SiteGround vs GoDaddy 2021: Compare Pricing, Features

Are you a non-techie? Well, it doesn’t matter in today’s world. A variety of platforms have arrived which is already customised and handed to you to get started easily. There was a time when choosing a platform for website building, hosting and domain registration was all daunting. Now customisation has made it a child play. 

Is there a major difference between Siteground and GoDaddy? Well does it matter? Yes, it matters as there are some differences that you will understand as you go through the guide ahead. Siteground works best for a large enterprise or businesses while if you are a newbie and looking for a cost-efficient platform, you can opt for GoDaddy. 

What is Siteground?

Siteground is a web hosting company founded in 2004 delivering exceptional services for websites. It is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. 

What is Godaddy?

GoDaddy is an American domain registrar and web hosting company founded in 1997. It is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and incorporated in Delaware. 

Siteground Vs GoDaddy: which is best for you?

If you are mixed up about choosing the best hosting platform between Siteground and GoDaddy. We are here to help you by digging into everything about both platforms. 

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What are the major areas that you can look into

  1. Which supports a better WordPress alliance?
  2. What are the pros and cons of Siteground and GoDaddy?
  3. What is the pricing of hosting?
  4. How is the support system?
  5. What are the features, accomplishments, and usage?

Let’s get in-depth in each of them:

1. Better WordPress alliance:

Let’s compare one another in terms of pricing, features and ease of use. 

Godaddy’s WordPress plans are at a bargain to Siteground’s plans. For basic sites pricing matters as once the site is up and running, it is immaterial with whom you are hosting. 

Hosting with Siteground is a one-click installation, while it takes 24 hours with GoDaddy installation which highlights Siteground takes WordPress hosting seriously. 

Siteground is expensive in terms of pricing, but it is ahead of GoDaddy as it has better figures in terms of installation, advanced support system and automatic updates. 

In fact, considers Bluehost, Dreamhost, and Siteground as “Some of the best and brightest of the hosting world.”

Pros and cons of Siteground and Godaddy:

SiteGround vs GoDaddy 2021: Compare Pricing, Features

Pros of Siteground:

  • It is 99.99% uptime
  • In terms of customer support, it beats the clock
  • It is recommended by WordPress itself 
  • 4 times faster loading speed
  • Quick server responding time
  • Best WordPress managed host
  • 6 datacenter present in 4 continents
  • User-friendly custom dashboard available 
  • 53% discount in introductory price

Cons of Siteground:

  • It is quite expensive as compared to GoDaddy
  • Limited in resource providing

Pros of GoDaddy:

  • One-stop for all; website building, domain registering, and hosting
  • More features are rendered 
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Setting up is an easy task and get online faster in under one hour itself
  • The data center is available in 3 major regions 
  • GoDaddy is PHP7.4 ready to use
  • Free domain, Microsoft Office 365 email, webmail and more features are available 

Cons of GoDaddy:

  • Less reliable
  • Poor customer support
  • There is always a renewal surprise which is a hurdle every time

Pricing of both the platforms


There are three plans among which GrowBig is the best seller and recommended plan. 

Let’s check out what each plan provides:

1. Startup:

It is available for a special price of $6.99/mo. 

2. GrowBig:

It costs $9.99/mo after a great discount. 

3. GoGeek:

It is available for a regular price of $39.99/mo, but you get a special price of $14.99/mo.

Features of all these three plans:

StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
1 website  Unlimited websites  Unlimited websites
Webspace 10GB  Webspace 20GB Webspace 


More than 10,000 visits monthly More than 25,000 visits monthly More than 100,000 visits monthly
Unmetered traffic Unmetered traffic Unmetered traffic
Free SSL Free SSL  Free SSL 


Free email access Free email access Free email access
Free CDN Free CDN Free CDN
Managed WordPress 
Managed WordPress 
Managed WordPress 
Backup daily Backup daily Backup daily
Unlimited databases Unlimited databases Unlimited databases

There are additional features available with GrowBig and GoGeek.


There are four plans available which distinctive feature in some plans.

Let’s check out what each plan provides:

1. Basic:

It is for personal usage. It costs Rs.199/mo when billed yearly. 

2. Standard:

It is meant for new businesses. It is available for Rs.399/mo when billed yearly.

3. Premium:

It is for growing businesses. It costs Rs.599/mo when billed yearly.

4. E-commerce:

This is useful for selling online. It is available for Rs.999/mo when billed yearly.

Let me take you to the basic features available to all the plans:

  • There is a custom domain connection available 
  • Flow editing
  • Website security SSL 
  • Guidance system and analytics are present
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • 24/7 support system

Distinctive features in every plan:

Social media platforms 1 3 Unlimited  Unlimited 
Social responses and posts monthly  5 20 Unlimited  Unlimited 
Email marketing sends monthly 100 500 25000 25000

Features available for Ecommerce plan:

  • All the product listings
  • Features for discount & promotions
  • Flexible shipping

Now you must have got a picture of how both the platforms are different in pricing. Siteground is quite expensive as compared to GoDaddy and it doesn’t cover everything like GoDaddy. Still, it is preferred by many users so there is something we are still missing. We have to get more in-depth to dig out what makes Siteground be ahead of GoDaddy. 

The nicest part about GoDaddy is it has offered domain registration, hosting and website building on one platform which means you don’t have to search for any other platform separately for any of this. 

Siteground has made an influence by managing WordPress hosting efficiently as it is the most popular hosting provider which many opt for. 

GoDaddy has a mobile app to have quick access to CPanel. They have made 125+ applications available in the 1-click installation that is good to go. 

If you are a non-developer then robust live chat support is a must that will help you every time you face an issue or need a helping hand. 

There is one special feature which you might need is WordPress migrations that is available with Siteground Migrator Plugin.

Siteground vs GoDaddy Support System:

If you check both the platforms with each other, both provide a support system. But Siteground beat the bushes in compare to GoDaddy. Both offer phone and chat support and have a comprehensive support centre. 

Siteground Godaddy
24/7 chat system Available  Available 
24/7 call


Available  Available 
Support Centre        Yes         Yes
Tickets          Yes         No

What is distinctive between the both is Siteground generate a ticket which is a useful option for difficult technical issues, and Siteground’s 10-minute reply makes it stand out from the crowd. 

Siteground beats GoDaddy in terms of the help it lends and the support system it has. 

  • Features, accomplishments & usage:

GoDaddy is ahead of Siteground if you compare the features between the two. But still, Siteground has made a point to fit better

For giant resource intended sites. Its powerful and technical support system makes it a winner. 

GoDaddy has domain registration, website building, and hosting all in one place but it is good for beginners. If you think your company or business is huge and your business is a little complex and require support help more often, then Siteground is a good choice. Its 10-minute reply will resolve all the hurdles coming your way. 

As lockdown and covid has got control over our life, similarly hacking and malicious activities have increased manifold. Siteground has brought new changes and improved security to minimise the threats and vulnerabilities faced by many which are common and fateful. 

It has also initiated improvements on various PHP directives which has led to a lot of websites hacking or compromising. 

Siteground has with its powerful team and technicalities, made the modifications at the PHP limits higher than the usual standards in the industry: 

  • Memory limit: 96MB
  • Max execution duration: 45 sec
  • Upload max file-size: 24MB
  • Post max size: 32MB

Many features come into play when you check out for hosting than just ‘hosting’ whether you agree on it or not. It is essential to check it’s space disk, uptime, domain, control pane and many more to determine which is the best option to go for. 

Both are features rich if you correlate them with each other. 

You will find below that both are identical to each other except for one or two features. 

Siteground Godaddy
Domain for free Not available Available 
Control panel cPanel cPanel
Backups for free Available  Available 
Uptime 99.98% time 99.97% time
Disk space 10GB Unlimited

If you see it attentively, the only difference is in the provision of unlimited disk space and free domain by GoDaddy as it also caters service in domain registration and website building for which it becomes possible to make it available. Site ground is only a hosting company so they need an add on to top this. 

If you are a beginner and need things handy then GoDaddy is a good choice to make, while you are a bigger enterprise and only in search of a good hosting provider than Siteground is a thumbs up for you. 

We have a test site on each host and the Pingdom test suggests that Siteground in New York is 1.16 sec while Godaddy is 0.89sec. Another place called Melbourne for Siteground is 3.47 sec and with GoDaddy is 1.93sec. One more test for the place Stockholm with Siteground is 0.74 sec and for Amsterdam with GoDaddy is 0.91sec. 

So, it can be implied that from the above test it is visible Godaddy has faster loading times as compared to Siteground. 

Another test on uptime shows Siteground is near-100% uptime, while GoDaddy is near-99.4% which means 0.6% that is 4+ hours of downtime p.m that is significant if you consider it as per your needs.

Other key points that differentiate the two:

There is a difference in the loading speed of sites as Siteground have a configuration like SuperCacher and NGINX which makes it run more smoothly in comparison to GoDaddy. 

A new change has been made in Siteground. It has transferred its servers to have a grip on Google cloud’s platform, which has increased its speed. 

If you compare the data centres of the two. Godaddy’s got only 3 data centres while Siteground has got 6 data centres. But both have covered the locations like Asia, Europe and America. 

The reason, why people target Siteground, is because it has an edge of better coverage in the world. 

There is a key which many neglects are that if you think GoDaddy offers good pricing, it is not as competitive as Siteground in terms of speed which helps you more in sales or conversions that makes a huge difference. 

How uptime is important if you don’t want to lose a single penny. Nowadays, there are so many e-commerce sites from where you can shop easily. If your e-commerce website takes more than 3 seconds to load, your consumer or customers get impatient and switch to other sites which may affect your sales or conversions. Also, there are chances of your ranking on search engine going down which will cost you more in the long run. 

The worst part is, people will lose interest in your site, you might sound or look unprofessional and you lose out on all sales you could have got if your site wasn’t down at all. 

Concluding Thoughts

So, if we conclude, Siteground, as well as Go Daddy, both are great as hosting providers.

Siteground has the best support system that is 10 minutes reply will answer all your queries which will fasten your work. Godaddy’s all in one station is suitable for those who don’t like to switch much to other platforms and want everything in one place. It provides domain registration, website building and hosting. 

GoDaddy is reasonable if compared to Siteground in pricing which is preferable for those for whom cost is a matter of fact. Siteground should be chosen by those who cannot compromise on downtime as they will lose a lot of sales or conversions and have a huge business to run. 

Always remember, Siteground well as Godaddy, both have pros and cons in contrast

So, make your list and accordingly whichever best fits your needs, choose and start that plan. And if you discover that this is not the platform you were looking for, you can choose to transfer your data anytime which is complimentary from both platforms.

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