SiteGround Review: Is This Web Hosting Provider Worth It?

Wondering a lot for finding an authentic hosting for your website?

Well, nothing to worry here I am going to help you and get to out of the confusion as I’m reviewing the best and highly used hosting i.e. SiteGround. It’s trusted by lots of pro bloggers and digital marketers out there which makes us have our eye upon it.

From the last couple of years, the SiteGround has created his own identity in the digital medium just by providing the pocket-friendly plans to the consumers so that they could host their website using the SiteGround. It offers lots of affordable plans that will blow up your mind at a certain instance.

Despite all we’ll be conveying you the top 3 major plans offers by the SiteGround web hosting i.e. StartUp, GrowBig, GoGeek which offer you the best class hosting which you can use to host your website. Later onwards we’ll be comparing each plan essentially to know whether they offer you value or not. SiteGround claims to offer the high loading and uptime which you need to know about.

But before we get into it that we can use things about hosting and what makes SiteGround so special and unique, so let’s dive into it.

All You Need To Know About SiteGround Hosting

Unlike other hosting providers SiteGround is kind of unique and independent WordPress hosting which was launched on back in 2004. The main office of the SiteGround hosting company is situated in Bulgaria and they used to serve their hosting services globally. None of the hosting company can work without data centers similarly siteground has its own data center based in the USA, UK, Singapore & Amsterdam also, they’re planning to upgrade services too.

It is kind of trusted and one of the valuable brands used in the world which is being tested by several pro bloggers and digital marketers out there. I am quite familiar with the SiteGround hosting and honestly, it has blown up my mind just because of the services they used to offer.

When it comes to company legalities they have more than 500 employees work in their headquarters to make their services even better along with that more than 5,00,000 domains are being hosted with it which makes it liable.

So that’s fair enough for you to know briefly about the SiteGround, now let’s head off to the detailed SiteGround hosting review.

SiteGround Hosting Review

Hosting plays an important role in website creation and that’s why the selection of hosting based upon their performance is a kind of important thing that you need to know about. Understanding more about their features, entities will help you to reach up to the top level. Undoubtedly SiteGround makes it all possible in terms of Technical Support and features.

Unlike most of the hosting providers, SiteGround hosting consists of a cPanal dashboard through which you can track the details about your website and performance. If you’ve ever used the hosting of any providers then you might have heard about the cPanal which is much popular.

Despite this there are more other aspects upon which the SiteGround hosting depends upon, we’ll get deep into it soon.

Infrastructure Of Google Cloud

This is one of the most under viewed features of hosting which most of the people out there used to ignore but it is essential for you to know about it. And server infrastructure of the hosting plays an important role in order to maintain the sustainability of the performance, eventually, it will keep your website even faster compared to the other.

Google Cloud makes your website even faster compared to the other ones and this is because of the good infrastructure which is built upon it. Unless and until use badly coded plugin it will remain there.

How this turned out the pros which you need to know if you post Google cloud with SiteGround hosting:-

  • Storage is been distributed even if high data redundancy.
  • You get support for each new data locations available out there.

Apart from this SiteGround has more to offer, let see. 

All you need to know about the response time of SiteGround

This is one of the major terms which you need to look upon if you are confused amongst the two hosting plans. SiteGround provides you huge support over there when it comes to response time as you’ll get to know that the US has higher response time compared to the other.

Here I’ve listed out the location of servers which are located all across the globe:-

  • Chicago
  • USA
  • Amsterdam
  • Singapore

When there was no support on Google Cloud-based upon the service they used to manage all of their tasks so that you can gain more audience.

All you need to know about uptime and accessibility of SiteGround hosting

When it comes to the time this is the factor that you cannot miss as it is way different than the response time. When it comes to EIG this is the major aspect that you need to know about where server resources play a vital role, most of the time it even lowers down the uptime of the website. Due to this you might lost the visitors which gives a bad impression to them when the head off to your website.

Siteground claims of providing 99.9% uptime which is a good thing so even if your website consisting of a huge amount of content it will not lack the uptime. Chances are minimum.

Despite all the offers you a cache ability which will help you a lot to grow your website in terms of each aspect, when it comes to comparison none of the hosting providers choose to provide this at just $7.95/ month which is essentially a good thing about it.

So these were some of the major aspects of the SiteGround that each user need to know about it. Now let’s move on to the features provided by the SiteGround that play an important role in each hosting plan you buy.

Other Key Features About SiteGround Hosting

1. You get free SSL certificate which is hosting plan

If you are quite familiar with the WordPress website in which SSL certificate plays an important role so this is the must-have a feature that multiplies your website performance. I can say for any of the WordPress website SSL certificates are an essential factor. One of the most vital features I like about SiteGround is that you can acquire the SSL certification using the LetsEncrypt that can be enabled by any users.

2. You get the support of PHP 7.3

As per the survey is being noticed that the latest version of PHP is 7.3 so no doubt that the SiteGround belongs to that only. Most of the WordPress website depends upon MySQL and PHP and that’s what they offer you.  when you compare siteground with the other hosting providers will be noticed that most of the Other hosting provider is used to provide the older version of PHP which is upgradable so this is the major drawback of them whereas siteground wins the situation.

To eat you are the one for whom the PHP 7.3 is required then I will highly recommend you to go with the SiteGround hosting.

3. The support system of SiteGround

One of the biggest reasons I used to change my hosting platform pictures because of the customer support which lacks in the previous hosting plans, and here comes the SiteGround which provides essentially good customer support that offers you 24/7 customer support. If you are in search of the great hosting price that offers you huge support from technical support to the installation process support I’ll highly recommend to go with the SiteGround hosting.

4. You get free migration support in SiteGround hosting

Most of the hosting providers used to serve the migration support by taking charges up to $49, whereas the SiteGround provides you free migration support so that you can diversify your website from another hosting to the SiteGround hosting plan.

All you need to do is visit the dashboard of SiteGround hosting and click on the migration support where you will find the details regarding the migration of website hosting. It takes about 5-6 hours to get your migration process done. All you need to do is change the domain server name which is a super simple process.

So these were the features that every user needs to know about SiteGround hosting if they’re planning to go with their plans available out there. Apart from this, there are some of the more major features which might not bother you that much but you need to know about that before you plan to have your purchases.

I’ve listed down below the features that you need to know about the side from hosting:-

  • You get unlimited bandwidth with their plans which is the great thing that most of the hosting providers lack this feature.
  • You can install the WordPress just within a click so there is no need for any technical support.
  • Your website will remain secure for all time. 
  • They provide free SSL certification (already discussed earlier in this post).
  • None of the Other hosting providers support PHP 7 whereas the SiteGround has the support of it.
  • Siteground also offers you Technical Support to install your website.

So these were some of the essential features we have talked about but the pricing please an important role in each hosting that you need to know about. I notice that most of the hosting providers used to provide quality features but the price is the major aspect which is expensive. But SiteGround is just opposite to that, their plans are quite affordable.

Pricing Details Of SiteGround Hosting

Unlike most of the hosting providers out there, SiteGround provides you the 3 essential plans in the shared hosting category which you need to know. Apart from this inbuilt shared hosting they also provide you an option of dedicated hostings and WordPress hosting as per your requirements. If you’re the one who’s handing the new website I will suggest going with the shared hosting which is pretty inexpensive and provides a great value for the money you pay.

SiteGround shared hosting provides you the features mentioned below, make sure to have a look at them:-

  • You’re allowed to transfer unlimited data. 
  • You can merge the website from other hosting plans for free.
  • Cpanel is included as the dashboard from where you can access all the details. 
  • Free SSL certification you get in SiteGround.
  • SiteGround provides you the backup features so that you’ll never lose your content.

So these were the features provided by the entry-level shared hosting plan of the SiteGround whereas the features get increased if you upgrade your plan accordingly. I like to have the GrowBig plan which is personally like the most which allow me to host multiple domains just with a single hosting plan.

How To Choose The Best SiteGround Hosting Plan


SiteGround has divided the plans into 3 different categories from which you can select that suits your requirement. I’ve listed down the plans accordingly:-

1. StartUp Plan

StartUp plan mainly focusses on those who want to host their single website with SiteGround. Of you’re an online creator, blogger, or digital marketer then I will highly recommend you to go with this option provided by the SiteGround hosting. The hosting is available at $6.99/ month which is negligible compared to the other hosting providers.

2. GrowBig Plan

The GrowBig plan is for the bloggers like me who used to host multiple domains just with a single hosting plan. In such a case you’ll this is one of the great options available in the marketplace. The price of GrowBig is just $9.99/ month also you might get an offer ok that if you purchase it yearly.

3. GoGeek

GoGeek is a good option for those who want to host multiple websites just with a single hosting plan. If you are the one who wants the highest which are available out there then I will highly recommend you to go with this option. Siteground claims that providing high-end services with the GoGeek. The plan is just available at $14.99/ month.

I will highly recommend you to go with the yearly plans which will help you to save you the amount of bucks, it doesn’t matter whether you are a problem or just a beginner make sure to choose the decent plan i.e. GrowBig plan which provides you multiple features compared to the starter plan.

So these were the essential plans provided by the SiteGround apart from this the sections are divided as per your need like for WordPress hosting shared hosting, managed to host, etc. Accordingly, you can select that suits your choice.

What Is 30 Days Money Back Guarantee? 

Siteground also allows you to host your website with their free trial pack which would serve as my features so I want to recommend that, instead just by their starter pack at the very beginning letter on which you can upgrade the plan whenever necessary.

I want to make sure to buy their plan which allows you to claim their 30 days money-back guarantee, so in case if you don’t like their service or the features you can easily refund your money back which is the plus point of it.

How to get subscribe to the trial account of SiteGround hosting? 

Though SiteGround offers you one month of the free trial package that won’t work anymore just because they charge money for setting up your WordPress website. They charge you up to $24.96 for a month. In my opinion, this is a complete waste of money to don’t go for this option whereas if you purchase their paid plans then after you can get a refund of 100% money if you don’t like the plan.

Azalea when you purchase a 1 or 2-year subscription you can save a huge amount of money on that which is the great thing, it’ll also help you to stick to the hosting for a longer time. And I bet you that SiteGround’s quality won’t make you look for a refund as it works seamlessly.

One of the great things is that they allow you to choose the server location depending upon the plan accordingly you can select the plans as per requirement.

So this was the complete review of siteground hosting now let’s move on to the pros and cons that you need to know about SiteGround.

Pros And Cons Of SiteGround Hosting Providers


  • The support system of the SiteGround works seamlessly so you get instant customer support to sort out the technical issue.
  • You can migrate the website for free along with that backup option is also available so that you’ll never lose your content.
  • Pricing of the SiteGround hosting is inexpensive compared to the other hosting providers. 
  • The latest version of PHP is available i.e. 7.3
  • The storage type is SSD so you get faster experience.
  • No need to pay for the SSL certification as it is available for free.


  • Data storage is limited so you might suffer through that. 

Do SiteGround Worth Or Not? 

So I have done a complete review on SiteGround hosting and throughout I get to know that if you are just a beginner and wanted to get started with the best hosting available out there so as to provide the faster and great experience to the visitors, then I will highly recommend you to go with siteground WordPress hosting.

In terms of pricing SiteGround completely worth per penny so no doubt in that. You can even save my money if you buy the plan annually. 

Final Verdict

So I have explained each and everything about SiteGround hosting which was essential for you to know about it. Their plans are subsequently divided into various different types according to you can select which one suits you’re your requirements, it doesn’t matter whether you are an individual blogger for a full-time digital marketer day plan offers a great value for the money you pay.

Also, the features are seamless so if you’re in search for the most reliable and trusted posting of all time I will recommend you to go with the SiteGround which comes with various inbuilt features that might blow up your mind.

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