SiteGround vs InMotion Hosting: Find Your Top Pick (2021)

Are looking to host a website? Are you mixed up between Siteground and Inmotion? We will cut through the confusion for you by providing you with the data right below.

Here’s a bitesize comparison between Siteground and Inmotion to make up your mind. 

Let me cut you short that Inmotion has won out Siteground over disk space, hosting features, types of hosting it provides as well as the value of money. 

Siteground has proven a good match for the Inmotion hosting providing features. 

Are you keen to know in-depth about the two hosting providers? Let’s dig deeper into its pros and cons, features, performance, WordPress integration, support system, pricing and value for money. Time to find out which is best for you!

Pros and Cons of Siteground and Inmotion 

  • Access to cPanel
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited databases
$2.98/monLearn More
  • Host unlimited number of websites
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Website builder
  • Free site migration service
$5.99/ monLearn More

SiteGround vs InMotion Hosting: Find Your Top Pick (2021)

A synopsis of Siteground Pros and Cons: 

Siteground Pros

  1. 24/7 support for a smooth and effective site running.
  2. Great WordPress integration- It ranks among the top 3 hosting providers recommended by WordPress itself.
  3. Auto backups will bring a sense of security to you daily at no cost.
  4. The best part no secrets revealed at checkout- upfront pricing and hosting plans.
  5. 99.98% upkeep means your customer will have a smooth ride with your sites. 

Siteground Cons

  1. You have to make ends meet with limited hard disk space.
  2. Siteground is under value for money as compared to Inmotion in terms of pricing. 

Inmotion Pros

  1. You get customer support from highly trained employees so no worrisome about issues. 
  2. Unlimited disk space gives you unlimited storage of your site data to for prospects.
  3. Run your site faster with free SSD storage and leave your competitors behind who use traditional storage yet.
  4. 90-day money-back challenge if you are not 100% satisfied with a single question asked. 
  5. Domain for free- Now save a penny by getting it for free.

Inmotion Cons

  1. It does not keep up with uptime as compared to Siteground with a the thinnest amount.
  2. No windows servers- Unsuitable for windows specific hosting, still is fine as people won’t need this option much. 

Both the hosting providers are well fitted with each other except Siteground has kept up by beating Inmotion in upkeep by 0.01%. Siteground upkeep is 99.98% while Inmotion upkeep is 99.97%. Upkeep is an important feature. It cannot be overlooked as it is a check on how much time your server is up and running online and visible to the customers or viewers. 

Siteground has sweetened the deal by providing daily backups to save you from any accident or data lost. You are covered if anything goes wrong or out of hand. 

Inmotion has also taken care to stay ahead in the race with it’s appealing free domain and SSD storage. SSD storage is a Solid State Drive that is faster, and reliable than traditional drives. 

Features, performance and ease of use of Siteground and Inmotion

If you are looking for better and right features for hosting you should not be drawn towards a provider who provides you something for free or unlimited. Other features should also top in the list along with complementary features. 

Yes, you are right! I’m talking about Inmotion free domain and unlimited SSD storage. But Inmotion has made sure to top the Siteground in key features too. 

Let’s look at the features and how they perform or beat each other:

Siteground Inmotion
Free domain No Yes for 12 month plan
Free daily backups Yes Yes
Control panel cPanel cPanel
Disk space Up to 30GB Unlimited 
Unmetered transfer Available  Available 
Upkeep time 99.98% 99.97%

Siteground does not provide free domain while this perk is made available by Inmotion. But remember, it is for new customers only and on the shared hosting plan. It is not available for a dedicated hosting plan. It is provided on a 12 and 24 months plan. There are chances you may be drawn towards the Inmotion free feature like these!

Both the hosting providers have kept up by coming up with free daily backups to give you peace of mind and sleep. Unmetered traffic and cPanel has made it popular and easy to use for their customers which makes them gain trust and boost their sites.

What Siteground lacked is storage which is 10GB on the startup plan, 20GB on the middle plan GrowBig and 30GB on higher plan GoGeek. If you are confused about how much storage your website needs, Siteground advises on the suitability of storage on each plan. If you want unlimited storage- then you should go with Inmotion as it provides loads of space to fill in. 

Both the hosting providers have taken good care of their upkeep time. Siteground claims they provide 99.99% upkeep but sometimes when we test it may display 99.98% which is still amazing speedy so it is still fine as compared to Inmotion which shows 99.97%.

Additionally, Inmotion offers free SSD Drive to boost speed, performance and ease of use. This will not unrest your customers as sites will load a lot faster and smoother.

Siteground and Inmotion, both have created a win-win situation so now it is left upon your personal choice, with whom you should go. 

Both have simplified their usage and made it simple to navigate. They have ensured to provide high quality and handy interface.

Siteground and Inmotion WordPress integration 

Are you a WordPress user already? Or a new user and wish to use WordPress to create a website. WordPress is a major player in this field- around 30% of people use WordPress around the globe. 

So your website is powered by WordPress and you are in search of a better hosting provider. So your research is regarding who integrates well with WordPress sites. So the hosting features should rightly fit in with the WordPress sites. 

There is a top-three hosting provider ranked by WordPress itself among whom Siteground ranks third as “best and brightest in hosting world”. This place makes it more popular and it has rightly taken this spotlight. It has managed WordPress site easily by offering one-click installation, managing updates, 24/7 customer support and other specialised features. It also ensures your sites are not attacked or hacked or any malicious activities takes place. 

Inmotion has also managed to integrate with WordPress very efficiently into a whole package. The package includes setting up WordPress sites that are automatically installed by them. All you need to do is sit back and start using it after it is ready to use. Inmotion also protects from attacks from hackers and offers automatic WordPress updates for the smooth running of the sites. 

The plans for WordPress hosting by Siteground is usual three and by Inmotion is six. 

Siteground and Inmotion customer support

When we have a helping hand we make it easy till the end. Even if need it or not, knowing that we have a better support system is nice. Both the hosting providers are proud of their customer support they offer. Let’s check out how they do it:

Siteground Inmotion
Knowledge centre Available  Available 
Live chat Yes Yes
24/7 live chat Available  Available 
Call Yes Yes
24/7 Call Available  Available 
Email ticket Yes Yes
Skype No Yes

Inmotion customer support is extensively spread to their customers not only through live chats, Skype, calls or email ticket generation but also helpful links to FAQ’s and user guides and tutorials are available on their website. 

There are multiple support facilities like product guides, education channel on website tutorials, community support as well as YouTube channel specialised for ‘how to’ video guides. 

All the members of the support team go through 160 hours of training on specialised subjects to be answerable to your queries. So there are full chances they will help you out!

Siteground’s support system matches with Inmotion customer support. Both have a like-minded approach for an excellent support system. With a navigation bar at the top of the Siteground site, you can simply search for any answer to the question you have in your mind. They have also mentioned some links beneath it to help you out. Each section has help articles to resolve your issue. 

If you find searching is creepy and cannot understand from FAQ’s or going through the links is not meaningful, you can call on the customer care support system. They will answer your call and resolve it. They will reply in no time if you opt for a live chat on their website. They also have an email ticket system which takes a max of 10minutes while many times you will notice there is an instant reply from them via chat or 24/7 support call. They have staffed their customer support very well so that you get treatment like ‘customer is a king’ proves true in its sense. 

Like you buy a new device and along with it, there is a tool like ‘setup wizard’ you will find the same herein Siteground’s website from where you can learn to host it. To check on for more information you can go through their tutorials and webinars. 

To keep yourself updated for latest news, you can also view it on blogs section. 

Siteground and Inmotion plans and pricing

Let’s check out Siteground pricing first-

  1. Shared/ Business hosting- This costs $6.99-$14.99/mo.
  2. WordPress hosting- This costs $6.99-$14.99/mo.
  3. Cloud hosting- This costs $80-$240/mo.
  4. Reseller hosting- This costs $14.99/mo. 

The monthly rates provided above are initial discount prices for new customers only. Upon renewal, it will cost you at regular prices. So it lasts for the first term only. 

Both the hosting providers are not cheaper still it is a reasonable reason being it offers free features which will cost you a good amount if taken individually in the market. 

If you compare the rates of both the sites. Inmotion has got ranked higher than Siteground. Inmotion rank score is 3.8 stars out of 5 while the Siteground rank score is 2.4 stars which are less in pricing and plans for hosting. Inmotion has performed well in this area compared to Siteground. 

The basic plan in Siteground is it’s shared hosting plan. It comes in three plan options such as Startup plan which costs $6.99 monthly, GrowBig plan which costs $9.99 monthly and GoGeek plan which costs $14.99 monthly. This plans are similar for WordPress hosting too moving up through the different tiers. The mid-size business, blogs or personal website can be hosted through the startup plan. 

The basic plan in Inmotion is again shared hosting plan. It has similar three plans like Siteground with different names and costs. The first plan is Launch which costs $6.39 monthly that will cost the same for two years, the middle plan is Power which costs $8.49 monthly again for two years and the higher plan is Pro which costs $14.71 monthly. These plans work best for small businesses and mid-sized as well. 

The best part about both the platform is they are upfront in their pricing. No surprises at the exit time which makes it less stressful and easy to decide which plan to choose. 

Concluding Thoughts

Siteground is recommended as the best host by WordPress itself among the top three in the race. Inmotion has stood out in almost all the features from hosting to customer support to value in money. You can say it is an all-in-one place to park your money and get started with its plans. 

No doubt, Siteground has proven itself an authentic choice. It has focused on its speed, customer support and security. 

A fierce battle between both proves how both have sustained each other by delivering all the key features, support system, reasonable and upfront pricing,

SSD storage, free domains, u metered traffic and most importantly managing WordPress integration impressively. 

Now the choice is left with you! What you choose Siteground or Inmotion? Both have made an impact on their customers whether you are new or old does not make you worrisome when it comes to these two players. 

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