BigRock Reviews: Big In India, But Are They Right For You

From the hosting business, most firms possess a solid market they stick to. Whether it be small companies, bloggers, or artists, it merely makes marketing more accessible, and you’ll be able to get the appropriate plugins and also add-ons for your target market.

That is why it’s surprising to see BigRock, a hosting, and domain name company, handle to pull their well-rounded strategy relatively inexpensively. It gives programs and add-ons that match various individuals, from individuals to companies, and it does not detract from your plugins or advertisements.

Finding a server that offers everything in 1 bundle is an ambitious undertaking. But luckily, there’s BigRock cloud hosting. Despite being relatively new to the marketplace, it’s managed to acquire tens of thousands of faithful customers thanks to its out-of-the-box solutions and worth for cash.

What is BigRock?

BigRock is a cheap hosting service that is best for personal websites or smaller companies. Hosting plans come with the cPanel control panel, a site builder, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Click through some of those BigRock discount hyperlinks on this page to snag a fantastic deal on your hosting program.

BigRock was created in India and became a part of their Endurance International Group (EIG) technology firm that helps companies build an online presence. With offices in India and also the U.S.A, this hosting provider functions globally.

BigRock was set back in 2010. It immediately blew up and housed well over 6 million domain names. Nowadays, it’s one of India’s most significant web hosts and domain name registrars. Back in 2014, EIG obtained Directi, which possessed Bigrock, together with many smaller hosting companies. The deal was worth a whopping $110 million, a nod to BigRock’s value.

Each sponsor deserves a reasonable chance; also, EIG does not do wrong with all businesses it acquires. Some manufacturers, such as Bluehost, have improved beneath the conglomerate. BigRock is an Indian hosting supplier that’s a portion of the Endurance International Group (EIG), including Bluehost, HostGator, and many hosting providers. They are ICANN-accredited and claim to offer prices around 80 percent less than other domain name registrars, as their attention is chiefly on people and small companies.

The hosting provider delivers a vast selection of various solutions to suit almost everybody’s highly affordable requirements. On the other hand, the choices tend to be relatively simple, so modest to midsize companies will likely obtain the very best cash value. Some additional costs apply while getting back your money means accepting it credited to your accounts, which isn’t helpful once you would like to depart the supplier entirely.

The business is located in Burlington, Massachusetts. Its rapid growth has enabled it to open other offices globally. Together, they home 2,700+ workers working round the clock to keep clients content. The business has managed to acquire the hearts of 4.7+ million clients within its ten-year existence. 

The cause of this is it does not compete directly with the big dogs from the market since it targets consumers on a tight budget. What’s more, BigRock hosting sells additional tools, such as domain name registration, copies, and superior security.

Features and Ease of Use

BigRock delivers a whole line of cheap hosting solutions, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, cloud alternatives, SiteLock providers, domain registration services, and backup alternatives.

The shared hosting options are Linux hosting (Starter, Advanced, Business, and Pro) and Windows hosting (Vital, Premium, and Business, and Pro). They include the following standard features:

  • Infinite disk space
  • Infinite bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domain Names and email addresses
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • CloudLinux
  • cPanel/Plesk control panel
  • MySQL databases
  • PHP 5.2 into PHP 5.4
  • Softaculous one-click installer

BigRock utilizes both the Varnish Cache that stores users’ most-visited pages and the internationally dispersed Cloudflare CDN. Collectively, these technologies ensure rapid page-loading rates and assist sites in managing high traffic.

CodeGuard powers automatic copies. And accessible backup plans comprise Fundamental (around five sites, 1 GB disk space, five times automatic backup), Expert (around ten sites, 5 GB disk space, daily automatic backups), along with Premium (about 25 sites, 10 GB disk space, daily automatic backups).

Two Network Security

BigRock plans include top-notch safety, composed of four layers. An anti-DDoS and malware detection method sit at the bottom level, functioning concurrently to block incoming attacks as much as the speed of 300Mb/s daily. The mid-tier includes applications and program security setup with a group of capable system administrators. This strategy filters out a wide array of strikes.

The top layer comprises manual tracking and auditing. This component requires heavy lifting against the security team, but it requires BigRock hosting to compete with the more significant players.

Mail Service

Unlike several other hosts, BigRock supplies a habit email for free. Based upon your program, you may make anywhere from 200 to an infinite number of accounts.

The independent BigRock firm email bundle is acceptable for clients that don’t require web hosting. It provides around 30GB of storage, store templates, and also a cellular program to get iOS and Android for simple communication while on the go. Prices begin at $0.66/month/user.

DNS Management

BigRock supplies you with a simple method to handle your Domain Name System (DNS). From the dashboard, you’ve got easy access to this editor. While admissions usually take weeks to take effect throughout the World Wide Web, it only requires a couple of hours on BigRock’s international network.

It is also possible to alter the Mail Exchanger (MX) records, which ascertain how other servers handle your emails. Attempting to do this could make your messages to be redeemed as spam.


BigRock has an uptime guarantee of 99.99percent more than 30 times. The organization’s website tells us that the last significant outage happened in 2014, which appears to be nearly impossible. Though we did not confront any problems during our evaluations, we chose to explore further.

After studying many BigRock testimonials, we discovered that a substantial number of remarks concerning downtimes. Clients complained of servers going offline for days. Regrettably, this server does not have clear guidelines for compensating users for the reduction.

BigRock Rate

BigRock hosting performed moderately at our speed tests. gave us an average ping time of 190ms out of 18 locations globally, revealing rapid connectivity between the host and the end-users.

The Time to First Byte (TTFB) evaluation determines the time it takes to get a website/app to process user requests. GTmetrix revealed us 493ms, which is greater than twice in contrast to what Google advocates. It required five minutes for the whole page to load. While this is not great, it is far better than the worldwide average of ten minutes.

There are other strategies to accelerate your website, such as employing a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Upon utilizing it, functionality was enhanced by 70%.

Types of Hosting

BigRock provides five Chief forms of hosting:

  • Shared hosting
  • Specialized hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Reseller hosting

They’ve hosting servers in both the US and India.

1. Shared Hosting

BigRock is among those few shared servers that deliver both Linux and Windows hosting. Most hosts offer Linux hosting due to its widespread recognition. (Linux hosting supports popular content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal.) If your website is constructed in ASP or .NET or using an MS-SQL database, Windows hosting is required.

The Windows programs are somewhat more costly than the Linux ones, which can be ordinary, but the attributes are close identical on either operating system. Kinds of Shared Hosting Strategies:

  • There are four Shared hosting plans to pick from, together with most programs that provide :
  • Infinite distance in most except Starter program (10 GB).
  • Infinite transfer (bandwidth)
  • Unlimited email in most except Starter program (200 addresses).
  • cPanel (Linux) control panel or Plesk (Windows) control panel.

Keep in mind that if hosts explain anything as “infinite,” it is typically infinite except in cases of abuse. An individual might be charged a charge or be asked to subscribe to a more substantial package if they’re overburdening the servers.

The cPanel management panel comprises Softaculous, a favorite program that produces countless accessible software (such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.) installable in only a couple of clicks.

2. VPS Hosting

You will find 4 VPS hosting programs on BigRock, all of which are comparatively affordable. These programs arrive with a particular quantity of disk space and bandwidth your website can use per month. It is simple to update if you realize that you want more as your website develops.

Something important to note is that cPanel is provided but at an additional price. Here are some key features of the VPS Hosting:

  • Four Linux distributions: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu
  • Automated failover
  • High rate Solid-State Drives (SSDs)
  • Instant provisioning
  • Full root access
  • VNC access
  • cPanel or Plesk
  • DDoS protection
  • Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM).
  • Semi-managed solutions (e.g., firewall setup; help with host optimization).

3. Reseller Hosting

Like shared hosting, BigRock delivers reseller hosting for both central operating systems (OSs). These programs allow you to offer hosting services to other people but utilize BigRock’s servers and solutions to reduce the profit. Unless you are starting a hosting company, you do not require reseller hosting. Reseller hosting for every OS contains four pricing tiers with various choices:

  • The free WHMCS charging system, except Vital plan
  • Infinite Plesk/cPanel panel balances
  • Infinite MySQL and MS-SQL databases
  • Unlimited domain names, email, and FTP accounts

4. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a bit more robust and reliable than shared hosting but still not as pricey as VPS hosting. Unlike shared hosting, where you can share resources with other websites, you’re assigned your dedicated tools from a cloud server.

Again, some strategies say that they provide “unlimited” bandwidth; however, your site resources could be suppressed should you start experiencing high visitor levels. Cloud hosting on BigRock seems to be meant for smaller sites with relatively lower levels of visitors. BigRock’s cloud hosting has a speed increase from Varnish: a caching technology.

BigRock’s top-notch hardware infrastructure is housed in U.S. information centers. This seller utilizes Dell Rack Servers using Xeon chips and SSD storage to ensure fast page loading rates. You receive a good (but not good) 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Enhancing Uptime–99.89percent

Once your site is live, you would like it to stay up for as long as you can. While many mishaps can happen to crash a site, the most significant hurdle will probably be host downtime. Nowadays, all site hosts encounter occasional downtime. Something as silly as a faulty system change may take multiple machines down. It is hard for a supplier to be prepared for all probable eventualities.

Nevertheless, some businesses are more ready than others. High uptime is indicative of a well-maintained infrastructure and a trusted setup. I tracked the BigRock servers to determine how it rains. Regrettably, BigRock’s uptime is unimpressive at best. Around weeks of testing, the servers resisted the accessibility of 99.89 percent.

To put it differently, you can expect about one hour and a half of downtime each month. It is barely a favorable result, considering the industry-standard uptime, certainly one of the top hosting providers, is 99.9%.

The site does cite an uptime guarantee; however, there’s nothing about it in the legal records. BigRock isn’t legally obligated to keep a particular degree of accessibility. Great for your business but insufficient for the customers.

BigRock Shared hosting is shaping up as a dependable supplier, despite its insufficient bandwidth assurance.

Customer Support

Support is each supplier’s maintenance team. You need always to have the ability to speak to someone from the business if you require help. It opened up a new window using the email ticket type, stating chat service isn’t offered. The shortage of 24/7 chat service is hardly perfect, but you still have telephone or ticketing options.

A tremendous advantage if you are located in India is BigRock’s neighborhood service staff. It is possible to telephone the toll-free telephone amount anytime and talk with an engineer nearby.

The brokers are polite and educated. I pointed out a couple of uncertain things on the website, plus they had no problems filling in the gaps. It took a moment or 2 to double-check responses to more complex questions. However, you cannot expect the frontline service to understand everything and receive the answers.

If you choose to explore yourself, you may use the knowledge base as a helpful reference point. It comprises articles on getting started with most attributes, such as the control panel or CodeGuard backup program. Some more troubleshooting information would be better. However, the knowledge base is adequate as matters stand.

BigRock includes a decent community support group along with a well-maintained knowledge foundation. The only criticism is the shortage of 24/7 chat service.

Fantastic Speeds

Speed is equally as crucial as uptime, or even more. It’s also where you can see what the servers are made from. Hosts with cutting-edge professional and hardware-optimized technology can make your site blazing fast. The ones that skimp on optimization and overcrowd their servers, on the other hand, will slow you down. Around multiple dimensions, BigRock cPanel hosting listed:

  • 440 milliseconds to react to a webpage ask
  • 0.72 minutes to altogether leave a primary webpage

These are a few lightning-fast speeds. BigRock easily outpaces even high actors like Bluehost.

And if that is not impressive enough, BigRock’s backend isn’t a slouch either. I sent out 50 virtual users who made 300 simultaneous requests to the host, a hefty quantity of visitors for a small shared hosting program to take care of.

The load slowed down the reaction times to a mere 0.740 minutes. It is a barely perceptible shift. BigRock manages traffic far better than many suppliers. BigRock hosting frontend is among the fastest you will find, and the backend can suffer a hefty workload. If you’d like fast local servers, then look no more.

Pricing for BigRock

The hosting alternatives are pretty cheap, but you need to make a minimum commitment of a year (as well as ten years), which explains why the 30-day money-back guarantee may attract you. But you need to obey an extraordinarily lengthy and tedious process to receive your cashback.

BigRock’s 24/7/365 technical support staff may be contacted by phone, ticket system, or live chat. The least expensive BigRock hosting program, Starter, begins at Rs. 99 ($1.59/month); however, they do not conceal that this is the cost for a 5-year contract. Also, you may pick the duration in a drop-down menu that also shows you the price. This program will get you 20 GB storage space, 100 GB transfer, five emails, and a free SSL certificate.

The following plan, known as Advanced, begins at Rs. 179 ($3.49/month), doesn’t limit storage space or bandwidth and provides a free .net domain name for a year. The Pro program (Rs. 319, or $5.39/month) enables you to host millions of sites; however, you need to be studying their Cloud hosting, which begins in Rs for the ideal rate. 549 ($5.69/month) and offers double the rate and four times the scalable tools. Tax isn’t included in these costs.

To cover, you can use cards, PayPal, cheque, direct deposit, as well as your BigRock accounts balance. You can also receive back your money within 30 times, but just as a charge for your account.

Pros and Cons of BigRock


  • Top-of-the-line hardware infrastructure
  • Varnish Cache and Cloudflare CDN for Superb page loading times
  • CodeGuard automatic Copies
  • 99.9% network uptime guarantee
  • The more comprehensive range of price plans and Alternatives
  • Multiple payment methods Approved
  • Cheap plans
  • Leading ICANN Domain Registrar in India
  • BigRock Hosting Plans and their Costs
  • Referral Schemes and Discounts
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • BigRock Server Uptime


  • Difficult to Benefit from This money-back guarantee
  • Reports of Bad Customer Care
  • A Number of These basic plans lack Characteristics
  • Some Clients have complained about the Customer Care
  • Typical support regarding your Problems
  • No Need to change Name Servers


BigRock offers incredibly economical plans; although there are a few hidden costs, they’re not too outrageous. However, customers searching for the fundamental characteristics of any hosting provider would be better off elsewhere. Bluehost and HostGator are equally excellent options, but for those people who have more specific needs, BigRock is a fantastic alternative.

BigRock is a fantastic host that delivers a vast array of inexpensive programs. It is excellent for hosting sites and sites for small companies. You get many add-ons, such as a free SSL certificate, email support, and DNS administration.

The website builder, 175+ templates, and gallery using 85,000+ inventory pictures make it effortless to create a website from scratch. On the downside, it is not a fantastic choice for users. As stated within this BigRock review, bandwidth is restricted to 10TB/month.

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