Best 5 Nexcess Alternative

If you are supposed to start your first blog or already own a domain and want to host your website with the most authentic hosting provider in the market then it’s better to do some sort of research before processing. Due to having tons of different options in the market you might get confused about which to pick all amounts and that’s where the Nexcess hosting comes in the way which is known for its popularity. 

One of the interesting facts about Nexcess hosting is its reliability and flexible cloud hosting facility that will convince you to buy one of their plans for hosting your website. In order to make the website more authentic it’s essential to to get flexibility in the cloud hosting services that will surely help you in long run. 

As everything is pretty good in Nexcess hosting, Then what makes you look upon the alternatives of it?

Well, there are a few things that push the excess hosting, one of the major reason why you need to look upon its alternative option is that the pricing of this posting is quite expensive and there are so many different options that serview similar features at this price. 

Why do You need To Look Upon Nexcess Hosting? 

Understanding Nexcess posting is one of the Legit hosting providers in the market that is constantly putting their efforts to make the services more authentic in every single aspect. Wrong with that you get access to some of the advanced features with it as the free SSL certificate and that will keep your website safe from Malware. 

But there are few of the drawbacks that will surely convince you to look upon its alternatives like if you are having high traffic then it’s better to switch to the other hosting as Nexcess hosting is not good enough in terms of uptime and performance which is a major drawback. 

So if you are looking for the best alternative to this hosting then let’s get it into the list. 

What Are The Best 5 Nexcess Alternatives? 

Following are the list of the best 5 Nexcess alternatives that you can look upon:- 

1. Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger Hosting (Nexcess Alternative)

Hostinger was launched back in 2004 and since then they have been providing their services to the people. It’s always been a decade and they are served over a couple of million subscribers which is a good thing. Every single day the number of users are constantly increasing which makes hostinger to be the most intuitive in every single region. 

One of the benefits of choosing hostinger is that the uptime of this hosting is pretty stable so you don’t have to worry about the performance that you can expect for your website. When we compare hostinger with the Nexcess testing, it’s been noticed that hosting stands on the top of the field as you get access to some of the advanced features as well which is a good thing. 


  • Get access to the free SSL certification that will surely help you to maximize the overall privacy of the website. 
  • The uptime of the hostinger is stable at 99.91% which isn’t that bad. 
  • Cheaper in terms of pricing. 
  • Get access to the weekly backups along with that to get over 10 GB of storage space where you can store the content of your website. 
  • You can get a 24/7 customer support facility if there are any technical issues that occur while setting up the website. 
  • The website is pretty reliable which is a good thing.

Pricing Details:- 

Following are the plans that are being served to you by Hostinger:- 

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2. BlueHost Hosting

Bluehost (Nexcess Alternative)

Bluehost is a well-known brand in web hosting, supplying more than 2 million websites. It is a master of simplifying and easing the process of creating an easy-to-use website particularly if you plan to make use of WordPress. Each plan comes with a no-cost domain registration for the very first year. excellent uptime (based on real-world data) as well as a no-cost CDN as well as a drag-and-drop website builder, and a no-cost SSL certificate.

When compared to the best web hosting solutions that are available, Bluehost is popular for reasons that are well-founded. With the ability to scale up and down, support for customers 24/7, and a reasonable price, Bluehost is a well-rounded and comprehensive choice for the majority of users.

Bluehost is our top choice because of its versatility and WordPress integrations. This is the reason it is so trusted and popular in the present. In addition, Bluehost also provides excellent security options, low-cost shared plans that are suitable for beginners, and easy plan upgrade to grow.


  • Get access to advanced security due to having a free SSL certificate is involved in the hosting services. 
  • Get fast and smooth customer service support that will eventually help you to make the website more intuitive. 
  • It has high-performance services that make it more convenient.
  • Get the free site migration for better reliability. 
  • Uptime of the bluehost is pretty stable, which is a boost thing. 

Pricing Details:- 

Following are the pricing details of BlueHost hosting:- 

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3. GreenGeeks Hosting

Greengeek (Nexcess Alternative)

The environmentally-friendly approach that GreenGeeks takes makes its services stand out from the crowded web hosting industry. Their pledge to offset the use of energy by 30% wind credit definitely sets the standard for other web hosting companies looking to be greener or lessen their carbon footprint.

The decision to opt for GreenGeeks is contingent on your budget and hosting requirements and the performance of this company against competitors. In the end, GreenGeeks is an interesting option for its price, reliability, server performance, competitiveness, and also for the green approach.

GreenGeeks customers receive a lot in value from their investment. Since they are a green energy firm there are some who choose this host so that they can boast that their company isn’t creating a carbon footprint. Since you only have 30 days to request a refund, make sure you do your own research prior to making any type of formal commitment.


  • Get access to the free SSL certification for the better security of the website. 
  • You will get 24/7 customer support accessibility if you face any technical issues. 
  • Get regular backup which is a good thing so no chance remains for the data breach. 
  • Higher uptime stability. 
  • The security of the hosting is top-notch. 

Pricing Details:- 

Following are the pricing details of green geeks hosting:- 

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4. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting (Nexcess Alternative)

A2 Hosting delivers blazing fast speed. A2 is always investing in the latest technology and provides its customers with top-quality performance on their websites.

If you choose to go with one of their Turbo plans, you’ll get NVMe drives. This is the trend of the future, much like SSDs have replaced HDDs. It’s simply quicker, and my prediction is that a majority of web hosting providers will be offering NVMe in the near future.

At the moment A2 is among the few hosts that give users the NVMe benefit. It’s not necessary to be knowledgeable about how it works to gain.

This is just one instance of how A2’s commitment to continually upgrading its hardware is rewarded for its customers. By using Anycast DNS, TurboCache, and Lightspeed Web Server, your websites are as speedy as they can be all the time.

If you’re considering the shared hosting option you’ll be satisfied with the speed, no matter what plan you select. However, the Turbo plan is designed to help you reach that higher level.

A2’s speed remains unbeatable when it comes to their dedicated servers and VPS too. If you’ve got websites where speed is the driving factor for conversions (such as eCommerce sites) A2 is a good choice for you.


  • Get enhanced security services that will maintain your website at a higher instance. 
  • Get 24/7 customer support accessibility if you face technical issues. 
  • Free website migration services are available. 
  • There are specific tools available for the developers that will enhance your workflow. 
  • It is one of the most eco-friendly hosting providers in the market. 

Pricing Details:- 

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Following are the pricing details of A2 hosting:- 

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5. Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta Hosting (Nexcess Alternative)

Last but definitely not least is the kinsta hosting which is the most authentic hosting provider in the market that is quite underrated just because the office does some of the great features that will surely make your website more authentic and genuine as well. 

So if you are having a tight budget then this could be the best option for you that it is the perfect alternative for the Nexcess hosting. There are so many different services that are being served to you by Kinsta so accordingly you can pick the one that fulfills your requirement.

We have already tested out kinsta upon our website and found to be no issues regarding the services that make it one of the augmented hosting providers in the market that will surely convince you by their features and facilities. It’s been noticed that they have over million subscribers over the period of time and that’s what makes it the perfect nexcess alternative in the market. 


  • Get access to the highest security solutions that make it the perfect solution. 
  • The uptime speed of the Kinsta is well maintained so you don’t have to worry about its performance. 
  • They’ve over million subscribers over the period of time which makes it the legit hosting provider. 
  • Pretty cheap compared to the excess hosting. 
  • Get access to the most intuitive hosting provider in the market. 
  • Adorable pricing that makes it more convenient for you. 
  • Ideal for the single website owners in the market. 

Pricing Details:-

Following are the pricing details of Kinsta hosting:- 

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Final Verdict

If you are choosing the right hosting provider I can assure you that your website will be maintained at a higher instance. There are so many different types of hosting providers in the market that make you confused about which one to choose all amongst. 

Nexcess hosting is one of the most reliable hosting providers in the market that you can look upon. But there are few of the things that makes you look upon its alternative options in the market. In order to help you out, I have shared the detailed list of the best 5 nexcess hosting alternatives that you can look up on so definitely check them out.

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