eHost Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features

Have you ever heard tremendous and bad things about eHost and want help deciding if you need to register? EHost is a cheap entry-level internet host, and also our eHost review will equip you may all of the info you want to make an educated choice.

Should you require a hosting company for private or small business use, you need to include eHost for your account listing. They provide shared hosting programs for rock-bottom costs and unmetered bandwidth and storage in addition to infinite domains.

With more than one million websites hosted, it’s easy to find out why shared hosting is eHost’s specialization. For those who have tight budgets or limited technology skills, eHost is an engaging way to begin the internet. But accept in mind that you will want to migrate your website to a different host if you’re going to scale up. Additionally, to maintain bandwidth utilization low, eHost does not allow streaming video or audio to their websites.

What is eHost?

eHost Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features is a web hosting solutions provider and provides an outstanding balance between cost and features. Targeted at demanding users, the business claims delivering everything users might want to sponsor and manage their site for a reasonable price. The supplier has many things to offer at an affordable price, such as unlimited distance, bandwidth, email accounts, and domain names.

Compared to several other service providers that offer high-end attributes at a total cost, eHost provides these features in one package. The drag-and-drop website builder works excellent for customers who are not knowledgeable about WordPress and programming languages and includes numerous eye-catching templates. Installing WordPress along with other programs is only a click away. On the other hand, the website builder will not function in combination with cPanel, while specialists recommend not using the site builders since they’re often not as elastic as other alternatives like WordPress.

EHost is an internet hosting manufacturer possessed by Endurance International. They provide shared Linux hosting (what almost all starter site owners want ) in the kind of single unlimited program. They have been in existence for a little while but were recently relaunched by their parent firm.

Their data center is located in Houston, TX, within (what seems to be) the very same facilities as their sister manufacturer HostGator. Like many shared hosting firms, eHost provides email, a site builder, and various distinct services to internet hosting.

EHost is an inexpensive web hosting company established in 1999. The business has a reputation because of its simplicity, making it feasible for beginning web developers to begin building websites instantly. In 2015 eHost was rebranded and obtained a new logo, brand new control panel, fresh site design. Endurance International Group, Inc currently possesses E-host.

Unlike many hosting providers, eHost hasn’t branched out into dedicated servers and virtual personal technologies. It merely offers cheap shared hosting, meaning your site hosting info is stored on a host using several different folks’ websites.

Performance and Uptime

EHost promises to fulfill an uptime of 99.9%, plus they offer to refund you within one month of the hosting charge if this guarantee isn’t met. But, server maintenance doesn’t count as downtime, and acceptance of any amount is at their discretion. According to numerous reviewers who have posted uptime charts and analysis graphs on the internet, it seems that eHost matches its uptime guarantee.

Usually, eHost delivers great server response times. If you start a WordPress site, you may even optimize load times using added plug-ins like WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

We began our eHost testing using its site service, and the initial impressions were not significant. There is a service link on the Control Panel, but it opens the service website at a brand new page, and also, this page shows just three featured articles and a search box. We are generally in favor of maintaining sites quickly, but we want to view more FAQs or links to subjects in such a case. Oddly enough, eHost does organize its posts into classes, and they are not shown on the opening page.

We entered ‘Import WordPress’ in the search box and have been far more impressed with the results. Not only were there lots of related hits, but they had been piled to a sensible order with the most significant at (or near) the very best.

The individual posts were not the finest we have seen, as a few were somewhat too short, and others brief on the screenshots that rival outfits could offer. However, they provided lots of helpful advice, pointing customers in the ideal direction and providing them sufficient info to find the work finished.

We conducted searches with single keywords like MySQL, Apache, and PHP. That may be a beneficial means to check the number of posts on a subject and how they are prioritized, and eHost did well. Not only were we introduced with a great deal of helpful info, but crucial posts appeared high on the list, so for example, the very initial MySQL record was recorded: ‘How do I create a MySQL database, either an individual, then delete if necessary?”

Live chat is available should you want more advice. We checked this out with a few mid-range questions about eHost goods — nothing quite specialized, but with a few comprehensive knowledge required of this support — and had excellent outcomes. Answer times ranged from ten minutes to half an hour; the representatives got right to the point without asking additional questions and gave us clear and precise answers straight away.

Ticket and email service are available also. It might take time — our very first ticket did not respond for over seven hours, but the broker once more gave a detailed reply to this query.

We finished our testing by conducting a couple of easy performance tests on our eHost server. It appeared to be in Texas; therefore, there was a slight lag in reaction time in the united kingdom, but US relations were quick, and the host was somewhat faster than average. The special rates you will see will change based on the type of website and the host you receive, but our tests did not find any significant problems that may slow you down.

Upsells & Messaging

Upsells might be a fantastic thing. In case you’ve got the budget, then they supply choices to boost your buy. They also maintain the bottom product cost down for everybody else. EHost does fairly significantly preventing interrupting upsells. They are not bothersome and are primarily restricted to the top part of your accounts and verification displays. What I genuinely don’t enjoy are the upsells themselves and eHost’s messaging.

It is one thing to provide products that genuinely help people. It is another to supply products that might hurt them when you’re selling Twitter followers and hyperlinks in spammy directories.

If you would like to make the most of eHost’s pricing and dismiss the upsells — you can do that. However, I put this reality in the drawbacks because I fear that it says something about eHost’s inherent company culture –“let us promote anything to our customers to increase lifetime customer value.” It’s possible to take this drawback however you need — but it is something which eHost does.

Safety and Backups

To be able to keep customer data secure, eHost employs several safety measures to safeguard their servers. For starters, their system comes with a customized firewall, flood protection, and extensive mod_security rulesets, which shields servers from many different attacks like DDoS and hacking efforts. The information centers themselves will also be exceptionally protected facilities and only authorized staff to have access.

Website owners understand all too well how significant regular data backups will be. Incidents occur that need you to have a copy of your website. For example, servers occasionally return, or you will accidentally hit the delete button when searching through directories on the machine.

Fortunately, eHost doesn’t charge one dime to backup websites smaller than 20GB. The copies are scheduled after a week. However, you can do a manual backup through cPanel at any time

Assistance and Support

If you require help when using eHost services, you can contact support using one of 3 approaches. The first solution is to submit a support ticket and also communicate through email. As an alternative, you may get a broker via live chat or on the telephone.

Thus, what do you expect from the eHost client service? Well, from the research we have done, it is a mixed bag. Some customers report getting an excellent encounter, while some assert lackluster or inadequate operation, to say the very least when interacting with all the service staff.

If you don’t require technical assistance, the fantastic thing is that eHost provides a great deal of internet help documentation you might use to troubleshoot common issues. The service center comes with a searchable knowledge base, which comes with help posts and FAQ pages.

Ease of Use

Enrolling in eHost is a straightforward procedure that functions as an index of the total experience of producing a site on the platform. After picking a domain name, you’ll be made to your cPanel, in which you have the option of installing quite a few website platforms, such as a site builder.

We advocate the site builder to new customers seeking to make a fantastic and contemporary-looking home page with no need for programming. The builder is based on a drag-and-drop platform where you can add new components and articles by putting them everywhere on your website.

Would you need to market products on your site? has you covered with its easy-to-use eCommerce performance. EHost permits you to connect directly to Paypal to process payments and market products efficiently. There’s also an eCommerce upgrade choice, which will turn your site into a full-blown eCommerce store, which is ideal when you’ve got several products in various categories.

The eCommerce update does cost more, but it is well worthwhile. You’ll have the ability to see stock levels, add new products and compute tax, and transport all from 1 control panel, and this is relatively user-friendly.

EHost provides many added features that many other web hosts charge extra for, which can be just one reason they’re so common.

User Interface

EHost’s site builder employs an easy drag-and-drop; what you see is what you receive interface.

If you do not understand how to write code, you aren’t alone. Fortunately, eHost includes a massive database of site templates, so you’ll not ever be required to know or register one line of code. Just search their database by keyword or category and select a template that’s ideal for you. Not merely do their site templates look good on a desktop computer, but they also look great on tablet computers and cellular devices since they’re developed to be completely responsive.

Extra features of eHost

  • Raid storage
  • Website builder
  • Infinite and scalable data Storage and Transfer
  • Free domain (1,2,3 year Programs only)
  • cPanel
  • DNS Management
  • 24/7 FTP access
  • Password protected directories
  • Custom error pages
  • One-click Program library
  • ShopSite Newcomer
  • MySQL, phpMyAdmin
  • Daily DB Copies
  • Web stats, Reports, and Logs
  • 24×7 support
  • Shopping carts and online Shop
  • PayPal integration
  • Mobile optimized
  • High-performance load-balanced servers

How to Install WordPress on eHost

  • Log in to your cPanel.
  • Find the Fast Installs segment and click on the WordPress icon on the webpage.
  • Click on the Install WordPress button on another page:

Fill the form that appears with the following details:

  • The Base Domains for the own installation.
  • The subdirectory you would enjoy the website to load out of if wanted. Instance: If you wish your WordPress URL to become instead of merely Your website will constantly display this expansion if you input.
  • To Admin Mail, input an email address to which you would like the admin password emailed. Ensure this is a functioning email address.
  • To Blog Title, input the title of the Site. It is what’s going to show up in the header because of the title of your website.
  • To Admin Username, input your username.
  • Your name.
  • Your name.
  • Click Install WordPress when you are ready to move.
  • A progress bar on the page’s peak will allow you to know if the setup is complete. Once finished, you’ll have the ability to begin working on your WordPress website. Check your email on your WordPress username and password in addition to a hyperlink for a WordPress dashboard.

Pricing for eHost delivers several SMB and business pricing packages to fit the requirements of various users. Give the specifics that a look, and choose the best package for your company:

Promotional Rates (valid until the conclusion of the initial term only)

  • Monthly Plan: $9.95/month ($19.99 Installation fee)
  • Quarterly Plan: $8.95/month ($19.99 Installation fee)
  • 1-year Plan: $7.95/month
  • 2-year Plan: $6.95/month
  • 3-year Plan: $5.95/month

Regular Rates (Applicable after the Initial term is finished)

  • Pounds: $14.95
  • Quarterly: $44.85 ($14.95/month)
  • 1-year: $179.40 ($14.95/month)
  • 2-year $334.80 ($13.95/month)
  • 3-year $466.20 ($12.95/month)

Pros and Cons


  • Free Ad credits. E-commerce site. Unlimited domain names.
  • Fully featured, together with the capacity to construct a website via conventional cPanel or proprietary site builder.
  • Comprises a great deal of freebies, such as a $100 Google and Bing ad charge.
  • Packages and cheap and extend a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • All in 1 solution
  • 24/7 superb customer support
  • Over $450 in freebies!
  • 30 days money back.
  • Low-priced shared hosting providers with loads of extras like a free life domain name and $200 worth of advertisements credits.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Reliable 99.9% uptime.
  • 24/7 service and internet help portal with loads of incremental tutorials.
  • Simple to use website builder.
  • Support for eCommerce and WordPress-based Sites.
  • Free domain name.
  • Best programs on the Net. Free email address. Free website builder. Google webmaster applications.


  • EHost doesn’t provide scalable hosting solutions. They concentrate on shared hosting programs. It implies that if your site grows to a point where it requires a VPS or dedicated server, you’ll need to migrate to a different hosting company.
  • Hosting sites that stream music videos or files isn’t feasible with eHost. The cause of this is that Flash servers aren’t encouraged on eHost shared servers because of their resource-intensive demands.
  • EHost lacks a free site transfer service, nor does it provide direct superior service for visiting sites. On the other hand, the business has printed guides and other support materials that walk consumers through the process of moving sites.
  • Hosting rates are far from the very best in the company and often border on inferior.
  • Just shared hosting packages are available, which means ++you’ll need to talk about your server with different websites.


If you’re interested in finding a trusted web host filled with features that will assist you in constructing a gorgeous, professional appearing site, we’d highly recommend eHost. Even when you’re a complete beginner, you may utilize their drag and drop site builder to create unique sites or wonderful eCommerce shops.

Whether to choose eHost finally depends upon your hosting requirements and budget. This web host is ideal for people on a budget, first-time website owners searching for drag and drop simplicity, or anybody who wishes to keep an external traffic site.

With everything under one roof, eHost does provide an all in 1 web hosting and site-building solution for private or company use. EHost delivers several affordable hosting plans, which make them appropriate for any budget, big or small.

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