Hostinger vs. Nestify: Which one is better? [2021]

Now we’ll be comparing Hostinger vs. Nestify to finally help you choose which the ideal solution is for you. The info below is based on factual information from our network of consumers such as you, providing you with a genuinely unbiased contrast.

The collection “Greatest WordPress Hosting 2021 in comparison” Hostinger is rated 1st while Nestify is ranked 25th.

Hostinger dominates with a general user/editors score of 4.9/5 stars with 12 testimonials. The Nestify user/editors score is 4/5 celebrities with one testimonial. This information is calculated in real-time from confirmed user testimonials or editors’ evaluations if there is not enough information for consumer scores.

Without any further ado, let’s commence with a comprehensive breakdown of Hostinger vs. Nestify

  • A competition in Fastest WordPress Hosting
  • A match in VPS Hosting
  • Best for Total solution
  • Best for Client support
$79/monLearn More
  • Best for Client support
  • Best for Simplicity of usage
  • Best for Low price applications
  • Category pioneer in VPN Providers
  • In comparison to other people, the cost is fair
$9/monLearn More

Characteristics of Hostinger

Hostinger is a comprehensive web hosting solution. Whatever you might have to begin with any internet project. 

It gives a set of boundless and completely free selections like unmetered bandwidth and SSD room to fulfill all of your requirements. Here is a Few of the baseline platform you may appreciate:

  • Ease of Use: Though many programs use a conventional dashboard and attempt to conceal most of the characteristics to produce their interface seem cleaner, Hostinger exhibits all crucial instruments in 1 area. You will realize large buttons. You won’t ever get lost or confused with the port.
  • Email Forwarding Tools: Hostinger boasts possibly the most innovative emailing tools. They include email forwarding, auto-responding, Spam Assassin security, along with other tools to ship or receive mails from anywhere along with international access and the capacity to send media articles too.
  • Free Custom Website Builder: that the site builder includes some of the available programs. It’s a great way to allow non-technicians to construct their sites from scratch, such as professionals. You don’t require any designing or coding abilities.
  • Free Domain Name and SSL: Company and Premium program users may gain from a free domain name along with complimentary SSL. Contemplating a relatively low plan cost, Hostinger seems to be an inexpensive means to start a fully-packed web endeavor from scratch.
  • Unlimited Features: Company and Premium program users can benefit from infinite bandwidth and SSD disk space to host internet projects of any complexity.
  • WordPress Optimized Hosting: Hostinger is a fantastic solution for customers who intend to launch WP sites or sites. The platform guarantees high speed and excellent performance because of some custom-built caching plugins together with WP-optimized servers.

Summing up, Hostinger provides all required options to get started with sites of different kinds and sophistication. However, the majority of the free and superior features are available only with Company and Premium programs. If you’re supposed to know more about Hostinger vs. Nestify make sure to tick with the post till end as I’ll be covering every single detail about it. 

Characteristics of Nestify

The platform features a lot of great attributes. But, regardless of the fact, it doesn’t now have an integrated domain registration assistance. Instead, you’ll have the ability to migrate an already existing job and benefit from complete control on server and website assets:

  • Compatibility: the machine includes support for WordPress and PHP sites.
  • Free Website Migrations: neighborhood pros will move a present job from the current hosting to Nestify.
  • Free SSL and Technical Support: regardless of what strategy you choose, an SSL certification and round-the-clock technical assistance are part of each bundle
  • Manageable Hosting: consumers can pick from several server options for non-profit and commercial associations. They comprise WP-managed and WooCommerce hosting in addition to hosting for services along with customized solutions.
  • User Account direction: job owners can encourage new members and establish jobs for them. They can get permission to make new websites in addition to limited access to a number of the job’s assets.

Plans and Pricing


  • Cloud hosting: $7.45 to $37 a month.
  • Minecraft hosting: $8.95 to $29.95 a month.
  • Shared hosting: $0.99 to $3.99 a month.
  • VPS hosting: $3.95 to $29.95 a month.
  • Windows VPS hosting: $26 to $250 a month.
  • WordPress hosting: $2.15 to $14.95 a month.


  • WP-VPS-1 costs $9 a month with 10 GB of storage for 1 CPU.
  • WP-VPS-2 prices $19 and provides 32 GB of Ram for 2 CPUs.
  • WP-VPS-3 prices $35 and will be like the former plan, although 40 GB of storage.
  • WP-VPS-4 prices $49 with precisely the same attributes as WP-VPS-2 and WP-VPS-3 but with 80 GB SSD.
  • WP-VPS-5 prices $79 a month with 120 GB of storage for 2 CPUs.

The next group includes programs for People Who need more resources:

  • N-2xlarge prices $599/month.
  • N-large prices $189/month.
  • N-medium begins at $99/month.
  • N-large begins at $299/month.

More plan variety and better ongoing costs help Hostinger win.

Hostinger offers nearly everything from shared and WordPress Hosting to cloud hosting and VPS. By comparison, Nestify specializes in restricted WordPress, and WooCommerce hosting also provides WordPress and WooCommerce VPS and cloud hosting programs.

Hostinger’s unmanaged WordPress hosting programs are much More affordable than Nestify’s handled WordPress plans. But, you are going to need to pick the most extended duration to find these low rates. Nestify does not request a long-term devotion, however.

If you’d instead pick the monthly duration, even the Cheapest Hostinger WordPress strategy would cost nearly 1.33 times the lowest priced handled Nestify plan. Hostinger’s cloud hosting programs are lots less costly than Nestify’s managed cloud WordPress plans.

Hostinger provides you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Using its Handled WordPress VPS programs, Nestify supplies a 7-day free trial plus a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Website security and information privacy could be of primary priority for several website owners. Therefore, Hostinger pays careful attention.

Some fundamental security tools are as follows:

  • Information Backups on a weekly or daily basis.
  • Free SSL.
  • SpamAssassin and Cloudflare Protection.

Added attributes include BitNinja intelligent safety Protection available with each program. BitNinja is an all-purpose bundle that safeguards your web jobs in real-time preventing DDoS and XSS attacks, malware, viruses, brute forces, etc.

Nestify follows the Most Recent security trends to guarantee Qualified security means. They comprise a few DevOps clinics and DDoS attack prevention, and a free SSL certificate available with every strategy.

Anyway, users will enjoy simple system upgrades. It Makes it feasible to change to the latest WordPress version using a click and guarantee stable site functionality.

With scheduled backup and recovery features, You Might plan automated copies. In the instance of downfalls, you’ll have an opportunity to return to previous settings using a click and revive the machine. In the event of any issue, technical support is available 24/7.



The platform ensures multilingual support accessible via live chat along with Intercom integration. But, only Hostinger clients can get the live chat feature. You should be logged in to stay in touch. Another issue is that support supervisors are somewhat slow to react according to testimonials.

The Elongated knowledge base can be a perfect solution to this problem. Clients can rely on:

  • General information.
  • Guides and Tutorials.
  • Video step-by-step directions and walkthroughs.

The knowledge base covers all potential technical and other problems you may have to resolve. Moreover, users don’t need to change between two individual pages.


The service seems relatively good with a Thorough understanding Foundation, a site, and a Live Chat feature to get connected immediately. 

The Aid Center covers all significant issues from the beginning and keeping your server to complex customization and charging. What you might not enjoy is the absence of movie tutorials. However, they can come in handy rather than reading tons of posts and text manuals.

Nestify’s undependable support allows Hostinger to win readily.

You can use Hostinger’s 24/7 live chat service to get help, email, or ticket service (available just for logged-in consumers). You might even select its paid “Priority Service.” Likewise, Nestify provides 24/7 support via live chat and service tickets (such as logged-in consumers).

Hostinger Performance

The organization does its best to provide excellent Site rate and performance. It boasts a fantastic uptime rate and information centers located in over nine distinct areas throughout the world.

This Simple Fact ensures global network policy and fast Reaction Time if your customers are situated in a different region of the planet. To check how great the hosting company is, we’ve conducted several evaluations, and below are the results.

Stress Evaluation

To know how the Website would function during the visitor’s Spikes and jumps, we utilized the Load Effect instrument to simulate hundreds of actual traffic from various locations. Despite a rising number of requests, the typical response time was 2 seconds.

Site Speed Test

The site loading time is significantly less than two minutes, which is excellent thinking about the general A+ functionality based on Pingdom.

But you must note that the site didn’t possess any traffic. We used the default material delivered together using a pre-designed theme with various uploaded product descriptions and images.

Uptime Rate

Last but not least in our operation inspection is your uptime test. The hosting provider scored 100 out of 100 within the previous 30 days. No downtimes are discovered over that moment.

Response Time

The following test determined how Hostinger would guarantee good Website performance and quick response time across multiple places. As you probably know, the business uses data facilities in 39 nations.

They include Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Europe, the United Kingdom, The USA, and more. It required the site less than two seconds to reply in essential locations with the exclusion of Bangalore, Sydney, and Japan. Nonetheless, the total speed is A+.

Nestify Performance

While Nestify provides products focusing on Businesses, organizations, and enormous companies, functionality is of significant concern.

The stage has shown excellent results following all the tests we’ve conducted. So let us have a lock in the machine’s score in a variety of nominations.

Stress evaluation

To determine how Nestify will deal with visitor’s jumps and Tens of thousands of simultaneous requests, we ran a pressure test, which also seemed to be a victory for your hosting supplier.

The automatic traffic simulator loaded with the site with 4.827 requests in precisely the same period, and no HTTPS failures are seen. However, the average reaction time was 3 minutes.

Site Speed evaluation

Pingdom demonstrated great A+ functionality with the entire 97 Rates from 100. In addition, the page loading rate was remarkable (66ms, which can be significantly less than 1 minute). However, the available test website page size was just 7.1 KB using three asks.

Uptime Rate

The system has revealed a perfect uptime speed without downfalls. Furthermore, it demonstrates that the system’s reliability in the long term, which is ideal for scaling associations.

Response Time

The hosting provider has several information centers situated in various areas of the Earth, even though almost all of these are located in the USA.

Other information centers are located in the United Kingdom, India, and also the Netherlands. Nonetheless, the reaction time was significantly less than one moment in Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Sydney, and other remote countries.

Hostinger Hosting direction

As stated previously, the stage is straightforward to use. It brings a pair of intuitive tools to handle your hosting and accounts, alter preferences, update to new programs, make a new website from the floor, and so forth. To begin, you’ll have to complete a straightforward process with baseline conditions.

First of all, you Will Have to select the hosting, a Program, and a time that you would like to utilize it. Each of these factors will affect the final cost. The one thing that you want to understand is that the longer duration you select, the less you need to pay.

The next point is to create a new account with an email or among the social networks that are accessible. The final point is to settle on a payment gateway. 

The machine provides several available choices. They comprise some conventional alternatives like debit/credit cards and PayPal. In addition to some other options, you won’t find other hosting providers.

Nestify Hosting direction

Nestify includes its custom dash with all needed Tools in 1 area. They may be split into two main types. The first one enables you to set different server settings, while the next one deals with the site prior settings.

To sign-up, you’ll need to provide your email and place a password. Then, the machine will automatically create a confirmation connection you want to follow to finish the registration.

Users will discover the connection in their inbox messages. Go back to your mailbox and click it. Today, your email was successfully supported. You can enter the dash and do your first job.

If you’re new to hosting admin panels, then don’t have any worries. Nestify supplies a 7-day free trial free of billing info required through the enrollment procedure.

But you will still need to select a strategy you want to check with an opportunity to update to a much better one if required. It can be performed right here within the admin panel from the accounts settings.

What’s Hostinger better than Nestify?

  • A competition in Fastest WordPress Hosting
  • A match in VPS Hosting
  • Best for Total solution
  • Best for Client support
  • Best for Simplicity of usage
  • Most pleasing for Free SSL Certificate
  • Best for Low price applications
  • Category pioneer in WordPress Hosting
  • In comparison to other people, the cost is fair
  • Simple to use even for a novice
  • Fantastic features record
  • Has 21 highlight attributes
  • Has Control Panel Pairing
  • Has Free SSL Certificate
  • Has High functionality
  • Hostinger is cheaper than Nestify
  • Nearly All our customers are experiencing a positive encounter with Hostinger
  • The standard of service was rated to be greater than Nestify

What’s Nestify better than Hostinger?

  • Best for Client support
  • Best for Simplicity of usage
  • Best for Low price applications
  • Category pioneer in VPN Providers
  • In comparison to other people, the cost is fair
  • Has nine highlight attributes
  • Has Scalability
  • Has VPS Hosting
  • Has WooCommerce Hosting


Hostinger is a cheap option for those searching to get Dependable and secure shared hosting providers. The platform provides all the needed characteristics and tools, to begin with, your site.

It’s excellent for non-technicians Due to some simple dashboards and a site builder. However, experienced users will love WP-optimized server alternatives along with custom-built caching plugins.

Whereas, Nestify is a trusted hosting provider with good Performance and innovative security means. Moreover, it delivers a straightforward and multifunctional dashboard to handle the website and network resources.

It offers various strategies for different job types, Such as eCommerce, scaling businesses, or non-profit associations. In addition, users will enjoy free site migration, automatic and manual copies, free SSL, and other tools that guarantee stable site functionality. So this was all about Hostinger vs. Nestify that may guide you in certain way. 

To culminate, everything about both hostings is served to you. Today it is your obligation to pick the most suitable one based on your own needs.

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