MilesWeb Review 2021: Are They Worth The Hype and Money?

In case you’re looking for an inexpensive web host That Provides you Unlimited attributes, you are in the ideal location.

There are a plethora of hosting companies are accessible on the internet at the moment. However, not many web hosts give you incredible attributes with superb customer care assistance at inexpensive rates.

It is where MilesWeb comes into play that offers you Quicker, trustworthy, and cost-effective hosting features. MilesWeb was established in 2012 and because then proliferating in the internet hosting business by providing exceptional web hosting solutions with 24/7 live service and unlimited capabilities. Through this detailed post I’ll be sharing MilesWeb Review in depth so that you guys will get to know about it.

What’s MilesWeb?

MilesWeb is an Indian web hosting company supplying Hosting and domain names throughout the world. With the assurance of 99.95percent of bandwidth, MilesWeb is thought of as one of the most reliable hosting options. The business provides 24×7 supports via Phone, E-mail, and Live Chat and can be achieved using a toll-free telephone amount.

So if you’re annoyed with the Problem with your present hosting provider, it’s the opportunity to attempt to utilize MilesWeb. Aside from the domain name registration, MilesWeb supplies Shared hosting, reseller hosting, hosting entirely managed VPS Hosting, Cloud, and ultimately managed Dedicated Servers.

It’s comparatively new on the current market, working since 2012. At Current, MilesWeb asserts to possess 28 000 clients. The business specifies its aim in its mission statement–to “provide quality solutions at inexpensive rates.”

MilesWeb is your top and expanding hosting supplier in the hosting world. The business is originated in Nashik, Maharashtra, India, from the year 2012. MilesWeb is moving forward to develop into a worldwide leader in managed hosting providers with 24/7 customer service and innumerable capabilities.

MilesWeb is a listed firm in RoC Mumbai, which suggests that it is possible to trust it like a brand. It’s a 100% separate broad and lively hosting company. The creators of MilesWeb are Deepak Kohli, Chetan Mahale, and Chinmay Digore.

MilesWeb is a highly dependable web hosting provider that’s Tier-3 and Tier-4 information centers. The company is given Best VPS Hosting, Greatest SSD Hosting, and Finest Joomla Hosting in 2020. So, now let’s get into the MilesWeb Review in detail.

MilesWeb Infrastructure

MilesWeb utilizes tier-3 and tier-4 data centers in the United States, UK, Romania, and India, with infrastructure optimized for speed and reliability. Each of the data center facilities is outfitted with all multi-tier redundant power systems, HVAC equipment, and 24/7 security.

MilesWeb ensures that their information center HVAC and electricity Distribution will be available 100 percent of their time, excluding emergency and scheduled maintenance. Complete server specifications aren’t recorded, but dedicated hosting programs disclose more info about the host hardware employed in their datacenters.

MilesWeb Hosting Features

1. SSD Storage

MilesWeb hosts all sites on superfast SSD servers. It means your site will load quicker compared to websites hosted on rotation HDD.

2. Built-in Caching Mechanism

Caching helps to produce a faster web experience and rescue bandwidth. MilesWeb’s built-in caching mechanism enables enhanced website functionality with APC, xCache, and OpCache.

3. Latest Internet technologies

MilesWeb supplies a secure hosting environment for your website. You will find the newest versions of PHP and MySQL to enable the sites hosted with MilesWeb.

4. SSL Certificates

SSL certificates permit protected data transfer amongst the server and the user’s browser. Additionally, HTTPS is thought of as a ranking sign and supplies a minor search engine optimization increase to your website. These days, people prefer purchasing from HTTPS-enabled websites rather than non-secure sites.

MilesWeb Presents free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to Guard your site. Company sites or e-commerce stores might look at purchasing premium SSL certifications from third-party firms for a further layer of safety.

5. International Datacenter Locations

The server place closer to this target market guarantees Minimal latency and improved response time. MilesWeb understands it, and therefore it’s put servers in six international locations, such as the USA, Canada, UK, Mumbai, Singapore, and Australia.

Decide on the server location closest to your target audience and Enable them to get your site as rapidly as possible.

6. Website Backup and Restore

Losing site data could be a nightmare to get a webmaster. It would help if you were ready for the worst. MilesWeb daily backup feature will allow you to produce a duplicate of your whole site and revive it when demanded. Bear in mind, MilesWeb charges extra fees for site backup because its hosting pricing is relatively low compared with other hosting companies on the marketplace.

7. cPanel Control Panel

MilesWeb Delivers industry-leading control panel cPanel handles your domain names, sub-domains, email accounts, safety, and a few innovative capabilities.

Also, it includes a straightforward script auto-installer and complimentary Site builder so that you may bring your company on the internet very quickly.

8. Free Domain Name

Many beginners do not want to invest a Massive amount in Domain+hosting providers before attempting these solutions.

MilesWeb supplies a .COM domain free for a year with its own Swift and Turbo hosting programs. After one year, you can renew it in a standard domain registration fee or move it to a different registrar.

9. Free Website Migration

If You Would like to transfer your Current site to MilesWeb, it’s possible to contact the MilesWeb service team at no cost site transport. MilesWeb staff can allow you to migrate your site with no extra fees.

After the migration procedure, your Website will begin serving its customers from MilesWeb lightning fast servers.

Pros and Cons of MilesWeb


  • Immediate account setup
  • Gives you 30 days money-back guarantee in which you can start the refund request within the initial 30 days from the date of order to Receive your cashback
  • Accessibility to free malware removal and scan tool to protect your website from malware attacks
  • Hassle-free site migrations in FREE of cost
  • SSL certificates are provided for free
  • Their Customer Care assistance during their live chat is significantly faster which can be accessible 24/7
  • You receive SSD storage with All their hosting plans to get quicker speeds and better functionality


  • No copies are supplied
  • No True uptime guarantee
  • Automated back-ups come at an Excess price
  • Dubious Advertising techniques

Ease of use

Among those matters, we kept noticing that MilesWeb’s site was a few of those questionable advertising methods that lack subtlety. Another strange thing we struck on MilesWeb’s site was a type of timer which popped up using a “warning” about a soon-to-expire supply to register a free domain name in five minutes or not.

And we witnessed that over just a few times while hunting the site. If this was presumed to be a joke, then it went over our minds. Otherwise, it simply is not accurate, and mimicking the condition of urgency does not look like the ideal approach to “grab” fresh or less experienced clients.

In terms of servers, two can be found for the lowest-priced shared hosting program: one in New York and another in Mumbai, India. Before moving, double-check for any undesirable additions to your graph (because there were some in our situation) because they can increase the entire cost significantly.

Next, to complete making your MilesWeb’s accounts, you need to supply them with a few conventional personal information and additional info for which kind of SMS alarms you need to get. Then you may make a password, pick a payment system, complete your purchase, and await additional directions.

Why do you need to go to get MilesWeb Hosting?

1. 30-Days Cash back-Guarantee

Well, MilesWeb hosting is excellent, at which the cancellation of Hosting won’t be necessary. However, if you aren’t pleased with the MilesWeb hosting, you can get your 100% money-back below the 30-days of hosting.

2. Free Domain Name

MilesWeb provides you a free domain name with their hosting Strategy, which usually means you’re all set to host your company online without paying the additional costs of this domain name.

3. Free SSL Certificate

These Days, SSL Is Essential to your website; either you Want to position your organization site on Google, or you also would like to create the client’s confidence. MilesWeb supplies you with a completely free SSL Certification with their hosting plans, which usually means that you don’t need to be concerned about your website’s data and other minor matters associated with SSL.

4. No Extra Renewal Price

Another best center by the MilesWeb is the Firm Doesn’t charge any excess amount for the renewal of hosting. Whereas all of the hosting providers charge an extra amount in hosting, MilesWeb does not.

5. 24/7 Priority Service

Customer care is your very first significant priority of this MilesWeb. The organization is currently available 24/7/365 to their clients.

6. Offers free cPanel

MilesWeb gives you free cPanel along with your hosting, which means what’s under your control, and it is easy to manage your site.

7. 99.95% Uptime Guarantee

If you intend to become a famous blogger however worried about your site’s uptime, we’ll advise you to migrate into MilesWeb Hosting. The business provides you with guaranteed 99.95% uptime, so your website will constantly up all of the time.

MilesWeb Performance Characteristics

The lowest-priced plans comprise SSD (Solid State Drive) storage. That’s far better than conventional HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). SSDs do not have rotating platters or altering browse heads, which the latter usage. Consequently, their access speed isn’t limited automatically.

If information is dispersed randomly, SSDs perform quicker than HDDs. MilesWeb asserts its SSDs improve site acceleration to 200 percent.

Magento hosting packages contain the LiteMage alternative to Boost website performance and manage sudden traffic spikes. Its cache management process is one of the top solutions for Magento 2 and 1. LiteMage enriches the site performance by mixing all of the obtained answers into a whole page. In any case, it absorbs less RAM and CPU resources.

MilesWeb Site Migration

Some site owners might be reluctant to change their server Due to website migration challenges. That is the reason why lots of suppliers attempt to make it as simple as possible. MilesWeb is among these.

The server does not bill its new customers for website migration. What’s more, it claims to look after everything from transferring website files to handling your hosting host. MilesWeb guarantees that transition includes zero downtime. Be aware that for speedy migration, your previous host needs to have a cPanel control panel.

Prices and Plans

MilesWeb supplies a Wide Array of Internet services, including Shared hosting, reseller hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, server management, domain registrations, superior SSL certificates, and email services.

Even Though it’s one of those cheap web hosting providers in India, you are going to receive unmatched product quality and steller client service without burning off your hard-earned cash.

Here I’ve discussed some popular web hosting plans from MilesWeb. You may buy some of these that match your needs.

MilesWeb is quite cautious with its hosting plans and their prices. Their hosting plans are extremely reasonably priced, and everybody can manage their plans. MilesWeb provides you five Distinct Kinds of hosting, are as follows:

  • Shared Hosting (starts from $0.54/month )
  • VPS Hosting (starts from $8.55/month )
  • WordPress Hosting (starts from $0.54/month )
  • Reseller Hosting (starts from $3.93/month)
  • Dedicated Hosting (starts from $67.91/month)

1. Shared hosting

MilesWeb’s shared hosting costs begin as low as $0.54 per year month. But this cost comes for a three-year contract, just 1GB of storage, and just one website. All programs become optimized for WordPress.

MilesWeb calls for its shared hosting programs “unlimited” The Disk space, bandwidth, and several mail accounts don’t have any limitations with Swift and Turbo programs. However, beware of this restricted number of concurrent connections.

It limits the number of people interacting with your Website at precisely the exact moment. The maximum limit for your Turbo program is 200.

2. VPS Hosting

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MilesWeb provides both controlled and managed VPS hosting plans. The latter suggests that server maintenance and updates are the customer’s responsibility. The least expensive bundle will cost you $5 per month to get an unmanaged and $8.55 for handled choice.

3. WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb provides a dedicated hosting program to your WordPress blogs. The program begins at $6.15 a month, where you can host one domain with unlimited bandwidth.

4. Reseller Hosting

MilesWeb also supplies cheap reseller hosting packages. The Most inexpensive Bronze program will cost you just $3.93 per month. To create more straightforward hosting, MilesWeb provides a permit to utilize the automatic billing platform WHMCS for $10 per month.

5. Dedicated Server Hosting

If you want more funds and scalability, you can Select MileWeb’s dedicated server program. The costs begin at $71 per month. In addition to VPS programs, the consumer has a selection of a control panel and operating system (such as Windows). All servers have Intel Xeon processors with four cores and 8 GB of RAM.


MilesWeb presents several safety features. Specifically, it Supplies a web application firewall, which protects your site from these malicious attacks as SQL injection, XML-RPC DDoS attacks, etc. A two-step authentication procedure secures access to your site.

The malware removal software will scan your website for almost any dangers or viruses and eliminate them. BitNinja server safety tool also supplies projection out of malware, script injection, brute force, along with other strikes on all significant protocols. In any case, all hosting accounts are all isolated from one another on the machine.

LiteSpeed software, contained in Magento packs, functions not only to boost functionality. Additionally, it has a built-in anti-DDoS attribute to defend your website against many common attacks.


The Assortment of hosting options MilesWeb provides is nothing but striking, in addition to their capacity to fulfill the demands of every kind of website. But, certain ambiguities about a number of those characteristics, in addition to somewhat distasteful advertising and marketing practices, may make some people today consider other alternatives. I’ve shared the detailed MilesWeb Review so that you’ll get to know about their offerings.

Additionally, the free domain, SSL certificates, and free Website Migration providers add value to the consumers. If you’re searching for a meager cost yet feature-rich internet host to start your sites, MilesWeb could be an excellent match for you.

They provide you exclusive attributes, including SSD storage, free Domain name, free SSL, 24/7 instant chat service, free website migrations, and what not.

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