HostGator Hosting Review: Why We Love Their Web Hosting

If you’re in search for the most authentic and convenient hosting provider for your website, you probably landed on right page. It’s because we’re going to talk mostly about the HostGator WordPress hosting. 

Through this detailed post you’ll get to know whether HostHator Fulfills your requirement or not. So if that sounds great make sure to grab a cup of coffee, and with that being said lets get started. 

Before I share the features and major aspects about HostGator, it’s way essential for you to know about the basic stuff. So let’s begin with that first. 

What is HostGator Hosting?

HostGator is considered to be the most popular hosting provider which is being widely used all across the globe. So if you are the one who is about to acquire their services then it will be easier for you to Grab the HostGator hosting. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are just a newbie or approval blogger just because they have wide variety of plans so accordingly, you can opt the one that fulfills your requirement.

From last 16 years they are serving their services and successfully hosted more than 10 million domains all across the globe which is a huge number. And just due to this most of the professional bloggers are heading off to the voltmeter services, as they used to serve the top-notch services that’ll surely increase the website authenticity. 

There is a huge competition between HostGator and Bluehost but in some major aspects for Smita wins the battle just by serving the most affordable hosting plans but the performance is top-notch so you might not face any difficulty. 

The hosting servers is the cloud-based so you’ll get top-notch security along with the performance of which will help you to skyrocket your website. 

What are the features of HostGator Hosting?

Undoubtedly, HostGator is one of the renowned hosting providers of all time. So as to let you know I’ve shortlisted few of the major key features, so if you’re bit conscious to know about the HostGator service here are the:- 

1. Excellent Uptime 

I’ve noticed that most of the beginners used to ignore the fact of uptime which is an important terminology. Unlike most of the hosting providers out there the uptime of the HostGator Hosting is pretty stable at 99.99% which makes it the most convenient hosting provider of all time that you could opt. 

Also they provides you an warranty, which means in case if the uptime gets breached they will serve the free hosting services which is a great thing. We’ve analyzed their service deeply and found it to be the best and convenient when it comes to the performance. 

Throughout an year we found that the uptime always remains above of 99.98%. 

2. Insane support system 

Customer Support Services in crucial expect that you should not ignore at any instance just because most of the time it happens that whenever you face technical issue you can get it sorted just within a while by getting in touch with the customer executive. 

HostGator serves you an insane customer support that’ll surely valid for about 24/7, so you might not face any difficulty. As you’re free to acquire their executive support anytime you need. 

The waiting time why are call is waiting these as you can get in touch with there executive just within 4 minutes. Especially when it cokes to the newbie,  most of the time it happens that the few major technologies takes time to set up for which probably you’ll need an help of he customer care. 

Way back in 2018 it wasn’t that good but since your ties improved oral customer care support it has reached on top of the industry. Sod definitely check it out. 

3. Loading speed is pretty stable 

You probably be well over about the loading speed of apps I just because no one likes to wait for a minute to get it load. As was better service with the cloud-based hosting services, it’ll be way easier for you to maximize the performance of the website. 

Just within 0.70 ms the website gets loads and this number light fluctive but always remains below 1ms. And that’s the reason why most of the professional bloggers too are heading off to their services. 

What are you doing for running any coupons to all of the website that consists of a high amount of traffic it’ll surely balance it accordingly. So makes sure to check it out once which is a good thing. 

4. Intuitive user interface

I’ve noticed that most of the newbies look for the easy to use hosting provider just because they don’t want to invest much time in learning. Well the HostGator is the one that serves you the most intuitive interface that will help you to use the drag and drop method tk acquire their feature more effectively. 

Whether it may be the management of hosting or to setup the domain services everything works super fine. So even if you are just a beginner out there it will be easier for you to access the hosting properties so easily without getting stocked into the confusing stuff. 

5. 45 days of the money-back guarantee

You probably came across where is the hosting provider and came to know that they used to serve approximately 30 days of money-back guarantee which is quite less, if you’re supposed to know more about the hosting. 

But if you acquire the services of HostGator you will get around 45 days of a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the hosting services you can avail for a complete refund which makes it the most reliable hosting provider of all time that you could opt. 

NOTE:- The domain charges will be dedicated as per the demand, it’s because the free domain will be provided just because you’ve acquired the hosting. But once you avail for the refund the domain charges are dedicated from the payment. So make note of that. 

6. Well balanced security service

Security is one of the big reason why most of the people use to acquire the top-notch hosting providers and apparently Hostgator stands on the top of list as they serves you grease security that’ll keep your website away from any of the malware and spammers. 

Along with the site lock monitoring they also used to serve the free SSL certification that will improve overall security of your website and make it the top notch in each aspect. 

In case if you are the one for whom security plays a crucial role the Hostgator should be the best option available in the market that you could opt for the betterment of your website. 

7. Get access to the free site migration

Those who are using the other hosting providers and willing to switch to the HostGator the migration is a crucial feature that will help you to take your domain to the HostGator.

Using their cPanal you can customize the migration entities as per the requirement. So definitely check it out once. Also most of the hosting providers used to serve this feature by charging the extra penny, apparently the HostGator is serving it for free which makes it the most convenient hosting all of all time. 

How Much Does the HostGator Costs?

as the plans are concerned the first better offers you a wide varieties of plans amongst which you can select the one that fulfills your website requirement. 

I have shortlisted the categories of plans which are being served by Hostgator so accordingly you can select.

1. Shared hosting

The shared hosting is considered to be the most cheapest hosting provided by HostGator so if you are just a beginner or out there it will be easier for you to acquire the shared hosting of voltmeter just because it is pretty inexpensive compared to the others. Following are the plans you get in the shared hosting of HostGator:- 

  • The Hatchling plan is available at just $2.75/ month. 
  • The baby plan is available at just $3.95/ month. 
  • The business plan is available at $5.95/ month. 

2. WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is very convenient for those who are supposed to create websites using WordPress. It’s pretty expensive compared to shared hosting but we convenient for the mid business owner who is about to set up their business at high instance. Following are the details of pricing that you get in WordPress hosting:-

  • The starter plan is available at $5.95/ month. 
  • The standard plan is available at $7.95/ month. 
  • The business plan is available at $9.95/ month. 

3. Dedicated hosting

Those were supposed to Grand hosting that will improve overall performance of the website even if the traffic is higher then you should definitely look up on the dedicated hosting which is been served by HostGator. Following is the pricing list of dedicated hosting:-

  • The value plan is available at $89.98/ month. 
  • The power plan is available at $119.98/ month. 
  • The enterprise plan is available at $139.99/ month. 

4. VPS Hosting

As the name suggests the VPS hosting is the virtual private server which means the separate server is being served to you. Most of the professional bloggers out there used to Aqua the VPS hosting just because it not only maintains your website performance but allows you to increase the speed as well. Following is the price in list of VPS hosting:- 

  • The snappy 2000 plan is available at 19.95/ month. 
  • The snappy 4000 plan is available at $29.95/ month.
  • The snappy 8000 plan is available at $39.95/ month. 

5. Reseller hosting

For those we supposed to recommend the hosting services to the audience, the reseller hosting is the best option. Following are the pricing details:-

  • The aluminium plan is available at $19.95/ month.
  • The copper plan is available at $24.95/ month.
  • The silver plan is available at $24.95/ month. 

Pros & Cons Of HostGator Hosting

Before you decide and have your purchase for the HostGator hosting services its weight essential for you to know about some of the pros and cons of Hostgator hosting. I’ve shortlisted few of the major pros and cons that each one of you need to know.

So here are they. 


  • The uptime of the Hostgator is being maintained at 99.99% which is way efficient for the users. 
  • The loading speed is maintained in between 0.78 ms to 1ms.
  • 45 days of money back guarantee is available that you can avail anytime you need. 
  • The 24 by 7 customer support improves overall authenticity of the hosting. 
  • Beginner friendly UI. 
  • Bandwidth is maintained so you won’t face any issues regarding the performance of the website. 
  • For the security propose the free SSL certification is being served. 


  • The fees for regular backup is much expensive which might bother tk some users. 
  • The VPS hosting pricing is quite high. 

Who can use the HostGator hosting?

HostGator is the best option for those who’s supposed to maximize their website authenticity just because the services which is being serve to you is top-notch and you might not face any issues in terms of performance and speed of website. 

Even though if you’re not having enough budget, you’re free to acquire their shared hosting plans which makes the true sense for beginners. As you get value for money hosting services. 

Final Verdict

Choosing the right hosting services is kind of important thing in today’s world just because most of the hosting providers are about to maximize their value by serving the best possible features to the users. 

This post I have shared my thoughts about the HostGator hosting provider just because I have used it personally for my websites couple of years back and amazed by the features they used to serve. 

It is my order with your just a beginner or a pro-level blogger they have distributed along the plans accordingly, so it will be easier for you to choose amongst them to get most out of it by visit g their official website. 

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