JustHost Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features

Are you looking for an honest review on JustHost hosting?

You’ve landed on the right page, here I’ll be giving you the honest review on his boat depending upon the usage. We’ve personally used them and hosted few of our websites to know whether they’re capable of fulfilling our needs or not. 

By the end of post I will asking to share the pros and cons that will give you an idea that whether you should opt their services or not for hosting your websites. So make sure to stick with the lost till end in order to get the most out of it. With that being said lets get started. 

What is JustHost?

JustHost is the hosting that was launched way back in 2002 by Chris Phillips in California. But later onwards in 2012 it was owned by the EIG. Just Like The Other brands of EIG i.e. HostGator and iPage the JustHost out up their legs into the step of the competition. 

After the ownership soon they beloved to add up some of.the new features and they begin their journey by adding the shared hosting plans back in 2015. We are constantly monitoring their uptime speed along with the performance and that’s the reason why we are sharing this unbiased review on the JustHost hosting that each one of the digital entrepreneurs needs to know who’s supposed to purchasing it. 

Let’s begin with the features. 

What are the features of JustHost? 


As the features are concerned there might be toms of features available amongst which we’ve shortlisted few of the key features that you need to know, so here are they:- 

1. Easy to use 

The easiness factor of any hosting might grab your attention, so if you are the one who does not have any knowledge about hosting and website creation the JustHost could be the best option just because it has a pretty user interface that might not go to any kind of hassle while setting up your website. 

Even if you already have a domain name its pretty easy to migrate it to the JustHost, this will take less than 10 minutes and that’s the deal-breaking thing JustHost is providing you. Also their plans are so sophisticated that’ll not confuse you at any instance. All you need to is just select the plan according to the project and proceed with the payment. 

2. Provisioning of instant server 

One of the biggest problems with most of the hosting provider is that they usually consume lot of time in sign up process but nevertheless, JustHost is the proper solution to all of the problems as they manages every single thing you face that’ll surely blow up your mind. 

Whether you are living in abroad or in a region where JustHost does not has its data centers though it’ll be easier to get connected to them so easily. It’s not frustrating compared to the other competitors is available in the market and its reason why most of the professional blogger is used to try out the services offered by just host. 

The good thing is that just that offers you the instant support if you acquire their premium hosting services like VPS or dedicated server. If you’re the one like me who does not like the long length method to to sign up with the process and you should definitely grab the justhost services just because that is not consumed as much amount of time even if you are just a newbie. 

3. Free domain name 

Giving away a free domain name along with any kind of hosting is not the new thing available in the market, but still most of the hosting providers out there are not giving away a free domain name. And this might affect most of the newbies who are not supposed to invest a bit amount of money in purchasing a new domain name for their website. 

But when it comes to the just host they are pretty good as they used to serve a free domain name to the new users who are supposed to Grab one of their hosting plan to host their website. They are integrated with tons of integrations like .com, .in, .net etc. So as let the need you can select any one of them. 

But let me tell you that if you avail for a money-back guarantee the amount of domain name will get deducted which might bother you. 

4. 30 days of the money-back guarantee 

For the initial users of just host the good news is that the office within 30 days of money-back guarantee so in case if you don’t like their features or if you are supposed to grab your money back that you’ve invested in one of the hostings, then you’re free to proceed with. 

Make sure that the preferred only applies on the hosting services of just host and not on the other services. Also let me tell you that the refund policy is applicable but the domain name pricing will not be defended just because the domain name will stay with you even if you take refund that can be migrated to the other hosting. 

Apart from this the JustHost is interested with over 100 different applications that also include Google apps which will help you to grow your website in an authentic manner. This will surely help you out to generate the sales. 

This is the best solution for those who don’t have any idea about the hosting is because it is a new one and has the less budget, this feature will help you out to take the complete refund of what you’re laying them. 

5. Get access to the script library 

So this is one of the best thing that with each one of the hosting plan and other services of just host hosting you will get free access to a script library. 

This will help you to install automatically any kind of scripts that is right for your website to grow in an authentic manner. Whether you’re supposed to grab it for WordPress, phpBB, osCommerce and Joomla. So check it out for a better commencement. 

Although even if you are not good at coding hot doesn’t know anything about coding skills, then it is very easy for you to install it. 

6. Enhanced loading speed

The loading speed is something that you could not ignore at any interest if you are supposed to maximize your website authenticity. This matters the most just because most of the visitors usually bounce back to the other website if your website does not load in an instance. And this impacts negatively up on the website growth. 

But JustHost has their words, as we’ve personalized their performance and it came to know that it is pretty good in the industry standards. Usually they used to serve around 731 MS loading speed that makes the true sense for the beginners who does not have enough budget but willing to acquire top-notch hosting with a higher loading speed. 

As, if any of the hosting providers out there is about to serve the decent loading speed them the chances are more that the visited if your website will never go back to the other websites, and the conversion rate also gets increased by time. This is better for the sake of customer satisfaction. 

 we have personally analysed them for approximately and year and came to know that they provide you a pretty good performance along with the high loading speed. So you’re free to acquire them. 

7. Decent securities 

While choosing a new hosting service in one of the most priorities you should make is to check out their security services. 

Just to know you let me tell you that Justhost offers you decent security that will enhance your website level and takes your website on the too of the industry. There are various different Shield that are being offered to you like free SSL certification, SSH, SAD support and lot more that’ll surely improve your website authenticity. 

Along with that there is also the support of sitelock that will never allow spammers or hackers to have your website at any instance. Some of the securities of the JustHost included following features:- 

  • Get access to the security maintenance.
  • Get access of regular alerts and email notifications. 
  • Get access to the dashboard reports. 
  • There’s the support of 360° scanning the look upon the vulnerabilities and databases. 
  •  A high-end security maintenance facility is being available. 

Also if any of the threat is been detected it will automatically notify you using the notification which enhances your overall capability. Also automatically if anyone try to have your website it will be listed as blacklisted and the error will get removed just within a while. 

In order to clean up the malicious files you don’t have to proceed with a single task as everything is get done by the hosting services itself. And this is something that matters the most and profits you. 

How much does JustHost cost?


As the pricing is concerned the JustHost used tk serve the following plans amongst which you can opt the one that fits your need. 

1. Basic Plan 

The basic plan is available at just $3.95/ month where you can host a single website and get around 50GB of storage. The bandwidth your get is unmetered. And get 5 email accounts capability. 

2. Plus plan 

The Plus plan is available at just $6.95/ month where you’ll get unlimited storage and you can host unlimited domains with it. Also you can use unlimited emails. 

3. Choice plan 

Last but not the least is choice plan where you will get access to some of the high-end features also you can add on the future that you need. This will cost you around $6.95/ month. So make sure to check it out. 

Now let’s jump onto the pros and cons of JustHost. 

Pros & Cons 

To let you know we’ve compiled the pros and cons so it’ll be better for you to decide that whether it will fulfill your requirement or not so let’s get deep into it. 


  • 30 days of money-back guarantee will help you a lot in case if you don’t like their features. Additionally, you get the support of multiple add-ons that you can add in the hosting plan that you’ve purchased.
  • Get access rot the instant server provisioning. 
  • There is an availability of free script library.
  • For the first-time user off in justhost, they used to provide a free domain name that will last for an year. 
  • For maximizing the value of your website they used to serve Top-Notch security enhance the capability of your website and keep all of the hackers and spammers away. 
  • Get in aren’t loading speed support along with the performers so that your website will get load in just 731ms. 


  • The customer support of justhost is not upto the mark that might bother you in case if you face any of the technical issues regarding the hosting and services. 
  • The overall of time speed of just host is not that good compared to the other competitors as it usually remains below 99.88%. 
  • Only for the 3 years the price will be cheaper but letter on words while renewal it goes on increasing. 
  • There is no guarantee weekly backup support that might bother you in case if you lose any of your website content. 
  • There’s a lot of upselling. 

Should you go with JustHost? 

By hosting few of our website with JustHost we came to know that they’re not good enough though they serves you higher loading speed. So if you’re the one who’s looking for a legitimate hosting provider in the market the JustHost seems to the beginner-friendly.

So if you’re someone who’s just willing to create their personal blog the JustHost could be a great deal as it’s available at very cheaper price. So, in short it’s not for someone who’s looking to maximize their website value in future. 

Final Verdict 

The JustHost offers you quite good features but compared to the competitors out there it’s not the only hosting providers available in the maker which serve you a value for money options, there are several different hosting available in the market that might serve you some of the awesome features.

From last so many years the JustHost was termed to be the most underrated hosting provider but, still for now it’s not the fastest option. So I won’t highly recommend you to acquire their services unless and until if you’re having fixed budget. So first make sure to visit their official website to get to know more about JustHost. 

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