FastDomain Hosting Review 2021 – Features, Pricing

If your aims in locating web hosting would be to maintain the search easily, make a decision fast, and get your website up and running quickly, you will find hosts that provide that. FastDomain is a server that promises a compact, simplified hosting procedure. Let’s check out what is under FastDomain’s hood and determine if it is a fantastic match for bloggers.

At first look, there’re many reasons for individuals to eventually settle upon FastDomain hosting because of their hosting provider of choice. We make to lose some light on specific areas we felt FastDomain Hosting could be falling short on. FastDomain has been in business since 2005. They’re a part of the Endurance International Group, a team that manages and is the parent company of many Web hosting providers.

What is FastDomain?

FastDomain Hosting

FastDomain, based in 2005 and located in Orem, Utah, is a bit hosting firm offering easy yet comprehensive, shared hosting solutions aimed toward budget-minded individuals or companies. They provide two variants of a shared hosting package, so you don’t need to devote time deciding between choices. The installation procedure, when you’ve paid the necessary fees, is nearly instantaneous.

Being a part of the Endurance International Group (EIG), a large web hosting firm with almost 3 million customers with its many brands and services, FastDomain is a sister hosting firm to other people, including HostGator iPage, and BigRock. EIG, naturally, is a massive publicly traded internet hosting and services giant, serving more than three million clients through its member manufacturers.

Each EIG brand aims itself towards marginally different pieces of the hosting marketplace. The FastDomain brand targets assisting customers, solopreneurs, and small business owners are receiving their blogs and websites up as swiftly as possible.

The guarantee is a simplified, streamlined procedure for clients — but besides, it suggests that you have fewer options. So it is a fantastic idea to scrutinize the available attributes before deciding.

According to the owners, what makes them distinct is they provide dependable 24-hour customer care, a picture every six months, bandwidth, and also utilization of practical website tools. The Endurance International Group is a vast web hosting firm with almost 3 million clients utilizing various brands and services. The FastDomain site is wholly focused on acquiring customers up and running quickly with as little fuss as possible, so simplicity is essential to its shared hosting program.

Secure Hosting for Fundamental Sites

Even though they might seem to get a technical and restricted crowd, they take the one-size-fits-all mantra to an entirely different level. If you’re searching for matches with what they are offering, you might have found a match made in paradise. They provide many more features in their hosting program than any webmaster may aspire to utilize, so don’t be surprised if you drop in their audience.

Incredibly Simple

First of all, FastDomain is unusually simple. Rather than offering individuals 30+ different methods to host their site, FastDomain has one choice. On the surface, one option might not look like enough to meet anyone. After all, hosting demands are so varied that it might be near impossible to discover a solution that may be categorized as one-size-fits-all. But that’s precisely the assumption that makes FastDomain so enticing to many men and women.

The Value for the Price Is Wonderful

FastDomain could be seeking customers below a one-size-fits-all umbrella. It may seem to single out a technical audience, not to cater to technically-minded people who have a specific set of requirements. You might be wondering how accurate that might be thinking about what you buy in that one hosting program. FastDomain has summarized 67 fantastic characteristics and motives which make them stand out. It seems that they might encourage everything under sunlight and then a number.

Decent Technical Help

The whole premise of FastDomain would be to get folks up and moving as rapidly as possible. That is the reason why they only offer a shared hosting program. With a premise like that, it’s to be anticipated that their audience isn’t a technically-minded set of individuals. Meaning that the individuals they employ for technical support have to be technically-minded sufficient to fill in the openings. Their customer support hours available 24/7, year-round. They give an identical degree of support via live chat and telephone stations. To round out their service offering, FastDomain can also be host to a superb email support ticketing system.

Infrastructure and Performance

FastDomain’s system is constructed with quad processor servers only conducting the Linux operating system. Therefore, if you are put on a Windows server, then you will have to keep shopping since FastDomain will not have the ability to assist.

However, if Linux is okay, you will also benefit from redundancy in electricity systems, such as the two uninterruptible power supplies along with even a backup generator for steady performance.

The business also supplies around-the-clock monitoring for those servers, so if an issue does arise, which may be the operation or stability of your website, it ought to should

Customer Support

Just as most hosting providers do, FastDomain provides clients a range of methods to procure support. The help center is the first place for self-reliant guidance, and it includes numerous tools that keep mentioning.

The knowledge base includes several hundred posts, but there does not appear to be some categorical or topical firm. Instead, you need to rely on search results to locate the perfect response for any issue you face. The aid center also provides a couple of video tutorials and a range of “getting started” guides for new clients who pay most of the fundamentals.

In the event the self-directed options are not enough to solve your problems, FastDomain provides individualized help via three approaches: a toll-free phone number, a ticket-based program, along with a live chat instrument.

But it doesn’t seem to be a social-media-savvy brand: there is just one sterile Facebook webpage plus a Twitter feed that is only marginally less sporadically utilized. If this type of accessibility is essential to you, you will want to think about other choices.

Shared Strategy

Because they only offer a single plan, it’s merely a reasonably basic strategy for your shared demands. Their cost is $5.95/month. Like any other hosting service, they provide you a free domain when you register with hosting together. They encourage POP/IMAP for email, promise to offer unlimited bandwidth and space, function on the Linux OS, also provide 24/7 tracking and free copies.

But back to the unlimited bandwidth and space. Nothing is worse than establishing a website and after finding out your service was suspended since you are using a lot of resources. I was planning to get hold of them with this issue to learn what the correct number is for disc space and bandwidth each month, but regrettably, there is not any live chat due to their services.

Control Panel

They do provide cPanel that you can check out until you determine if you would like to go for them or not. It is relatively simple to navigate, and within five minutes, I was readily able to do whatever I needed on the back end. They encourage many scripts; Perl 5, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Python, PHP 5.4, etc. Usually, you are likely to need to use Fantastico to set up your WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc., plus it will work well.

FastDomain hosting accounts have a branded version of cPanel for clients to administer and manage their sites. This control panel is commonly used by hosting companies and must be familiar to most clients who’ve had to host programs before. There’s also a free presentation on the FastDomain site where clients can look at the control panel and watch its attributes until they register.


The identical thing could be stated about uptime since I could not discover some information regarding their uptime on the internet. Maybe I need to join their support and place one of my lizard niche websites in their servers and determine how it performs. EIG is not known for getting the best uptime as numerous Hostgator, and JustHost clients whine of uptime on Twitter all of the time. So it’s only safe to state that FastDomain is simply an unknown. They have not been demonstrated to be poor or turned out to be great.

FastDomain suggests that its clients can count on the maximum guaranteed uptime, but the highest guaranteed’ figure’ is not specified. It is relatively standard for an Endurance International Group brand: I have discovered that many do not define a warranty.

There’s a Server Uptime Agreement cited from the knowledge base, but not at the service conditions; therefore, it isn’t clear whether this remains offered. The Server Uptime Agreement suggested that if customers leave due to server downtime, they would not need to cover the agreement’s remaining duration.


I did need to test FastDomain’s functionality to see what it resembles. But sadly, from performing a search on Google, I was not able to learn too much about the business. I guess that they aren’t a ubiquitous web hosting company since there’s pretty much no info on this corporation’s internet. However, it is not a terrible thing; I cannot find anything good or bad associated with their functionality. 

FastDomain Extras

Subscribe to get a hosting plan with FastDomain, and you will be provided a completely free domain registration annually. You will also receive coupons for Facebook and Bing/Yahoo! marketing credits. There’s a free search engine entry feature, and clients may also install CloudFlare at no cost. The shared hosting supports WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, and much more commonly-used scripts and software.

Along with this accessibility to Moodle and other valuable applications, FastDomain provides an affiliate application that will help you add recurring earnings to your blogging business model. In exchange for boosting FastDomain’s strategy and solutions to your viewers, you will be given a proportion of the cost for any consequent sale.

While affiliate programs might help active bloggers pinpoint what could often be an irregular cash flow, it is essential to be sure that you’re promoting a business and service which you think in and around which you can write or talk with a certain authority.

That is why it makes the most sense for moral bloggers to function as affiliates just for brands where they have driven past purchases. Additionally, it is a fantastic idea to reassess that the FTC guidelines related to affiliate advertising are not yet acquainted with them.

Furthermore, FastDomain comprises some simple e-commerce tools in its plan attributes. You are going to find a choice of two shopping cart software. You will also have access to an SSL security certificate, PGP/GPG password, and encryption protection for host directories to guarantee data and site protection.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means your website’s files are on a server that also contains files from different websites. All the host’s resources, both physiological and software-related, are shared between the websites. There are not put boundaries about how much of your host’s resources a given website may have. In some instances, this may mean your website performs well (like if one or more of your host neighbors notice a sudden spike in visitors).

It usually means that FastDomain’s choices are aimed toward smaller or midsize companies who get the standard traffic load for their websites and do not host resource-intensive files such as a product catalog full of plenty of high-resolution pictures or big video files.

Should you display high-resolution images or embed videos on your pages, this does not automatically signify that FastDomain is not the ideal match for you — it merely means that these products shouldn’t be the main articles on your website.

Basic Plan

The basic plan includes all you want to get your website online. If you are looking to test out things or intend to see light visitors, for now, this could be the best alternative for you. It may also be the choice for you to visit FastDomain from a different shared hosting program.

The Simple plan includes the following Attributes:

  • Hosting for just one site
  • Unlimited email accounts (POP3)
  • 50 GB of hard disk storage (using a maximum of 50,000 files total)
  • Infinite bandwidth
  • 50 subdomains
  • 20 MySQL databases using a max of 1000 database tables
  • Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • SSH Access
  • SSL, FTP

You also receive access to a complimentary, easy-to-use website builder so you can design your site without having to employ a web designer and programmer.

The Business Pro Plan

For an extra charge, you can elect for the Company Pro program rather than the entire program. It’s an excellent solution for people who wish to remain using a shared hosting plan; nevertheless, it needs more funds and improved functionality.

Deciding on a Pro plan makes sure your website will be hosted on a server with fewer clients, which might create a speed increase over more affordable hosting programs.

Business Professional servers have 80 percent fewer balances compared to servers hosting Fundamental plan websites. As mentioned previously, shared hosting ensures multiple websites use one host’s bodily and software-related tools without strict delineation regarding who must use what. By hosting your website on a server with fewer sites, you get access to additional resources, resulting in better website functionality.

Also, Pro plans don’t have as many limitations as the simple plan. Every limit FastDomain imposes on websites utilizing the basic plan (including the quantity of disk space, the amount of POP3 email accounts, the amount of subdomains (among others) is eliminated. The omissions to this policy of unlimited resources are document count (where you are restricted to saving 300,000 files in their servers) and database tables (where you are confined to a maximum of 3,000 tables).

Consumers have reported that surpassing any imposed limitations leads to FastDomain taking down your website temporarily, so in case you’ve got a more prominent site. It would help if you enhanced the probability your website remains online in the case of an unexpected circumstance (for instance, a traffic spike), then you may want to spring to the Business Pro program from the start.

The Business Pro program includes all the following helpful features for your website (though readers of the standard plan can choose to bring these solutions for an extra fee). These are especially helpful for websites that participate in transactions between users’ sensitive data, such as order processing.

  • Domain Privacy
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • SSL Certificates.

The Pro program provides you with “Website Backup Pro” at no extra cost, in addition to a Spam Experts subscription for as much as two of your domain names, which will track your account and protect against unwanted emails from reaching your customer’s inboxes. This filter is a great deal more effective than the model, which is included with the specific program.

Pros and Cons


  • Stable Hosting for Fundamental Websites
  • Great Technical Help
  • The Value for the Price Is Wonderful


  • They Could Be Too Simple
  • No Area for Updating
  • Too Much Are Sacrificed


If all you wish to do is conduct a simple site, FastDomain is the ticket. They’re cheap, feature-rich, and provided that your essential website does not have some e-commerce requirements, you are golden. Nonetheless, this is really where folks encounter problems with FastDomain. People today select hosting providers based on an assortment of standards — most of which can be e-commerce features. These features include shopping carts, scripting abilities, SSL certificates, and much more. In addition to all that, if you cannot scale your site, you understand — directly from the get-go — which you will be moving from a hosting provider to another in the long run as you grow.

Because of the ease of this only FastDomain hosting program, it stands out from the vast majority of hosting companies that provide more choice and, some may say, more perplexing decisions. It is sometimes viewed as FastDomain’s strength in ways: its emphasis is obviously on getting folks up and running with as little hassle as possible.

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