A2 Hosting vs Bluehost: Which is Better for WordPress? 2021

Bit confused amongst A2 Hosting & Bluehost hosting? 

You’ve landed on the right page, as I’m going to compare both of the hosting services and the pricing difference as well so makes sure to stay on the couch and grab a cup of coffee. By the end of post you’ll be able to decide which fulfills your need amongst both of them. 

But before that let me quickly introduce with both of the hosting services. 

Brief overview of A2 hosting & Bluehost hosting

Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost hosting is considered to be one of the most authentic and letitbit hosting provider of all time which is been highly recommended by the wordpress itself. The only reason behind its popularity is the reliability although it was launched way back in 2003 and currently it hosts over a million domains which makes it the so popular amongst all. 

Which of the following plan the operation of free domain name along with free SSL certification and that will enhance your overall experience. Even if you are just when you be and willing to start your first ever blog it’s the way continent hosting provider that you should definitely look for. 

A2 Hosting 

The A2 hosting is the another big hosting provider out there that serves you as many reliable features that gets your website on the top of search engine full stop the performers you get is top-notch along with the preferred services too. 

As similar to the bluehost here younger the money back guarantee which means in case if you don’t like the features you can take the full refund of what you’ve paid for and this is what makes it the reliable hosting provider of all time. 

Now let’s jump on to the complete comparisons between both Bluehost and 2 hosting that’ll simply your choice for the better commencement. 

A2 hosting
  • The 99.99℅ of uptime is essential for the performance. 
  • The effective pricing gets your job done just within a while.
  • 24/7 customer support is essential to sort out any of the technical issues.
  • You get the support of CDN, which is essential for security purposes.
$2.99/monLearn More
  • 99.99℅ of uptime best, your job is done.
  • 24/7 customer support so you can get in touch with their executives via live chat, phone call, and email.
  • Free SSL certification will improve the security of your site.
  • Affordable pricing.
$2.98/monLearn More

Page Speed & Uptime Test

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Well no one likes to Grab the website which serves the low speed and always down. The hosting plays a crucial role in this terminology and that’s the reason why you need to invest in a good amount of hosting for capturing the decent speed. 

According to the research which we found that approximately all of the hosting provider of their promises of providing the best in class performers and top notch features. But when it comes to the A2 hosting and the bluehost hosting, they offers pretty good features along with the higher uptime speed. 

We have personally tested them on our websites. following are some of the tests that we’ve done for the better commencement:- 

  • Load impact
  • Bitcatcha
  • Kingdom 

So it come to know that A2 hosting takes just 1.28 seconds to load the landing page which is acceptable at certain instance. 

Whereas the bluehost offers much better performances as the website gets load just within 689 ms. So the winner surely becomes the bluehost. It’s 95% faster compared to the A2 hosting. 

Apart from this the traffic surge test is ok of the relevant test that one should not ignore at any instance, it impacts a lot upon the website reliability and the loading speed as well. The server of both i.e. bluehost and A2 hosting is being tested thoroughly and found to be the best in class service provider. 

But, bluehost offers pretty good speed than tha A2 hosting which means you’ll get a better performance if you acquire the services of bluehost which make the sense. 

Apart from this we also tested on various different geographical locations as well and steel bluehost performance is damn good, so the user don’t have to wait for getting it load as everything is well managed and the page will get load just within a while. 


The easiness factor is kind of essential terminology that one should not ignore at any instance if they are about to acquire the smooth experience while managing all of the stuff in hosting. 

If you are supposed to manage the account of both bluehost and A2 hosting you will always require the cPanal through you’ll be able to handle the technical stuff in a subsequent manner. By grace both the hosting providers offers you the support of cPanal which makes them the most convenient hosting providers of all time that one could opt for the better commencement. 

Apart from this you uninstall the wordpress for Joomla just within click without suffering from the issue of not getting it installed. And this service to be included in each of the hosting providers globally to maximize the authenticity of the usage. 

But, when we compare the user abilities of both A2 hosting and Bluehost, bluehost found to be the best in terms of easiness factor. Now its up to you which one would you opt as both has the preinstalled cPanal control.

Key Features

Inbuilt features termed to be the best aspect if you’re acquiring the hosting services. And it’s always better to understand what most of the hosting providers used to offer by their root. 

So, I’ll conclude some of the major features which are being offers to you. You’ll be able to decide whether they fulfills your requirement or not. Let’s five deep into that stuff. 

1. Free domain 

If you’re just a newbie and willing to start your first ever website by grabbing the domain name for free, then the bluehost could be the best option available for you as it offers you the free domain facility so you don’t have to purchase it from somewhere else. 

Whereas when it comes to the A2 hosting it is not offer you the free domain but has some of the authentic features that will blow up your mind.

2. Free SSL certification 

Security plays a crucial role when it comes to the hosting provider of their and if you opt the hosting that does not provide you the free SSL certification there is no way across to avoid disturbance in your website. 

Vidyut requesting provider you get the free SSL certification that you can apply in any one of the domain you get through the purchase. It converts the web addresses from HTTP (none secure) to the HTTPS (Secure). Just within a click you can install it in your website for the better commencement. 

The SSL certification will keep spammers and hackers away from your website so there is no chance of Cyber attack as your website will run smoothly as possible. 

3. Money back guarantee

What if you don’t like the features of any hosting providers out there? 

You are always need to play for the money back guarantee. So by grace both i.e. Bluehost and A2 hosting serves you the 30 days of money back guarantee so in case if you don’t like their features you can grab the offer and get a full refund you paid for. One thing you need to know that the amount of domain you will be deducted from the total amount as it will stay with you even if you take to refund of hosting services. Later onwards one can migrate it to the other. 

For the starters the money back guarantee could be the best option in case they don’t like the features and the services. 

4. Free website migration 

When it comes to the website migration the a2hosting clearly wins the battle just because it offers you the free services so you don’t have to pay a single penny to migrate your website from other system provided to the A2 hosting. 

So you can switch in between the hosting services as per the better commitment. Whereas when we compared the services of migration with the bluehost there is no any option of free migration as you will have to pay bit amount of Penny to acquire their services from the scratch. 

5. Several hosting options

Both bluehost hosting and A2 hosting serves you wide varieties of hosting options that are available on their official website amongst which you can opt the one that fulfills your requirement. The option like VPS Hosting, Managed hosting, dedicated servers, shared hosting. 

In case if you don’t like the features you can always add off to the shared hosting services which is pretty cheaper in pricing that would give you an idea whether it fulfills your need or not. So there’s no any clear winner but I will definitely opt the bluehost as they’ve damn good features at an effective rates. 

Which offers better customer support services?

Customer Support as a Backbone of Company Infrastructure

Customer support plays a crucial role when it comes to the hosting services and especially if you are just a beginner out there there will be certain circumstances where you will always need to get in touch with the customer support to get the issues get sorted just within a while. 

Bluehost offers you the 24/7 customer service so that you can get in touch with them why our live chat or phone call. Earlier bluehost were used to serve email service as well but it has discontinued with that and that’s the reason why they have initiated with the live chat support which is more efficient.

To take advantage of their phone calls to put you will have to wait so long which makes no sense especially if you are a busy person like me so make sure to check out their live chat support which works fine. 

When it comes to the A2 hosting, they also used to serve the 24/ 7 customer support but here you get some of the more advantage of email support where you will have to spend time on creating the ticket solutions as well. 

The three basic lodes of customer support i.e. live chat, phone call and email are being readily served to you so if you face the technical issue you can sort it at the same moment. 

How much does bluehost and A2 hosting costs?

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Pricing is the next big thing that you should not ignore at any instance if you are about to acquire any of the hosting services. What if any other hosting provider out their service to best in class and top-notch features but cost you approximately twice of your budget? 

It makes no sense for you just because a value added hosting service means that offers the best in class features at an affordable price. 

Well both bluehost and A2 hosting offers bit similar pricing. So I will share you the details of each of the categories start a plan so it will be better for you to understand which one cost affordable and accordingly you can choose the one that fits your budget. 

So here are they:- 

1. Shared hosting

When it comes to the shared hosting it is considered to be the most affordable and value-added hosting services which are being offered by each one of the water services out there. The bluehost shared hosting begins from just $2.75/ month whereas the A2 hosting begins at $3.92/ month. So the pricing is nearly equal to each other but bluehost offers more value for money.

2. WordPress hosting 

The WordPress hosting is way convenient for specifically the WordPress users out there. The bluehost wordpress hosting begins from just $2.75/ month whereas the A2 hosting behind from $3.92/ month. 

3. Managed WordPress hosting

It is specifically designed for the professional bloggers out there were supposed to acquire the top notch features so the price of managed wordpress hosting might be expensive for some people out there. The bluehost plan begins from $19.95/ month and A2 hosting begins from $11.99/ month. 

4. VPS Hosting 

If you have any of the E-Commerce Store or an online store you should definitely acquire the services of VPS hosting. The bluehost services begins from $19.99/ month and A2 hosting begins from $5/ month. 

5. Dedicated hosting 

The dedicated hosting seems to be the most expensive and most all and so they are damn expensive which are specifically made for the top bloggers. The bluehost plan begins from $79.99/ month and A2 hosting plan begins from $99.59/ month. 

Let me tell you that bluehost not for you monthly please plan so you will have to acquire their services for more than 12 months where as it has the option to choose new plan on monthly basis but that will cost you much more. So my recommendation would be to go with more than 24 months of services. 

Who’s the Winner Amongst A2 hosting and bluehost?

If You want top notch services and facilities you should definitely opt bluehost, whereas if you want budget friendly hostinv services I will highly recommend you to acquire A2 hosting because they have an option of acquiring their hosting facilities on monthly basis. 

Final verdict

Most of the people out there have the confusion amongst A2 hosting and bluehost, so it’s always better to know about the functionalities of boh the hosting providers. And so we’ve initiated with this detailed comparison so that you’ll be able to decide which one fulfills your requirement. 

We have included all of the major concepts of both bluehost and A2 hosting which measures for you just because both of the most instances are Top Notch and there are very minor differences. So make sure to visit their official website to acquire any of their hosting facilities. 

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