paths to supply 24/7 service to its clients. In addition, it delivers a comprehensive knowledge base, video tutorials, user manuals, and glossaries that assist users in solving queries by themselves. 

If it does not work, clients can send an email and generate a ticket to get their particular matter. Other than this, the chat and direct telephone calling choices will also be available to eliminate difficulty within a brief moment.

3. Domain Name

If you’re also searching for a domain name, then you can get it at no cost on WebHostingPad. But, it’s valid for just one year, and you will need to pay renewal fees from succeeding decades. 

It’s absolutely an inexpensive deal for beginners that are sitting on a restricted budget and do not wish to generate any massive investment to begin their new site.

4. Easy Website Transport

Like several other Webhosting platforms, WebHostingPad Provides a smooth site transfer with no extra price.

5. Softaculous

Softaculous is another Wonderful feature provided by WebHostingPad, which permits users to install programs with extreme smoothness. Both shared hosting and VPS users may avail the attributes of Softaculous.

6. cPanel for Different CMS

WebHostingPad has done a perfect job to Provide exceptional cPanel contemplating the CMS platform. By way of instance, VPS users can get WHM/cPanel, whereas WordPress users may get WordPress-oriented cPanel.

7. Programs Offered

If you’re using VPS WordPress or hosting, then you can easily find an app of your choice using a matter of moments. With such a comprehensive database of software in hand, you can deal with things with one click.

8. Fast Setup Procedure

The Whole installation and installation procedure are straightforward and fast. Your site will be prepared to go only inside a couple of hours, and you do not have to wait many times to begin.

9. Caters to Big Demographics

The Majority of the programs of WebHostingPad are catered to individuals who are new to the subject of site construction. However, the cheap rates of hosting and a free domain for one-year ways could serve more significant demographics.

Whether you Only Want to check the waters or you would like to grow gradually, the Webhosting programs provided by this service supplier will indeed supply you with the budget flexibility you’re seeking.

10. No attribute locking

The Majority of the Webhosting providers would instead Provide fundamental CPanel, which has many attributes locked. 

They provide access to cPanel by that users can barely do anything. It isn’t valid with WebHostingPad, which gives you access to many attributes considering your hosting program. 

Aside from fundamental features like Softaculous and cPanel, you may also avail of RAID protection, International CDNs, and a whole lot more.

11. Safety

WebHostingPad supplies cheap web hosting, but that doesn’t affect the safety of its servers. It’s a beautiful group of engineers who maintain the server’s upgraded and automated method to prevent malware, spam, and DDoS attacks.

12. Rate and Performance

The Business Offers high-quality web hosting at a reasonable price. Having a 99.99% uptime guarantee, the rate of these servers is a lot better than the opponents at a similar budget.

13. Customer service

WebHostingPad is famous for its quick aid response. It’s Busy on social networking platforms as well, where you receive fast answers to your questions. The knowledge base on the site also offers solutions to most of the commonly asked questions.

14. Beginner-Friendly Client Area and Control Panel

WebHostingPad’s customer area is simple to use and logical. From there, you can manage your account information, handle your services, domains, site protection, and charging. Support can also be accessible from the dash.

Like most other hosts, WebHostingPad additionally uses cPanel as their control panel. You can get into the cPanel login in the “Services” tab.

Its interface is reasonable to use. You shouldn’t have any Problems browsing around (mainly since there’s also a search bar added). In cPanel, you can handle your site’s documents, databases, domain names, and nearly everything hosting-related is completed there.

Overall, cPanel Is Ideal for both novices and advanced users.

15. Free SSL Security

Usually, the lowest-priced options available can also be restricted If it has to do with the ‘additional’ stuff like safety choices. Luckily, WebHostingPad is not throwing in a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Security Certification with their lowest Electricity Program. 

It will make sure your site will be secure in navigating.

Should you update your strategy to Power Plus, you will also get a free advanced spam filter and SSH access.

16. Website Transfer

Like many hosts, this one provides completely free site transport. Regrettably, it includes plenty of limitations, like a relatively low limit — but, to be honest, this isn’t entirely unreasonable at a bunch catering to smaller sites.

Ease of use

As Soon as You Opt for a hosting plan, you’ll be asked to enroll in A new domain (the choice is rather impressive), move the one you already have, or use it while retaining it together with your existing boss. 

If you’re looking out WebHostingPad for the very first time and need a new domain name, then you’re eligible to obtain a free one and for a single year.

Next, it is time to choose a billing cycle also (as Anticipated). The longer it’s, the lower the price of hosting. 

By way of instance, committing to your whole five-year interval instead of for a single year (that is a long-term choice) will reduce the monthly cost from $3.99 to $1.99, which can be half as much.

Next, if you’re a new client, you’ll be required to Provide WebHostingPad using a reasonable share of your private info. Once you make a password, then pick a payment system (ideally), read “Conditions of Service” in detail, and you may proceed to checkout.

Shared hosting programs proceed with Linux-based cPanel, a User-friendly solution that will make everything a lot simpler, particularly for novices.

People who select VPS hosting will have the ability to choose between several control panels based on the operating system they’re using—opting to get a WordPress hosting alternative will but leave you with no control panel but using CMS.

Regardless, WordPress is a click away, in Addition to various Useful programs (for instance, ZenCart, osCommerce, Joomla, and so forth), and all thanks to the cookie-cutter installer. Employing these programs, you will have the ability to construct and manage an internet store with no expertise in programming.

Another user-friendly attribute that WebHostingPad supplies are its own Weebly website builder, which will make it possible for you to make a professional site with another strategy.

WebHostingPad Plans Include cPanel

How they comprise this industry-standard capability at this minimal price is a massive plus. Having cPanel at your fingers makes for a fast, simple, and comfortable transition for a person who’s seeking to lower costs in their old, more superior WebHost.

CPanel is dependable, can provide you with click Setup (with the proper scripts), and operates seamlessly with WordPress. Unfortunately, some super costly, boutique-handled hosts such as Rackspace do not provide cPanel.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

It is always a great thing to see a firm offering a 30-day money-back warranty. But, unfortunately, even though this is normal, some businesses don’t provide that.

If you have a Look at their client base — their growing Customer base — clients who need refunds are most likely few and far between. Perhaps because for under 2 dollars each month, why bother canceling?

VPS Provides You Root accessibility, RAID 10

In terms of VPS hosting, even though the handled plan provides the best Technology, the unmanaged provides have large specs. Contrary to other VPS hosts, the managed program features root access. RAID 10 Security is a standard across all programs, also.

Unfortunately, more technical details aren’t available. However, from what’s observable, it is apparent that the business is quite concerned about maintaining its websites and email protection while not restricting your technical liberty.

Pros and Cons


  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Affordable pricing
  • Feature-packed hosting programs
  • Great, hosting solid choices for small companies and people
  • Historically Loyal Customers
  • Possibly the Cheapest Web Host Out There
  • Quick and responsive Customer Care


  • Customer Service Is Not Stellar
  • No Refund if you snore after the 30-day Refund Period
  • Just Backs Up Your Information In Their “Discretion”
  • Way Below Average Uptime & Rate

Plans and Pricing

The very first thing we discovered about WebHostingPad’s hosting Programs is the absence of limitations in their attributes. Therefore, you may get infinite domains, databases, email accounts, bandwidth, and storage, which we do not often see enough, especially at the subsequent price.

The shared hosting and WordPress hosting plans begin at $1.99 each month, and you’re going to find both of each to pick from Power Plan and Power Plan Plus.

At the very least, every one of these includes a free domain name Enrollment, free SSL Encryption, a completely free site builder out of Weebly, and unlimited sites, domain names, and emails, all of which can be great to have started. 

Along with shared hosting, WebHostingPad supplies VPS (unmanaged and managed) and dedicated servers.

WebHostingPad does not supply a monthly billing option. However, Users are free to decide on anything between one to five decades. All their hosting plans have a typical 30-day money-back guarantee, which (not surprisingly) excludes domain registration and other add-ons.

Available payment forms include all Significant credit/debit cards, direct bank transfer, PayPal, AliPay, Bitcoin, and newspaper checks (US resident only), which can be a significant range of choices.

1. Shared Hosting

While this supplier is designed for all those new to the hosting company, the very first thing you may consider is shared hosting. WebHostingPad.com makes your standard options apparent, with just two plans to pick from, both appropriate for basically each user. The rates are decent.

Everything is infinite. You get precisely the Very Same attributes as the “Email Only” hosting. The majority of the features are on the simple program. Therefore it is a fantastic deal regardless of what you select.

2. WordPress Hosting

A step up from shared hosting, these cheap but more vital Plans may persuade you to change into your favorite CMS.

The programs cost a little more than shared hosting. Nevertheless, they all provide a worldwide CDN, WordPress cPanel accessibility, along other improvements.

3. VPS Hosting

For all those who have medium-sized websites, VPS is precisely what you are after. And with some of the most economical prices available on the current market, it is quite the deal. You will find five unmanaged Linux programs and one handled plan, and therefore you don’t need to pay for more than what you want.

The newcomer plan receives the Very Same characteristics as all of the others, making it stand out of the contest.

The only real downfall is the managed strategy is the only one with the very best power. Therefore, if your site is growing, you want to keep it unmanaged, and you might want to proceed.

4. Email Hosting

Last, the host supplies its “PadMail,” a relatively Affordable Alternative if you would like your domain email.

It claims not to scan emails for keywords, unlike Gmail and Yahoo!, also uses filters to capture and block spam. Catch-all, autoresponders, and unlimited accounts are all included.

The most delicate thing about all these plans is that the sole Gap between upgrading is the server’s power or the addition of innovative service.

You will not be refused cPanel accessibility or crucial alternative tools just because you chose the lowest priced strategy, and this exemplifies WebHostingPad.com’s devotion to honesty and equity.


The previous choice depends upon you! We’ve covered all of the Crucial details, which will aid in making it feasible to create your decision regarding picking as your final selection or not!

Take a Look at All of the power plans and the free strategy to get a notion about what will suit your particular needs in the long term. We’re confident it will help in quicker decision-making, making it simpler to examine their support in a better way.

Suppose You’re Looking for a fast and reliable web service however at a reasonable price. In that case, WebHostingPad is your ideal selection. You can update the accounts with no hassle, and in a genuine sense, the business stands tall on its tagline of searchable hosting.

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