BionicWP Review & Pricing (2021) WordPress Hosting

If you’re looking for a superior word media hosting agency for your company, you’re at the ideal location. BionicWP supplies the perfect web hosting support for companies such as startups, small-scale companies, and massive empires.

It’s a comprehensive word media web hosting service that provides fully managed hosting, code and content edits, and white tag service.

When folks are becoming tired of scammer hosting Service, Bionic WP is a correctly managed hosting service. With outstanding site management and maintenance characteristics, it stands out from the bunch of those numerous classic web hosting providers.

It is a Comprehensive BionicWP review 2021 that focuses on all of the significant facets of the web hosting service supplier. So proceed and find whatever you want to learn relating to this hosting service.

What’s BionicWP?

BionicWP Reviews & Pricing (2021) WordPress Hosting

BionicWP is a hosting option That Provides premium features to entrepreneurs for their sites. The hosting solution provides you application-level service that allows you to handle your WordPress site.

BionicWP Requires a Google Cloud Infrastructure having a super optimized pile that provides rocket boosters to your site in the backend.

The hosting service provides unlimited website edits, boosts Page functionality, core website, plugin upgrades, and far more!

The most beautiful part of BionicWP is the solution to become WordPress friendly. Second, it gives you complete power over editing and managing your site.

This editing and handling include content editing, website Performance-boosting, making sure quality-oriented server functionality, along with the facility to manage more traffic, and much more.

BionicWP is a new aspect in WordPress hosting, using Began in February 2020. However, it is still rolling out extensive tools and creating a name for itself.

BionicWP hosting fits the trend. First, it succeeds in “really managed” WordPress services. Then, it spices up the deal further using a slew of tools WP site owners are sure to love.

BionicWP is a handled WordPress hosting alternative for Company proprietors that do not have time for website administration.

It provides equally server-level direction and application-level Direction and support within a multi-tier bundle.

You can host a single site or countless Sites, and the pricing follows an innovative tier.

The basic package costs just $27.5 for site hosting with advanced safety. But, in addition, it provides four add-ons, each offering a different attribute.

The main reason that made me pick BionicWP was due to the backend infrastructure it uses. Its servers are all hosted on Google Cloud C2 High Definition instance.

All servers are equipped with Nginx and service Linux Containers. So, naturally, you receive the most recent installment of the PHP frame.

BionicWP’s staff is highly effective. It keeps your Servers always up-to-date so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Additionally, you may get infinite site edits.

It can be an add-on together with the present managed-to-host service. Still, it entirely automates WordPress management jobs like upgrading plugins, uploading products, and much more.

But that’s not the termination of the listing of attributes BionicWP Provides. In addition, there are lots of surprises that will cause you to fall in love with its offer. Through this detailed BionicWp Review you’ll get to know about their offerings so make sure to stick with the post till end. 

Characteristics of BionicWP

1. Managed Hosting Experience

For starters, You’ll Get a managed hosting Expertise with BionicWP WordPress-handled hosting that also at the very same speeds as any other hosting alternative that merely offers server-level support.

Together with BionicWP, you may Find both server-level and application-level Support along with weekly observation of your site. BionicWP functions as your system admin, a hosting solution provider, and a digital assistant for its hosted sites.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

Virtually every user on earth believes in a managed hosting. Unfortunately, alternative as a server-level support alternative or direction nonetheless, this isn’t the situation.

A controlled solution is equally server-level assistance and an Enterprise-level solution that provides customization for your program and direction and several other perks.

Typically locating this kind of distinguishing solution would be a daunting task. However, it is precisely where BionicWP steps in and changes this match!

Bionic WP is effective at supplying all three of those solutions mentioned above. Simply speaking, this hosting alternative is capable of handling everything from site management to WordPress webpages, edits, plus even more.

3. Entirely White Labeled Hosting Option

WordPress agencies and WordPress support experts are searching for hosting solutions they can promote to their clientele. However, if the hosting alternative BionicWP has made that easier for these WordPress agency owners.

They can easily Purchase the white-label hosting option and Market it to their clientele. BionicWP support staff will look after the service. The customers of this service proprietor will not understand BionicWP supplies the hosting alternative at any stage of the contact cycle.

4. Support for Agency Owners

BionicWP Provides a Whole Lot of website management attributes that Simplify service owners’ life span — from snowy site label hosting to boundless website edits to continuous site observation.

These are some of the features that assist agencies in concentrating on their core business, obtaining new clients, and helping them expand and scale. With BionicWP’s aid, these website bureaus can undoubtedly do this without hassle.

5. Performance Guarantee

Have you come across any hosting option which Guarantees functionality? That is what BionicWP hosting alternative provides. For example, if your site does not receive a 90+ score on the Google Page speed instrument or GTmetrix, BionicWP will return you cash!

That is a guarantee which BionicWP stands, and its business in its coping. You may even attempt the ‘Try before you buy’ support and see whether BionicWP hosting can double your website functionality.

6. Perfect for Enterprise-Level Organizations

The Site management features of the Fantastic solution can directly influence your company’s bottom line. For only $25, you can assign the menial job to BionicWP’s service group and allow them to do what they do best.

Through this method, you reduce the burden on your internal teams by outsourcing your web care and service.

Hence, the hours spent managing a site and keeping a site are eliminated, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on other more crucial facets of your company.

7. Hack-Proof

BionicWP produces a backup of your data every day. The information is saved on BionicWP servers for 30 days. Therefore, if any hacker will get access to your site and defaces it, then the BionicWP service team will reestablish it within seconds.

The preeminent part is that you won’t need to perform anything as the service team will look after everything. In addition, you’ll receive your site because you’d left it last time you visited.

8. Infinite Website Edits

BionicWP is the only managed hosting option that may make Modifications to your site on your request. For example, you may request the support staff to alter a picture, add some text to a webpage, or modify a heading.

The service team will make 30-minutes of site edits as Often as you want using the unlimited site upgrades attribute. The feature will be available as addition of $25 only. You need to purchase the add-on, and the BionicWP service team will turn it into your digital assistant.

9. White Label Lease

BionicWP has made it even simpler for many digital agencies to manage their customers efficiently. With the ‘White tag hosting’ service, BionicWP users may pay off the hosting to their customers. The white tag add-on can be obtained for $150 only.

And at this price, the wholesalers can assign all of the Support related questions to the BionicWP support staff. 

In summary, they will sell the hosting at a price of their choice. In contrast, the servers and software on these resold hosting packages will soon be dealt with by the BionicWP support staff. Not a bad deal, right?

10. Espresso Place

BionicWP also offers a staging place for customers who wish to try a new site’s new performance before taking it live.

It allows them to view the mistakes that may occur and also get Input in the inner group. The staging area is allowed by default for every user on the hosting platform. It’s perfect for programmers who’d want to make new attributes and test them in a live environment before shooting them live.

11. High-Performance CDN

BionicWP provides its CDN known as the BionicWP CDN service. Hosting users may enable it straight from the dash. 

The CDN spreads the website’s cache into multiple servers throughout the world. The result is quicker access, decreased load period, and enhanced retention. In addition, BionicWP CDN is a free service provided by the hosting option.

12. Weekly Speed Tracking

BionicWP staff will constantly monitor your Site rate to make sure that you’re receiving the best speed. However, suppose your site starts to receive a meager score on the Google page rate instrument. In that case, the BionicWP service team will correct the problems that were causing the slow operation.

13. Free Trial: Try Before You Get

Try before you buy is the trial version offered by the BionicWP team. Ever since its launch, a cloud server isn’t accessible on many managed cloud hosting alternatives. BionicWP has transformed that.

It lets you test the support and see how quickly the Site becomes. In addition, you do not need to pay anything when attempting your site on BionicWP, and you’re able to use aid as many times as you would like.

14. Daily Website Backups

To confirm that your data stays secure and protected, the BionicWP service team regularly takes site copies. These copies are saved on an off-site host. It is also possible to download them straight to the regional server or into a third-party cloud server.

15. Daily Malware Scan

Malware can ruin servers. To Make Certain You get the maximum Performance from Google cloud cases. The BionicWP system autoruns Malware scan each server daily. This scan does not interfere with site operations, and the servers remain operational.


While BionicWP is quick, it doesn’t undermine website Safety. And, that’s precisely why it provides malware and Trojan security, hack protection, and regular site copies as and if required.

Moreover, users may select for IP-whitelisting, bot-blocking, And far more features.

1. One-click Malware Scanning

Together with BionicWP, users do not have to worry about malware and malware Trojan problems in their sites. As it gives automated daily scans for malware user sites. If any malware/virus/Trojan is located on the consumer side, it’s automatically removed.

Moreover, users may also scan their particular sites directly in the hosting dash. They will only need to head to the application-layer control panel and then click on ‘Start Scan.’

2. Hack Tool Promise

Hacking is another significant problem that encircles the electronic world. Several sites lose substantial amounts because of hacking, and that is where BionicWP hack protection comes in.

It’s promised to all of its customers that if their sites are compromised in any way, they will obtain their sites restored with minimal downtime.

BionicWP supplies a 30-day backup interval. So, users may inquire for their sites to be restored to almost any day over the past 30-day period.

3. WAF Firewall

BionicWP also supplies a site Application Firewall (WAF). With this technology, users receive a firewall that shields their sites from all kinds of adware and spyware established strikes. In addition, it permits them to track their site’s health carefully.

Further, BionicWP ensures that consumer sites get complete WAF protection, cross-site anti-virus safety, DDoS attack security, and SQL injection resistance.

Website Administration

A managed hosting option isn’t complete if it does not provide its user’s heart, subject, plugin upgrades, site edits, and regular site maintenance. That is where BionicWP shines.

1. Center, Theme, & Plugins Updates

BionicWP Enables users to upgrade everything on their websites, Such as WordPress heart, subject, and plugins throughout the BionicWP dashboard. They could merely press on the ‘Update all’ button, and assets are upgraded when a purchase isn’t upgraded or provides an error, its return to its initial condition.

2. Regular Speed Tracking

BionicWP managed hosting agency makes sure the websites of its clients are functioning flawlessly. They monitor website performance regularly and sort out any problems before the clients know about them.

3. Staging Environment

Testing varies on a live site can be dreadful to your Shop’s reputation and wellness. It may impact everything from consumer behavior to marketing to sales.

That is where a staging environment comes. With the BionicWP Staging area, it is possible to replicate your live site and adjust it quickly. 

As soon as you’re content with the adjustments you created and you’ve tested them and beta trials, then you may roll out the last version on your live website.

Pros and Cons


  • 90+ GTmetrix scores & 90+ Google Page Speed Insights scores
  • Daily Malware Scanning –
  • Google C2 High Compute Instances with Premium Tier Bandwidth
  • Hacker-proofing warranty with off-site backups
  • Boost conversion rates by 18-30percent and overall users by 20-40percent
  • Searchable uptime tracking (tracking Your Website every 1 minute to bandwidth )
  • Infinite Free Migrations
  • UNLIMITED WordPress website edits
  • WAF Firewall
  • White Label Support
  • WordPress Hardening


  • More pricing choices required
  • No email hosting
  • Hosting for WordPress CMS just
  • Costly compared to additional shared hosting

Pricing and plans

A single site cost on BionicWP is $27.5. Thus, the Cost is more competitive compared to many other managed hosting options.

Moreover, when you include more websites, the Entire cost begins to decrease even further. Thus, let us say you’ve got a single site for $27.5 on BionicWP for 5GB disk space and 50GB CDN bandwidth. It will allow for 28,000 traffic every day at maximum.

As you can see from their pricing slider, should you include five Sites for a hosting package, the cost for one site reductions to $22.5 a month for one site?

Think about the majority pricing. While BionicWP WordPress hosting Alternative is a superb host for individual sites, it’s better for companies having multiple sites or for WordPress agencies.

There’re no hidden fees and no hourly charges, which Escalate with time, and no spike prices. You obtain a single site for just $27.5. If you wish to add more websites, the cost of every site hosting will reduce even further.

You can see the additional features that you need and Pricing plans consequently on their site.

The Features

The Crucial features of this WordPress hosting service are:

  • 90+GTmetrix
  • All Types of upgrades, including heart, subject, and plug-ins
  • Daily scan for malware
  • Free trial
  • High-performance CDN
  • Hyper-optimized hosting
  • Off-site copies for 90 days
  • Formal Staging Environment with SSH access
  • Safety against hacking
  • Speed Tracking weekly
  • Infinite WordPress website edit
  • White label service


If you are somebody that has multiple sites to search for Afterwards, then certainly YES! However, you need to have BionicWP WordPress hosting option to fulfill your hosting requirements. This post was all about BionicWP review where I’ve covered almost all of the major norms.

Considering that BionicWP is carving a new market within the cloud Hosting business, its contrast with other hosting alternatives will be out of the question.

That Said, BionicWP is supplying much more to its customers Concerning attributes and solutions. All this provides its users the option they had with any other hosting alternative.

Considering All the variables, we could conclude that BionicWP may be a fantastic selection for WordPress hosting. It’s highly scalable and has good benefits. Though it has few downsides, the advantages overpower the chances. Thus, consider the variables and get ready to start your Site with BionicWP.

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