Best 5 Fastcomet Alternatives

It’s almost around 7 years that I was first introduced to the fastcomet hosting provider which was specifically known for the affordable hosting and became one of the biggest hosting service providers in the industry. Over the years their engineers have made several changes to make the posting most authentic and due to having a good name in the industry they have got a chance to present the new addons every single time of their updates. 

I have been searching for the bugs through the hosting and found nothing to complement in terms of fastcomet but there are few people who are truly unhappy with the fast comet hosting just because the hosting service does not provide as much amount of value in terms of the money they charge. 

So if you are amongst them who are getting bored of using fastcomet and need a better alternative of it then this post might help you a lot just because I have compiled the list of 5 different types of best fastcomet alternatives that serve you a better value. 

Why Do You Need To Look Upon FastComet Alternative? 

Although fastcomet has nothing wrong going around just because they are doing a pretty good job in the market, there are few people who are considering it to be the most underrated hosting services. Most of the professional bloggers and digital entrepreneurs need a higher website solution and for that, they must invest in a good quality hosting provider which would provide better features.

When we talk about the fast comet alternative you might be thinking of some of the hosting providers. But I must tell you that there are so many hosting services and it might get you confused or not know which one to choose amongst. If that makes any sense to you then let’s get deep into the list of FastComet alternatives. 

What Are The Best FastComet Alternatives? 

Following are the list of fastcomet alternative that you could consider buying in 2021:- 

1. CloudWays

cloudways hosting (Fastcomet Alternative)

Cloudways is a cloud hosting company with its headquarters in Malta that is in operation since. The company’s focus is on providing top-quality web hosting services for developers, companies, and users under the premise of shared hosting, which is easy, quick, and easy.

Cloudways cloud-based hosting solutions concentrate specifically on cloud-hosted managed-to-host and controlled WordPress hosting, as well as PHP application hosting (Drupal, Magento, Laravel, Prestashop, etc). Cloudways does not provide web hosting that is shared.

The most obvious benefit of Cloudways apart from the fact that it offers a promising cloud hosting service and its cost is the cost. starting at $10 per month Cloudways is more affordable than many Cloudways alternatives, such as WP Engine and a2 Hosting.


  • Get access to the most intuitive control panel from where you can have access to some of the advanced features of cloudways hosting. 
  • Get the free CDN support that may help you to make the website more secure in terms of every single aspect. 
  • Get free migration services that will eventually help you to switch in between the hosting services. 
  • It has a built-in website builder that may help you to design a WordPress website. 
  • Plans are quite affordable too. 

Pricing Details:- 

Following are the pricing details of cloudways hosting amongst which you can pick the one as per the convenience:- 

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2. BlueHost Hosting

Bluehost (Fastcomet Alternative)

Through the years, Bluehost has developed into one of the most well-known hosting providers, particularly for WordPress websites.

Simply looking at their homepage and the various services that Bluehost provides will tell you why they’ve won so many customers over. For starters, Bluehost has a wide range of hosting options that they offer – not just web hosting.

In addition, their rates are actually, truly affordable. In addition, you receive some bonuses thrown into the mix for no cost. This means that the total cost for starting a website is significantly lower than what you’d be paying for competitors.


  • Get access to a free migration service so that you can switch between hosting providers for convenience. 
  • You can easily upgrade the hosting solutions through the cPanel of the hosting. 
  • Get access to the CDN services that will make it more reliable in terms of securities and malware protection. 
  • Though Bluehost is pretty expensive you get complete visibility due to having a wide variety of plans. 
  • Gate 30 days of money-back guarantee which is a good thing so in case if you don’t like the features you can get your money back. 

Pricing Details:- 

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Following are the pricing details of bluehost hosting amount to which you can pick the one that suits your requirement:- 

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3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting (Fastcomet Alternative)

A2 Hosting is a web hosting firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was founded in 2001. The firm was first known under the name Iniquinet. Since 2003, when it changed its name to “A2,” this web hosting provider has expanded in leaps and bounds. The first hosting company to provide PHP7 to script, A2Hosting focuses on performance and affordability over bells and bells and.

There’s a high likelihood that you’ve not ever heard of A2 Hosting, and if you’ve heard about it, it’s just a passing mention. A2 isn’t an incredibly popular name, like Bluehost and when you go to their site, you’ll see that they don’t have a huge focus in terms of free marketing credits or other bells and whistles.


  • Get access to the free SSL certification that will keep all of the Malware away and Secure your website to make it more authentic. 
  • Get access to a wide variety of plans amongst which you can pick the one that suits your needs.
  • Due to having 24/7 customer care support you can get in touch with their customer is key to any time you need so that you can get the Glitch sorted. 
  • Get 20 times more speed in terms of uptime and performance of the website which is a good thing. 
  • Get the basic and advanced security options that can get your issue sorted which is a good thing. 

Pricing Details:- 

Following are the pricing details of A2 hosting amongst which you can pick the one as per the convenience:- 

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4. HostGator Hosting 

Hostgator Hosting (Fastcomet Alternative)

HostGator may be one of the largest, most enduring web hosting companies However, they’ve managed to maintain an excellent daily uptime average of 99.93 percent over the last twelve months.

The shared hosting plans they offer include unlimited bandwidth, storage, no-cost domain (for one year) and a free SSL certificate. They also provide excellent customer service. They connected through live chat and responded to every question in just a few minutes.

Unfortunately, many additional services, such as backups and security, are tacked onto the bill as extra costs. In addition, renewal costs increase rapidly after the first term is up.


  • Get access to the stable uptime limit of 99.99% that will maintain your website’s performance. 
  • Due to having a free SSL certification the overall website security gets enhanced so you don’t even have to worry about any Malware attack or data breach. 
  • The 45 days of money back guarantee will help you to get your money back if you face any of the issues regarding their services. 
  • Dear customer support facility is truly insane so you don’t even have to worry about it even if you have a technical glitch while using the hosting. 
  • Get unlimited bandwidth along with unlimited SSD storage for better reliability and performance maintenance. 
  • Get access to plenty of different types of templates which you can choose the one as per the design. 

Pricing Details:- 

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Following are the pricing details of Hostgator amounts to which you can pick the one as per the need:- 

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5. Scala Hosting

Scala hosting (Fastcomet alternative)

ScalaHosting has been around for more than a decade. It’s a host based in the United States that has been regarded as a reliable host over the years. Nowadays, their reliability isn’t in doubt However, their innovative ideas have been notable.

There are so many internet hosting service companies that sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate from them. A lot of them prefer to compete on conventional lines like costs and resources or differences in a couple of other aspects.

ScalaHosting is notable as they are among the few companies that can truly claim to are an innovator in a sense. A large portion of the review is going to focus on reviewing some of their own developed technologies including SPanel, SShield, and WordPress.


  • Get access to the excellent service speed in any of the regions you live in any region as they have decent data centres availability all across the globe. 
  • Get over 99.99% of uptime guarantee that makes your website more authentic in each aspect.
  • Through the SPanel you can get access to multiple solutions for the hosting services. 
  • Get multiple features along with some of the advanced features as well. 
  • Gate automatic backup option for better convenience. 
  • Get a free domain Access for a year also the site migration is available for free. 
  • Get the SSL certification that will maintain your website security and keep the Malware away. 

Pricing Details:- 

Following are the pricing details of scala hosting amongst which you can pick anyone:- 

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Final Verdict

As stated earlier, choosing the right website hosting is very sensual and due to the availability of so many hosting providers usually get confused about which one to pick. Fastcomet hosting is the one that provides you awesome value for many features at an affordable pricing but there are a few complications that will surely make you look upon the other hosting service providers that may serve you some of the extra features at the same price. 

In order to help you out I have chosen the 5 best fastcomet hosting the market that offer you great value at affordable pricing. So make sure to check them out.

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