Best 5 Hostinger Alternatives

Are you tired of using cheap hosting providers like Hostinger? 

If yes then this post might help you a lot as I will be sharing the list of 5 best hosting alternatives that provides similar features as hostinger but are quite affordable that will convince you to look up on their facilities.

Throughout the day we looked up several different types of hosting providers in the market and monitored their loading speed, uptime, and service reliability which are considered to be the most crucial part of any hosting provider in the market. And while calculating the services we came across several things that dominate hostinger in every single aspect.

Throughout the decade most of the hosting providers have updated their features to make them more convenient to host the website with. One of the benefits which I like the most is that just like the hostinger there are few of the hosting providers that used to serve exactly the same feature at an affordable pricing that will surely convince you to look upon them. So if that makes any sense to you make sure to stick with the post till the end and I pursue you that you will thank me later for sharing the list of alternatives. 

Why Do You Need a Hostinger Alternative? 

This might be the question that comes into your mind and it’s pretty of us just because Hostinger is a pretty decent hosting provider that does not have any kind of flaw. So if you are a bit confused then let me tell you that the entities like speed, down time, etc. Are some of the major norms which are pretty better in the other hosting providers compared to the hostinger. 

So if you are getting bored with the hostinger then it’s better to Look upon the alternative options out there. So without any further ADO let’s get into it. 

What Are The Best Hostinger Alternatives? 

Following are the list of 5 best Hostinger alternatives that serve you better features:- 

1. A2 Hosting 

A2 Hosting (Hostinger Alternative)

A2Hosting is a great shared hosting option for Hostinger for small and mid-sized websites. It’s among the hosts with low prices that isn’t in the spotlight however, we cannot ignore the client base they have. It beats the rest of the pack by offering one of the most excellent customer service services available and incredibly speedy shared servers that are that are powered by high-speed technologies such as SSDs 20x TurboServers Multi-level caches and the A2 Optimized feature.

A2Hosting is a top-of-the-line provider with the latest technologies implemented to guarantee the speediest website performance with global data centers, free solid state storage , even for sharing plans such as Anycast DNS and PHP 7. It is likely that PHP 7 alone drastically improves the performance of websites – a boon for bloggers, webmasters, and users who rely on organic traffic as speed is a factor in ranking in the Google algorithm.


  • Get access to the unlimited bandwidth which consists of unlimited storage and also ideal for the beginners. 
  • There is a free automatic backup option that will surely convince you to buy it. Also, you can change it to the manual one. 
  • Free site migration allows you to switch in between the hosting services. 
  • Get access to the A2 optimised plugin that is ideal for the wordpress users out there. 

Pricing Details:- 

Below are the pricing of A2 hosting:- 

  • The shared hosting begins at just $1.99/ month. 
  • The web hoairng begins at $1.99/ month. 
  • WordPress hosting begins at $8.99/ month. 
  • VPS Hosting begins at $4.99/ month. 
  • Reseller hosting begins at $15.99/ month. 

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2. GreenGeeks Hosting

Greengeek (Hostinger Alternative)

GreenGeeks are not just a brand new name in the web hosting industry They have been operating independently since 2008 and is a non EIG business, much as Hostinger. It is a top eco-friendly web hosting provider that is based on renewable energy sources and converts three times of each amp that is used off the electricity grid to renewable power. Through them, you’ll have a role in helping to lessen carbon emissions. It’s something that everyone should take the greatest care of to ensure that our planet is cleaner as much as we can.

Alongside eco-friendly practices, Green Geeks utilizes the best equipment available as well as the latest technologies and the latest versions of PHP. The combination of these features provides fast secure, reliable, and secure hosting. You have the option of choosing from five data centers within Phoenix, Montreal, Amsterdam, Chicago, and Toronto. This variety lets you store your data close to your target audience, thus improving ping latency, which leads to faster speeds.


  • Get access to unlimited storage and bandwidth for better performance and storage. 
  • It has been optimised for the wordpress users and gives you a buttery smooth experience while using their services. 
  • It’s one of the greenest hosting providers in the market which is known for its eco friendly hosting services. 
  • Get a free SSL certificate for better protection. 
  • The servers of the GreenGeeks are well optimized so you don’t have to worry about their usage. 

Pricing Details:- 

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Following are the plans served by GreenGeeks:- 

  • Web hosting begins at just $2.95/ month. 
  • WordPress hosting begins at just $2.95/ month. 
  • VPS Hosting begins at just $39.95/ month. 
  • Reseller hosting begins at just $19.95/ month. 

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3. BlueHost Hosting

Bluehost (Hostinger Alternative)

BlueHost is a low-cost hosting provider that offers enough bandwidth and web space to keep sites running with thousands of visitors every month. Because Bluehost offers low-cost hosting plans, no-cost SSL, and backups that are free, which makes it an ideal Hostinger alternative. In addition, the process of scaling from lower to higher plans , or vice versa is as easy as the click of a mouse.

Our website is hosted on their servers and the time to uptime and speed of rendering (loading) as well. The rendering speed (loading) is satisfactory. As per Uptime Robot, (we use it for monitoring every single one of our sites) Uptime did not fall lower than 99.98 percent and the average 406.19ms speed of response for the past four months. Aren’t these stats fascinating? Recently, they have also upgraded their servers using SSDs to guarantee the best possible I/O.


  • Get access to the multiple storage options as per the plan you choose. 
  • It comes with an SSD storage type which is a bit faster than the normal storage type. 
  • You will get multiple options like VPS hosting and wordpress hosting. 
  • It has free SSL certification accessibility for better privacy and protection for your website. 
  • Uptime remains constant at 99.98% which makes it even more reliable. 
  • Cheaper compared to the hostinger which makes it even more convenient. 
  • Get access to the unmetered bandwidth for better convenience. 

Pricing Details:- 

Following are the plans served by BlueHost Hosting:- 

  • WordPress hosting begins at just $2.65/ month. 
  • Managed wordpress questions begin at $9.95/ month. 
  • WooCommerce hosting begins at just $15.95/ month. 
  • Shared hosting begins at just $2.65/ month. 
  • Dedicated hosting begins at just $79.99/ month. 
  • VPS Hosting begins at just $18.99/ month.

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4. InMotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting (Hostinger Alternative)

InMotion Hosting is a multi-award winning company that has been acknowledged as a top-rated web hosting service for the past sixteen years, by CNET which is one of the most read magazines available on the internet. Their top business practices rapid data rendering using various locations, safe servers and solid state drive storage is not only the fastest hosting service but it is also among the most reliable SSD hosts. Although there are many other companies that claim to provide fast services, InMotion is really great at it.

They have an expert team who can migrate your current site , if you have one free of charge with no downtime warranty. Some companies charge a significant cost for the migration process but it’s free with these services. Additionally, with every year-long hosting subscription, customers get a free domain for an entire year. That amounts to a 12 dollars savings. You may have noticed that you’ve not used this dependable service or seen to be using them frequently. They are mostly used by bloggers and newbies.


  • Get access to the free website builder that will help you to design the wordpress website using the drag and drop feature. 
  • It comes with unlimited bandwidth support which is a good thing so you don’t have to worry about the storage as it’s unlimited and the type is SSD. 
  • Get access to the built-in marketing tools for better convenience. 
  • 24/7 website monitoring is available that will keep your website safe and Secure in every single aspect. 

Pricing Details:- 

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Following are the pricing details of InMotion hosting:- 

  • Shared hosting begins at just $2.99/ month. 
  • WordPress hosting begins at just $6.99/ month. 
  • Website builders begin at just $6.99/ month. 
  • VPS Hosting begins at just $19.99/ month. 
  • Dedicated server hosting begins at just $139.99/ month. 
  • WordPress hosting begins at $6.99/ month. 
  • WooCommerce hosting begins at just $6.99/ month. 

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5. FastComet Hosting

Fastcomet Hosting (Hostinger Alternative)

FastComet is also a reliable and fast hosting provider that is able to easily replace Hostinger services, regardless of the nature of your project. They offer a range of solutions for every type of user. It’s a San Francisco company with its headquarters in San Francisco, which serves customers with more than 45,000 from over 80 countries. If you’re looking for an account shared with others as well as cloud-hosted hosting they’ve everything you need to set up the virtual server you need or create a WordPress website. While not as popular as Hostinger but they are worth a try at for at least a few times.

To serve a client base across the globe There are nine server locations across major cities across the globe which include Chicago, London, Dallas, Newark, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Tokyo. One location in India is currently in the queue and will be made available in the near future. Each data center can use at least 12000Mbps of public network out, supported with 170 Anycast CDN access points, a redundant electricity supply as well as DDoS defense. Additionally, every server can be automated in the distribution of content, which results in very little interruptions in traffic during spikes. Through its a new hosting provider in the market, you can use it for your very first website as the features are well maintained. 


  • Get access to the daily and weekly backup of your website content that’ll keep your data safe and secure. 
  • It comes with an inbuilt fastcomet site builder that allows you to build a website just within a few clicks due to having a drag and drop feature. 
  • The support system of the executive of fastcomet is truly genuine and they will assist you for sure if you face any issue. 
  • Get access to the free migration facility in order to switch in between the hosting provider. 

Pricing Details:- 

Following are the plans offered by fast comet hosting:- 

  • The shared hosting begins at just $2.95/ month and goes up to $5.95/ month. 
  • The cloud VPS hosting begins at just $50.95/ month and goes up to $118.95/ month. 
  • Dedicated CPU servers begin at just $118.15/ month and goes up to $296.55/ month. 

Final Verdict

As I said before, hosting is one of the crucial parts of any website and you cannot ignore this term at any point. Most of the people consider hostinger to be the most genuine hosting provider in the market but due to increasing their plans and pricing people are looking for the other similar hosting provider in the market that may provide them and affordable hosting solutions. 

While going through the research I came across the five different types of hosting providers that use to offer similar features like the hostinger does. Through this detailed post, I have shared the in-depth details about the hostinger alternatives that you can Look upon and select the one that fulfill your requirement.

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