Nestify Review 2021: Is It Really Great WordPress Hosting

What exactly do nicely-known companies such as Walmart, Berkeley, and Petsmart have in common? All of them host their sites with Nestify hosting. If you?

There Are Lots of leading names in the handled WordPress hosting. But, Nestify is one and only one of the fastest web hosting providers for your WordPress sites.

Having spent more than a decade preparing the infrastructure for Fortune 500 businesses, the group at Nestify discovered the significance of uptime and performance technology. Their very own hosting and scalability demands paved the way for the constitution of all Nestify in 2014.

This Texas-based firm offers managed WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce hosting, VPS hosting, service hosting, and free WordPress migration solutions.

Because of the efficient and competent technical assistance that backs up its hosting solutions, Nestify has gained the confidence of many clients, from private companies and public businesses to non-profits. Through this detailed post I’ll be sharing the Nestify Review in detail so that you’ll get to know more about their offerings. 

What’s Nestify?

Nestify Review 2021 Is It Really Great WordPress Hosting

Nestify is an internet hosting program that helps to improve the Loading rate, eliminates downtime, and increases conversions. The program is intended to enhance WordPress and WooCommerce since it concentrates on functionality, scalability, and safety.

It Offers website development alternatives based on the demands of the clients of a business enterprise. The servers of Nestify are optimized for top performance, providing maximum rate and stability. By default, the program hosts each of the sites with Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Nestify aids in repairing the combined content mistakes caused by WordPress topics. The software also concentrates on multi-layer security on every website to safeguard the consumer’s data. 

When the consumer hosts their sites with the applications, it automatically chooses information backups at regular intervals.

The program allows the user to handle and see the Backups through their accounts dash. For the simplicity of WordPress users, the program includes routine center, plugin, and theme upgrades. Additionally, Nestify is a secure place to check new variants with its square staging feature.

You will find numerous handled WordPress hosting providers that Claim the entire world. Now in this Nestify Hosting review, I’ll reveal to you precisely what makes them distinct from the masses.

Hopefully, this simple review will Allow You to see If Nestify is an excellent union for you or not. In that case, then you can consult with your present hosting provider, which you despise, and migrate to them now!

Today, you find out more about the Business, their managed WordPress hosting plans, their refund policy, client service, and uptime functionality on servers. These are a few signs for me as an entrepreneur and blogger, and no doubt you’ll agree also.

Features of Nestify

  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Backup
  • Content Caching
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Developer Friendly and Customizable
  • Easy Daily Backups
  • Easy-to-use VPS hosting management
  • Encryption
  • Enterprise data copies
  • Free CDN
  • Free Migrations
  • Free SSL
  • Security Scans
  • SSL Tracking
  • Ultimate hardware
  • Uptime Reporting

Environment Espresso with One Click

It just reveals how much Nestify highlights User-friendly surroundings and operates on creating it to the center. Moreover, espresso surroundings may also be made with only one click.

By clicking on this button, a new site is mechanically set up on the domain name. All of the databases and the documents are copied out of the site. In addition, the URLs within the database will also be updated, so the customers face no difficulty in any way.

Advanced Security for the Sites

Speed is the first thing You Will need from your Hosting service supplier, but not at the expense of security. Safety is the most crucial facet required from a company hosting provider.

Nestify Hosting Appears to admit that and thus provide qualified security attributes ingrained at every level of the hosting pile.

On top of this, they follow the best practices between DevOps in addition to a very stern patch program. It permits them to block any endangered browsers, leading to dangers and bad bots and DDoS attacks.

Easy Updates

The Nestify console has a one-click upgrade Feature that lets users upgrade their WordPress to the latest version with one click. Just clicking on the “Update WordPress” below, your WordPress website will be automatically upgraded.

Nestify Backup and Restoration

Nestify Permits You to schedule automatic backups and will maintain your existing copies. The console’s safety is topnotch, yet if anybody feels that his site was compromised, he could restore it into the blank state with only one click.

These Simple to use mandatory attributes are just another reason to Choose Nestify for your hosting options.

Faster Loading

As soon as you have hosted your sites using Nestify, your Site will encounter one of the quickest loading adventures.

The typical loading time for sites hosted by Nestify will not Decrease considerably. So if you believe they achieve it by creating few alterations together with the code, then you’re confused.

Nestify permits you to pick the optimization level. Some options let you raise your webpage loading rate. You’re able to minify the CSS, reevaluate the implementation of JavaScript from HTML till page load complete, turn massive files into a cacheable document, etc.

Your code stays Precisely the same. However, your site loads faster than the average business-based loading period. The ideal balance between fast processing speed, caching, and CDN offloading contributes to the diminished loading period.

The hosting system provided by Nestify optimizes these Parameters apply and mechanically on the grounds of traffic patterns. Anyway, you’re ready to handle and control the cache quickly.

Mobile Devices Prefer Faster Websites

No visitor enjoys going to a page that’s slow, period. And Speed gains an entirely different requirement in regards to mobile devices.

Consumers who are utilizing mobile devices to browse Online need an Astronomical browsing rate. Consequently, over 50% of the everyday consumer traffic originates out of those demanding mobile apparatus.

These cellular consumers don’t have the time to wait for your Website to load. That is where using a speedy website assists. It ensures that the vast majority of your site traffic is kept, and thus the participation is also enhanced.

Nestify provides quicker mobile device delivery by maximizing the hosted sites. In addition, it supports low bandwidth without needing to change any code. Regular dimensions using third-party tools contribute to the enhanced level of functionality of the piles.

Nestify FTP and SSH

If you’re Knowledgeable about the cPanel and There Is No problem for one to pay a visit to the file manager and manage your site files. With Nestify, document management is somewhat different.

You will require FTP software like FileZilla or even CyberDuck to Access your site files. In any case, you might even opt to get into the console using remote SSH access. Nestify gives one of the FTP and SSH information so you can get your site files quickly.

Nestify Database Management

The database direction of Nestify is more straightforward with the Assistance of Their consumer-friendly dashboard. Moreover, you always have the option to access your database information, and Nestify permits you to modify the password of the database if you’d like.

Anyway, they also provide an interface that you start the phpMyAdmin. For many consumers like me, obtaining the database and checking the database info is vital. Nestify simplified this to their users.

Addons and Update

If your hosting plan doesn’t enough to encourage your site hosting requirements, Nestify supplies you with the add-ons and update choice.

In the case of traffic spikes or higher server tools needed, you may constantly update your plan. But should you not want to upgrade your hosting program instantly, Nestify can still manage extra visitors up to 3 times with no additional price.

In case you need more disk distances or email storage, then it’s available as an add-on. Thus, there are no worries since Nestify gets the choices that meet your requirements.

Benefits of Use

Nestify provides three managed-to-host programs — Starter, Personal, and Professional — that you may use to get WordPress hosting or WooCommerce hosting. Some of the noteworthy features of this managed hosting programs are:

  • 5 GB to 40 GB of all SSD disc storage
  • 500 GB bandwidth
  • A staging environment (on several programs )
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Ability to manage 10,000 to 150,000 monthly visits
  • Free SSL, CDN, and site migration
  • PHP 7 service
  • Support for custom PHP scripts

The hosting plans include daily safety scans for vulnerabilities, insecure plugins, and security against hackers. You will also have WP-CLI that you may use to configure multisite installs, upgrade plugins, and perform a whole lot more besides utilizing an internet browser.

Except for the Starter program, Nestify’s plans provide a Staging environment that reproduces your manufacturing environment (same configurations, applications (and hardware) so that you may examine your site code before putting it into production.

It requires just one click in the console to construct staging Surroundings or push modifications to manufacture.

Continuing the development motif, Nestify’s customizable Software stack supplies Git push assistance, SSH access, and CLI tools, which means that you can enjoy complete control of every characteristic of your code.

When you ask for additional software centers, you need to find this business never blocks any plugins or attributes.

Nestify stores all files and databases on SSDs with RAID-10 Setup to guarantee rapid read/write durability and speeds. In addition, the superior CDN further enhances page loading rates and helps protect your website against attacks. These steps combine to provide you a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Along with supplying WooCommerce hosting, Nestify automatically optimizes your internet shop to guarantee faster load times and more efficient trades. And for agencies that sponsor and handle client sites, Nestify’s REST API provides programmatic access to site management purposes.

To top off its offerings, Nestify offers four VPS programs.

Nestify Security & Infrastructure

Another thing that leads to this Fantastic safety and Infrastructure of Nestify hosting will be the AWS Graviton chips they use to their platform. Even though they’re a small business, I believe this is something else that puts them apart from other handled WordPress hosting suppliers.

To maintain your sites protected, they perform automatic backups & safety scans to protect against malware and DDoS attacks.

What are the Advantages of utilizing AWS Graviton Processors? They are constructed by Amazon Web Services and use 64-bit Flexible Neoverse cores to provide the best performance for cloud workloads operating in Amazon EC2.

Something intriguing that makes utilizing Nestify Amazing is that with Amazon EC2 they supply the broadest and deepest portfolio of calculating cases.

Another Wonderful thing about AWS Graviton chips is that they provide a significant jump in functionality and capabilities. All this only means that it creates Nestify handled WordPress optimized for FAST rates.

Essential Features for Developers

Nestify Attempts to offer unique benefits and attributes for your site. In addition, it considers providing scalable options for your program so they can supply you with all the essential aids for the betterment of your site. 

Maintaining these things in your mind, Nestify has developed the staging of the site feature, particularly from the programmer’s standpoint. This one-click feature has a significant part for the programmers of the website.

But this facility can be obtained with just specific plans. This feature helps the programmers using a conducive environment to carry out some alterations on the website and its content with no safety anxiety. In reality, the changes may also be reversed or not suitable for its successful outcomes.

After the completion of this job, the Web Site can go live again with only a click.

The only fundamental staging feature is a boon for the every Class of WordPress users. With all these amenities and securities, the editing of the site content gets simple and practically helpful.

Pros and Cons


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 7-day free trial
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Daily backups. It’s impressive.
  • Integrated CDN for quicker loading of your sites.
  • Professional Twitter and WooCommerce
  • There’s not any bandwidth limitation.
  • They are widely used by business leaders and the very best brands.


  • A restricted allocation of yearly visits.
  • Just five Decades of business expertise
  • Just monthly and annual billing cycles accessible
  • Prohibitively pricey in contrast to Bluehost, HostGator, etc.

Plans and Pricing

The pricing of this Nestify is its crucial feature amongst its Different services. It divides it from the contest.

Nestify becomes a victor when it comes to low prices. Seeing all of the features supplied by the business, nobody can envision their costs could be so low that the assortment of the expenses that place them in beneath the weakest tiers in Flywheel and WP engine.

Considering its attributes, we presumed that the pricing of Nestify would begin from a minimum of $20 per month. Still, to our surprise, it was far lower.

Anyone can cover them as low as $5.99 per month to the Web Site hosting. This figure is for the visitors of 25,000 monthly traffic basis along with 5 GB of SSB storage.

Although this strategy doesn’t provide staging, but also at this Amount, there’s not anything to whine about! 

On the other hand, the pricing because of the additional monthly programs is $8.99 and $11.99. These two programs include staging and different visitors. You can assess the Nestify programs from the table provided below:

Besides the traffic, these costs include the Single domain name. For each extra domain, there’s an additional monthly price of $3.99.

Each of the programs offered by this Nestify comprises a specific number of traffic. 

And in case you receive considerable traffic with more traffic than usual, Nestify wouldn’t limit you or terminate your solutions. So, in reality, initially, for the three instances, Nestify doesn’t charge anything for the extra traffic or traffic.

But after the next time, you’ll have to update your Plan into the upcoming available alternative. And we think it is a fair thing. Apart from these, Nestify additionally provides expensive VPS plans.

Their hosting plans begin at $ 7.99 per month and return to $ 49.99 per month, based on the traffic demands of your website.

1. Starter

Suppose you are a newcomer and want to provide starters an opportunity. In that case, your overnight bundle is the best package that charges you $ 7.99 per month.

You can set up a site and have a maximum capacity of 10,000 visits a month. You also receive 5GB of storage and may transport complete information.

2. Private

With the Private Bundle, you can accumulate 75,000 Visits a month with 10GB of storage area and readily transfer an infinite number of information. This program costs $19.99 per month.

Fantastic for professional bloggers, bloggers, or those who want to conduct a WordPress site with continuous traffic considerably quicker.

3. Expert

Suppose your website Is Extremely active and your company is the primary Concern. In that case, Nestify’s business program is the best alternative for you.

With this bundle, you can produce around 150,000 visits per month. You also receive 40GB of storage with unlimited data transfer capacity.

This package costs $49.99 a month and is Excellent for online Sellers and bloggers using a high-traffic site.


As you men could see in this Nestify review, their WordPress hosting is cheap, quick, dependable, and secure with excellent uptime performance.

In Addition, getting good 24/7/365 Customer care is vital to have at any hosting supplier online. Although Nestify is fresh compared with other WordPress hosting, they pride themselves on customer care.

And most importantly, they offer you a complimentary trial. So you can register and assess it yourself. So we’re sure the Nestify Review will appeal to you also.

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