Best GreenGeeks Alternatives & Competitors in 2021

GreenGeeks might not have been the first company to offer managed WordPress hosting holding that honor but they are the largest (and most well-known) company in managed WordPress hosting. WP Engine has a lot of experience hosting WordPress sites. They have more than 1.2 lakh domains across 140 countries. According to WP Engine’s marketing materials, “five percent” of the internet visits Greengeeks at least once a day.

GreenGeeks is a powerful and eco-friendly hosting contender for those who need more than the low-cost, regular web hosts can provide. They offer high-performance, optimized hosting environments for WordPress websites and also take care of many of the ongoing tasks required to maintain a secure WordPress website. But if you’re someone who’s looking for something new rival then this detailed post might help you a lot. 

As I’ll be sharing the list of the top 5 best GreenGeeks alternatives that serve you some of the better features at affordable pricing, so stay along with me till the end. 

 Why You Need GreenGeeks Alternatives?

Undoubtedly the GreenGeeks is one of the authentic and augmented hosting provide in the market serving you the best feature. Also, Greengeeks is known for its eco-friendly services that improve the overall hosting facilities. Well, if you’re the one searching for something improved in terms of features it’s better to look upon the GreenGeeks alternatives that’ll surely help you acquire the services at affordable pricing. 

The top 5 alternatives of GreenGeeks that I’ll be sharing through these detailed posts are based upon the research and personal usage and not on assumptions. So let’s get into it. 

What Are The GreenGeeks Alternatives?

There might be tons of options available in the market trying to compete with the GreenGeeks but we’ve compiled the list of legitimate hosting providers that are good in every single aspect. So here’s the list:- 

1. BlueHost

Bluehost is a Best GreenGeeks Alternatives

Bluehost is considered to be one of the best web hosting options.

They offer excellent shared web hosting options at extremely affordable prices. These web hosting solutions are also perfect for people who are just starting to build websites.

They offer 24/7 support via phone and live chat if you are stuck or have any questions. There are no hoops to jump through. You can find their live chat and support numbers right on the site.

These tools also provide excellent analytics and SEO tools that will help you optimize your website’s performance while attracting more people. The SEO tool scores and tracks the ranking of your website for certain keywords. This will give you an idea of what you should do to optimize your website for search results. Hosting is also available to support any direction that your business takes.

Let’s suppose you have a shared hosting plan. You want to install WordPress. It’s easy to install WordPress with their 1-click installation. If your site continues to grow, you can upgrade to managed WordPress hosting to increase your site’s speed and security. They also offer dedicated hosting and VPS hosting options if you need more control.

Bluehost provides everything you need in a hosting service. Bluehost is the best hosting for beginners. You won’t need to change if you start with them.


  • Get free SSL certification along with enhanced security services that’ll improve your website sustainability. 
  • The 24/7 customer support helps you sort out any of the issues that you’re facing. Currently, they’re offering phone call support and live chat support for better convenience.
  • Get a free domain name that’ll last with you for a year. 
  • The 99.99% uptime guarantee is served that helps you make the website high performing. 
  • The support of SSD storage types makes your website 2X faster. 

How Much Does It Cost?

As the pricing is concerned the BlueHost used to offer varieties of plans amongst which you can adopt the one that fits in your budget, I’ve shortlisted the plans as follow:- 

  • The shared WordPress hosting begins at just $2.95/ month.
  • The WooCommerce hosting is available for just $15.95/ month. 
  • The VPS plan starts from just $18.09/ month. 
  • The managed WordPress hosting plan begins from just $9.95/ month. 

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2. HostGator 

HostGator is another web hosting on our list. After analyzing we came to know they are best for small businesses that only need simple websites. HostGator is the best option if you don’t require a lot of additional features from your web host provider. This is a website or portfolio that only requires the contact information of a visitor. Maybe you only need an information page. A landing page is also useful to gather leads.

It provides you technical support with a wide range of how-to guides. You can reach HostGator via phone, chat, or email if you are unable to find the answer you seek.

HostGator offers support with all plans, unlike some other hosts. This host is for you if you are looking for a cheap hosting plan with support. There is some learning involved if you are looking to do your own thing.

HostGator is worth a try. I suggest taking advantage of their 45-day money-back guarantee and thoroughly testing out their support before you commit. This web host is great for small deployments and companies that don’t see much traffic every month. It’s also possible to scale up with VPS options.


As the features are concerned the HostGator serves you tons of different features that’ll surely impact positively upon your website, we’ve compiled some of the crucial features that you need to know about. So, here are they:- 

  • Get a free domain registered for a year that’ll save your pennies.
  • 45 day of money-back guarantee helps you get your money back if you don’t absorb their features. 
  • Augmented control panel support. 
  • 99.95% of guaranteed uptime support. 
  • The decent loading speed of around 734 ms. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Following are the plans that are being served to you by HostGator:- 

  • Shared hosting begins at just $2.75/ month.
  • Dedicated hosting begins from just $89.98/ month.
  • VPS hosting begins at just $19.955/ month. 
  • Reseller hosting begins at just $19.95/ month. 

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3. DreamHost 

DreamHost Hosting performance is excellent and the month-to-month pricing is outstanding. Their month-to-month plans start from $3.95/month. This plan provides unlimited traffic for 1 website and a free SSL Certificate. It’s a great deal. Their month-to-month pricing is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to commit for a longer period of time.

DreamHost is not only affordable, but they also have a unique way of managing their web hosts. They don’t use the cPanel standard that many hosts use. DreamHost provides a custom control panel that allows you to manage your website. This panel is ideal for developers who need more control over their websites.

The free migration plugin allows you to migrate in just a few simple steps. It also allows you to scale up your hosting services as your site grows.

DreamHost is another recommended host for WordPress. It offers managed WordPress hosting with its basic shared plans. DreamPress is a managed plan that offers more features and benefits. The industry’s best free trial period, a full 97-day money-back guarantee, and transparent pricing mean that prices don’t go up after you sign your first contract.


  • Get access to varieties of hosting that’ll help you maintain your website at a higher instance.
  • Get augmented customer support like live chat and ticket facility.
  • The uptime of the website is maintained at higher instances i.e. 99.90%.
  • Get a free SSL certification that’ll help you maintain your site’s security. 
  • Intuitive UI with augmented cPanel support.

How Much Does It Cost?

Affordable pricing is one of the most crucial pros of a DreamHost, following are the plans served by DreamHost:- 

  • Shared hosting begins at just $2.59/ month. 
  • Dreampress hosting starts at just $16.95/ month. 
  • VPS hosting begins at just $13.75/ month. 

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4. SiteGround

So, If you want your website’s popularity to grow, it is essential that it loads quickly. Nine out of ten potential visitors to your website will leave if it takes longer than five seconds to load. SiteGround is designed to provide top-quality speed and security to its customers. Particularly for WordPress sites.

It all starts with the technology that their hosting platform is built on. SiteGround uses Google Cloud to ensure fast and stable connections. Their SSD persistent data storage also ensures low latency.

SiteGround’s developers also created Ultrafast PHP, a better PHP solution, in late 2020. SiteGround now offers site speeds up to 30% faster than standard PHP. It also reduces time to first by half and memory consumption by 15%. SiteGround will do the math for you, so you won’t have to do the math. SiteGround will load your site in fractions of seconds instead of whole seconds.


I’ve shortlisted a few of the crucial features of a SiteGround that you need to know about. So here are they:- 

  • Get a free SSL certification for the enhancement of security services. 
  • Get an automated backup feature that’ll help you to store the data without losing it. 
  • Get access to free migration support if you’re about to switch between the hosting providers. 
  • Uptime guarantee of around 99.9% which improves the performance of the website.
  • Get 24/7 live chat support for better convenience. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

Pricing of SIteGround is pretty affordable, following are the details of pricing of SIteGround:- 

  • Web hosting begins at just $499/ month. 
  • WordPress hosting begins at just $4.99/ month.
  • WooCommerce hosting begins at just $4.99/ month. 
  • Cloud hosting begins from $100/ month. 
  • Reseller hosting begins from $7.99/ month. 

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5. InMotion 

DreamHost Alternatives

InMotion Offers truly outstanding technology and a large selection of plans. They also have a lot of loyal customers. It also offers a vast self-help resource. There’s a guide for everything.

Customer support is excellent. It’s amazing, don’t you think? You can try it for yourself. The InMotion shared hosting trial is the longest and most comprehensive. It gives you ample time to try out InMotion’s support team. 

InMotion’s plans can be described as simple and nearly identical. You’ll be able to upgrade to faster servers, more websites, and more subdomains. This is a simple approach that we love, especially for small businesses or websites that aren’t too complicated. There are no pushy upsells and confusing tiers to worry about.

InMotion offers some of the most reliable VPS hosting services. You can choose from two VPS hosting options so that you have the flexibility and support you need.


As the features are concerned the InMotion serves you varieties of features amongst which I’ve shortlisted the crucial ones that you need to know, so here are they:- 

  • Get a 99.91% of uptime guarantee. 
  • The loading speed of InMotion is 389 ms which is quite insane. 
  • Ge single-click WordPress installation service. 
  • Get authentic customer care support. 
  • 90 days of the enhanced money-back guarantee. 
  • Get a free migration service. 

How Much Does It Cost?

As the pricing is concerned the InMotion used to serve varieties of plans amongst which you can opt for the one that fits in your budget, so here are they:- 

  • Shared hosting begins at just $5.99/ month.
  • WordPress hosting begins at just $6.99/ month. 
  • VPS hosting begins from just $31.99/ month. 
  • A dedicated server begins at just $139.99/ month. 

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Final Verdict 

The GreenGeeks is considered to be the most genuine and augmented hosting provider that’s been serving their services for a decade, through this detailed post I’ve shared the top 5 best alternatives of GreenGeeks that you need to know about. Although the hostings are based upon the primary research so you’re free to check them out as they serve you enhances services. 

Also, you can look upon the other posts to know more about the hosting reviews. 

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