iPage Hosting Review: Cheap Hosting, But How Much Does It

Choosing the right hosting is kind of crucial task for each one of the newbie out there and that’s where iPage hosting comes in the mind.

If you’re the one who’s still suffering through the dilemma, probably you landed upon the right page as we’re going to discuss lot more factors about the iPage hosting along with the quick review. 

If that sounds great to you make sure to stick with the post till end. But before that let me briefly introduce you with the iPage Hosting. 

What is iPage hosting?

The iPage hosting was launched way back in 1998 and since then they’re consistently increasing the amount of users. Currently they’ve acquired more than a million domains globally which is a huge number. As similar to the bluehost and hostgator it is a part of endurance International group i.e. EIG. 

Apart from this iPage offers few of the valuable plans at an impressive pricing which makes it the perfect choice for the bloggers and digital marketers out there. 

And truly, compared to the pricing their features are quite significant and mind blowing which caught my attention. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a beginner or an intermediate blogger it’s convenient for all. 

Why you need to choose iPage hosting?

iPage Hosting Review: Cheap Hosting, But How Much Does It

There is a big reason why you should opt iPage hosting services. One of the biggest advantage of choosing the iPage services is that their shared hosting plans are truly amazing that serve you as much features at an effective pricing that might blow up your mind. 

I’ve shortlisted fe of the major features of it that each one of you need to know. 

1. Cheap pricing 

The iPage hosting services are truly amazing a they serves you a better hosting services at an effective pricing. From past few years the iPage hosting is serving the best possible features at an effective pricing. 

Currently they’re offering the hosting services which begins from just $1.99/ month which is a good thing. Well, you don’t get much choices in the shared hosting a services of the iPage hosting. They offers you a single plan which makes it the truly minimal plans. 

For saving few amount of bucks I will highly recommend you to purchase the shared hosting for approximately more than 36 months to get an effecrive discount due to which you’ll get the shared plan at just $1.99/ month. 

Instead if you are supposed to pay the bill for just a single year you will have to pay $2.99/ month which is a good thing and if you pay for the 2 years it’ll cost you around $2.49/ month. 

2. Money back guarantee of 30 days 

Money back guarantee plays a crucial role when you buy any of the hosting services to cause in case if you don’t like the hosting services you can take the refund. But one of the biggest issue with the other similar posting is that they would offer you as much amount of money back guarantee.

Instead if you choose the iPage hosting services you will get around 30 days of money back guarantee which is very efficient for you full refund of what you pay for. 

but before you proceed let me conclude that you get a free domain name with the hosting services and if you apply for the refund the domain name pricing will be deducted from the amount they pay you which might not bother you just because the domain name stays with you. $15 is the fee which will get deducted. 

3. Loading speed is quite high 

If your website is down or loads slow then it impacts badly upon the Google algorithm so it need to be maintained at Higher instance. The all new iPage hosting offers toh a great speed which remains stable at 746ms that makes it the prefect hosting of all time. 

We have personally tried and tested their services and found to be the most impressive amongst all the other competitors out there just because this review The Great loading speed so none of the users or the audience will face difficulty while acquiring your website content that makes it one of the perfect hosting provider of all time. 

4. Stable uptime speed of 99.96%

Unlike most of the hosting providers out there the iPage serves you the pretty stable uptime speed of around 99.96% which is a good thing to maintain the sustainability of the website. We’ve personally tested their services in terms of uptime and found to be the best and reliable. If you’re supposed to maximize the authenticity of the website this probably the best hosting available out there that one could opt. 

As per the test we came to know that the lowest uptime we got was 99.92% which might not bother you just because most of the time it goes on hire and humans table at 99.96% which is more efficient for you to run a successful website. 

5. Great customer support

Whenever you face the issue you can directly get in touch with the customer care services which is a good thing. The iPage hosting serves you the better services from the scratch. 

I like most of the first provider of there the iPage serves you 24/7 customer support you can get in touch with their via email. It is be faster so you will get an instant feedback from one of their customer executive more often.

Customer care service is truly beneficial in case if you are a newbie just because you don’t know what features they offer and interface is quite fresh for you. So in case if you face any of the issues or the technical errors you can get in touch with their executive as per the requirement.

6. Get support of third party applications

Compare to the pricing at which they video offers you the services the application support is tremendous so you want face any difficulty while acquiring their features as you get support of third-party applications that will fulfill your requirement from the scratch to skyrocket your website. 

With all of the hosting plans you get a free Domain services which is a good thing for the newbie to acquire website. Innova that for the betterment of security days to offer the free SSL certification which imparts a lot about website that will keep your site away from the hackers. 

One of the major benefit is that you get support of unlimited email so you can host your website efficiently without worrying about the cons. Apart from this if you’re supposed to be built the only website you get a free website builder as well where the WordPress is pre installed from where you can acquire their services. 

The software like Joomla, Gallary2, ZenPhoto, photo galleries, phoBB, SMF forums, b2evolution, Drupal, pixelpost etc are beings served to you for the better convenience and you can take full advantage of their services. 

Apart from this if you are supposed to be built the woocommerce website you also get access to the modern applications like zencart, AgoraCart, OSCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop etc. Which makes it the perfect toolkit for the beginners to start with. 

7. Free site migration

If you are already the owner of other hosting services you can also migrate your site from any of the Other hosting to the iPage hosting providers. It’s truly a simple process that won’t take much than a minute which makes it the perfect hosting provider of all time. 

With all of the hosting plans provided by the iPage hosting you’ll get the free migration support that makes it the perfect hosting. 

How much iPage hosting costs?

Being one of the most popular wordpress hosting the iPage serve you as many features that we have already discussed earlier in this post now let’s jump onto the cost at which they come. 

I was shortlisted the plans amongst which you can opt the one that fits your requirement. 

1. Shared hosting plan

The shared hosting plan is considered to be one of the most reliable and affordable costing of all time which is being served by the iPage hosting. Here you get access to some of the most advanced features like you can host multiple websites with it and connect multiple email accounts. It is available at just $1.99/ month

For the better convenience they used to serve free domain name which is is more convenient for the newbies were about to create all new website. For the security purpose the free SSL certificate is being provided to you that makes it kind of perfect service that keep the hackers and the spammers away. 

2. WordPress WP Starter Starter Plan 

The WordPress WP starter plan is the best solution for Mid Cap business who was supposed to serve the services to their users by creating the best possible website. It is available at just $3.75/ month

Here you can host multiple domains with it which is a good thing and along with that you also get access to a free Domain services which is the best solution for the newbies was supposed to create the all-new website for their businesses. 

One of the biggest benefit you get is support of unmetered bandwidth which makes it the perfect source to host your site. The pre installed plugins and control panel support is available for you that one can avail for the better commencement. 

3. WordPress WP essential plan

The wordpress WP essential plan is the most advanced plan provided by iPage hosting providers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re supposed to create the all new eCommerce Store or an casual website is the best solution for the business owners just because you can host unlimited domains with it and get access of the unlimited emails as well. It is available at just $6.95/ month

Kyon you get the support of wordpress Express support which makes it the perfect plan for the big business owners and the site lock security is also been served to you that will keep all of the hackers and spammers offer from your site. It might be a perfect choice for you in case if you’re supposed to maximize The authenticity of your website.

Pros & Cons Of iPage Hosting

Undoubtedly the iPage is constituted for the most advanced hosting provider of all time. They used to serve the best possible features to the users for the better commencement. But before you go and have your purchase its way station for you to have a look upon the pros and cons of it. So you will be able to decide whether it fulfills your requirement or not. 


  • Get access to the free SSL certification which will keep your side of a from hackers and spammers.
  • The free domain name is being served to you which is a good choice for the beginners.
  • The 30 days of money back guarantee is provided for the better commencement.
  • The shared hosting costs at just $1.99/ month.
  • The fee site migration service is being served to you.
  • The free CDN support is there.
  • The pricing is much less compared to the competition.
  • The uptime speed of website is pretty stable at 99.97%, so you want face in a difficulty while acquiring their features from the scratch.


  • They’ll charge you the extra fees for the additional features which might bother you a lot if you are supposed to add on some of the important entities.
  • No cPanal is being served to you, it’s just because their plans are pretty less in terms of pricing.
  • Not an green hosting so this might cause certain damage to environment that you’ll need to notice. 

Why we recommend that iPage hosting?

The iPage hosting is truly beneficial for all kind of websites so it doesn’t matter what’s your end goal is but you will always blessed by the services they offer shoe which might blow up your mind and take you to the way of purchasing their hosting services. 

One of the biggest reason you should look up on the iPage is just because their customer support is truly beneficial thrill surely help you to shot out any of the technical issues just within a while without getting your website look in terms of speed. It’s being budget friendly too which is a good thing.

Along with that the performance you get is top notch that might blow-up your mind. If that sounds great to you make sure to check it out by visiting their official website. 

Final verdict

The iPage is one of the most rueful hosting provider of all time that serve use some of the major features that we have discussed in this post full stop if you are the one who is willing to acquire the features from the scratch and willing to maximize the website authenticity you should definitely acquire their services.

On one the biggest advantage is that their plans are pretty affordable that might fit in your budget.  Along with that the features which are being served to you is quite impressive so make sure to check it out. I’m recommend you to have the purchase for more this 24 months that’ll save your few bucks.

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