Ultimate Bluehost Optimized Hosting for WordPress Review: Why Use It?

If You are not very familiar with the Bluehost. Let me tell you that it is considered to be the best hosting provider of all time just because it is more reliable and scalable compared to the other competitors out there. And that’s the reason why WordPress itself used to recommend it to host your website securely.

From the last couple of decades, the Bluehost is serving its services more promptly, and that’s the reason why more than a couple of domains are being registered on their hosting server. Not only that, if you are about to host your website with double optimized hosting plans, the offers you different types that consist of VPS, Shared, dedicated hosting, etc. So do check them out.

Moreover, if you are eager to know more about the Bluehost WordPress hosting, then make sure to stick with the post till the end just because I am going to conclude some of the significant factors that might help you to opt for the specific plan accordingly. So without any further ADO, let’s get started. 

What is Bluehost’s optimized hosting for WordPress?

As we all know that Bluehost is the best hosting provider and just because it’s more worthy when it comes to the pricing and services are insane. You will find a wide variety of plans listed on the website, which includes VPS, shared hosting plan, dedicated, etc. Recently they have announced all-new Bluehost optimize hosting plants, which are specifically designed for WordPress users. 

You will find all of the necessary features that should be included in the WordPress hosting, and that’s the reason why most of the people might think of it just because it is even more secure. Aside from this, you’ll also get to know that the pricing is quite affordable, which might not bother you at any instance. 

So even if you are just to be done and willing to start an online business, you will always need the best hosting; I will highly recommend you to have a look upon this newly launched hosting by the Bluehost. 

What does the Bluehost optimize hosting for WordPress provides?

 to give you a quick review about Bluehost optimized hosting for WordPress plans I’ve shortlisted some of the basic entities that you will get if you opt their plans, so here are they:-

1. High speed 

Most of the newbie usually opens the shared hosting plans subsequently just because the pricing is written as compared to the other hosting plans. But suicide pricing the speed is something which matters the most; one of the major problems with the shared hosting plans is that the uses of a single server and multiple domains are being served to that. And when the traffic goes higher, your website gets slow; to maintain the sustainability of your website, you will have to opt the high-speed hosting.

I recommend you to have a look upon the newly launched Bluehost optimized hosting for WordPress just because the claims of providing the higher speed for your website that won’t regret you furthermore even if the traffic reaches on the high

In terms of speed hosting plays a crucial role, so you don’t have any other options, rather than choosing the right hosting plan for your website. Also, it’s been noticed that Google has started recording the highest-paid websites, so the overall ranking of your website might even get increased if you acquire their services. 

Your audience will get blessed just because of the high-speed servers of the hosting; indirectly, it’ll surely help you in ranking too. 

2. Control Panel Is Impressive

The Control panel plays a crucial role in each of the hosting providers. The reason behind this is that the control panel allows you to perform various activities related to your site, like the installation of plugins, create emails, databases, etc. It doesn’t matter which hosting provider you are about to update but make sure that it must have the support of cPanal. 

Moreover, the Bluehost has kind of enhanced cPanal, which makes it even more powerful and handy to use. To let you know, I have shortlisted some of the entities that you will find in the cPanal of Bluehost, so here are they:-

  • ManageWP, I will help you to manage your WordPress account, along with that you can easily migrate your website.
  • Mojo marketplace allows you to find the required plugins for your website. 
  • Other WordPress controls that’ll make your site even more, smoother while surfing on it. 

3. Get access to CDN

If you are looking for the most scalable and high performing website, then your hosting plan should consist of the CDN, and that allows you to make your website more secure in each aspect, and the performance should be stable. This will surely help you a lot to maximize your website value. 

If your hosting plan includes the CDN, then it will also make your site even more, faster, so definitely make sure that the plan you opt should consist of CDN support alongside. Bluehost used to serve the CDN support even with their entry-level plans, and that’s what makes it more reliable. So definitely give it a try. 

4. The 24/7 customer support

Over the last couple of decades, the Bluehost a successful serving their features button inside their customer support. Is truly insane, and I must appreciate their user support. Customer support is one of the essential entities that most of the bloggers ignore at the very initial stage. Still, a letter on what’s whenever the technical issue goes on, then it will be essential for you to acquire the customer support at any point.

Blues hot used to serve all of the significant customer support services like live chat, phone calls, email support so you can get in touch with the executive anytime you face a technical issue. 

Alongside the Bluehost optimized hosting also used to serve the SiteLock, advanced CDN, SSL certification that’ll keep your website even more secure. Hence, no room remains for the hackers and spammers out there. Also, Bluehost updates all of the essential entities like WordPress, plugins, etc. 

5. Massive storage and backup

Consider your phone; when the storage gets full, you might face specific difficulties like lack of storage and speed, which are a couple of significant factors that need to be get started. In terms of the website, the storage depends upon the hosting plans that you are about to opt. So if you want to create a successful business through your website, you should definitely of the plan that has maximum storage capacity.

Just because of the OpenStack system, then Bluehost is considered to be the best in class hosting provider of all time that used to serve massive, fast storage begins from 30 GB to 240 GB, amongst which you can opt the plan that suits your requirement.

Along with that, the backup of website content is also necessary just because in case if you lose your data, you directly catch it up right there if you have authority. Eventually, the Bluehost used to serve the backup feature as well that will keep your data even more secure,  so very very, there is a need you can acquire it subsequently. 

RAM, which is being served to you, is insane, which will keep your website faster and provides a faster browsing experience to the visitors out there. And that’s the reason why most of the pro bloggers still use the Bluehost as their primary hosting provider of all time. 

How much does Bluehost optimized hosting cost?

 Well, pricing is one of the significant aspects that most of the beginner might need to know about. Though Bluehost leads over here just because there are four different varieties of plants which are being provided and accordingly you can choose, so here are they:-

1. WP Standard plan

The WP Standard plan is considered to be one of the necessary plan provided by the Bluehost, which will cost you around $19.99/ month where. You’ll get 30 GB of disk space along with the 2 GB of RAM, which gives your visitors an incredible experience of browsing without any downtime.it can host up to 100 million users per month.

2. WP Enhanced Plan

The WP enhanced plan is best for those who want to create an online business; it’ll cost you around $29.99/ month where you get 60 GB of disk space along with that 4 GB of RAM as well. When it comes to the monthly visits, let me tell you that it can take over 300 million monthly visits. 

3. WP Premium plan

The all-new WP premium plan is the next high-end plan that is available at $39.99/ month, where you’ll get 120 GB of storage along with the 6 GB of RAM support that makes it even more scalable in each aspect. It can host up to 600 million monthly visits. 

4. WP Ultimate Plan

And here comes the final plan from Bluehost, i.e., WP Ultimate plan, which is available at $49.99/ month where you’ll get around 240 GB of storage along with the 8 GB of RAM, which makes it even more reliable and scalable. This plan can accommodate hist unlimited monthly users.

So, according to your requirement, you can opt for the plan accordingly and host your WordPress website with it that will give you an incredible experience. With all of the plants which are being provided to you, you will notice that you don’t have to specifically install the WordPress alongside you get a free website builder with it that’ll help you to get the WordPress installed.

Also, it will balance your website more often, which means it doesn’t matter how many visitors visit your website, but your website will always remain stable, and no room remains for the downtime issue. 

What are the pros and cons of Bluehost optimized hosting?

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In automation aspects, Bluehost pranks on the high, but it doesn’t mean that it might not have the negative side. To give you a brief report, we have fought listed some of the pros and cons that will provide you with an idea of whether you should opt for their plans or not, so let’s get deep into it.


  • A right amount of security is provided to your website.
  • The loading time of your website is even faster.
  • 24/7 customer support gives you flexibility.
  • You will face downtime issues only when the hosting is under maintenance.
  • The automatic update is provided to you.
  • CDN support and the regular backup will keep your data more secure and stored at the right server. So even if you lost it somehow, you could get their back up.
  • The cPanal of the Bluehost is much impressive.


  • The pricing is a bit expensive when compared with the shared hosting plans.
  • Lots of upselling which might bother you.
  • There is no support for excessive plugins.
  • Technical knowledge bid required for better convenience.

If you are just moving from a shared hosting plan to do Bluehost optimized hosting, it might become challenging for you to handle their control precisely because it has kind of if stringent controls. Peroxide if you want to get your technical stuff done, you can always take the help of their support team by spending a negligible amount on it. 

Who can acquire the Bluehost optimized hosting?

If you are the one who wants to create an online eCommerce Store or set up an online business, this could be an excellent option for you just because they are pretty much extensive in terms of security and performance that might never let your website gets down at any instance. 

Not only that, even if you are an individual broker, it will be much easier for you to acquire more traffic with the help of a Bluehost optimized plan as your visitors will get an excellent surfing experience, which will make them stick with your website for a longer time. Initial, you can acquire their basic plan, and later on, watch wherever you are traffic gets increased. You can get their premium plan as well, which will be more beneficial for you.  So do check it out. 

Final Verdict

If you are someone for home speed, performance, etc., matters the most, you should definitely go with the Bluehost just because in all of the departments, Bluehost ranks on the top, and that’s what makes it one of the best hosting provider on across the globe. If you are just getting started with the blogging, you can always go with their basic plan, which is available at very low cost and letter on what you can purchase their expensive plans as well.

Occasionally you might also get some sort of discount that will give you an excellent deal to acquire their services. So make sure to visit their official website to acquire the current ongoing deal. 

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