How to Start a Blog in 2021 Step By Step

Are you the one who’s s into the dilemma of getting started with the blog?

Through this post, I’ll take you through the complete process that how to buy a domain name along with the hosting, which is essential for the website creation. If that sounds great to you, make sure to stick with the post till the end. It is one of the efficient ways to create your own identity and set up your online store with a personal website that belongs to blogging. So let’s begin with the conceptual entities that are essential for you to know at the very initial stage of blogging. So let’s begin with the stuff.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is nothing but a website created where you can share the information or expertise that you carry in your mind; even you can sell out your products or services that you own, which

is an efficient way to create an identity online. Tons of bloggers are living just with the help of blogging only because it has the efficiency to generate a decent amount of revenue by sharing

your expertise.

There are tons of different platforms available out there like WordPress and Wix, which allows you to create your website or blog depending upon your requirement. So if you are eager to know more about blogging, let me take you deep into it; I will showcase you how to purchase hosting and domain from the right providers at a very reasonable amount. It’s kind of essential

for you to buy the right domain and hosting that concludes your website brand.

Why Create a Blog 2021?

It’s 2021 and most of the people might get confused that is it still worth to create the all-new blog in 2021?

Well, the answer is yes! Though there is a huge demand in video content most of the audience likes to consume the data in a text format it just because that clarifies their mind. There are lot more niches that specifically been written in the text format. 

There’s still lot more scope available that you can avail even if you’re just a fresher, and I want to conclude that it will never go to end. If you are interested in the terminology then you need to know that more than 409 million people use to read the blog post on regular basis. 

And when it comes to the revenue generation it’s been calculated to be more than $38,000 is being enjoyed by an average blogger who is trying to sell out their expertise through the text format. So undoubtedly there is huge scope available in the market even if you create a fresh blog in 2021. 

How to Start a Blog in 2021?

The creation of a blog is not a big deal if you know the right thing, and that’s where hosting and domain lies. These are the couple of entities that will surely require you to create the right blog

that will drive you in the long run. There are tons of hosting providers out there, but specifically, we are going to talk about BlueHost; it’s one of the efficient and most reliable hosting providers of all time, which is specifically known for the aggressive pricing that might grab your attention.

It is even cheaper to get started with, which makes the real sense. But at the very first, it’s essential for you to know what exactly is web hosting and how it is useful for your blog; also, it’ll sort out your questions as well.

How to Choose a Right Niche for Your Blog?

The very first step you’ll require while creation of blog is niche. And you can find that by examining the interest that you have in the specific field. You can’t select the niche at which you don’t have a single interest and you are subject to about it, it will not help you in long run whereas if you opt your hobby and select the niche which shots your interest it’ll be even more beneficial for you to stay with it in long run. 

To let you know I have short-listed few important entities that will help you for selection of a profitable niche, following are the questions that you need to ask to yourself and if the answer from you is yes then surely you can opt their services:-

  • Examine that the niche you’ve selected has the scope or not?
  • Is there a huge competition on the niche on Google?
  • Are there other blouse vichar ranking higher belonging to a similar niche?
  • If the product is there then do you find the positive reviews on the Amazon?
  • Are the keywords available for the specific niche?

This question will help you to select the specific niche that will bring out more traffic in your way it’s because if you opt the niche which is new to the market and does not have any existing audience it will be difficult for you to rank on the Google. 

Most of the beginners used to do the mistake of selecting the niche which has no existing traffic and the competition is low, surely it will take huge amount of time to go unless and until the ranking goes higher and the audience rate increases, so make sure to avoid this strategy while choosing the niche for the creation of blog. 

Choose a Blogging Platform

So this is something important to you just because the selection of dog in the platform is an essential entity that most of the beginners used to avoid. This makes sense just because you are going to stay with the platform in long run so make sure to invest some time while selecting the proper block e platform. 

Let me conclude that there are lots of free blogging platforms available on the internet that offers a solid value. So if you are a beginner you can always hand on to the which is again a good blogging platform that you can opt and the very initial stage to test your strategies of blogging.

But in case if you want to build your own brand and willing to to generate some sort of revenue out of blog you will always need to have a platform like WordPress.

What’s WordPress?

Let me clarify you I am not talking about which is a free platform but I am specifically talking about this I’m talking about which is an insane blogging platform available on the internet that is unbeatable at any instance. 

So if you are supposed to stick with the platform in long run you can definitely off their services, there is no any limitations as you can perform various activities just by the drag and drop method which gets your job done just within a while. Even though you also get access to third party plugins that you can use in WordPress.

Why you purchase domain and hosting the whole block will be yours but the thing is you will always need to have a specific domain and hosting that provides you certain value and allows you to store maximum data in your blog. Well it might take some time to maximize the website pattern but once you know the customization process it’ll be damn easier for you to make a good-looking website. 

Choose a Domain Name

When I started my very first blog, I invested a lot much time in doing research. The very first thing you need to know before you choose the domain name is that the domain name must be short, simple, eye catch and memorable. So if you’re the one who selects the complicated domain name it’ll be difficult for the visitors to remember it. Instead try to keep it as simple to make it rank higher and to gain maximum amount of traffic. 

Initially you’ll always need a decent platform from where you can acquire the domain name at a very affordable price. I mostly used to acquire the domain name from the Godaddy which is a great platform that used to serves as many domain names with sever integrations like .com, .in, .org, .me etc. 

Make sure not to opt the random integration just because they’ll not be convenient if you’re targeting different countries. Instead if you go with the .com domain it’ll be convenient for you to make it rank even higher. Focus upon the keywords and the domain name must be related to the niche that you select, it’ll be convenient for you to rank higher on the search engine. 

Most of the hosting providers used to serve the domain name along with the hosting which makes the true sense to acquire but if you’re not supposed to acquire that you’re free to search the domain name on godaddy which is a great platform for the domain research. 

The pricing of the domain name depends upon the domain name you opt, but as per the research it’s been observed that you’ll get a domain starting at $5 and so on. So make sure to check it out accordingly. 

How to Purchase the Domain Name from GoDaddy?

It is way easier to select the domain name from the Godaddy itself just because you need to fill up some of the basic information about your account. The taxes are being included in the billing information. So make sure to do that,  while proceeding further to the Payment procedure you can pay it via Pay Pal, debit, credit, etc. Which is truly beneficial for you. 

So even if you haven’t purchased a domain earlier it will be easier for you to do so as there is no any technical stuff included. 

Choose a Web Hosting Company

Start a Blog

So here comes the other important entity that you should not ignore about i.e. web hosting, after purchasing a domain name all you need to do is choose the right web hosting company for your WordPress website. 

The performance of your website depends upon the hosting you choose. Most of the time it’s been observed that the hosting services are very cheaper than used to serve no value to the consumer which makes no sense. Instead if you opt a decent amount of posting solution it will be much beneficial for you and makes your website even more secure and user-friendly as well.

In this post I will be concluding one of the authentic web hosting solutions i.e. GreenGeeks, it’s considered to be The most reliable web hosting of all time just because it has pretty positive factors that is essential for you to know. So here are they:-

  • You will get high-speed server response.
  • The security of hosting is top-notch as they used to serve the free SSL certification.
  • The uptime of hosting is about 99.99%.
  • 24 by 7 customer support is to be beneficial to sort of any of the technical issue.
  • 30 days of money back guarantee will help you to get a refund of what you pay.
  • 1 click WordPress installation service allows you to acquire their plans subsequently. 
  • Get support of cPanal which allows you to control all of the technical stuffs. 

Get GreenGeeks Hosting Now

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If you finally decided to Acquire the services of Greengeeks the next important process is to know how you can register your domain name with the web hosting. So let’s begin with that. 

  • The very first step is to visit the official website i.e. GreenGeeks. and click on ‘get started’. You can also click upon the plans that Greengeeks used to serve. 
  • They’ll ask you to ‘create a new domain name’ Or ‘use th domain name you already have’. I’ll recommend you to click on the second option just because you’ve already made your domain purchase via GoDaddy. 
  • The next process is kind of important one just because you’ll have to fill some of the basic information like, name, email, zip code etc. Along with that the card information need to be submitted from which you are about to have your purchase.
  • On the top right corner you will notice that pricing summary will be shown to you that includes the coupon Savings and the total discount. 
  • Selection of plan must be done before this process. Also you can add some of the features that you need or you can cut it off if you don’t need. 
  • They’ll ask you to set up the password and the domain name once again that’ll be assumed as your Greengeeks account details that you can store in notepad. 
  • That’s done. You can log into the Greengeeks and they’ll ask you to install the WordPress which is super simple and there’s no requirement of technical stuffs. 

So once you go through the above process it’ll be easier for you to grab their services from scratch. You can enter into the WordPress admin dashboard by typing something like (

Once you do so you’ll be redirect to the account. Which seems to be super simple which can be done even with the newbies. 

Final Verdict

Choosing the right domain name and hating providers is a kind of essential entity that you should not ignore at any instance. So if you’re just a beginner out there it’ll be convenient for you to opt the services offered by the Greengeeks. Through this post I’ve concluded that how you can have the domain Purchase right from the GoDaddy and host it with the Greengeeks which is considered to be the best hosting provider of all time. You can definitely rely upon it in long run so follow the process subsequently to gran the services offered by the Greengeeks.

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