SiteGround Vs GreenGeeks: Which Hosting You Should Use?

If you’re not able to decide the best hosting amongst the SiteGround and GreenGeeks, I’m here to clarify your doubt more efficiently. Both of the hosting providers are considered to the best and worthy but as you go through the features you’ll get to know that there are few differences.

In this post, I will be sharing the complete review on siteground and GreenGeeks so in the end, you’ll be able to decide the best for your website. So make sure to stick with the post till the end, with that being said let’s get started with the review. 

All you need to know about SiteGround hosting

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If you are into blogging from quite some time before then you might have been heard about the siteground just because WordPress itself or comments to put your website with the siteground hosting, it’s that good. Siteground is considered to be one of the most convenient and efficient hosting providers amongst all that used to serve various features that’ll make your website even more prominent and legitimate. 

Siteground was launched back in 2004 which makes it one of the change one hosting provider which is serving more than 1.5 million domains all across the globe. While choosing the hosting plan you can even select the data center as per your choice. There are basically 3 data centers in each continent amongst which you can choose the nearby data centers. 

  • Officially recommended by WordPress.
  • The free SSL certification will improve the security of your site.
  • You can claim 30 days of a money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 customer support is available.
  • The free site builder is available that will help you to build a useful website. 
$2.98/monLearn More
  • Support of one-click WordPress installation along with the site builder.
  • A free domain name is provided that will last for a year.
  • Thirty days of money-back guarantee gives you flexibility.
  • The free SSL certificate will improve the security of your website.
  • The 24 by customer support is available to sort out any of the technical issues. 
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Key Features

Siteground is the best hosting provider, who is one of the trusted hostings which is being used by most of the pro bloggers and digital marketers out there. So if you want to run a successful online business SiteGround would be a great choice to host your site. 

So here are some of the key features provided by the SiteGround that you need to know:-

1. Stable Uptime

SiteGround used to serve 99.99% of uptime which makes your website even more powerful in terms of performance, so no room remains for the downtime. If you want to provide overall great surfing experience to the visitors then SiteGround would be a great choice. 

2. Regular backup is available

The regular backup is an essential aspect that you cannot ignore at any instance if you want to make the content lasts for a longer time. SiteGround is the best option if you want the regular updates along with the backups, so definitely have a look upon it. 

3. Insane customer service

SiteGround used to serve 24/7 customer support which means a lot, you can directly get in touch with their customer support via phone call, e-mail, or a live chat where you’ll get an instant reply. I must say that the customer support of siteground hosting is pretty good and reliable. 

4. Free E-mail accounts are available

SiteGround allows you to create an email campaign for free so that you will be able to capture unlimited emails which will help you to run a successful online business. Well, it’s kind of essential term that you cannot ignore. This feature is applicable to all of the plans provided by the SiteGround. 

5. Site migration service 

SiteGround used to serve the free migration service which means you’ll be able to switch from other hosting to the SiteGround for no cost. This is essential for the existing users of the other hosting. 

6. Free SSL certification 

When it comes to security let me tell you SiteGround don’t let you down, they provide you SSL certification for free which will make your site even more secure in all aspects and keeps away from the cyber attacks and hackers too. 

So these were some of the key features provided by the SiteGround, now let’s move on to some more aspects of the SiteGround that you need to know about. 

7. Uptime Of SiteGround

Performance is one of the crucial parts of each hosting out there. Uptime is another great thing that makes your website even faster and great in terms of performance if maintained properly. SiteGround provides you an uptime of 99.99% which is a great thing.

Uptime plays an important role, if the uptime will not remain stable the performance will get lowers, so you cannot ignore this term I’m hosting providers. Sometimes it might happen that the website goes down just because of some maintenance, but it gets sorted just within a while so no room remains for complaint. 

Higher the uptime the chances of getting more user attention increases so make sure to have an eye upon it. 

The dashboard of SiteGround

SiteGround 2020 - Account + Hosting Dashboard Overview - New 2020 - YouTube

Dashboard plays a vital role in each hosting just because you’ll be able to handle all of the essential tasks through it. In terms of dashboard siteground used to serve cPanal which performs well. 

I have shortlisted some of the features provided by the cPanal od SiteGround that you need to know, so here are they::

  • You can build up the site by using the drag and drop method which is super easy to use. 
  • You can install the CMS for free. 
  • You get access to free email accounts. 
  • You’ll get unlimited Subdomains. 
  • MySQL database is unlimited. 

Pricing Details

If you are quite interested in the site ground hosting plans, you can choose amongst the following that suits your requirement:-

  • The StartUp plan is available at $6.99/ month where you can host a single website and the storage to get is of 10 GB which is sufficient for the newbies. 
  • The GrowBig plan is available at $9.99/ month where you can host unlimited websites and storage you get is of 20 GB. 
  • The GrowGeek plan is available at $14.99/ month where you can host unlimited websites and the storage get is of 40 GB. 

So make sure to opt-in the plans more promptly according to your requirement. 

Support system

SiteGround is one of the best hosting providers amongst all just because their customer support is insanely managed which means you can get in touch with their execution to any time you need to sort out the technical issue you’re facing more often. So for the beginners, it’s a great deal to acquire. 

All you need to know about GreenGeeks hosting

GreenGeeks Review - Is This "Green Hosting" Any Good? (2020)

Another great hosting provider of all time i.e. GreenGeeks which is best for WordPress as it’s a well-optimized hosting provider amongst all that you can choose. GreenGeeks is the California-based company which is serving more than 1.8 million domains worldwide.

One of the main unique selling points of greengeeks hosting is their super-fast servers which means all of the data are being stored in the SSD which makes it even more efficient and makes it the faster amongst all. For newbies, greengeeks is the best option to host website just because the plans are pretty inexpensive compared to the SiteGround

Key Features

GreenGeeks is another hosting which is considered to be the most secure and prominent hosting just because they usually focus upon the securities and the performance, that’s what makes it the best amongst all.

So here’s are the key features provided by GreenGeeks:-

1. SSD storage (unlimited) 

GreenGeeks used to serve unlimited SSD storage which means your data will be stored there itself, SSD is considered to be the fastest server which makes your site even more valuable in terms of performance and services. 

2. Domain Name Registration Free

You’ll get 1 year of free domain registration which Is a great deal for the newbies out there, you’ll save few bucks on it. Make sure to read terms and conditions for availing this offer. 

3. SSL certification for free

If you’re trying to make your website pretty cool in terms of security, you cannot ignore the SSL certification at all. And fortunately, GreenGeeks used to serve all of the security features along with the SSL certification. 

4. Unlimited email accounts for free

For running an email campaign you’ll always need to have as many e-mail accounts to capture the audience, and that’s what GreenGeeks used to serve you. You can create an e-mail campaign for free. 

5. Backup is available for free

Backup of the content is a crucial part of each website and that’s what GreenGeeks used to serve you. You’ll find that all of your data will get stored at their server which you can access anytime you need, this makes the GreenGeeks even more popular and best hosting provider. 

6. Uptime Of GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks claims of serving the higher uptime of around 99.99% but as I’ve noticed, it’s not that good in terms of performance. I must say that the uptime of GreenGeeks does not remain stable, as it mostly fluctuates between 99.95% to 99.99%. 

So if you want the stable uptime you can always opt SiteGround instead of the GreenGeeks which has certain limitations. For the newbie I would recommend the GreenGeeks, so definitely check it out subsequently. 

The dashboard of GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks Review: Is this REALLY Eco-Friendly? 100% Uptime Recorded till now

The dashboard is one of the crucial parts of each hosting provider and that’s what GreenGeeks used to serve. Similar to the site ground you also get access to the cPanal where you’ll be able to perform various different tasks related to the hosting and the website. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are using WordPress or any other coding platform for creating a website in all of the ways the cPanal of GreenGeeks useful, I was shortlisted few of the benefits that you get through cPanal of GreenGeeks:-

  • You can deploy WordPress so easily. 
  • Performance is insane. 
  • You get access to various securities that are essential for your website growth. 
  • cPanal migration is available for free. 

Pricing details

The GreenGeeks plan is subsequently divided into various categories amongst which you can opt that suits your requirement. So following are the plans provided by greengeeks hosting:-

  • The lite plan is available at just $2.95/ month where you can host a single website along with that you get access to unlimited storage where you can store as much content. 
  • The pro plan is available at just $5.95/ month where you can host unlimited websites and according to get unlimited storage for storing the website data. 
  • The premium plan is available at $11.95/ month where you can host unlimited websites and additional you get access to all of the high-end features that are required for growing your website more often. 

Also, let me tell you that you get 30 days of money-back guarantee which is one of the crucial things that you should note about. So even if you don’t like the hosting services you can always refund the amount that you have paid for acquiring their service. 

Support system

Greengeeks is known for its great customer support and that’s what they used to serve, you can get in touch with their customer service executive 24/7 which means any of the technical issues can be sorted just within a while. You get access to phone calls, email, and live chat too. Accordingly, you can opt. 

So these were some of the major features provided by both hosting providers i.e. SiteGround and the GreenGeeks. Along with that, I have also discussed some of the major aspects of pricing that are an essential part of the hosting provider, accordingly, you can opt for the specific plan that you need. 

Which hosting is best amongst the siteground and greengeeks? 

After going through the review on both SiteGround and GreenGeeks we came to the conclusion that the siteground is much better in terms of performance and services. I must say if you are just a beginner out there and willing to host their website with the best in class waiting provider make sure to check it out once. 

As the plans of both hosting providers are pretty similar to each other but in terms of pricing, I must say that the site ground is pretty minimal and great in each aspect. Along with that, it is one of the most trusted hosting providers of all time and that’s the reason why most of the people use to host their primary website with the SiteGround. So definitely check them out subsequently. 

Final verdict

Undoubtedly boosting providers has some sort of similarities but in terms of performance, there is no way more difference, if you want to get the higher uptime of around 99.99% then make sure to host your website with the siteground just because it has great of a time as well as loading time compared to the GreenGeeks, that’s the reason why more than a million domains are hosted with it. 

Along with that in both the hosting providers you get the support of the SSD server which means your content will remain Store at the high-performance server that’ll maximize the whole performance of the site. So if that sounds great to you make sure to check them out by visiting their official website and opt the one as per your choice. 

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