Bluehost VPS Review: Why Use VPS Hosting Over Shared Hosting?

Choosing the right hosting plan is kind of breathtaking process that you cannot grow at any instance in case if you want to make your website. Setting up WordPress website doesn’t take more than 5 minutes but if you are not investing type in a search for the hosting services you might be lacking most of it. It’s because hosting plays a big role in the performance of site and the loading time.

In case if you are worried in between VPS hosting and shared hosting and going to clarify your doubt in this post, it’s because I am going to share the detailed Review that why should you opt VPS hosting or shared hosting. But before I just take you deep into it it is essential for you to know about VPS hosting and shared hosting briefly. So let’s get started.

What is VPS hosting?

Underneath the VPS hosting is specifically known as a virtual private server, as the name suggests Disawar is specifically defined your own website and his none of the other website can Host on that server. It is specifically not for your website so there is no need of any other website to host. 

You get complete flexibility as you can also install any application on it accordingly. So in case if you are big business owner or a marketer for whom set speed is the first priority they should definitely have a look up on the VPS hosting plans.  well these are pretty expensive when we compared with the shared hosting plans and wordpress dedicated hosting plan but truly worth when it comes to the performance. 

 Why you should go with the VPS hosting over shared hosting?

 so this is one of the valid questions that you should definitely ask about.  let me clarify your doubt,  earlier I have talked few things about VPS hosting which is specifically role for the separate hosting server for your own website.  where as shared hosting is specifically known for the server which is being shared throughout,  and most of the other WordPress users also used to host on that specific server.

 when it comes to the pricing the shared hosting is pretty inexpensive compared to the VPS hosting.  but at the end you want faster and high performing website that will be able to check version of traffic you will always need to switch to VPS hosting. 

 so in case if you are hosted with VPS hosting servic and gradually the traffic gets increases it will be able to take over it just because of the separate server which has capacity to manage all of the traffic efficiently. And when it comes to the shared hosting if it fails to resist all of the traffic and most of the time it goes under downtime issues which impacts badly. 

To clarify your doubt I have not listed the three major cons of VPS hosting, so here are they:-

  • You want face any downtime issues and it’s more reliable compare to shared hosting.
  • Website speed remains stable.
  • You get more control over your site. 

Which VPS hosting provider is the best?

Once you decided to go with the VPS hosting the next important question might appear in your mind is which hosting provider is the best in terms of VPS hosting?

To be honest there are tons of different companies available in the market place that are serving the VPS hosting plans. WP engine, A2 hosting, HostGator, SiteGround, DreamHost etc. These are the few well-renowned hosting providers of all time but the thing is they are pretty much expensive when it comes to the pricing and that’s the reason why you should people afraid of going with the VPS hosting. 

But there is one more best ever hosting provider lies in the market i.e. BlueHost, it is the well renowned and #1 hosting provider for all time which is also being recommended by WordPress itself. So if you are the one who is in search for the best hosting provider of all time so that they could boost their website with them, then Bluehost could be the one.

To let you know, here is a quick review on Bluehost VPS hosting.

BlueHost VPS Hosting review 2021

I have shortlisted some of the nature features which are being served by the Bluehost VPS hosting, so here are they:-

1. First storage i.e. SSD with guaranteed resources

Storage is one of the crucial entity that you cannot ignore that any instance if you are willing to make your website even faster in terms of performance.  Let me love you that bluehost doesn’t offer SSD storage type or any of their hosting services like shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting etc. But in VPS hosting they used to serve SSD storage which makes the true sense tk go with it. 

In case if you are willing to make your website your faster and high performing you should definitely of the bluest VPS hosting services just because it includes SSD storage type which is faster than the normal disk drive storage. 

I have noticed that most of the Other hosting providers as usually serves low-quality storage type which makes their website even slower, so if you’re willing to setup your online store for an E-Commerce store it is essential for you to give your visitors a good amount of surfing experience. 

Wrong with that Bluehost VPS hosting also used to serve guaranteed resources which means even if your website traffic gradually gets increased it will be able to manage it so often. So your website I will never go to the downtime issue. 

2. Security and multi-server management is top-notch

When it comes to the server management and security Bluehost VPS hosting wins the battle over here just because they have pretty much higher service facility to even in case if you are about to enter the password it will save over there. You are allowed to create the password for the granted email addresses.

The multi-server management system provided by the Bluehost allows you to host other websites as well, you can even share your VPS hosting with other websites so you don’t have to create another account. Allows you to post unlimited websites depending upon the plan you opt.

Well when it comes to security it is top-notch, to let you know here are some of the security features which are being served by Bluehost VPS hosting:-

3. Sitelock

Sitelock it is an essential entity that you cannot ignore if you are about to create your own business through website, most of the time usually hackers use to attack on your website or they may even crack the password. Infection situation the side lock will help you all the way across to keep your website even more secure.

Vyast VPS hosting fix all of the malware and vulnerabilities which is much helpful at any instance if you’re creating a successful website. 

4. Domain privacy

Domain privacy is an essential entity that you should not ignore, it keeps all of the information related to your domain private so no room remains for the spammers to attack your website any moment. 

This will not only help you to keep all your data secure but also removes all of the spammy contexts that are related to your site. 

5. Protection for the spammers

The online world is full of farmers will you always have to head off to the emails that include full of spammy contents that need to be escaped.  let me tell you Bluehost VPS hosting service the protection for these members so even if any of the spammy emails appear in your inbox it will get deducted and you can easily remove it without entering into it. 

Key Features of Bluehost VPS

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To let you know I have not listed some of the key features which are being served by Bluehost VPS hosting. 

1. The management of the database is super easy

You get access to an incredible Database Management Service where you can manage all of your tasks related to the database. Even if you want to customize your database management options you can do so by entering into it, you are organized or edit the database is depending upon your need and accordingly, it will showcase.

2. Get access to the root

If you want to get access to all of files on your server its essential for you to have access to the root and that’s what Bluehost VPS hosting serves. If you are an administrative user it will be easier for you to get access to the root where can manage all of the stuff that’ll help you in the improvement of overall experience.

Not only that you can also give access to the root to install the specific programs that you need to uninstall the program that you don’t need accordingly. It will change the whole server capacity and a boost of your website.

3. File management is incredible

If you are having tons of files on your VPS hosting server you will be able to manage it accordingly with the help of FTP.  Bluehost usually offers you the best ever Management Services where you can manage all of the stuff related to the website. Not only that you can create as many FTP accounts depending upon your choice for managing all of the files.

What about speed?

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 well is one of the pro bloggers used to follow the faster-hosting services. Is essential for you to make your website your faster just because of the following couple of reasons:-

  • If your selling any of the product or services through your website, the sales will flows down. It’s because the site takes more than 2-3 seconds to load which is not convenient for the visitors.
  • Google algorithm is managed in such a way that it will rank only news website that setting faster User experience.

 I have noticed that majority of the web site you should be used to host their website at the cheap hosting plans which slows down their website which automatically decreases their growth rate. It is essential for you to host your website with the top no posting provider in case if you want to grow your website in long run.

With the help of Bluehost VPS hosting your skyrocket for sure. Their service are married in such a way that they have sudden response time, so no room remains for the downtime. The E-Commerce stores or an online store should be posted with the VPS hosting instead of shared hosting just because of the high amount of traffic which are being derived through the website. 

Customer support of Bluehost

From last couple of decades boost is specifically for the good amount of customer support devices to surf and that is the reason why they get succeed in the hosting industry. If you go to any other technical issue you can get it sorted just within a while by getting in touch with their customer executive. 

 the Bluehost used to serve 24/7 customer support along with the live chat, phone calls, email support which makes the true sense.  your query will be sorted at the same moment you post it which is a good thing and that’s what I like the most about Bluehost service. 

how much does BlueHost VPS hosting costs?

BlueHost VPS hosting

 well when it comes to the pricing it might feel pretty expensive in terms of money but when we compared with the features they are even more worthy.  so here I have shortlisted the four major plans which are being served by bluehost VPS hosting:-

1. standard VPS hosting

standard VPS hosting is the most budget-friendly package which is available at $18.99/ month.  it is best for those who are just beginning with the VPS hosting servers.  here you will get 30 gb of SSD storage along with 2GB of RAM.

2. Enhanced hosting

 the enhanced plan is available at $29.99/ month  where you get approximately 60GB of SSD storage along with 4GB of Ram.

3. Ultimate Plan

 The Ultimate Plan is available at just $59.99/ month. it is considered to be the high end plan which consists of approximately 120 GB of SSD storage along with 8 GB of RAM.

Final Verdict

From last few years with the website speed is considered to be one of the major factor the head growth, alongside Google has also derived their algorithms in such a way that they will only showcase the website that truly serves a great experience of browsing to the visitors. 

Hence most of the bloggers are switching their website to the VPS hosting just because they used to serve a great value in terms of performance and speed of website. And that’s where blue pH testing lies which are considered to be one of the top notch hosting providers of all time which is running successfully changed a couple of decades.

The millions of domains are hosted on their server which makes the true sense to opt it. This post I have concluded that why you should go with the VPS hosting instead of shared wordpress hosting. Additionally, I have shared some of the useful notations as well of the Bluehost hosting. If that sounds great to you make sure to visit their official website to know more about the VPS hosting. 

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