How to Check Website Status to know if it is Up and Running

Being a website owner, it is your responsibility to check continuously its uptime. There are few cases where people in a particular area are inadequate to visit your site when it’s online.

However, due to such reasons, you are website not only unavailable although you are also decreasing your image in front of your internet audience. If such problems occur repeatedly, then your organic traffic via search engine get collapse.

While it is crucial for any type of business, website availability is exceptionally vital for the eCommerce industries. In the digital world of unethical websites and brutal attacks, most online Shoppers picture constant downtime as a critical security drawback. 

Even if your site takes off down temporarily due to a server-side problem, internet users value this irresponsible resilience as a sign that you’re either a fake shop or have include risked by cyberpunks.

 As you can recognize, protecting your website uptime is almost as essential as funding swift page load times and overall site functionality.

Ever hoped there’s a way to check website status in direction ever to assure it’s vulnerable for everyone? 

It can be traumatizing to believe that your website is accessible, not realizing it’s down, and you are missing both traffic and wealth.

In this post, you will learn how to check if a website status is up and running for everyone. Nowadays, websites have fulfilled a vital role in our everyday life. Not only commits it enable us to accomplish business actions but encourage us to interact with others, check essential data, and share our thoughts about a specific issue from the assistance of our home.

The price at which new websites are built today is undoubtedly shocking, and most fresh webmasters usually included little to no experience on how to organize and oversee their website action and availability.

However, if you’re new in the network which does not understand how this stuff work, this article is intended for instructing you how to check your website status often.

 How to Check Website Status to know if it is Up and Running

Before we start, I need you to comprehend that selecting a decent web host for your website is similarly as significant as assuring that it is available worldwide as a sole downtime of your site can cost you an exclusively a lot.

However, you don’t want to be afraid because there’s already a path out. And the big thing is that you do not save for expending a dime before performing all the tips we will show you here. 

   So without making any for the delay, let’s begin with essential steps that need to be taken to check website status to know if it is up and running.

1. Test your Internet Connection

First of all, is to check out your internet connection to verify that it is operating. If your internet connection is low, then you won’t be able to connect with your website.

Well, you can test the internet connection by touring another website you haven’t traveled to. Maybe you can try Google to test; if the page is similar, then it says your internet connection requires to be fixed.

If the internet connection is alright, you may assess by stimulating your browser or obtaining another browser. In some conditions, the primary sinner is the browser. If, after refreshing it yet doesn’t function, then you need to try another browser.

However, if the website begins in the other browser, then you need to clear your browser’s cache in your first browser utilized. If this does not decipher the issue, then you require to reset the browser to its default setting.

2. Ping Services To Check Website Status

Is your website up or down?

 Well, one way of assessing this is to ping other websites. There are various outstanding websites to facilitate you to check this, including

3. Down for Everyone Or Just Me

If you require a simple tool to test if a website is up or down, this will be an excellent option.

However, you just have to enter the domain name to the given search bar, which you will recognize in between the words “is” and “down” and click the Enter key on your keyboard.

The next page will disclose to you if your site is up or down without any additional circumstances to benefit the outcome.

Later assessing various alternatives to this tool, I realized that it delivers one of the much valid results. So you might need to try this one out first before testing the other tools, which I will be mention below.

4. Are My Sites Up?

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It is the feasible option if you acquire other than one website but can’t afford to pay for a premium Pingdom account; this is a fantastic website dealing tool.

 However, with their free account, you can handily govern and trace up to five websites with twenty-five everyday checks.

That’s not sufficient, and they also contain a premium service that allows you to monitor and test more websites. You can get through text statements, RSS, e-mail, Twitter, or through a slick iPhone application.

5. Is It Down Right Now?

Is It Down Right Now is down right now - The Verge

This is what you will be going to recognize when you reach on the “is it down right now” homepage. You will get to a search bar at the top, which is where you will enter the URL of your website, as adequately as the list of sites that the tool has tested so far.

Now, you will have to enter in the URL of the site you wish to test its availability and tap on the “check” button 

Once you test a particular website, in this instance, I only went with a few websites, there I will fetch a personalized significance check, as adequately as a history of IIDRN’s automatic checkups. 

With this data, you will be understood to realize whether it’s the Internet or if it’s you.

6. DotCom-Monitor Instant Test

Dotcom-Monitor: Website Monitoring and Performance Testing

This is a bit more advanced website monitoring tool correlated to the additional ones named here because it possesses the proficiency to test various protocols involving HTTP, HTTPS, POP, SMTP, UDP, and FTP.

For a regular website, it’s proposed to utilize the HTTP or HTTPS check where you will need to appoint the plea variety, either POST or GET, login certifications along with extra parameters for POST, GET, and headers.

The website will be assessed automatically with about nineteenth checkpoints from eleven countries. To sketch out if a site is up or down utilizing the “DotCom-Monitor Instant Test,” test the mistake number, portrayal, as well as purpose column.

7. Binary Canary

Reliable Uptime Monitoring, Website Monitoring and Server Monitoring by

This is one of the proper tools to check website status often. Binary Canary appears with a free monitoring statement that you can utilize to control up to 5 websites at a 15-minute regularity. 

Whenever the website takes off, you will be directly informed through SMS or e-mail.

8. Old School Method

cmd.exe - Wikipedia

Try the old fashion manner by utilizing the authority line procedure in your windows. Open the command line on the Windows and enter the website you wish to ping. Then that website will get a ping with you, and it will notify you if it is down.

After striking Enter, you will detect a printed outcome in the command line. If you see four rows that begin with Reply from then, your website is not down. 

In the instance, it indicates that the site is not down. Regardless, if the ping is not victorious, you will recognize “Request timed out.”

9. Checking with

Website availability checker - Monitor response time test - - en

An additional way to test website status online is by utilizing this smart online tool, which obtains valid data about the quality of your website. Unlike the ping method, this tool authorizes you to get an automatic warning whenever your website takes off.

To test if your website is up and running, just open in your browser and put in the URL you like to check within the open field and click check.

Likewise, assure you to choose the “Http” before taking off further. You will get a thorough conclusion of your website, but our focus on the importance of your website. If your website shows data identical to the one below, then the question arises, “Is my website down?” is not useful.

Although it may have ceased to function several times, still, most of these possess to do with a pause with the internet connection.

10. Check website through proxy

How to Check Website Status to Know if its Up and Running

Do you wish to test if your website is up or down? 

This technique is distinct from the forenamed ones because it enables you to observe the website you are testing. Maybe you believe about what a proxy is.

If you try a proxy server to see a specific website, you will not surpass the website from your computer quickly. Alternatively, it will initially have to enter a server located in various parts of the world before delivering a proposal to the website in question.

Then the result will be shown on your computer. What you are striving to evaluate is if the website is accessible in another country or region.

To use this alternative, you need to see and settle the website in issue in the open field. Later settling the address of the website, tap on the “Hide Me.” A new window will open with the website you wished to test to reveal it is loading.

If everything gears flawlessly, it says your website is up and running. Still, if it ceases to function after many tries, it displays your website is down and expects rapid resolution.

Additional Tools to Monitor your Website Status

If you like to rectify the availability of your website often, there are several online services usable to do that. Your website may halt operating for many reasons containing hack or database misconceptions.

Moreover, your hosting provider may provide to why your website is low or up, which is why you must find a credible provider to host your website.

The decent manner to monitor your website’s importance is to obtain the tools that will arouse or inform you of the current state of your website.

Fortunately, you don’t keep to spend any dime because they appear free and usable for everyone. Your website works not require to come down for a second with these tools as distant as you receive the notifications.

1. Uptrends

With Uptrends, you can regulate your website from many areas and get informed when it is smashed through email.

The outlet has a great dashboard that delivers essential metrics for our website. It has an error breakdown by varieties, availability table, and entire-time put up with to load the graph.

Interestingly, the dashboard is customizable and authorizes you to send out your website data in Excel or PDF. No economic extension is comprised of utilizing this service for your website as it appears FREE.

2. Uptime Robot

Uptime is a performance monitoring and enterprise functional site availability tool that has incredible characteristics. With Uptime, you obtain an ample reaction time by noting from over 30 areas.

Also, it conducts substantial security checks with notifications sent instantly. You can obtain this information through Twitter, Pushover, Webhooks, SMS, Email, and extensively more. Similarly, Uptime can regulate your POP, Ping, IMAP, DNS, and SSH.

3. Freshping

With Freshping, you can regulate fifty websites from ten several locations within a second.

 Does that sound amazing? 

Of course, it is your detailed monitoring solution with vital characteristics such as numerous user login, multi-channel warning, integration with extra services like Twilio, Slack, Zapier, etc.

Freshping enables you to obtain the significance page to declare the real-time incident status of your website to your clients openly. Still, when utilizing the free plan, you receive only six months of monitoring data for your website, after which you maintain to start spending to monitor your website.

4. Google PageSpeed Insights

We have saved the best for the final because this free online tool from Google assists you in evaluating your website, test the status, and request recommendations to speed up your website.

Google PageSpeed Insights is the strength of three in one. Yet, our priority is on testing the significance of your website.

To use PageSpeed to test the state of your website is simple. Immigrate the domain name in the vacant field of the Google PageSpeed Insight and tap on the Analyze.

Although, if your website is no up and operating, it will note, “The website indicated cannot be reached.” Still, if it is available, it will notice a detailed score by PageSpeed on the all-around state of your website.


Assuring your website is up and operating isn’t unobstructed if you drive an e-Commerce website. With the data delivered here, you can quickly check the status of your website before discussing the experts.

Interestingly, you can integrate all procedures spoken of here to collect detailed data to be entirely sure about the actual status of your website. With the above tools expressed, you can regulate your website 24/7 with warnings and other thorough information.

These procedures are valid and durable to check website status, particularly when you don’t have entry to it. With these free tools, you no longer amass any explanation not to regulate your website’s uptime performance as well as its task time.

So this was the various methods to check whether your website status is turning up or down. I hope I have covered all the tiny detail which are essential to know. Well, if you have any queries related to this post, you must feel free to ask us in the comment section; we’ll be happy to answer you.

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