How To Check Domain History With Free Domain History Checkers (Boost SEO Efforts Efficiency)

If you are new to blogging, it is essential for you to know the domain name history just because it will let you know the prior performance of the domain name, and you can buy it for the sake of your website.

 A couple of decades ago, it was free to buy the domain. Still, just because of the increase in the value of the internet allowed with the website creation, most of the domain providers started selling out the domain at a specific cost. And most of the domain belongs to big companies, which means they were having massive demand in the market place. This is the reason why most of the people used to register the domain name for the specific title so that they would never get sold out to the other commercials.

If you are eager to know that how you can check domain name history then you are at the right place just because I am going to share the complete process along with some of the useful tools that will help you from scratch, so make sure to grab a cup of coffee and stick with the post till the end. By the end of the post, you’ll surely be able to check the domain name history. But before that, it is essential for you to know a few more things about the domain names.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address of the site that allows you to visit the specific server. You might have noticed that most of the people used to type the URL on the web browser like ‘‘ which will take you to the specific website and that’s what we used to call it as a domain name authority which is derived from the terminology. 

You can see there’s one term, i.e., https that’s what we used to call is as hypertext transfer protocol, which is considered to be the secure server that makes your website even more prohibited. Along with that, you may see .com, which is optional rather than this, you’ll also get to know about more TLDs amongst which you can opt according to your choice. 

Why it’s essential to check the domain history?

 If you’ve finally decided to set up a new website, you’ll always need two entities, i.e., domain name and hosting. Well hosting is another thing, but the very first, you will have to look upon the domain name, and accordingly you can opt. 

While having a purchase for the domain name, you will get two options either to purchase a new and fresh Domain or buy an existing one or the premium domain (it’s pretty expensive just because it already exists in the server ).

Well the domain name is not wholly-owned by the specific user just because they have to pay the particular registration fee every year so that to acquire that particular domain name. If in case if you’re unable to pay an yearly subscription fee, you’ll lose the domain authority, and the others will have an opportunity to purchase that specific domain.

The time consumption is significantly less to purchase a domain, but before that, it’s essential for you to know about the history of the specific domain which you are about to buy; whether you are purchasing a new Domain or an existing one, it doesn’t matter, but you should know the history so that to acquire the details furthermore. 

Especially if you are acquiring the old domain, it will be more beneficial for you to rank your website on the high just because the audience already knows about it. And that’s the reason why they are pretty expensive compared to the new domain. Also, the efficiency of SEO gets more accessible just because they already exist in the server.

Whereas it’s not always good to buy the existing domain just because they might have the negatives as well, like spammy content, lousy name, reputation is low, malicious coding, etc. So if you buy those domain names, it will be tough for you to rank higher on the search engine. The Google SERPs will be unable to deliver your website on the high. 

So while having a purchase for a specific domain, you should Look upon the positives and negatives by checking out their existing history, so that you won’t regret later. 

How To Check Domain Name History?

Once you understood why it is essential for you to check the domain name history, the next necessary process is how you will do so. 

Well,the right solution is to use the specific tool that will surely help you to check the domain name history from scratch, after going through the research, I can across some of the most useful tools that will help you to proceed further. 

So let’s begin with exploring the tools for checking an domain name history:-

1. DomainTools

So here comes the first in our list, i.e., DomainTools. It will help you to check your domain name history from scratch even if you’re not an expert in Domain research. This could be the first option available for you that serves you the feature for free.

They have footprints from approximately the last couple of decades, and that’s the reason why most of the pro bloggers usually acquire their services, which makes them look for the best and valuable domain authority. It showcase the complete historical data of the domain name like IP addresses, DNS Intelligence reports etc. 

Also, they provide full information about the domain name that you should acquire that has full security along with authority as well that makes the real sense if any of the domain names has the negative aspect that truly showcases you so that to aware of it. Even if you are just a beginner and willing to search for the highly profitable domain name server, you can grab the service of DomainTools for free. 

Well, you might notice that some of the necessary basic features are provided for free, but if you want in-depth analysis, you will have to pay a certain amount, which is not essential if you’re just a newbie in the domain research. 

The process is super simple. You just how to enter the specific domain name that you are looking for, and it will showcase you the complete information along with the negatives and positives of the domain name, so accordingly, you can opt. 

2. is another tool that you can scquire to check complete IP information about the domain name along with the other statistical data that makes the true sense for each one of the finders to acquire the right amount of domain authority services. 

Even they used to serve the one-click feature, which means that you will be able to acquire full information about specific along with heir history as well so that you would check whether they’re applicable for your post-production or not. 

The unbiased domain intelligence, domain tracking, powerful data organization, etc. are some of the major USPs of the that you should check out once if you’re about to purchase a scalable domain authority for your website. 

For checking the whois info about the domain name, you just have to enter the specific domain name, and it will showcase to complete information that makes the real sense to acquire it subsequently. Along with the DNS report, it’ll showcase complete statistics about it.

Aside from this, they give you an authority to book your domain on the spot, so you don’t have to go through the other domain providers out there, as you get the right amount of domain name information over there itself. So definitely check it out once. 

3. Wayback Machine

The next in our list is the Wayback machine, which is specifically designed for the domain name authority checker where you can acquire all of the details regarding domain name so it will be much easier for you to opt the best domain authority for your website that’ll last you in the long run.

The Organisation was started back in 1996, which is considered to be the non-profitable organization that is serving the great features regarding the domain, so even if you don’t have a single knowledge that how to choose the right domain name, you can always acquire the Wayback tool for free. 

For getting started, just have to enter the specific domain name, and it will showcase the complete statistical information along with the browser history. In case if you want to acquire in-depth knowledge about domains like the traffic rate is driven and the value of the domain, you’ll have to pay a negligible amount for it, which is acceptable.

4. HosterStats

HosterStats is an excellent domain research tool available in the market that you should acquire just because they have almost 600 domain names listed on the website, amongst which you can opt. Additionally, you will also be able to see the deleted and active domains as well that will give you the right amount of authority.

They have a domain registered from the year 2000 to 2019, which makes the good sense to opt for their services and to research for a specific domain that you’re about to purchase. Just by typing the particular domain name, it will showcase you the complete information along with the DNS report as well that will give you an idea of whether you should opt it or not. 

Based upon TLDs, you can select the domain name that’ll surely provide you a piece of complete information about the terminology. So make sure to check it out once. 

5. Norton Safe Web

Norton safe web is one of the most reputed tools that you can opt-in order to know more about the specific domain. It provides you the complete information about the domain, so whether you should purchase it or not, it’s all up to you.

As you all know that cybercrime is continuously increasing day by day and hence there are a lot of hackers out there who are about to steal your data, not and has a specific feature that will let you know that the particular domain is well featured and beneficial or not so accordingly you can make your choice.

You can also check the malware so that to select the domain name that gives you a complete authority to acquire their services. Norton also used to serve a couple of Chrome extensions as well that you can acquire for making your domain name secure in each term.

6. IntoDNS

If you are in search of the minimal platform that will provide you the complete detailed information about the specific domain authority, you should opt the IntoDNS. It’s an excellent tool for each one of the beginners out there who don’t want to go to the miscellaneous information about the domain name. The essential information is sufficient for those.

 It is very simple to use as you just have to enter the specific domain name in the search bar, and that’s it will be showcasing the complete information along with the past statistics and growth as well. So if you’re willing to go through the detailed information about the domain name with a minimal user interface tool, you can surely opt the IntoDNS.

 Not only that, but the owner is also being viewed so that you can bid for acquiring that domain name.

So these were the top 6 tools that you should acquire to know more details about the domain name that you are about to choose. There might be other ways available that you can opt to choose the right domain right,  but forget your efforts look you can always take the help of tools that will give you complete information along with the security which lies with it. 

Final Verdict

So this was all about domain name authority history checker.

 On the internet, there are millions of domains registered amongst which you can opt by paying a certain amount,  aur even you can acquire the new domain which is available at a very reasonable amount. But the thing is it takes much time to grow on the internet as there is too much competition lies in between the websites. 

 To make your website stands on the top, you should acquire the existing domain that will give you complete authority and more comfortable for you to grow your website on the top of the searche engine. But to opt for the right domain name, you will always need some sort of tools that will get your job done for finding the best and highly profitable domain name for your businesses. 

 Through this post, I have shared the complete information on how you can check the domain history before you go and buy it blindly. Also, I’ve shared the top 6 tools that’ll help you from scratch to know about the domain name, and it’s history as well. 

So make sure to check them out subsequently.

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