FastComet Review (2021): The Pros and Cons and MUCH more

FastComet is the most authentic website hosting solution for your website, that not only offers you hosting plans but also maintains the website at a higher instance which makes the true sense to acquire their services.

We’ve analyzed the entities of Fastcomet and came to know that it is the best hosting provider which is being widely used all across the globe so if you’re bit conscious about the website growth it’s way essential for you to grab it hosting that will not only improve your website performance but also helps you to manage the stuffs so easily using drag and drop method that makes it the most convenient hosting of all time. 

If that sounds great to you make sure to stick with the lost till end as I’m going to share the detailed analytical review on the FastComet that’ll give you an idea, whether you should grab it or not. 

But before getting deep into the analytical report its essential for you to know more about fast comet hosting. So let’s begin with that. 

What is FastComet Hosting?

FastComet is the best and reliable hosting service provider which is being why do we use call across the globe because it serves you various offers that might help you to save much amount of penny on each purchases. 

Unlike most of the hosting provider out there they used to serve fast-performing hosting services which makes the true sense. 

It’s the dan Francisco-based company launched way back in 2013, and since then they’re offering the best possible services to the users. For the small business and e-commerce store owner they used to serve the best cloud hosting that’ll surely help to increase the website authenticity. 

The FastComet is not yet a decade old hosting provider though it got succeed in the industry just because they offer the most worthy plans that might blow up your mind. And consistently they’re upgrading their plans by adding several addons each year. 

What does FastComet offer to the users?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a beginner or an pro blogger as they’ve all kind of services which suits your budget even in case if you don’t have enough budget to invest upon the best possible web hosting services. 

Along with that the features are maintained at an higher instance which allows you to maximize the true potential of your website. From quite some time before all of my major websites we’re hosted with the Fastcomet and came across various entities and features which helps us a lot to grow our website exponentially. 

I have shortlisted few of the features which are having served to you by the fastcomet hosting, so here are they:- 

1. Excellent uptime of 99.98%

Uptime is one of the crucial aspect that you should not ignore at in instances because most of the time it happens that whenever you choose the hosting provider the uptime goes down at certain instance. So as to maintain the uptime of your site it’s way essential for you to choose a great hosting provider just like the FastComet. 

It serves you the uptime of 99.98% which makes the website even more authentic and reliable. Sin is you’re bit conscious about the website performance and speed make sure to check it out. 

Couple of years back we have analysed to them deeply and came to know that never goes down below 99.98% which is a good thing and makes it even more scalable. 

2. Authentic speed 

Website loading time is another important aspect that need to be maintained at an higher instance. If the website loads slow in the SEO ranking also gets decreased. Because no one like two heads on the website that loads slow. 

And so your website should get load within 1ms. It’s the crucial thing that need to be maintained so makes use to analyze it deeply as possible. 

I have noticed that most of the Other competitors of their used to serve the hosting services but when it comes to the speed the takes almost a couple of seconds to get load which takes the website authority down. And no room remains for growth. 

3. Awesome customer care service 

I have analyzed the website hosting services deeply about customer care service just because it’s the crucial entity that matters the most. Along with that I came to know that small company is used to serve the better services and that’s where FastComet lies. As they serves you the best customer care support so anytime you need you’re free to get in touch with their customer services to sort out the technical issues. 

Their executives are truly knowledgeable so you want face in difficulty while acquiring the deep knowledge about the hosting services. The ticket timing is very less which makes the true sense. 

Especially if you are just a beginner and willing to get support from the executive you are free to contact them anytime you need to set up your whole website in a more authentic manner. 

4. Fee migration services 

Those who already owns the domain and willing to switch between the hosting provider the migration service is the crucial aspect that allows you to acquire the other hosting services front he scratch just within few clicks. Apparently the FastComet is the one that used to serve the free migration service so if you are supposed to migrate your website from the other hosting provider to Fastcomet it will be easier for you. 

You don’t have to even register for the service as it is free.  but in case if you have multiple websites and willing to switch you will have to pay extra charges for that which might not bother you that much compared to the features they’re offering. 

5. Great security services 

Making the website more authentic the security is a crucial aspect as they makes your website even more secure and keeps it away from malware.

I’ve analyzed the FastComet so deeply and come to know that they offers DDoS protection which is way efficient at Fastcomet instance. Along with hat the SSL certification is also being served that’ll surely keel your website away from the spammers and hackers as well which is efficient. 

So no room remains for the hackers to take the control of your site. 

6. There are multiple data centers 

Data centres is essential just because if the data is there in your region it will be easier for you to acquire their services more often, so that whenever you face difficulty you can directly contact them. 

The Fastcomet has already distributed the data centres in various region amongst which Asia is the one where a couple of data centers are included. Along with that they also have the free data centres in Europe and US which is a good thing. 

7. 45 days of money-back guarantee 

You probably been observed that most of the hosting providers used to serve the 30 days of money-back guarantee which is quite less period of time to analyze the hosting service more deeply. 

But, FastComet is truly the opposite to that as they offers you 45 days of money-back guarantee which means you get 15 extra days for analyzing the data. So even if you face any kind of issues you can get complete refund. 

8. Simple pricing options 

It’s been observed that Fastcomet used to serve the simple pricing which means you don’t have to face difficulty while acquiring their features. As you get wide varieties of plans included, so don’t have to get confused amongst the plan as you can choose according to the requirement. 

Even if you are just a beginner out there it will be easier for you to acquire the services from scratch as they used to serve the budget-friendly plans. 

9. Regular backup option

Most of the time it happens that whenever you lose any kind of content you will have to invest much amount of time to get it back and sometimes it becomes difficult to acquire it. In such a situation the backup option plays a crucial role as it will help you to take the complete backup of your site so you know room remains for loosing the data of your site. 

The Fastcomet used to serve the regular nighty backup so whenever you need you can get the content back which makes your job easier. 

10. Get a free domain

For the new users the free domain is one of the best thing that you could opt from the Fastcomet hosting provider. You don’t have to pay a single penny for acquiring the domain name from Fastcomet hosting. 

All you need to do is a cylinder-specific plan and that’s it they will offer you to check whether you should select the existing domain if you have for select the new domain so that to create all new website. So definitely check it out once for a better commencement.

How much does FastComet cost?

As the pricing is concerned the Fastcomet used to serve various different plans according you can choose the one that fulfills your requirement. They have distributed their hosting plan in various different categories so it will be where is your for you to acquire their services as per the need. 

I’ve short-listed them according to the category so let’s get deep into it. 

1. Shared Hosting 

Shared hosting is considered to be most convenient for the beginner just because they are budget-friendly and serves you a great amount of features that gets your job done initially. 

 so if you are about to acquire the Fastcomet shared hosting plans following are the details of pricing amongst which you can select as per the need:- 

  • The FastCloud plan is available at just $2.95/ month. 
  • The FastCloud plus plan is available at just $4.45/ month. 
  • The FastCloud extra plan is available at most $5.95/ month. 

 occasionally you might get where is discounts on the above-mentioned plans so it will be easier for you to acquire it at a budget-friendly pricing. 

2. Cloud VPS hosting

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 as the name suggests the cloud VPS hosting is the virtual private server hosting in which is being widely used by professional bloggers who are supposed to set up their own business online. 

it not only maintains the performance of your website but along with that serves you a great features that will boost up your website authenticity.  The following are the details of pricing which are being served by Fastcomet cloud VPS hosting.

  • The Cloud 1 plan is available at just $35.95/ month.
  • The Cloud 2 plan is available at just $41.97/ month.
  • The cloud 3 plan is available at just $53.97/ month.
  • The cloud 4 plan is available at just $83.97/ month 

3. Dedicated CPU servers

Dedicated CPU server hosting is specifically designed for the top business owners or the  e-Commerce website where you will get as many features so you won’t have to face any kind of difficulty even if your web site goes under high traffic.

Following are the details of pricing which is being sold by Fastcomet dedicated CPU server:-

  • The DS-1 plan is available at just $111.19/ month. 
  • The DS-2 plan is available at just $135.19/ month. 
  • The DS-3 plan is available at juts $183.19/ month. 
  • The DS-4 plan is available at just $349/ month. 

 Pros and cons of Fastcomet Hosting

Before you go and choose any of the hosting services provided by Fastcomet, its essential for you to know about pros and cons so that you will be able to analyse whether it fulfills your requirement or not.

 I have shortlisted few of the pros and cons of the Fastcomet hosting date you need to know. 


  •  get access to the free migration service which is why is essential to switch in between the hosting providers. 
  •  the free domain service is available.
  •  get access to the free backup option.
  •  get an authentic 24/7 customer service support.
  •  the faster SSD storage is being served.


  •  it’s new to the market so most of the people might not believe on their features.
  •  underrated hosting provider. 

Should I choose Fastcomet hosting?

before you go and choose Fastcomet hosting make sure to analyze the requirements of your website so that it will be easier for you to acquire their services.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just a beginner blogger or a top blogger just because they have divided where is different plans according to you can choose that fulfills your website requirement. 

Final verdict

Choosing the right hosting service is kind of crucial aspect in 2021 just because most of the hosting providers are there who is about to serve the best possible service to their users. 

Through this post I have shared complete detailed information about Fastcomet hosting at will surely help you to maximize your website authenticity. In case if you are bit questions about the term make sure to check it out by visiting their official website where you will get across various different aspects, probably you might also get some of the discount coupons as well that will help you to save few amount of bucks on each purchase.

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