List of Best InMotion Hosting Alternatives & Competitors 2021

InMotion is a top-rated business in terms of hosting services. InMotion is a company that provides a reliable and fast service along with free customer support. You will get your money’s worth by bringing them along. Many useful services are also available for free such as SSD storage, backups, and site migration.

InMotion hosts more than 300,000 Domains which is a good thing. Their servers are very reliable, with an average loading time of 500 milliseconds and an average of 99.98% uptime for the entire year. This means that every website hosted on its servers will always be available at high speeds. InMotion claims to be the best in customer service and they live up to that claim. Their live chat representatives respond in under 2 minutes. 

Although there might be similar competitors serving you better features at affordable pricing, this post is all about Top 5 best alternatives of InMotion hosting that you can consider.

Why did You Need To Look Upon InMotion Alternatives?

InMotion was not lacking in core functionality, which is why their shared hosting plan starts at $3.99 per month. There are cheaper options that provide similar high-quality services. I’ll be reviewing them today. It’s important to note that not all services offer the same high-quality service As InMotion. InMotion even offers a free trial to new users, with a guarantee of a refund within 90 days. They are confident that you will never leave their services.

Here are some alternatives to InMotion if you want something cheaper, or just want to see what options you have. So that you can easily understand what each company offers, I won’t cover all of their services.

What Are InMotion Alternatives?

Following are the top 5 best alternatives of InMotion.

1. HostGator

HostGator has been called the Moby Dick in the web hosting industry. You’ll understand why if you read this blog and also visit YouTube from time to time. Their company hosts over 9 million domains and is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world. HostGator has also been partnered with Cisco and Linux. It is difficult to find a HostGator video that doesn’t require you to watch it before it begins. HostGator has been in business for over 10 years and uses a lot of resources to promote itself. This company is not only about hosting quality, but they also deliver it.


  • Get an Uptime guarantee of around 99.99% which makes your website even more sustainable in terms of reliability. 
  • The website loading speed served by HostGator is 520 ms so no room remains for the audience to wait for getting your website load.
  • Get free SSL certification that’ll help you to keep your website away from hackers & spammers. 
  • Money-back guarantee is available.

How Much Does HostGator Costs?

As the pricing is concerned HostGator used to serve varieties of different plans amongst which you can choose the one, here I’ve shortlisted the pricing of shared hosting that’ll give you an idea about their pricing:- 

  • Hatchling plan is available at $2.75/ month.
  • Baby plan is available at $3.50/ month. 
  • Business plan is available at $5.25/ month. 

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2. A2 Hosting 

A2 Hosting is known for its reliability and lightning-fast SSD hosting. It is not difficult to find a reliable, professional hosting plan. However, it is much more difficult to find a plan that will help you achieve your goals and objectives. Hosting services don’t care about low traffic. A2Hosting is one of those web hosting services that take care of low traffic. It provides all the tools needed to create and manage websites of any type. 

A2Hosting can help you out, It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional web developer. A2Hosting offers shared hosting, VPS hosting as well as reseller hosting. The A2Hosting offers a wide range of hosting services. All are white-labeled and offer full privacy, security, and performance. A2Hosting’s dedicated servers are turbo-fast and can load web pages 20 times faster than the rest. A2Hosting integrates well with other websites, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. You can also access the WHM control panel, which gives you complete control and insight overall hosting accounts.


  • Get up to 99.97% of uptime guarantee that’ll surely help you to maintain the reliability of the website in each aspect.
  • The Loading Speed of the website is well maintained as the average website gets load just within 509 ms which is a great approach. 
  • The free SSL certification is being served to you that’ll help you to keep the website away from hackers and spammers.
  • The money-back guarantee is available.

How Much Does It Costs?

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As the pricing is concerned the A2 hosting used to serve varieties of hosting services at affordable pricing which makes it one of the best alternatives to InMotion. Following are the plans severed by A2 hosting in terms of shared hosting which might give you an idea about their offerings:- 

  • The startup plan is available at just $1.99/ month.
  • Drive plan is available at just $3.99/ month.
  • Turbo boost plan is available at just $5.99/ month. 
  • The turbo max plan is available at just $12.99/ month. 

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3. DreamHost


DreamHost offers professional domain registration and web hosting for all types of websites, blogs, and eCommerce sites. DreamHost provides a platform that allows you to manage WordPress hosting, managed VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. It also helps you get the best domain names. High-tech servers are capable of providing 64GB RAM and then super-fast SSD hosting to allow users to optimize their websites and blogs. 

DreamHost offers shared hosting and many other features. These include the ability to host your own website or a dozen sites, operate a WordPress blog with the one-click installer, simple-to-use tools, and tools for beginners, build an eCommerce site, and hosting of design portfolios. DreamHost plans are affordable and additional features can be purchased at different prices. All plans include unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited storage space. 

Apart from this, it also offers a variety of business plans. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly installments. DreamHost opens doors to all types of web hosting, where you will find the best solutions for visitor engagement and low traffic.


As the features are concerned I’ve shortlisted a few of the major features of DreamHost that you need to look upon, so here are they:- 

  • Get an awesome customer support facility that’ll help you anytime you need, as they offer 24/7 customer support. 
  • To maintain the website performance the DreamHost serves a loading speed of around 2.35 ms which is even faster than BlueHost that makes it even more sustainable. 
  • Get a free domain name that’ll last with you for a year. 
  • The free SSL certification makes your website more authorized in each aspect. 
  • Get an automated backup facility. 

How Much Does It Cost?

As the pricing is concerned the DreamHost used to serve you varieties of plans amongst which you can opt the one that fits your need. Following are the plans served by DreamHost in terms of shared hosting:- 

  • The shared starter plan begins from just $2.59/ month.
  • The Shared unlimited plan begins from just $3.95/ month. 

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4. BlueHost

WordPress Hosting 

BlueHost has been a huge star among WordPress users, bloggers, and beginners. Because of its affordable prices and excellent support for WordPress, it is a hugely popular host. considers them one of their top 3 hosting recommendations. They are also excellent in the core elements of hosting services, with fast page loads and rock solid uptimes. Unfortunately, their customer service is slow and takes 40 minutes to respond to customers.

BlueHost is a well-established company in web hosting and knows that they are a great destination for beginners. BlueHost is well-known for their support and strong knowledge of WordPress. Their shared hosting plans start at $2.95 per month.


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As the features are concerned the BlueHost used to offer some of the insane features that we’ve shortlisted:- 

  • As per the research its been found that the BlueHost used to offer higher loading speed of around 1.48 ms which makes it more reliable. 
  • THe customer support service of BlueHost is unbeatable as there’s support of live chat & phone call too. 
  • Get a free domain name that’ll last with you for an year. 
  • Varieties of plans to choose amongst. 
  • A free SSL certification that’ll help you keep the website away from hackers and spammers. 

How Much Does It Costs?

As pricing of BlueHost is pretty cheaper, as they used to offer varieties of plans amongst which you can pick that one that fits in your budget, So here are they:- 

  • Shared hosting begins from just $2.95/ month.
  • Shared WordPress hosting begins from just $2.95/ month.
  • WooCommerce hosting begins from just $15.95/ month.
  • VPS hosting begins from just $29.99/ month.
  • Managed hosting begins from just $29.99/ month.
  • Dedicated Hosting Begins from just $79.99/ month.

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5. WP Engine

WPEngine might not have been the first company to offer managed WordPress hosting — Pagely holds that honor — but they are the largest (and most well-known) company in managed WordPress hosting. WP Engine has a lot of experience hosting WordPress sites. They have more than 120,000 customers across 140 countries. 

According to WP Engine’s marketing materials, “five percent” of the internet visits WP Engine at least once a day.

WP Engine is a powerful contender for those who need more than the low-cost, regular web hosts can provide. They offer high-performance, optimized hosting environments for WordPress websites and also take care of many of the ongoing tasks required to maintain a secure WordPress website.


As the features are concerned the WP Engine used to various features that might blow up your mind, well here are some of their most crucial features that you need to know about:- 

  • Get access to the dailly backup which will help you to keep your website data safe. 
  • Get enhanced security accessibility as they used to serve a feww SSL certification that won’t allow hacker or spammers to attack your website. 
  • Email service makes your website performance even more enhanced. 
  • WP Engine has maximum amount of data centers available nearby. 
  • The support system of WP Engine is insane as they serve you 24/7 ticket facility so that you can get in touch with executives anytime you need. 

How Much Does It Costs?

Pricing is one of the most crucial part of WP Engine that makes it more sustainable and the best alternative of InMotion hosting. Following are the plans you can expect from WP Engine:- 

  • Managed hosting begins from just $25/ month.
  • Managed hosting plus begins from just $28.33/ month.
  • Secure hosting begins from just $44.17/ month. 
  • Ecommerce hosting begins from just $30/ month. 

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Final Verdict 

Thorugh this detailed post I’ve shared the top 5 best alternatives of InMotion hosting that you can consider buying istead of InMotion. It doesn’t mean InMotion is not worthy, surely InMotion is better at their place whereas there are some other competitors in the market that might sevre you some of the better features at an affordable pricing that you can consider, So make sure to choose the option amongs the top 5 best alternatives of InMotion.

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