Cloudways Black Friday 2021 Deal (LIVE)- 40% OFF For 4 Months

Cloudways is considered to be an authentic hosting provider of all with which is being widely used all across the globe by most of the professional bloggers to host their website.

Well, it’s not the only faster-hosting service provider available out there, just because there are various other alternatives too which used to serve the exact same features. But during the Black Friday sale, 2021 Cloudways is about to offer up to 40% off on their hosting service which is a kind of money-saving update that you need to know. 

I’d don’t matter whether you’re just a beginner or a pro-level blogger, you’ll always form across cloud storage that improves the overall performance of the website. 

What is Cloudways Hosting?

As the name suggests the Cloudways is the best in class and we’ll organized a managed WordPress hosting provider that serves you the cloud storage that’ll surely improve overall website authenticity and take it in the top. 

Also let me tell you that Cloudways doesn’t have their own servers instead they used to serve the cloud servers which increases the website speed and stores your data more prominently. 

It not only serve the fully managed WordPress hosting services but along with that the features which are being served to you are truly beneficial. And some of the top features like website performance, speed, security, etc. are maintained at a higher instance. So definitely check it out. 

They’ve plans divided into various categories, and they are totally depend upon the servers which will improve overall website. As they’ve more than a million domains hosted which make it the most authentic and reliable hosting provider that one could definitely opt to host their website.

As they offer you a couple of payment methods i.e. either you can pay on an hourly basis or a monthly basis according to the convenience. So definitely opt their services. 

But wait we’re not here to talk about Cloudways, just because we’ve already reviewed it. We’re here to talk mostly about the CloudWays Black Friday deals and offers which are being served to you. So let’s jump onto that. 

Cloudways Black Friday sale 2021

As the plans are concerned, most of the emerging bloggers might think that the Cloudways hosting are bit expensive. But nothing to worry much about the stuffs just because during the Black Friday sale you’re free to acquire it at a very reasonable rate. 

As they’ve promised to offer a 40% if discount on each of the managed cloud hosting plans, so accordingly you can chose them. 

So if you’re the one who’s supposed to a cure their hosting services this probably the best offer that will help you to save much amount of bucks relatively. 

Steps for activating the Cloudways Black Friday 2021 offer 


Most of the people might think that the activation of Cloudways hosting during Black Friday takes a much longer time, but it’s not like that. The process is way simple so even if you’re just a newbie it’ll be way easier for you to acquire their services from scratch. 

I’ve shortlisted few of the steps that’ll surely help you for the activation, so here are they:- 

  • Make sure to visit the official website of Cloudways where you’ll get in touch with the different hosting services which is being served to you so as to get 40% off on each of the purchases. 
  • Once you visit the page, you’ll have to select the specific plan that you are looking for, and accordingly pay for it. 
  • While making the payment for the plan you opt for, BFCM2021 so that you’ll get around 40% off on each purchase for approximately 4 months which is way efficient for you. 
  • You can make the payment using debit or credit card according to the choice. Once you get an option of paying the bills via PayPal which makes it the most flexible hosting provider. 
  • Once you get done with the process, you’re free to acquire their services and you’ll also receive an email where everything in detail will be explained. And that’s it, you’ve acquired the whole Black Friday 2021 deals which is way efficient. 

So make sure to follow the process and grab the offer ASAP. 

How much does the Cloudways hosting costs?

As the pricing is concerned of the Cloudways hosting, it’s usually because the hosting is based upon the five different hosting servers amongst which you can choose the one that fulfills your website need. 

So I’ve listed them as below accordingly you can opt:- 

  • The digital ocean plan begins from just $12 which is specifically designed for beginner bloggers. 
  • The Linode server plan begins at $12/ month. 
  • The VULTR server plan begins at $13/ month. 
  • AWS hosting server begins at $36.51/ month.
  • The google cloud server plan behind from $33.18/ month. 

Apart from this Cloudways also allows you to pay them on monthly basis or on an hourly basis. So accordingly you can select as per the convenience, check it out once. 

What does Cloudways Offer you?

Undoubtedly the Cloudways is kind of best server-based hosting solution available in the market that you could opt to host your websites so to maintain the speed and the performance of the website at a higher instance. 

But, most of the people out there light be eager to know about the features which are being served to you. If you’re the one amongst those, here I’ve shortlisted few of the key features of the Cloudways that you need to know. 

1. High performing speed 

The servers facility in the Cloudways hosting is pretty good compared to the other hosting provider. Unlike the shared and dedicated hosting here your data is being stored virtually on the specific private server which will serve you a great performance which matters the most when it comes to website reliability. 

Along with that you also get access to some of the other in-depth features as well like plugin support, build in the advanced cache, faster SSD storage type, we’ll configure PHP, etc. That’ll surely help you to improve the overall performance of your website. 

2. Top notch security service 

Security plays a crucial role when it come to hosting services, and apparently the Cloudways has all of the security services that one needs at a certain instance. The service of Cloudways hosting is maintained at a higher instance so you will get top-notch security. 

It’ll help you to control over the malicious traffic which is essential. Along with that the regular securities like free SSL certification, CDN, IP authentication is also available that will surely boost up the website and keeps your site away from the spammers and hacker too. 

3. Excellent customer care service

Most of the time it happened that when you are you face any other technical issue you have to wait for hours to get a response from the executive of the hosting provider. But with Cloudways all of your worries get sorted out within a while, as you get 24/7 customer support using which you can get in touch with their executive via phone call, email, or live chat. 

Also let me clarify that they have experienced engineers that’ll help you to sort out any of the issues. Along with that some of the basic features are also included like free site migration for switching in between the hosting providers, automatic regular backup option, up-to-date application support etc. that’ll take your website to the next level which is necessary. 

4. Real-time monitoring 

You’re free to monitor your server in real-time. So if you’re not getting enough response from the server you can go back and check the issue to sort it out ASAP.

The cPanal is being served to you where all of the tasks can be performed using the drag and drop method which is essential. If you’re bit conscious about the term make sure to go through the complete process. 

The monitoring of the website also includes the incoming traffic, so you’ll be able to track it and do the analysis which is way important. 

5. Free WordPress Migration 

Migration if one of the essential feature which is being served to you for better commencement. Using the plugin you can switch from any other hosting provider to Cloudways just within a while. 

Support system contacts you if you are supposed to migrate your website from other hosting provider to Cloudways. It won’t take more than 5 minutes which makes it kind of efficient entity of the Cloudways. 

6. Best in class control panel 

As most of the hosting provider of their Cloudways achieved the control panel where you will be able to manage all of the stuff related to hosting and website which is way essential to run a successful website. 

Here you can also install the new domain and applications as per the requirement. So if you’re bit conscious about the term make sure to grab it accordingly. It’s user-friendly so even if you’re just a newbie it’ll be easier for you to acquire from the scratch.

Pros & Cons of Cloudways Hosting

Before you go and purchase any of the hosting plan its way essential for you to know about the pros and cons of the Cloudways, so as to let you know I’ve shortlisted few of the major pros and cons that’ll surely give you an idea that whether it fulfills your requirement or not, so here are they:-


  • Get 40% off during the Black Friday sale 2021 on each plan provided by the Cloudways hosting. 
  • Faster and maximum storage which will help you to store more data. 
  • The support system of the hosting is truly insane. 
  • You’ll need to pay only for what you use. 
  • There’s no any up selling which makes it the flexible platform amongst all. 
  • You’ll get access to the top-notch cloud-based server, so your website will be maintained at an higher instance. 
  • There’s no any bandwidth limitation which makes it way convenient. Also it’ll be able to handle as much maximum traffic in a month. 


  • The pricing is quite high but during the Black Friday sale as a younger 40% off, which make it the complete package that might not bother you. 
  • Even their entry-level plans are quite expensive.

Cloudways Discounts

You are supposed to acquire their features it will be easier for you to Grab the offer during the Black Friday sale 2021 which is LIVE NOW. So make sure to hit the offer before it get lapse. 

As the discount is concerned you will get 40% off on each of the purchase which will valid till 4 months which makes it a convenient offer of all time. 

The promo code for availing the offer is BFCM2021, so do check it out for a better commencement. 


1. Does it worth buying the cloudways hosting during the Black Friday sale 2021? 

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Surely, it’s worth pursuing a plan during the Black Friday sale 2021, it’s because the offer is concerned up to 40% off on each purchase. So you’ll save much amount of bucks.

2. How much does the cloudways hosting costs?

Initially the plan begins from just $10, which is quite less when compared to the features they’re serving. 

3. What are the offers they’re serving during the Black Friday sale 2021?

During the Black Friday sale they’re serving up to 40% off for approximately 4 months. 

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly the Cloudways is one of the most authentic hosting providers of all time which is been widely used for across the globe. But due to higher pricing most of people might think of the alternative provider, this time during Black Friday sale 2021 they are offering up to 40% off for approximately three months which is very efficient for those who’s about to acquire the cloud-based hosting services. 

Through this post I have had some of my thoughts about Cloudways Black Friday, also shared the features which are being served to you during the Black Friday sale 2021. So definitely check it out once. 

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